🔮 Pick A Card 🔮 (December Prediction 2019) ❄🎁❤💍🏡🤑

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • Hello my beautiful loves! Welcome to your December Psychic Prediction.🎄❄🎁🔮
    Let's see what is coming your way this month!❤
    I am so excited to hear your feedback on this reading!😊💕
    Card Selection 3:02
    Group 1 4:50
    Group 2 27:19
    Group 3 50:23
    Group 4 1:08:35
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  • Shonnetta's Divine Tarot

    Hello my beautiful loves! 👋🏾❤️
    Welcome to you December Predictions Pick A Card Reading! 🎁🌲☃️✨
    Lets see what the month of December 2019 has in store for us all! 🔮
    Card Selection 3:02
    Group 1 4:50
    Group 2 27:19
    Group 3 50:23
    Group 4 1:08:35
    Comment down below and let me know, are you excited for December? Do you have anything fun and eventful planned? 👀💕❤️🌲✨

    • Velia Mier-luna
      Velia Mier-luna 25 days ago

      Shonnetta's Divine Tarot
      Heeeey girl. I LOVE all of your videos. But I was trying to look back at the video you made for January because I was pile #3 and it was an intense reading. I just wanted to go back and view the details on that reading but i can’t find the video anywhere. Could you hit me up if you can please. Please.... follow me on Instagram _velia_mier_luna_
      Please I hope you see this sooner rather than later

    • tooth656
      tooth656 Month ago

      Group 3, Dec has been meh so far. we shall see how the rest of it pans out :)

    • Moonifi
      Moonifi Month ago

      Resonated very well. Awesome reading as always!

    • Asa Holmes
      Asa Holmes Month ago

      Group 3 I'ma cancer though lol

    • Myrna Durocher
      Myrna Durocher Month ago

      #2 🙌🙌🙌

  • Porscha Nicole
    Porscha Nicole 21 day ago

    Thank you!! This was for me all the way.🤗🤗

  • Madison Milligan
    Madison Milligan 23 days ago

    So crazy - group 3 and a past love died. I only found out because of my intuition. In comes the grim reaper card. Wow. Now to find the toxic Taurus 😅😬

  • MissAnselmo83
    MissAnselmo83 23 days ago

    Group #3
    Had to come back and re-watch this.. I for sure resonated with this reading. I really am unhappy with my job and have been looking to change that..
    Also, I remembered when I first watching this and you mentioned about traveling, I thought to myself, “yeah right.. I wish..” I didn’t think it was going to happen because it is the busiest time for my job. BUT, I ended up traveling to the Philippines!

  • Universal Artistry Media

    Came back and watched this today after watching for the first time in November and Damn Shonnetta! You are on it hun! Pile 1 was on point!

  • Oracle Jam Tarot
    Oracle Jam Tarot 26 days ago

    Thank for the reading! 😁

  • Maya Robinson
    Maya Robinson 28 days ago

    Pile #3
    I’ve been wanting a dog for around Christmas maybe this is a sign I’m gonna get him ☺️ I HOPE this is the sign I’m getting him

  • S Tripathi
    S Tripathi 28 days ago

    #Pile2 so I should have seen this before but here I am.
    Just in between seeing ur video, I stopped and immediately wrote a long note to an old friend I had been putting off, who I thought was toxic to me or that my feelings were never really reciprocated. I had always thought our friendship was on a superficial level, but didnt realise how toxic i was being to me. They tried communicating but I pulled all stops to focus on myself for the time. That nearly took me 5 years, but today I sent it. I send them a msg, I did it, and now I await their response. I told them that I understood the push & pull relation we had, that the friendship we had was based on a ground of trust issues. That I realized it wasn't all on them but also on me as well. That my own energy must have offsetted theirs as well (I didnt tell them abt energy thing but I tried to make it clear it was on me). They were my childhood friend, but I had always been alone becoz I moved houses and schools, and never had any good friends so I buried my inner child ever before I could understand what I was doing. I had emotional baggage that I was unaware of and I have been dealing with for the last 2 years. I thanked them for being my friend and I apologized if I had ever caused them pain. I told them I have finally leveled up and am OK if they no longer want to have anything to do with me. And wished them happiness and sparkly life ahead.
    I don't know if I did the right thing. Personally, not being that expressive type of person who laughs instead of saying they are sad, I thought it was one of the stupidest thing I'd ever done. But deep down I didnt feel that well of anxiety so I think it was OK. I'm actually shaken, my hands so cold but I don't regret it. It could go either ways, best or worse, but after a long time, I felt prepared to take it on. Anyways, thank u so much for reading. It resonated right down to the T. And sorry for this long message. I just have noone I can talk to irl. No sympathy or anything, just saying. I just feel comfortable to talk in here. So thanks. ✨💜

  • Kaitlyn Ballinger-Smith

    Also picked 3 and had a car accident in November and I'm getting a new car from my Dad for Yule.

  • Kaitlyn Ballinger-Smith

    Picked 3 my mom i
    is a pisces but she is 2 faced and a cheater. She is all about holding grudges and causing problems. I've been cutting her our slowly and trying to get away from her and her husband now who has been making me very uncomfortable. I'm trying to change my living situation, my financial situation, and also get my dream job. I'm in my 2nd semester of my first year of college and moving on. Also I'm an Aquarius sun, Sagittarius rising, and Taurus moon so kinda hinted at all my star chart. Oh and my oldest child who will be 6 in January he's my Capricorn.

  • Victoria Berry
    Victoria Berry 29 days ago

    Sooooo crazy I came across this video. Today I decided to finally change my job, I’ve been unhappy for months!!! My boss kept telling me to stay and wait it out but I can’t do it anymore. So this makes me happy. 😭❤️

  • Queerly Dispassionate
    Queerly Dispassionate 29 days ago

    Thank you, mama 💗🧚🏾‍♀️💎

  • cashmoneyzey
    cashmoneyzey Month ago

    I picked group 1 and I'm scared bc of how accurate it is

  • Arav patel
    Arav patel Month ago

    It was my birthday on December

  • Dustin
    Dustin Month ago

    Group 1: I have been bedridden for 2 months with a psoriatic arthritis flair up, my health has been in decline for 6 months. Lately I have belt like it is spirit forcing me to take a time out from life and reassess (I tend to be the type of person that pushes past exhaustion to get the job done). I have been asking A LOT of questions lately. How do I heal? Do I need to quit my job? Should I invest time, energy, and money in a new creative business? Who am I really as a person? I have spent so long building up the person society wants me to be, I have no idea who ‘I’ am and what ‘I’ want anymore.

  • Kayla Arielle
    Kayla Arielle Month ago

    Pile 4 was so on point 😩 this is confirmation that it’s happening for my own good & divinely guided so I’m going to trust the Universe even more ✨

  • Tiara Murphy
    Tiara Murphy Month ago

    On point

  • Amaya Wright
    Amaya Wright Month ago

    Group #3 I’m a pisces😁‼️❤️

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman Month ago

    52:58 omg true, thank u
    59:52 yeah
    1:01:09 yeah I'm going to try out to have 2 hair coulours on my hair
    1:02:04 yeah, plans what I actually want to do in the future, I got lots of ideas I want to design on the Christmas holiday soon
    1:03:19 I'm into that right now, these days
    1:04:41 I-🙊

  • Leilani H
    Leilani H Month ago

    (group 3) 👀😗

  • So Blessd TV
    So Blessd TV Month ago

    So crazy (group 3) the Taurus thing was on point

  • Marie Ortega
    Marie Ortega Month ago

    I picked pile 4 and I'm crying girl you're honestly so helpful

    • Marie Ortega
      Marie Ortega 15 days ago

      @Lily Rain same to you girl !!!

    • Lily Rain
      Lily Rain Month ago

      Marie Ortega you & me both 😭🥰 i wish us big things for 2020

  • Ms Skarlet Aka Queen Links

    I love group 3 and 4

  • Elise Velez
    Elise Velez Month ago

    Group 2. I feel SO called out. Like I’ve never been so attacked by a reader. Wow

  • Rochelle Guerrier
    Rochelle Guerrier Month ago

    Group 2: literally everything💀 from the family problems(specifically my brother and you said opposite sex), lack of eating, to me just beginning my spiritual awakening and one last determining factor on Monday that will basically determine what school/career path is next for me 😭 this is crazy accurate! Thank you, your videos always reassure me and give me insight 💓

  • Cynthia Bogacz
    Cynthia Bogacz Month ago

    Group 3:
    Been looking for a new car as I don’t have one working right now.
    Birthday month IS December like you said
    A toxic person lurking on my social media, I could think of one.

  • A weirdos wolf pack

    BrUh You really said that I will change appearance in some way I’m sitting here with new makeup on and I just dyed my hair an hour ago....

  • Sin
    Sin Month ago

  • Tiendesitas 08
    Tiendesitas 08 Month ago


  • Iliana Ilieva
    Iliana Ilieva Month ago

    Super accurate reading!! All of the stuff in the beginning of my reading happened this week and the timeline mentioned.. 😳🙊Whoa..💖 thank you. Stay blessed 🙏🦋🤗💕

  • Jasmine Allen
    Jasmine Allen Month ago

    Pile #2! So on the money!
    Capricorn. Definitely felt like everything and everyone was conspiring against me to make my life difficult. Working on forgiveness and rebuilding trust in my marriage, which is positively affecting my health. Have been working on starting a business and making a complete career change more aligned with my authentic self. So much manifesting!!! Just finished a 333 manifestation on the full moon. Really focusing on confronting the ego and not operating from that space anymore. And starting to heal my past issues with disordered eating. Completely in awe of how spot on you were. Wow, just wow ✨💕

  • Claudette Reid
    Claudette Reid Month ago

    Hi Shonnetta I chose pile 2... so accurate, I am a teacher, I practice yoga and mindfulness, do not eat properly, sometimes bing eat, smoke... but was thinking of giving up smoking in December... have had a lot going on health and job wise... have felt bitter, for a long time, about an individual I worked with ...but learning to let it go... I have been a spiritualist who used to do readings and healing since 1986 but lost hope... still give messages if necessary.... not as many as I would have liked, but you are on point!... I admire your enthusiasm and you have given me the motivation to go back and use the gift I have been blessed with... I live in the UK, just found your site and your messages really resonated with me... God bless

  • Brittney Patton
    Brittney Patton Month ago

    I selected pile 1 & 2!

  • Candace Easterling-Hill

    Wow, 3&4 resonated with me. Thanks for clarity

  • Curious Peacock
    Curious Peacock Month ago

    Couldn't have been more spot on! I wanted to hear those words thank youu 😘

  • Paige Arielle
    Paige Arielle Month ago

    Pisces in moon, I choose pile 3 the whole reading spoke to me and really confirmed what all the other tarot videos I previously watched, they all basically said the same thing

  • Giovanna Cavalcanti

    everything i needed to hear, thank you fow proving me im on the roght path
    DAMN ps: I was just writing “im on the path” and you said it at the exact same time omg

  • Yaco Psycho
    Yaco Psycho Month ago

    I chose 2. I felt it 🙏🏻❤️

  • Dru's Den
    Dru's Den Month ago

    Group 4. Well... I'm a Leo Rising, Sagittarius Moon and I have a stellium in Aries (Taurus Sun). My father and my sister are both Sag... Can a reading speak even more to me ? 😹

  • BlkMario23
    BlkMario23 Month ago

    Chose decks 2 n 3. I greatly enjoyed the message and one of my biggest focuses has been to learn to better take care of myself and heal injuries that have occurred. This was very exciting news for me, thank you 😊! Peace and love!

  • Jazz Baker
    Jazz Baker Month ago

    Incredible!!! Spot on! Group 3 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Frances Smith
    Frances Smith Month ago

    Group #3 Thank you 😄

  • kadeja Quail
    kadeja Quail Month ago

    YOOOOOO!!!! Pile 3 you said “some of you just started a job and you don’t like it”
    SIS!!! I’m literally sitting at work , at this new job in a new group home and I HATE IT !!! Before i pulled up this video , I was just studying on how to perfect my dream to become a full time trader !!!! Omg like you’re literally talking straight to me !

  • Konomi Kazukiri
    Konomi Kazukiri Month ago

    I felt really drawn to groups 1 and 2 whats that mean

  • jamie h
    jamie h Month ago

    just wanna comment on how this month Katy Perry lyric " was 27 surviving my return to saturn" has been stuck in my head. I also picked deck 1.
    also my mother is a cancer.
    just a little weird coincidence.

  • 247 Spiritual Tarot

    Pile 3 I'm actually dating a pisces umm nice to know thanks for the reading

  • bc a
    bc a Month ago

    2...... Im fucking virgo o.O

    • bc a
      bc a Month ago

      I released a toxic friendship and all the other tarot readings recommended me not to reach out to my ex friend :(... well now im kinda confused.....

  • strawberrygdhdh
    strawberrygdhdh Month ago

    thank u so much for this 💓 I wish nothing but love n light for u

  • friendgirl123
    friendgirl123 Month ago

    stopppp #4 resonated with me so much.... i am figuring out that im gay and what that means for me, especially as my relationship with my boyfriend has to come to an end. it's been so hard but rewarding to accept myself. resonated SO SO much whaaaaaat! thank you!!!!!
    EDIT: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! you mentioned cardinal and I stopped in my TRACKS! with all this happening ive been so worried about what my late grandma would have said about me being gay. she was my best friend so it matters to me so much, but of course she has passed. it turns out CARDINALS were her favorite animal so i am WIGGING. OUT. i just really genuinely wanted to say thank you omg

  • Kitana
    Kitana Month ago +1

    I was inspired by Spirit to select group #3 and #4. To be honest I saw the number 7 before I selected any group. During the reading of group #3 the number 7 was mentioned 4 times. And group #4 confirmed the reading of group #3. This reading is accurate and I thank you so much for the reading.

  • evelyn b
    evelyn b Month ago

    i picked pile 2, and oh my god. i was kind of skeptical but every single thing applied to me. definitely subscribing

  • Mienas atef
    Mienas atef Month ago

    Is that a Smokey quartz crystal that on her right can someone please tell me ❤️

  • beautiful af
    beautiful af Month ago +5

    #2 woooah im studying to be a doctor. this is effin wicked

  • Foxy Diva
    Foxy Diva Month ago

    Wow group 3 was a powerful reading. I can relate to it. Thank you.

  • LynnL
    LynnL Month ago

    I just found your channel, and I AM IN LOVE with your whole vibe and this reading !!!
    I picked pile #3, and nearly everything you said resonated with me. I’m a Pisces. I may be moving in the summer of 2020, and I’m going on a trip for vacation during Christmas, I have been getting more into crystals, loa, etc, and people have been saving my posts, so maybe some lurkers, and I may be getting my driver’s license and new car soon. I’m struggling with one grade, but I know I can fix it. I have also seen a fair share of angel numbers telling me that with hard work, I will succeed. I’ve also been told to move on from other readings and angels, and that whatever I wish will come true. I have also been working on my physical and spiritual self 🥺💓🌷☁️🌙✨

  • Um Yeah
    Um Yeah Month ago +1

    omg in a pisces and i picked #3 ahh

  • Cortne Johnson
    Cortne Johnson Month ago

    I picked group 3 and all I can say is WOW! I have been at my current job for 2 yrs and felt like it's time for me to move on but I was scared, You gave me confirmation that I'm doing the right thing in finding another job. You have an amazing gift!

  • Asa Holmes
    Asa Holmes Month ago

    The crystals help you resonate better

  • Blablabla
    Blablabla Month ago

    Omg I picked pile 3 and there was positive changes and pisces..my ex-Bff is a pisces and im plannimg to write her a letter omg

  • afrikurl
    afrikurl Month ago

    Girl. You spoke nothing but truth!