10 Strict Rules BTS Must Follow On Tour

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
  • The KPOP Group BTS Has To Follow Many Rules When They Are On Tour.
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    When K-pop was just emerging in the early 2000’s, no one expected an all-boy group to pave the way. Even before PSY and his massive hit “Gangnam Style”, the music industry only expected a handful of girl-groups and soloists to make it out of South Korea and onto the world stage of music. BTS, an all-male group consisting of rappers, vocalists, and dancers, made history by being one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world! RM (Namjoon), V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, and Jungkook took over South Korea with their talent and charm. Now, they’ve taken over the Western hemisphere, regularly landing the top spots in US and UK charts. With such global success, it’s no surprise that BTS tours the world, visiting their millions of adoring fans, aka the ARMY. Despite the fame and fortune, it’s no walk in the park. BTS, Beyond the Scene, still has a lot of rules to follow while on tour to ensure the safety of both the group and their fans. Sometimes, it can get pretty strict. Watch the video to find out about these rules, and follow TheTalko for more.
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  • pastel nat
    pastel nat 3 hours ago

    did she say tay ya...4:00

  • Natalie Wilson
    Natalie Wilson 4 hours ago

    "No drunk tweeting"
    Namjoon: *hold my soju*

  • Rosie-Chan
    Rosie-Chan 7 hours ago

    “No swearing”. Meanwhile....

    Jungkook: aWw mAn HoLy ShIT

  • Akira
    Akira 8 hours ago +1

    ''No drunk tweeting or posting anything on social media while drunk."
    Jk: *drinking wine during vlive*

  • Meha Madan
    Meha Madan 11 hours ago

    I think..
    BTS is allowed to take pics with fans during meet and greets
    And “sorry armies u have to save ur kisses for ur posters and wallpapers” excuse me...??
    I’m so mad at this channel I hate it! It just does
    TheTalko: “they are not supposed to swear”
    Me: ‘flashbacks to when Suga swearing at j hope for waking him up frm sleep

  • Carmela Fajardo
    Carmela Fajardo 11 hours ago

    How about the song
    Do you
    August D
    And the time when suga curse?

  • Norjanah Calamata
    Norjanah Calamata 12 hours ago

    it's not jhon ku it's jungkook..

  • Gacha Panda
    Gacha Panda 15 hours ago +1

    Anybody else get triggered when Jungkook's name was pronounced "Johnkoo

  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods 21 hour ago

    Excuse please get some of your facts right cause bts are allowed to date but they got no time since they're busy with their jobs

  • Weirdowithoutabeardo
    Weirdowithoutabeardo 21 hour ago


  • Fatima Adnan
    Fatima Adnan 23 hours ago


  • Emmi Let's Play
    Emmi Let's Play Day ago

    Video: No swearing
    Agust D: hOlD mY mIc

  • Sanaya Ali
    Sanaya Ali Day ago

    Very informative thanks

  • -R Y N A -
    -R Y N A - Day ago +1

    no swearing uh..well..suga..

  • Matt B
    Matt B Day ago

    jonkoo LOL

  • love 2ne1
    love 2ne1 2 days ago +1

    Bts shouldn't curse or swear
    JK : oh man holy sh*t

  • jUnGkOoKs Nice ShoEs

    Gurl Jin is the manager of JinHit sooo Jin can do whatever he wants (umm no drinking then why was Jungkook drinking in Clive and Jin and Jimin)no swearing gurl have u seen expensive girl,AgustD,and give it to me 👁-👁


    #bighit treat them as family and bang pd nim treat them as their son

  • Nancy Girl
    Nancy Girl 2 days ago


  • Gacha Cc
    Gacha Cc 2 days ago +2

    I love that there manager love them and care about them an all, but... I think he should let them go free a little, they work so hard... I think he should just let BTS do basically whatever they want!... T^T

  • Shivanshi and panagiota 2 BFFS Jadaun

    This was yo strict

  • Amanda Nicole
    Amanda Nicole 3 days ago

    But did they ever come to South Africa🤔

  • Night Bear
    Night Bear 3 days ago +1

    *No Swearing*
    Namjoon: *Swears at hobi for dropping the cake on his bag
    Suga: *Swears at them for waking him up*

  • Faith Elizabeth Esteban Esteban

    That's to mean!

  • Adhira Madiraju
    Adhira Madiraju 3 days ago

    no swearing

    yoongi: *swears at hoseok*

  • Adhira Madiraju
    Adhira Madiraju 3 days ago

    jimin not jeeeman 😂

  • Adhira Madiraju
    Adhira Madiraju 3 days ago +1

    haha diet....
    two words

    atleast they don't diet as much anymore... so they stay healthy

  • Professional Girly Gamer

    “Johncoo” um excuse me when did BTS get a new member I know jungkook not no Johncoo!🤔🤔🤔

  • Slurping God
    Slurping God 4 days ago +1

    Who cares if Tae gains weight ik he’s in the public eye a lot but he’s still a human that deserves to have the privileges that we have he might be a amazing Idol that we all love but he’s a normal person that just makes a lot of money and shows his talent world world wide him gaining weight is normal everyone gains weight u can’t expect someone to stay the same weight for ever he’s a human who wants to eat what he wants nobody wants to be on a diet trying to stay skinny for their entire life for the ppl who bully him for being a a normal person you wouldn’t understand or probably you’ve had issues with with ppl calling u fat or something but that doesn’t mean u bully him Love you BTS #ARMY

  • kristen holbert
    kristen holbert 4 days ago

    I honestly wish they would show some more skin because that maybe turn some frowns upside down on the hate side. I'm not sure but whatever they aren't comfortable with is fine by me. I understand how south korea is and I like it. That's why I'm moving their. May have the outside appearence of an american but I have and inside appearence of a korean.

  • Artz.Bakery
    Artz.Bakery 4 days ago

    Each BP member has a personal account what do you mean? Sorry for mentioning them in a bts vid very sorry do t attack meh plz

  • Maknae Gukkie
    Maknae Gukkie 4 days ago +1

    Never heard of her, I only know *Jinhit*

  • Maknae Gukkie
    Maknae Gukkie 4 days ago



    And do your research
    Sure once in a while they have to be family friendly but come on
    “They catch themselves”
    I’m surprised that you used RM for this example and that you haven’t used the time Jin screamed “SH*******T” in a concert
    It’s Jinhit no one can stop him

  • Lexi Hamm
    Lexi Hamm 4 days ago +4

    "they've never stooped to eating disorders" uh have you heard of Jimins diet he had at one point?

  • Lindas TV
    Lindas TV 5 days ago +1

    Can we please talk about how she pronounced Jungkook??? That has me laughing 😂

  • Jade MeiCat
    Jade MeiCat 5 days ago

    Jungkoo 🤣

  • Bangtan Boi
    Bangtan Boi 5 days ago

    Talk about bts
    Showing photo: I ♥️ VIXX

  • lonelyrainCloud
    lonelyrainCloud 5 days ago +1

    The media(especially TheTalko): BTS is not allowed to (fill in blank)
    BTS: we'll see about that...

  • EdieLouise
    EdieLouise 5 days ago +1

    4:35 ummm Jimin?? He was basically anorexic
    Edit: 5:52 oh my bad. *ummm JeEmIN?? He was basically anorexic

  • Vanessa Craftz
    Vanessa Craftz 5 days ago +1

    Plz say his name right 😢😢😢

  • Caitlin Ridgeway
    Caitlin Ridgeway 5 days ago

    I’m the picture of Tae when he ‘gained weight’ was when his face was swollen which can happen for many reasons.. that’s so shit because he’s gaining muscle?? He’s working out with JK

  • Caitlin Ridgeway
    Caitlin Ridgeway 5 days ago

    It’s funny because they don’t follow them

  • random raccoon
    random raccoon 5 days ago +2

    Idk why I always think watching these kinds of videos are a good idea when I KNOW they're going to say JOHNCOO-

  • Inngred D
    Inngred D 5 days ago

    Ok ok ok holl up, when they were talking abt social media they got that whole lil segment slightly wrong. BTS only as the group acc unlike BP who have their own acc as well as a grp one

  • sophia zhi
    sophia zhi 5 days ago +1

    Bts doesn't know I exist

  • Kookie Moonster
    Kookie Moonster 5 days ago

    1:19 "One time JHON KO"

  • Esmeraldito Prishka
    Esmeraldito Prishka 5 days ago

    Entelos diaviotikh h parousia tou plhntiriou esmeralda.!’ 👄👄👄👄👄👄👄🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🇷🇺🇩🇪🇮🇹🇲🇨🇫🇷🕰📜✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️⚡️🧢🎓🎩

  • Quantum Araa
    Quantum Araa 5 days ago

    "so they have enough security" *cough**cough* Saesangs *cough**cough* what?I didn't say anything...

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 5 days ago +1

    I had a dream were i was in a BTS concert and i saw yoongi naked 🥵🥴💀

  • Scratched Lines
    Scratched Lines 5 days ago +1

    oK im sorry but who tf is JOHNkook?? and JEEmin, not the best pronunciation, talko

  • Meshal Alduwailah
    Meshal Alduwailah 5 days ago

    u stupid bich did you avar herd of agast d

  • Llama Arts
    Llama Arts 6 days ago

    Saw bts in the title. *clicked Hella fast*

  • Asian Potato
    Asian Potato 6 days ago

    1:19 junkoo???

  • Lindrit 138
    Lindrit 138 6 days ago

    and they still say "bTs dOesnT eVen work HaRD" they have such a busy schedule and still manage to smile and they always worry if they will make their fans happy during tours slash concerts.

  • Ailin vlogs
    Ailin vlogs 6 days ago +5

    Im sorry but *suga swore at jhope for waking him up-*

  • Rita Gurung
    Rita Gurung 6 days ago

    Did you just say johnkook ? It's Jungkook ok

  • Kpop tube
    Kpop tube 6 days ago +1

    If bts break the rules bighit will dont make anything for them because they are the important group and if bightit take anyone from them the armys will start fighting

  • Margaret Carroll
    Margaret Carroll 6 days ago

    Yesh, they really know how to get us by always putting tae in the thumbnails ;-; he's too hot for us all ;-; dang nabbit these people are too smart

  • Snowy Snowy
    Snowy Snowy 6 days ago

    J O H N K O O

  • Ella Adetona
    Ella Adetona 6 days ago

    V got drunk never heard of that

  • Sophia Ledbetter
    Sophia Ledbetter 6 days ago

    It’s Jimin not Jeemin

  • Anime Potato
    Anime Potato 6 days ago

    Johnku? Who tf is that? You mean Jungkook?

  • Anonym Yyy
    Anonym Yyy 6 days ago

    Poor bts big hit is mean

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 6 days ago


  • Stephanie G
    Stephanie G 7 days ago

    If your going to say their names,
    I suggest you actually learn how to pronounce them.
    Future video advice.

  • Jungkooks Wife
    Jungkooks Wife 7 days ago

    Btw what is a Geeman? Omg it’s JIMIN!

  • Jungkooks Wife
    Jungkooks Wife 7 days ago

    Who cringed when she said Jungcoooo instead of Jungkook?

  • jimin's nose
    jimin's nose 7 days ago

    5:51 a death threat to J-min everyone

  • Joshie poo
    Joshie poo 7 days ago

    “Even though BTS has been caught swearing they quickly catch themselves”
    Jungkook: OH MAN HOLY SHIT