Cannon Busters | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Immortal renegade Philly the Kid and his transforming pink Cadillac
    join a relentlessly upbeat friendship droid on her quest to find a
    missing prince.
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    Cannon Busters | Official Trailer | Netflix
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  • Alex
    Alex 18 hours ago

    In the 19 years I've been alive I've always seen how much people enjoyed anime and seeing how much they got out of it always upset me because I could never get the same enjoyment, so I gave up many years ago. But scrolling through Netflix one day I stumbled upon a show called 'Canon Busters' and before I could even scoff at the thought of trying to watch an anime, this trailer started playing and finally this great bliss that I hear so many people speak of feeling from watching their favorite anime washes over me. For all those people that thought they were 'too cool' for anime or that could never find that one anime that they feel a true attachment to please give this a watch, you will not regret it.

    PS: I would literally shell out hundreds of dollars a month just to see a season 2 of this show, keep up the great work guys!

  • Super Robot Mab
    Super Robot Mab 2 days ago

    Is philly the kid white or black? I’ve read online that this is a black anime but philly the kid doesn’t look black I’m confused.

  • Golden Yak
    Golden Yak 3 days ago

    God damn, this is a thing? 15 years ago it was a comic series that was cancelled after one issue. Gotta check this sucker out.

  • agent sterling
    agent sterling 3 days ago

    Not surprising this looks God awful like every other anime Netflix has produced aside from castlevania. Just stop wokeflix

  • Reaper
    Reaper 5 days ago +1


  • Axe2TheMax
    Axe2TheMax 6 days ago


  • Blue Dark
    Blue Dark 6 days ago

    I love this show so much, i couldn't find an anime with the same Cowboy Bebop x Samurai Champloo Vibe and then i found this one, it is absolutey Fire
    Waiting 4 Season 2

  • TheIceMan
    TheIceMan 6 days ago

    Typical Netflix animes, their humors almost always are too cliché. Some of their animes are great but some other are.... boring, like this one.

    • Michael Drew
      Michael Drew 11 hours ago

      i think this one is quiet refreshing and if ur someone who isn't an anime fan its fun to get into. I actually laugh at the cliche its funny to see how the "heroes make it out this time" even though we know they wont die and they learn a lesson from this experience and oh we're quirky cuz there's always sum crazy thing happening through our lives

  • Rikku Takanashi
    Rikku Takanashi 7 days ago

    Holy crap it's like trigun and cowboy bebop had a baby! I'm interested!

  • Ambitious Attempt
    Ambitious Attempt 7 days ago +1

    I just finished this show... I was not ready for it to end 😭😭😭😭

  • agentawesome2o psn
    agentawesome2o psn 7 days ago

    We got places to go
    Things to do
    People to see
    And we gotta get it done right away
    Me and the crew
    Guess we a team
    And we gonna sure enough find a way
    We know the destination
    We makin' conversation
    Times tickin'
    Sun's setting
    We got no time for waitin'
    You want a showdown
    Looks like it's bout to go down
    Press 2 with the cannon at the hoedown.

  • HQY
    HQY 7 days ago +1


  • Bee Parker
    Bee Parker 8 days ago

    I love philly so Much 0w0

  • J Done
    J Done 9 days ago +1


  • Aero J
    Aero J 10 days ago +2

    I'm not really into mecha, BUUTTTTTT the characters are black, so

  • Erika r
    Erika r 11 days ago

    So I found this show on netflix and came across this trailer to see of I would be interested. All the comments made me figure lets give it a shot. Im now starting episode 2, and at this rate I dont think I'm going to get enough sleep for work tomorow.

  • saafia cooley
    saafia cooley 12 days ago

    So like there's gonna be a season 2 right? Cool, I'll just keep it in list thanks

  • Michael Pereira de Oliveira

    We need the full song intro! The show is amazing by the way :p

  • Washy Rose
    Washy Rose 13 days ago

    Honey, you put Natasha Allegri’s name on anything and I am *there.*

  • ghost
    ghost 13 days ago

    Esse anime devia ser mais famoso

  • Pyro Goose
    Pyro Goose 14 days ago +1

    I honestly love this anime. I've heard others describe it as a breath of fresh air, and I couldn't agree more. The intro and outro songs are unlike any I've ever heard from an anime, and I love it. I really hope Netflix renews this for a second season

  • Extra LifeGaming
    Extra LifeGaming 14 days ago

    Man it's so refreshing to see black characters in anime, not just one or two but ALOT!! Bad guys, good guys, weird ones. I'm almost through the first season, artistically it draws from your western cyberpunk animes but it's got own charm. I'd watch it dubbed, as the sub leaves out alot of funny sayings from Sam and philly is always a smart ass, hope to see more, I may buy a few books from this series, really good stuff!!

    • Nom Deplume
      Nom Deplume 3 days ago

      Extra LifeGaming I think the original manga was only 3 volumes and they’re long since out of print

  • amazontiger
    amazontiger 15 days ago

    I swear I thought jojo was the voice of clementine from the walking dead

  • John Loyer
    John Loyer 16 days ago

    Great show, was pleasantly surprised. Netflix please make a Battle Chasers series!

  • Sweet Nothings & Empty Promises

    I remember finding the trailer of this a couple years back. Congratulations to LeSean Thomas for getting this through

  • UnderDogWatcher
    UnderDogWatcher 17 days ago

    Yoooooo Plz make a 2nd season for this show. 📈📈📈📈

  • daisx beohfox
    daisx beohfox 17 days ago

    Frmale lead characters oh hell no!

  • kade singer
    kade singer 18 days ago +1

    I didn't know I needed this so bad

  • EnSabahNur
    EnSabahNur 18 days ago

    Looks as if it has potential.

  • witch, please
    witch, please 19 days ago +3

    We need more Black anime!!! Black creators will show up and show out!!

  • witch, please
    witch, please 19 days ago +3


  • Anthony Nellon
    Anthony Nellon 19 days ago +4

    🙏🏿 large abundance of black characters in anime!!! GIVE ME TWO CLAPS AND A RIC FLAIR!!!!

  • Random Weeb
    Random Weeb 19 days ago

    5 episodes in now, and this feels very similar to Michiko and Hatchin, though not as dark or grimy. Liking it a lot

  • William Browns, Jr.
    William Browns, Jr. 19 days ago +1

    Yet again trailer doesnt do the show any justice

  • Sidney Herndon
    Sidney Herndon 19 days ago +3

    Good to see some Black and dark skinned characters as the main cast in a anime.

  • Jorge E.C
    Jorge E.C 20 days ago

    I am more addicted to this trailer than the serie itself.

    ASVP WRLD 20 days ago

    Cool but the voice actors voices are either too kidish or too mature and it's hard for it to sometimes fit the art style but cool song!!!!

  • cr4shbr34k3r
    cr4shbr34k3r 20 days ago

    That build up phases made me think to put this into dmc 5

  • T R U T H
    T R U T H 21 day ago +1

    Anyone notice the characters don't have black voice actors anymore?


    So far i am watching it and yes bounty hunting, gun slinging, ive needed a new show like this and it feels great.

  • OngoingSky93
    OngoingSky93 21 day ago

    I wasn't interested at fist but it grew on me. Hope it gets another season. Also has a nice intro. I didn't skip it like I usually do with intros.

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez 22 days ago

    I watched the hole season in a weekend another great show and the music for the intro and credits is so good I never skip them.

  • Great Man
    Great Man 22 days ago

    Spike Spiegal Jr. I presume?

  • Agustin Negrete
    Agustin Negrete 22 days ago

    What comes to my mind is, Cowboy Beebop, and Space Dandy had a baby, you would get this.

  • Alan Falleur
    Alan Falleur 23 days ago

    I'm about halfway through watching the series and I'm already shipping Philly and SAM. ⚆ _⚆ Is that wrong?

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen 23 days ago

    sounds like Rihanna

  • Dustin Robinson
    Dustin Robinson 23 days ago +1

    Watched the first 5 episodes today. Great show

  • Katana Spice
    Katana Spice 23 days ago

    This cartoon is trash. first because it's so unoriginal, I can name a few shows on Netflix extremely similar to it; like The dragon prince, 3below tales of Arcadia and she-ra. secondly the character design it's just awful and for some characters dramatic and over the top and also the dialogue is just so cringeworthy especially that robot girl shes unfunny and annoying. Lastly I can just see so much anime "references" but there not really references because they basically tried to run with it as there own thing, like those ninja looking people in an episode it's basically ripping off naruto and the girl that has an eye patch and blond hair, looks too much like Harley Quinn! And last

    • Vin Sama
      Vin Sama 19 days ago +2

      You don't know about the 47 ronins? Also Harley? She just fits the crazy girl trope like in other animes with eye patch girls. Plus you do realize this is adapted from the comics right?

  • akeno himejima
    akeno himejima 23 days ago +1

    I love this anime

  • Ikaro khaled
    Ikaro khaled 24 days ago +1

    i love the opening !!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Brjs
    Chris Brjs 24 days ago


  • HardBoiled Boi
    HardBoiled Boi 24 days ago +1

    Kids weren't there for when the groundwork was laid out. All this follows in the footsteps of giants and this shall lead them all to them.

  • Aymen Brahim
    Aymen Brahim 24 days ago

    soo cowboy bebop in the future

    • Aymen Brahim
      Aymen Brahim 23 days ago

      @YorHaTomata r/woooosh

    • YorHaTomata
      YorHaTomata 23 days ago

      You're saying cowboy bebop wasnt in the future?

    DEON GAMING 24 days ago

    I watched out season 1

    DEON GAMING 24 days ago +1

    When will u be bring season 2

  • Blond Gabriel
    Blond Gabriel 24 days ago

    Damn, I remember seeing pics and concepts arts of this like a decade ago, way back in 2011 when I was in high school.
    Project was being developped by an Artist called LeSean Thomas; some guy who heavily contributed to the art of the Boondocks series and the Black Dynamite cartoon.
    Wonder if he's still behind this..

  • Scarlet Joh
    Scarlet Joh 24 days ago

    I love how unique this series is.

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 24 days ago

    I dig it

  • Tim
    Tim 24 days ago

    Cowboy Bebopish and Michiko & Hatchinish inspired it seems. This is probably going to be really good.

  • Totally Not John Wick
    Totally Not John Wick 25 days ago +1

    Reminds me of Cowboy Bepop and Samurai Champloo