WG Said, This Tank Shouldn't Deal Damage... | World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay

  • Published on Jan 22, 2020
  • World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay, The Best Overpowered Scout / Light Tank. World of Tanks EBR 105, Tier 10 French Light Tank, Wheeled Vehicles. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best Replays.
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    People say that this tank doesn't deal damage, or shouldn't deal damage... But this battle alone shows you why EBR 105 is one of the most stupid vehicles in the history of World of Tanks... A LIGHT tank which can literally carry games, with ez.
    ►Tanks in action / мир танков EBR 105 :
    - France/French Panhard EBR 105, Tier 10 AFV / Light Tank
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Comments • 1 315

  • 352hartmn
    352hartmn 21 day ago

    This game is scaled heavily, muzzle velocity, vehicle acceleration, ""Hit Points", This vehicle does not work within the imaginary physics they developed. The speed makes it almost impossible to track with a turret, it can go from full forward to full reverse instantly, it can turn at full speed and not roll over, it can crash into rocks at lethal speeds and take no damage, its auto aim allows for insane tracking of targets at full speed over rough terrain, its main gun is massively OP with HE, its french rubber is the best armor in the game. Lightly armored wheeled vehicles give up armor for speed. This one gets insane speed and insane armor. It routinely beats MBT's. Wheeled vehicles in general don't fit into the game model, but the implementation of this one is simply stupid and its accelerating the players leaving. Everyone reading this has seen an EBR 105 take 5-6 direct hits from tank and TD main guns and shrug them off with maybe a single wobbly wheel for a split second Combine this stupid performance with the games already rediculous spotting mechanic and you have a broken gameplay situation

  • Filip Antic
    Filip Antic 28 days ago

    Just give it realistic physics and problem solved, but to hard for WG i guess

  • David Jahn
    David Jahn 28 days ago

    The language is appropriate...

  • Mark Heinrich
    Mark Heinrich Month ago

    When it turned on its side and self righted you just chuckled without comment...exactly correct.

  • Koma
    Koma Month ago

    stupid as Wargaming company... I don't know who brings these into the game, but... F*ck you ! Russian wheeled vehicles incoming 🤣 If you play other light tank instead of this, you are pathetic useless morons...

  • Alexa
    Alexa Month ago +1

    When I play it it deals no dmg

  • Pavol Šutý
    Pavol Šutý Month ago

    bullshit car destroy this game

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall Month ago

    except that instead they can snipe you at 300 meters, driving full speed and hitting every shot into your back armour with HE.

  • Sándor Zádor
    Sándor Zádor Month ago

    Decrease the RNG factor and decrease the spread factor for every single bullet.....then this tank won't be a problem anymore.

  • A2B
    A2B Month ago

    Just add wheeled SPG then the game will be balanced

  • Justin justintheman

    This tank is retarded strong thing hits really hard can high roll for 400+

  • leww1982
    leww1982 Month ago

    Love it! Fun tank!

  • Angel Y Cintron Nieves

    This tank need derf...

  • mayatuck
    mayatuck Month ago +1

    The beginning of the end for WoT. This clown kart bounced my tier x gun on my JagII. It was right it front of me, stationary, fully aimed. "That one bounced!" Really?

  • Jiří Kolář
    Jiří Kolář Month ago

    i just want a little reality... nefr the acceleration, nerf speed, nerf wtf autoaim, nerf dmg, NERF SPOTING WHILE AT 90km/h !!!!! and when this car gets hit... i want it to be fucking gone, it survives the IS7 hit ???? when i shot it last time at tier 6 with HE, i dealt 14 dmg to it... for real??

  • sponkmyers
    sponkmyers Month ago

    My only gripe is that you cant track those clowm cars

  • Per Jensen
    Per Jensen Month ago +1

    The players : "WG we hate ARTY !!!"
    Russian developer : "No worry boss, I have good plan to fix problem!, I make new tanks with wheels, arty problem gone away. All good boss"

  • Kyle Franks
    Kyle Franks Month ago +1

    Yet another reason I refuse to come back and play this game again.

  • WingedArchon
    WingedArchon Month ago

    EBR -tanks- Correction *CARS* are a blight to this game. Hell, I would even serve the Arty's drinks on a silver platter if I ever complain about them splashing me.
    Every tank should be able to insta deflate the f*cking tyres and strand this piece of shit. Its broken beyond recognition, its dumb, its garbage!

  • Deividas Simkus
    Deividas Simkus Month ago

    for this shit i stop playing tear X tanks i hate this litle shit so mutch

  • PAIN lmao
    PAIN lmao Month ago

    EBR: i am inevitable
    Some random jagero: *shoots HE and destroys all wheels*

  • Cnupoc
    Cnupoc Month ago

    i was, just today, thinking about buying my first premium tank in WoT. After watching this i think i'll delete the game... I ran away from Modern Warfare because of wheeled TDs in a video game and i will do the same for World Of Tanks. This is a fucking race car with an anti-tank gun... look at the freaking acceleration on this thing!!! WTF! in a game with tanks.... Fuck you too, WG!
    Not even a scratch on the wheels or the suspension after 9:10... Yea i'm deleting this game. btw only fucking retards can call this FUN GAMEPLAY.

  • Alex Popa
    Alex Popa Month ago

    WN8 38K??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Alex Popa
    Alex Popa Month ago

    Coming from skill's videos, Dez's voice annoys me :|

  • Dan Christensen
    Dan Christensen Month ago

    Reduction of like %50 hp could balance

  • Rodney Tillmon
    Rodney Tillmon Month ago

    They should just cut the DPM of all wheelie tanks in half, but give the lower tier ones better view range than they have now. That would fix a LOT of the problem, and produce a lot less of them on the field of battle.

  • R J
    R J Month ago

    I hate this tank... I'd rather fight a death star.

  • Bunguin
    Bunguin Month ago

    WG- “We’re losing our player base... What can we do?”
    Serb, high af, “Put fucking cars in, bruh”

  • pmaag
    pmaag Month ago

    Like watching a light-speed UFO fight with a MIG. Was surprised they din´t nerf it with last patch.

  • IAA Productions
    IAA Productions Month ago +1


  • CreepSoldier
    CreepSoldier Month ago

    Playing 1v1 tournament
    Sees enemy with Wheeled tank
    Cry with base cap lost

  • mihail nokhrin
    mihail nokhrin Month ago

    You realize you’re comparing the best game play and a unicorn gamer majority of the people suck playing wheeled vehicles so when you put a good player in a good tank you’re going to have a good result

  • SŁOIK 103
    SŁOIK 103 Month ago

    fckn bicycles with tank barrel :/ when you think it's the most stupid thing that WG done to this game, you have to watch what they will do next. For sure they will find something even more stupid, to bring more "joy" in game. WG ..i..

  • Bogdan Szczurek
    Bogdan Szczurek Month ago

    Oh! I just love to watch the wheeled vehicles go...

    ...up in flames :}

  • BoostedSwammer
    BoostedSwammer Month ago

    you said the key sentence at the beginning of the video. "frustrating to play against, fun to play with" is the definition of a toxic gameplay. This should be fixed immediately. but of course they won't do anything about it.

  • Uvegtigris
    Uvegtigris Month ago

    I realy want to know what they smoking in WG HQ!!! Bulshit tanks, i hate them. I play WOT only a few times a month. WG ruined to mutch stuffs in this game. I not enjoing anymore.

  • halflifelai
    halflifelai Month ago

    The most broken tank is not a premium!

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      I don't remember a single premium which would have been broken.. Some were (and still are) OP but none were broken.

  • TheXkno1
    TheXkno1 Month ago

    Make them handle more realistically, get bogged in soft ground, flip if turned to tight and not have wheels that bounce! Fixed.

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      Should that be done to normal tanks as well while we are at it?

  • Paul Schüttler
    Paul Schüttler Month ago

    i would say remove it i own it myself but its gamebraking and stupid

  • greenthumb79
    greenthumb79 Month ago

    shit game is shit, more news at 12

  • Chris Z
    Chris Z Month ago

    I agree. Most hated. Wrecks the enjoyment of the game. They should nerf the crap out of gun handling at minimum.

  • AnarchostSvK
    AnarchostSvK Month ago

    why u are not doing videos in 60 fps?

  • Duedman Nachname
    Duedman Nachname Month ago

    These shitfucks already made two of my longtime buddies quit WoT.
    37 and 40 years of age. Solid income. Prem account for years. Many bought tanks.
    What ist WG smoking?

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      @Duedman Nachname I could say I'm pleased. Or more like I'm not really interested about the line so I don't really care. There are EBR's in almost every game so I guess those guys are happu that we got them?
      That makes more sense. Yeah they are quite unrealistic. But we've had an arty with satelite view from the start so...

    • Duedman Nachname
      Duedman Nachname Month ago

      @Stubbari So tell me, who is actually "pleased" with the wheelers? Especially in their current state? WoT is way to slow for a fast paced fps audience. THATs why older ppl with bucks to spend play it.
      And sorry, I was not referring to the introduction date of the EBR. I meant that the magic aim from 90kp/h is like nothing even remotely possible during that time period.

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      @Duedman Nachname I think they have a pretty good understanding about their audience. You can't please everybody with new content. I guess they have got new whales as well as lost some.
      Panhard EBR was from the 50's older than Leo1.

    • Duedman Nachname
      Duedman Nachname Month ago

      @Stubbari Well they should do some research about their audience. Who do you think is actually paying money? Some old boomers Id say. One reason for those playing WoT is, that they dont want to play a "fast paced" fps anymore. WG alienates their cash cows. Totally stupid. And completely out of line with the games timeframe where tank development ended with Leopard 1. Having a highspeed- superautoaim-hiteverything. Yeah... fits on every level..... not

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      They are introducing new content. Nobody is going to play the game if they are going along with some old boomers who can't adapt to new mechanics.

  • Stockholm17
    Stockholm17 Month ago

    you cant even ram that thing with a light tank that you lose half of your hp. Do we want to talk about turret rotation speed? sad

  • MIG-F-86
    MIG-F-86 Month ago

    I think one of the things that could be done is to make it so that the wheels don't even start to repair until the vehicle has fully stopped, this, of course, applies to repair kits as well.

  • D3al3r Play's
    D3al3r Play's Month ago +1

    Only good EBR is a spinning EBR after it get's shot by a big gun and explodes.

  • trfatman
    trfatman Month ago

    I say keep the wheeled vehicles but nerf them:
    1. More realistic physics - yeah, you can go 98 in a straight line, but you can't do a 90 degree turn at that speed.
    2. Reduce their damage - 50 at tier 6 up to 200 at tier 10.
    3. Make hitting them more realistic - if they get hit with HE, it will always do damage, not just take out a wheel. Large caliber guns will also have a greater chance of doing damage.

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      Why do we need to nerf them? The EBR is already well balanced tank. It's not OP because it's better than the other lights. It's better than the other lights because those are underpowered.

  • Joseph Mercel
    Joseph Mercel Month ago

    Just started the wheeled line with an amd178b because i like lights and EVERYTIME i was in a 1 vs 1 (light vs wheels) i get rekted.
    So take in mind i'm a 1600-1700 wn8 average and 2000-2200 recent, so i started amd178b with a cmd 100%+20% and all the crew are 75% and after 30 battles i'm 2600wn8 on it, even with an horrible crew/no camo/no range view and a low skill on driving it.
    Even the first tier6 wheeled some consider "bad" is really OP.

  • RaMMbaDedu 1
    RaMMbaDedu 1 Month ago

    Great Vid!!! BTW
    Is DezGamez the Guy from the RandomVille League of Legends Vids????

  • Matt McAvay
    Matt McAvay Month ago

    The EBRs made all other light tanks obsolete

  • justinas surotas
    justinas surotas 2 months ago

    the ebr changed the game alot and in very bad way ,alot games takes like 5 minutes now, not having fun atm in wot

  • Patata Caliente
    Patata Caliente 2 months ago

    When they put these fricking wheeled tanks in the game, my attitude towards Wargaming changed from grumbling acceptance to genuine hate ... perhaps I'm being stupid, but I can't help it. World of Tanks had many issues before, but these ill-conceived abominations are really taking the crown.

  • EZ Rider
    EZ Rider 2 months ago

    Something that makes me laugh about those since the front and back wheels are used for turning ( like monster trucks ) I thought that would be for best circling/fast turning and having all wheels down would be rapid mode but it's opposite. How can they turn faster having those 4 metal wheels on the ground since they do not have any movement besides rotation?

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      More grip? Rubber tires are for roads and metal wheels are for softer ground.

  • Metro Golf
    Metro Golf 2 months ago

    Wheeled tanks can't win a 1v1 against any same tier Light Tank. OPPOSITE.

  • Pack_Zmaj
    Pack_Zmaj 2 months ago

    fucking ferrari ,delete this shit tank

  • PapaSmurf1328
    PapaSmurf1328 2 months ago

    remove op wheeled tanks!

  • Lunde13officer
    Lunde13officer 2 months ago

    WG destroyed the Game with this Idiot wheel Tanks - so never again one cent for the a........ from Minsk

  • Hayseed1776
    Hayseed1776 2 months ago

    needs removed..

  • Carlos Ramírez
    Carlos Ramírez 2 months ago +2

    I will always be grateful to WG for having introduced the french miracle physics anomalies: they cured me of the need to give them $$$

  • Don Craig
    Don Craig 2 months ago

    garbage addition - definitely the worst addition to the game ever. This game is fucked

  • skraf883
    skraf883 2 months ago

    Clown cars are completely overpowered and need a major nerf of the entire vehicle.. from their god like aiming ability, reload speeds, super maneuverability & acceleration, to their ability to absorb any shot with zero damage.

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      @skraf883 Holy fuck are you dumb or what?
      Players are losing their winrate when playing the EBR.
      _On average_ meaning that not _ALL_ players are losing winrate but _on average_ players are losing winrate. I never talked about *average winrate* you brought that one up.

      I'm starting to think you are just trolling. Well, I guess your next reply will tell.

    • skraf883
      skraf883 Month ago

      @Stubbari "
      5 days ago
      How is the EBR overpowered if players (on average) lose winrate while playing it? Sounds like underpowered/balanced to me. " Hey, stupid, "if players (on average) lose winrate " = avg win rate And you were wrong as the avg win rate is well above normal. Don't try to mince words.

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      @skraf883 I never talked about _global_ winrate. Don't put words into my mouth. I said on average players lose winrate. Global winrate can be whatever, it doesn't make a tank OP or bad.

    • skraf883
      skraf883 Month ago

      @Stubbari You're the one that brought up win rates.. and now you say it doesn't matter? View range can be modified with skills, food, and equipment to up to and exceeding 470m.. and when you're super maneuverable, with the ability to zig zag and literally no loss of speed that extra view range does not matter. DPM does not matter when you can fire your clip, run away at 95KPH, reload, and then zoom in again.

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      @skraf883 Are you talking about global winrates? It's pretty useless. Yeah it gives some indication of how the tank is performing, but most of the time it just tells what kind of players are playing the tank.
      Do you think a tank with 55% average winrate played only by 60% winrate players is OP because the average winrate is so high? That kind of tank would be quite underpowered in my opinion.

      It looks like the EBR performing slightly better on NA than on EU, but still within well balanced limits.

      Obj. 268 V4 is overperforming. It's doing better than the EBR. It's not problematic like the 279(e).

      If we judge a tank by the people who know how to play it then every single tank in this game is "OP". I know how to play Centurion AX, I have a 70% solo winrate in it. Does it mean it's OP or that it should be nerfed?

      You can list all the positive stats about the EBR but what are they going to do. They don't suddenly make the tank OP. I can list the negatives:
      -no armor
      -bad view range (for a light)
      -low hintpoints
      -low DPM
      -bad pen
      -awkward close quarters mobility

  • m s
    m s 2 months ago

    I used to think arty was the most annoying things in this game, especially 3 on each team... but EBR triggers the fuck out of me! Fuck the magic wheels!

  • OverKiLL
    OverKiLL 2 months ago

    Would be better if they made this a tier 8 premium instead. That would make us all happy.

  • tomislav jambrasic
    tomislav jambrasic 2 months ago


  • Juan M S
    Juan M S 2 months ago

    I do not understand how wg balancing logic works here. if this things is balanced in their eyes, what do they think about the other lights. Also it has the bet armor, try to hit this fu**** at 100 kph from a mid range, the bloody adamantium wheels will absorb quite a lot of punishment, then some moron will say "aim for the body of the tank you noob is this tank is balanced", it has also a very low profile. In summary, you forgot to add the adamantium wheel covers this thing is wearing.

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      @Juan M S The opinions of CC don't change STATISTICS. As I've already shown, the EBR is well balanced tank. It doesn't need to be rebalanced in any way or form. The matchmaker needs to be balanced like in 1.8. I would even prefer if WV were their own class like TD, heavy and so on.

    • Juan M S
      Juan M S Month ago

      @Stubbari yes, it does, summed to the opinion on the most known content creators and the gamestatistics

    • Stubbari
      Stubbari Month ago

      @Juan M S Yes, I agree with that. There should always be a wheeled vehicle on both teams, not just one. I've said multiple times that the EBR is better than other lights so of course a team with an EBR is getting an advantage. It doesn't help your arguments though.

    • Juan M S
      Juan M S Month ago

      @Stubbari Also just read the notes for the next patch 1.8, and theres a special mention to the wheeled tanks in the ranked battles matchmaking "now both teams get a wheeled tank", implying if you have one on your team, and the other does not, is an advantage. Even WG admits this fact by this.

    • Juan M S
      Juan M S Month ago

      @Stubbari we reached a point where its saying Yes, no, yes, no. But the statistics are there.

    MCES LEX 2 months ago

    Why are you crying about wheeled vehicles? they're the flavor of the month, buy one with real money and ur good to go.

  • Withlock James
    Withlock James 2 months ago

    ... The wheelies are the reason why i am avoiding the tier X matches, cause they are broken as balls.... their wheels can absorb shot's what even the E3 or the Bobject V4 cannot even dream about to bounce or absorb... and that idiotic logic that their wheels fix themselfs on the move are simply idiotic.... What ? the wheelies crew can run 100km/h with tools in hand and change the wheels? c'mon... that is beyond stupid...

  • Castle Graphics
    Castle Graphics 2 months ago

    And WarGaming says this isn't broke. EVERYONE should complain monthly about this and maybe they will listen. I've sent in several tickets myself, because I've had games like this and no...it's not fun.

  • Cpt KillYOurself
    Cpt KillYOurself 2 months ago

    This vehicle should be passed to TIER 11 same as 279R or T95 chieftain. maybe 430 U, or WTE1000 ,FB183b... These ones are not simply tier 10 vehicles and they should be moved to TIER11 otherwise game will be never balanced.. I just miss the point when they made heavy nerf of T57 Heavy + E3 +E5 and on other side they put to the game vehicles like I mentioned above... BTW EBR is really most hated enemy for me.. Always im very happy when he goes 80 per hour i hit him with grille on 300 metres distancem and he got 0 CRITICAL on that point I have to put so many energy to self control :D.

  • Mael Jodry
    Mael Jodry 2 months ago

    whoa a light tank running a TD... it's totally op.
    Shooting in motion? The 140 does it very well, too.
    the RBE has the low damage of the t10 light tanks.
    It's the players who don't know how to adapt and shout that this tank is op...

  • Rasyad Arkan
    Rasyad Arkan 2 months ago

    Idiotic ammunition selection. All heat used for spg and paper TD. If the enemy has IS7 or 60TP as the last tank definitely he can't win the battle. Just how he handles jpz e100, noob tracking shoot. This further proved that this tank is just brain dead tank. Fuck WG. I'm quitting again.

  • niu chajianfa
    niu chajianfa 2 months ago

    fvck wargaming

  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee 2 months ago

    It has better acceleration and gun handling than even the most modern MBTs.. Going 80km/h cross country with laser beam accuracy..

  • pun15h3r
    pun15h3r 2 months ago

    you have to admit... he played that really well.. nice game

  • Stuart Clark
    Stuart Clark 2 months ago

    in my stb 1 tonight, ebr 105 hit me for 500+ in the front of the turret, next game "nerfed" arty hit me for 1100. nice 1 wg

  • ZatManDo
    ZatManDo 2 months ago

    WG added another broken component to an already broken game. They should consider a separate platform for the wheeled vehicles...ummm how about "World of Wheeled Vehicles" But we all know wg doesn't gaf. All they care about is keeping their wallets full with our moneys...as it should be. Wg has a great business model. ei; Want a refund? F U pay me. Otherwise known as the "Russian Refund" which was coined by that snow flake You Tuber from canada on a different channel. How about the most recent misleading money grab "The Lunar New Year" receive a T 8 premium tank...lmao F U Pay Me! never said it was free lol. Oh well, wg is a aware that there is one born every minute. (referring to: A SUCKER)! Who else is curious as to how much money wg made off of last years Loot Boxes? 25K? 250K? 1 million? 10 million? is there a way to find out? Dez, you did a great job of revealing a very good guess estimate of what they make from the sales of premium tanks..care to give the loot box estimates?

  • Yung Eagle
    Yung Eagle 2 months ago

    Looks completely balanced to me. Hoy hoy hoy

  • Nightblade. Greyswandir


  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 months ago

    That thing is such bullshit. It fucks up the game more than anything else.

  • Aggressive_Soviet_Bias_

    The tank requires skill to play I hit them. Arty is far more broken people need to learn to play