How To Grow On Instagram in 2020 (New Updates)

  • How To Grow On Instagram in 2020 (New Algorithm)
    Growing an Instagram account part one:
    Zero to 100k Per Month (My Full Story):

    In this video I go over some tips for growing on Instagram going into 2020. Instagram has changed a lot over this last year and there are now things you have to watch out for and do in order to grow. I talk about the follow for follow strategy, story view bots, recent engagement drops, and also reveal a brand new hashtag strategy that you can start using to grow! How To Grow On Instagram in 2020 (New Updates)

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      Infinite Gaming Day ago

      Biaheza you can only do Maximum 150 followers a day and per each hour you can only follow 13 accounts of you follow more you will get blocked or banned on Instagram

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    • Silvia Wanjiru
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    • Arturo Piña
      Arturo Piña 19 days ago

      Hey Biaheza. Been watching your videos and really love them and your production value. One suggestion... looks like you're using a Blue Yeticaster mic. Try using the omni pattern on the mic, it should help your voice stay more even as you move around when you talk. I mean, it sounds great, it's just something to try. I'm a audio guy trying my hand at dropshipping ;) Thanks for all the great content!

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  • MatissGrislis
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    idk why but im not growing im not even 500 folowers and everyone i talk about that they are suprised why im not bigger

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    ÿOJOH ÿAIGBIRERE 3 days ago

    I recovered my Instagram and Snapchat account password back through randybrian00 on Instagram all thanks to him. Contact him he is very good

  • GraceAnn Trevillian
    GraceAnn Trevillian 3 days ago

    Y'all, please HELP! I've recently started a IG page and only posted once or twice. I initially did the follow for follow thing which I now know is wrong. IG banned me for 48 hours and then I was fine. I posted once and then it flagged me again. I found these videos and decided to not post anything until 3 days after my second ban. Well, today I only liked 2 posts, and it flagged me and banned me for another 24 hours. What am I to DO!? PLEASE help! I don't know what's going on

  • Skiye Quinx
    Skiye Quinx 3 days ago

    I started a theme page just a few weeks ago now it's at 300 something followers but growth is very slow. I followed your tip but I am not getting now where what should I do

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  • LiLTailormade
    LiLTailormade 4 days ago

    Great video I will definitely use the hashtag tactic

  • Achievementz
    Achievementz 5 days ago

    There is so many rules on growing on Instagram, but it is definitely still possible.

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    Who’s watching during the 2020 pandemic?

  • Stephanie Bridgewater

    I don't know how he did it but choy_tech on IG legit helped me gain 5k followers in a day

  • liberP lovPrimeNumbers

    Ok but why the clickbait? You're famous already, you don't have to lie to get public dumbass

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  • Diego T. Yamaguchi
    Diego T. Yamaguchi 10 days ago

    organic growth even using the Gary Vee method became a big fuck off pain in the ass OMG
    I legit want to take the time and manually leave legit comments on peoples post, after around 20 comments ACTION BLOCK (trying to grow from 0 btw, so they do be more suspicious I get it)
    All they had to do is literally implement a captcha against bots. They are either very dumb or very greedy jesus christ

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  • MCU Trailers
    MCU Trailers 11 days ago

    Please could you give me some advice to grow my specific Instagram account? @marvel.interest

  • Jacob Sopko
    Jacob Sopko 12 days ago

    So Instagram wants to restrict ways for accounts to grow, but it’s fine when people post nude videos that include cancer free tags?

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  • Ansul Singh
    Ansul Singh 17 days ago

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  • Vince Lymburn
    Vince Lymburn 18 days ago

    So glad IG took down those bots. I like to find real people on Social, not fake. Good tips!

  • Dan Maltwood
    Dan Maltwood 19 days ago

    Awesome videos mate , I’ve never commented on any RU-clip videos in the whole time I’ve used it before but just thought I’d tell you that your style of breaking everything down as well as then physically showing the steps and progress is a breath of fresh air.
    A lot of Videos I’ve seen on RU-clip around the entrepreneurship comes across really fake and not actually helpful in the slightest but yours are on point .
    Keep smashing these videos mate,I’ve also just followed you on Instagram so keep your eyes out for @pareusi 🤘🔥🔪
    Hope you have a splendid week you absolute Don.
    All the very best Dan.

  • A
    A 20 days ago

    Can you do a video on simply gram and other third party Instagram growth companies that claim to use a mother account (your account) and the children account (bots) to grow your account and whether it will work in 2020 thank you so much and your video was very helpful in developing my strategy

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  • Kyle Koschel
    Kyle Koschel 22 days ago +1

    Awesome video! Who edits your videos?

  • Raftika
    Raftika 22 days ago

    9:30 know of any place where you can already have pre made paragraphs with hashtags? I’ve been using some websites where it already has hashtags and I just copy and paste

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    That's a very interesting paradox that people who are trying to be the "smartest" in terms of using bots and services and getting followers fast, eventually end up with nothing... And people whose main focuses are bringing value and engaging each follower they have, get better results after all.

  • fitness hobby
    fitness hobby 29 days ago

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  • abud bakr
    abud bakr 29 days ago

    The hashtags is now limited to 30

  • Busy Bee
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  • tepig gp
    tepig gp Month ago

    How do you know which posts have more like now that they are hidden?

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    Haneme Taraj Month ago

    You are speaking all the time for going viral.. I have a page opened 2-3 days ago and for a moment I have 95 followers.. one of posts suprisly goes 550 like and let's say for this followers it is viral... But again suprisly for alll this likes I didn't get any follow, what's happening with people lately 🤔

  • Damark Rowe
    Damark Rowe Month ago

  • tt t
    tt t Month ago

    Since they are cracking down. What is the best way to u follow people that arnt following you now and is it ok to use reposting apps

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    Is it time for another Instagram related video yet? 😄

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