Gordon Ramsay In Awe Over Culinary Teacher Not Having Any Experience | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay cannot believe a culinary teacher has no experience as a chef.
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Comments • 6 478

  • Kyle Larson
    Kyle Larson 3 minutes ago

    Aren't any fruits a little embarrassed.id love to see a gay guy say well I'm gay and em embarrassed as hell.do you realise we suck each other's dicks? Lmao

  • cavscout35
    cavscout35 Hour ago

    "I teach manners too, chef."

    Gordon: Giorno's Theme "Il vento d'oro" 3:42

  • shanique joe
    shanique joe Hour ago

    Woooooowowwwwwwwe you teach manners? Lmao

  • Shadowcub69
    Shadowcub69 Hour ago

    Colleen you're fucking up!

  • Meat Chip
    Meat Chip 2 hours ago

    The editing is so fucking bad.

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland 2 hours ago

    When he told Ji she should make her dish for her father it was so sweet! Awe.

  • Sinna HD
    Sinna HD 2 hours ago +1

    Is surprise to see Chef Ramsay complementing people’s cooking. I welcome it he is critical when deserving but complementary as well.

  • Black shuck
    Black shuck 3 hours ago

    Tell me? what the fuck does being gay have anything to do with cooking if a fucking Chef served me a plate and he/she started telling me about their sexual orientation I'd throw the plate out . Why do gay people always gotta inform everyone of their sexual orientation that's inappropriate it's like me walking up to a group of women and telling them hey I'm a heterosexual . who gives a shit they're going to call me a fucking pervert

  • Bleach
    Bleach 3 hours ago

    She just showed her lack of culinary knowledge when she referred Ramsay to the greatest chef in the World.

  • Bumblebee Ajpw
    Bumblebee Ajpw 3 hours ago +1


  • Jesse Bella
    Jesse Bella 3 hours ago

    Why do gay people have to tell everybody? I dont get it. Do we have straight pins?

    HO LEE FOOK 3 hours ago

    Fuck off back to the line

  • cehz
    cehz 3 hours ago

    Guy: "I just pulled it out of my ass"
    Gordan: "Put it back in there cause it sucks"

  • MarkH10
    MarkH10 3 hours ago

    Chef Ramsay so full of himself, so judgemental. Where would I be if I listened to everyone who told me not to start a parachute school until after I had jumped out of a plane. I''m proudof our 80% survival rate! Negative thinking won't hold me back!

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger 4 hours ago

    Why do people get mad at chef Ramsay? He gets how many millions a year to be a jerk. For that money NOBODY would pass that job up.

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels 4 hours ago

    swear when i get food in restraunts they ask whos what for although thats normally if its a few of us.

  • InstiGator
    InstiGator 4 hours ago

    She teaches manners?😆 How much does she charge fucking $500?

  • Shadows Within
    Shadows Within 5 hours ago +1

    So she was not a chef nor had any cooking experience, but was charging a lot of money to train people to cook.....Am I wrong in thinking that's basically fraud?
    Surely you should have experience and qualifications in the thing you teach....wow

  • GabiN64
    GabiN64 5 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey is always quick with it.

  • Reborn 777
    Reborn 777 7 hours ago

    ~ 0:46 ~Being gay is nothing to be proud of, because it isn't an achievement. Pride in being gay is as meaningful as pride in your place of birth. Gay pride tribalizes the gay community and creates stereotypes against them, harming LGBT individuals who do not participate in the pride culture.

  • Itz_ Klutchtato
    Itz_ Klutchtato 9 hours ago

    Cook: Yes chef

  • idk lol
    idk lol 9 hours ago

    Tbh he was just showing of that he was gay

  • Chad Has AIDS
    Chad Has AIDS 11 hours ago

    Coleen Is A Dumbslut!

  • Chad Has AIDS
    Chad Has AIDS 11 hours ago


  • Abdullah Bin Saeed
    Abdullah Bin Saeed 12 hours ago

    I would have gone to jail if I was there and he disrespected my cooking the way he did.

    • 안녕하세요Indian Kpopper
      안녕하세요Indian Kpopper 12 hours ago

      Lmao you wouldn't do shit, he has a black belt in Karate. He would woop your ass before you even touch him. Lmao.

  • Stina1234
    Stina1234 12 hours ago

    0:33 no girl he's not 😂 the most famous, yes! But not the world's greatest

  • James Willey
    James Willey 13 hours ago

    Pretty soon we get to wear a pin, for coming out and saying we're straight

  • James Willey
    James Willey 13 hours ago

    clever on the click bait

  • x x
    x x 13 hours ago

    You teach lies to

  • zindi1138
    zindi1138 13 hours ago

    did cock sucking make gordo deaf?

  • nickdubsmoto
    nickdubsmoto 13 hours ago

    Those who can not do, teach.

  • Jorge Guerrero
    Jorge Guerrero 13 hours ago +2

    I would feel terrified if i had to make cereal in front of Gordon. He’d probably tell me its raw

  • see thao
    see thao 14 hours ago +1

    Chef: I teach manners too.
    Gordon: Fuck off!
    Chef: *Watch your profanity*

  • Vincent Cutrufello
    Vincent Cutrufello 14 hours ago

    what a faggot

  • gRiM
    gRiM 14 hours ago

    "what's the sauce? It's like PISS"
    "Sry Chef"

  • Kevin Abraham
    Kevin Abraham 15 hours ago

    Gordon you are the best .

  • Huhujw Hhjjj
    Huhujw Hhjjj 17 hours ago

    Gordon had me crying , f u c k off and get back in line 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • John Monterosso
    John Monterosso 17 hours ago

    Coleen 300 dollars per person you would have to be a good chef but you present Gordon Ramsey with that shame

  • Katherine P
    Katherine P 17 hours ago +1

    Ohh... I teach manners to, she effed up big time 😱😱🤯🤯🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Mix Ree
    Mix Ree 18 hours ago

    Why everybody Have so many like And i have 0
    Edit:i Like my own comment

  • Lion Bryce
    Lion Bryce 18 hours ago

    How tf did I get here? I don't even remember this autoplaying or starting a video in the first place

  • grimmbros1214 !
    grimmbros1214 ! 18 hours ago

    i got a gordon ramsay masterclass ad on this video

  • FuturisticHub
    FuturisticHub 19 hours ago +1

    Pride Pin huh. I was expecting Gordon to tell them that the customer isn't looking for a date nor cares if their chef is gay. They care about the food. Oh well. Next time Gordon!

  • Cody Wang
    Cody Wang 21 hour ago

    that sneering lady was incredibly annoying

  • John Buxton
    John Buxton 22 hours ago +1

    Colleen: "I teach manners, too, chef."
    Also Colleen: *Why do I hear boss music?*

  • Luke Kelly
    Luke Kelly 22 hours ago

    5:13 love how he casually goes from duck to gator

  • Undercover Fbi
    Undercover Fbi 23 hours ago

    “I teach manners too,chef”
    *piano starts playing ventó d oro

  • David watson
    David watson 23 hours ago

    Yoooooo😂😂😂😂😂miss manors fuck off back in line .....str8 savage

  • Local Jimincafe
    Local Jimincafe 23 hours ago

    Colleen asked for death.

  • Petar Dimic
    Petar Dimic 23 hours ago

    "I teach manners too, chef."
    *Sonic drowning music starts to play*

  • Jonah Simpson
    Jonah Simpson Day ago


  • Krishnan unni
    Krishnan unni Day ago

    "I teach manners too"
    Y 0 U D I E D

  • David Calderon
    David Calderon Day ago

    GR is the epitome of intense.

  • eggegg eggegg
    eggegg eggegg Day ago

    Dick face as a waiter lol

  • Sean Owens
    Sean Owens Day ago

    "i just pulled it outta my ass chef"
    "well put it back in there because it sucks"

  • Kazuma Yagami
    Kazuma Yagami Day ago

    7:15 "I teach manners too Chef"

  • Nightmare Nick's Rock n Roll Hollywood


  • imaaround
    imaaround Day ago

    I'm convinced judge Judy taught Ramsey everything he knows on how to be rude to everyone..

  • bob Smith
    bob Smith Day ago +2

    1:00 he's actually the first gay guy without a 'gay voice'

  • Kenny420
    Kenny420 Day ago

    Of course there’s a faggot, who wants everybody to know how much he likes dicks.
    I wouldn’t even touch the food he cooked.

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez Day ago +1

    “Where did you get this idea”
    “ out of my ass sir” LMAOOOO

  • Gabriel the gamer's Hub

    It looks so awful And also *RAW!*

    DICKSON LIN Day ago

    Why are other people laughing at her when there food was terrible too? Lmao

  • Paula Kelly
    Paula Kelly Day ago

    I feel like I needs some plastic wrap on my arse

  • Night Hawk Gamer's

    In this world if u wear a suit and tie and act like u know what ur saying u can even get as far as political office

  • Rakshasa
    Rakshasa Day ago

    "I teach manners too, chef"
    *Top ten anime massacres*

  • nas jordan
    nas jordan Day ago

    colleen is too cute and carol

  • Brenda Segovia
    Brenda Segovia Day ago

    He brought the gay shit to use as a protection against Gordon?

  • Brenda Segovia
    Brenda Segovia Day ago

    Thats cool. Where can I buy my own " I'm straight and love bbc pin?"

  • R. Harvey
    R. Harvey Day ago

    I don't know how people can handle chefs every day in the kitchen.
    I see a lot of people throwing shade on the lady that is self taught and stood up for herself. Where I come from if you cant do what the person your talking shit about is doing then just be quiet.
    Props to her for running a successful business while competing on a cooking show. I am sure she had to qualify several times before she made it in front of this rude guy.
    I prefer Anthony Bourdain's show myself instead of this rude chef.

  • RaZoR Ghostz
    RaZoR Ghostz Day ago +1

    Her: I teach manners too sir
    Everyone else in the room: Ohh sh** she fu***** screwed up
    Ramsay: so you have choose to die....

  • jlebrech
    jlebrech Day ago

    "What's with the poo shaped pin?"

    "I like to fart in the bedroom sir"... Who gives a fuck!!

  • david reznic
    david reznic Day ago +1

    "I teach manners too, chef"

    It was at this moment Colleen knew, she fucked up

  • Garry Maxwell
    Garry Maxwell Day ago

    I don't know why but if I were to be roasted by gordon, I would be the happiest man alive 😂

  • desmond tinarwo
    desmond tinarwo Day ago

    Gordon Imhata!