Let's Fix Our Click Bait Titles - GoXLR Showcase

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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  • NvrUseYur RealName
    NvrUseYur RealName 13 days ago

    GJ Bro! :D

  • Skar Scalp
    Skar Scalp 24 days ago


  • Colin Nogowski
    Colin Nogowski Month ago

    Don't know if you'll see this but thought you might find it interesting. Veritasium just did a video talking about youtube's algorithm and click bait.

  • Dion Starfire
    Dion Starfire Month ago

    Irony 1: Techquickie did a video explaining clickbait nearly 3 years ago. (ru-clip.net/video/qskqM9O0FC0/video.html)
    Irony 2: Linus has small children who will almost certainly try to use this very same "everybody else gets to do it" argument (or it's sister "but all the popular kids are doing it") at some point.

  • J Orzy
    J Orzy Month ago

    What’s a good cheaper option than this

    • Dash of awesome
      Dash of awesome 27 days ago

      voicemeeter banana or potato with a midi controller

  • J Orzy
    J Orzy Month ago

    14:00 for application

  • Beard oSuit
    Beard oSuit 2 months ago

    Like you effort to the channel, realy support your effort.

  • Ndow Roccus
    Ndow Roccus 2 months ago

    If this were the 1980s, clickbait RU-clip channels would have zero followers (people used to hate fake cheesy gimmicks, I guess no one cares anymore or stupid naive people have over filled the pool)

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson 2 months ago

    i love it. great product. thanks for the review.

  • M M
    M M 2 months ago

    TC Helicon is just Behringer in disguise nowadays. It even has the X32 faders.

  • charlie Aylott
    charlie Aylott 2 months ago

    Couldn’t respect you guys more for this. Ty for listening to the subs

  • toxik.io
    toxik.io 2 months ago

    Linus has flaws - but can think rationally on occasion

  • Daniel Lawrance
    Daniel Lawrance 2 months ago

    Whats that rgb monitor to the left of the video? someone know?

  • Billy Neale
    Billy Neale 2 months ago

    What monitor is it?

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 2 months ago

    I actually saw this the day it was streamed and didn’t watch it because I thought the title was click bait and I lost interest 😂😂😂 I am an avid fan and watch almost every video, this one just happened to slip through because it seemed like click bait and something I wouldn’t be interested in. Good to see you’re taking on board feedback though.

  • Nitin Narang
    Nitin Narang 2 months ago

    Which mic was he using???

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 months ago

    If this was your format, I would likely not only watch more, but also donate. You are at your best when you have the least amount of production and edits.

  • Liviu Bita
    Liviu Bita 2 months ago

    Picture fractions design!

  • Liam Connolly
    Liam Connolly 2 months ago +1

    Very glad to see this. The searchability was by and large my biggest gripe with their videos and there have been multiple times when I haven't been able to go back and find a particular video. Kudos LTT!!

  • Enter The PC
    Enter The PC 2 months ago

    This is a great business case study for how to be a BOSS on RU-clip Videos for your business at 35:00 and beyond

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat 2 months ago

    If you were in the room, Linus, you had something to do with it.

  • SirScythe
    SirScythe 2 months ago

    The old titles were so annoying in my sub box that it actually made me unsubscribe... Great to see you acknowledge and fix this! Now I can finally resubscribe :D

  • dombrox
    dombrox 2 months ago

    Linus. Xbox video is clickbaity, I expected you got someminda anniversary edition of xbox classic :/ also stop making that on techquickie just don't do that on there. Also I quite like mix of clickbaitiness with normal title that's ok

  • Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen 2 months ago

    THIS is proper community engagement

  • Chris Kurz
    Chris Kurz 2 months ago

    The audio levels are bad. Need a hardware limiter.

  • Boga epic Leader
    Boga epic Leader 2 months ago

    That RGB tho

  • Darkfeign
    Darkfeign 2 months ago

    So this isn't a correction of clickbait titles so much as it's a searchability improvement on your end.

  • Man Hobby Channel
    Man Hobby Channel 2 months ago

    Linus. Are you familiar with the phrase: Pineapple in own juice.
    You disgussing you own thumbnails is extremely crinche.

  • GreybeardHS
    GreybeardHS 2 months ago +2

    To improve your searchability, perhaps use the Summary section for something more than the standard shilling card?

  • woswas denni
    woswas denni 2 months ago

    so basically an audiointerface with controls on the device. still i have my doubts about relyability and audioquality/latency compared to focusright. then again for your average twitch wannabe and youtube tryhard this will be more than fine.
    400$ in audiotech isnt expensive at all

    • Dash of awesome
      Dash of awesome 27 days ago

      or juse use voicemeeter with a simple daw and a midi controller.

  • woswas denni
    woswas denni 2 months ago

    The force of drop is getting strong in this one. He dont even have to touch it anymore.

  • Milan Zeeman
    Milan Zeeman 2 months ago

    Its only real disappointing that you cant use a wireless headset to listen

  • Venom 23x23
    Venom 23x23 2 months ago

    Wait I can play clash of clans on my pc??? I must know the way sensei

  • Venom 23x23
    Venom 23x23 2 months ago

    I propose a description and then a click bait hook. For example “fire 7 review - does it suck?” Or just “it sucks?” And wlan show could use time stamps. If a video is sponsored give credit. If it’s not then don’t worry about it. Who even cares if you’re showing a product and it’s sponsored by said company. Isn’t that redundant anyway? That’s my two cents though. Oh and this is definitely a click baity video but it’s click baity for the right reasons. But some of your best videos have been the Ali express stuff. I also really enjoy the pc live build streams. Like once a month you should do a roots episode where you pick something you personally like and review it or do a pc build or break down some computer components or tech. I haven’t been watching many videos lately but that’s been a lack of interest in what’s being showcased. Not anything to do with the channel really. Like the Mac virtual machine is cool but like I’d be more interested in running an emulator in a virtual machine and don’t care about Mac.

  • darthcookiejar
    darthcookiejar 2 months ago

    14:25 Probably the highest quality sounding blooper of something breaking I have ever herd. LTT always committed to production quality. They even Mic the breakable objects in the room.

  • The Uncle
    The Uncle 2 months ago

    This screams WAN show.

  • ikt
    ikt 2 months ago +34

    Seeing you struggle remembering what a vague clickbait title video referred to was hilarious.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 2 months ago

    Do more fun tech stuff it seems like it's all reviews lately

  • TheTopMostDog
    TheTopMostDog 2 months ago

    This goXLR looks sweet, and really not that expensive for what it offers. I've been using a mixboards for my gaming setups for years, requiring several sound cards per computer. I'm actually in the market for a new mixer and sound card for my current system, and for the price of both of those, I could pick up one of these. Definitely going to look into it some more, because a single device would be much better than the interface+mixer setup I was considering. Not to mention it does more than that.

    • TheTopMostDog
      TheTopMostDog 26 days ago

      @Dash of awesome
      Yeah, definitely. I've got a Behringer at the moment, but they didn't have the USB one in stock when I ordered back in the day, so I picked this one instead of waiting for stock. It's a UB1622FX Pro, a nice analogue mixer, with a sub-out that I was using to send my mic back to the PC. I could loop back music and stuff with the press of a button, too. Dust has killed a few of the faders (not beyond fixing with a decent clean, though), but the whole thing is just too big for what I need. I'll probably go the potentiometer route next time as well, to keep the dust from getting in, and further keep the thing compact.
      I saw Behringer had a cheap little desktop line mixer in their lineup, but being mono, I had to rule it out. Most line mixers are by definition mono, so my search hasn't been easy. I'll just end up finding something quality like Yamaha, Mackie, etc, with three channels, USB power and a single XLR combo port and plug in a mono line, like discord and keep music and games stereo. Dunno, still trying to suss it all out, I don't even really know what other options there are.
      The best sound card I've ever had was the audiophile 192 by m-audio, but it's only a PCI card, not compatible with most modern motherboards. The industry moved to FireWire, thunderbolt and USB, as laptops these days and even tablets are good enough for many recording applications. PC gamers just gotta wait for the scraps that trickle down to better suit them. At least that's how it has been; it's getting much better, and I wouldn't be surprised if more companies jump into the streaming space with dedicated hardware, as it's a largely uncompetitive market.
      Many motherboards, you can separate the front and back audio jacks, so even a two-stereo-channel mixer would suffice for people not trying to stream, and just want their voice chat on a different channel. Hell, even just a physical volume knob is a nice-to-have.

    • Dash of awesome
      Dash of awesome 27 days ago

      @TheTopMostDog oo nice. I got some really good yamaha ns-144 for 30 euros XD amazing sound. and i got a smsl ad18.

      i myself never used a soundcard but like onboard experience on laptops and desktops i always get the background noice and stuff. getting it away from the inside of the computer i would say is the only option for non or almost no noice. Maybe behringer is an option.

    • TheTopMostDog
      TheTopMostDog 27 days ago

      @Dash of awesome
      Oh I doubt I did. Neat!
      I was gonna get something like a Roland rubix for my mic and an ART stereo line mixer, but the whole setup plus a desktop rack box for the mixer was gonna be a bit much. Maybe next time.
      For now I've got my mic running on USB (an alt option to XLR) and probably gonna pick up something like a soundcraft or Yamaha 3 line mixer+USB. My biggest concern is eliminating the noise present in my set-up, which is fairly constant in my Yamaha monitors, and going digital to somewhere away from my computer case should solve the problem, as I've already tried everything else on the usual checklist short of buying a ups.

    • Dash of awesome
      Dash of awesome 27 days ago

      ​@TheTopMostDog They have midi support idk if you knew that.

    • TheTopMostDog
      TheTopMostDog 27 days ago

      @Dash of awesome
      Oh yeah, nah; I used to use audio splitter and repeater software (vac) but I upgraded a few years ago. It's so nice to just reach over and change discord volume, music, or the desktop/game, physically.
      I'll never go back- but I am probably going to buy a budget USB mixer with analogue pass through so I can use my existing high quality sound card for game output and whatever else for less important, voip audio, etc.

  • Jake Sanserbast
    Jake Sanserbast 2 months ago

    If everyone just watched every video you release like I do then the titles wouldn't matter :)

  • jacob armendariz
    jacob armendariz 2 months ago

    In this video, Linus explains he has no integrity.

  • lontanus
    lontanus 2 months ago

    dude i love you guys. its fine keep it up. move back into the house for more views lol jk but love old and new videos. keep it fresh. ive only been misled on one video and it was the wan show where most of it was the roast. which i dont see on youtube. and yes i know i can watch it i might,. but still
    love you

  • andrewmcbride88
    andrewmcbride88 2 months ago

    It's so crazy that yea, I hadn't been seeing your videos for the last couple of months and now I've started seeing them again.

  • tomalstar
    tomalstar 2 months ago

    I love the ongoing joke about Linus dropping stuff. You can tell that it tilts him just a little bit, which is hilarious, but he's also been good-natured about it considering the thousands of jokes he must have heard about it over the past couple of years.

  • JCglitchmaster
    JCglitchmaster 2 months ago

    I've personally been watching since the really old intro (linus sawing his way out a cardboard box) and I watched the majority of the vids. However, I agree with that forum post, I won't watch a video you post when it has an obnoxious thumbnail and/or title (outlines items in the thumbnail in a neon colour springs to mind). It just isn't a good look and reminds me of such channels as Ali-A whose entire channel is built around clickbait.
    The content released on this channel doesn't need clickbait titles or thumbnails to be successful. It gives your channel a much better look when you don't use really obvious clickbait (just read the comments of any of your videos that are clearly clickbait. Its alot of people who aren't subscribed getting angry that the clickbait shit is spammed all in their recommended).
    As for sponsored stuff, I don't think anyone cares about sponsored videos. Especially with how youtube is monitising stuff nowadays.

  • Mike Bertelsen
    Mike Bertelsen 2 months ago

    4:14 - that Canadian aaaaboooot

  • WhatEverGamers (NL)
    WhatEverGamers (NL) 2 months ago

    Is is a good idea to use the GoXLR for a dual pc setup?

    • Dash of awesome
      Dash of awesome 2 months ago

      Go with a midi controller and voice meeter potato or banana. Same level of function and waaaay cheaper.

  • Keatononame
    Keatononame 2 months ago

    Hour long self, and sponsored promotion

  • nakyer
    nakyer 2 months ago

    PLEASE recommend that sound board to Paul Heimlich and Kyle Hansen.

  • Cotino Yktar
    Cotino Yktar 2 months ago +1

    Skip sponsor : 26:00

  • Cotino Yktar
    Cotino Yktar 2 months ago

    I wanted to find a video about comparing thermal paste i think i saw one day.
    I never found it (maybe it simply wasn't a LTT video).

  • Damian Jørgensen
    Damian Jørgensen 2 months ago

    22:14 "you think you're gonna say something funny like.. JAKE SUCKS" xD

  • Adan Garcia
    Adan Garcia 2 months ago

    Since this video i havent been getting my LTT notifications. I guess ill have to come to the page to get my fix. Have to mention I miss the Socks and sandles.

  • Zemo Cross
    Zemo Cross 2 months ago

    I would like to respond to your statement that "we respond to data that we can quantify i.e likes/subscriptions/views" The fans in the comments telling you that they dont like something is them being cool enough to try to talk about a problem before taking actions that negatively impact a channel they are a fan of. Isnt a friend of yours more likely to talk to you about a problem first before kicking you in the balls?

  • Anthony T
    Anthony T 2 months ago +2

    man, I don't click your videos because of the title. i click because I know I'm in for a treat. screw those haters

  • Blanc
    Blanc 2 months ago

    what is the the microphone linus uses in this video?

  • IraQ Nid
    IraQ Nid 2 months ago

    Great examples of how to use the audio hardware.

  • Peter Maardananders
    Peter Maardananders 2 months ago

    Wow some people are complaining about thumbnails, why do they care ffs.

  • Henning Hoefer
    Henning Hoefer 2 months ago +2

    Would it have hurt to show the GoXLR at least once in full screen?

  • Henning Hoefer
    Henning Hoefer 2 months ago

    Worst Hair yet

  • LectroSoul
    LectroSoul 2 months ago +1

    Audio doesn't sound good imo, Linus's Voice is too tinny, no warmth. love the content!

  • Alan D1
    Alan D1 2 months ago

    You can only see half of what's typed in the title bar. Apple won't like this - Blah bla | we can't see the rest aaaaaah!

  • asia5825
    asia5825 2 months ago

    Linus giggling every time he presses the censor button is so %#$&ing cute.

  • Jack Talks Tech
    Jack Talks Tech 2 months ago

    Just do whatever you need to do to make more money with regards to titles. Would be nice if the video is searchable though - like some of your laptop reviews don't have the laptop name in the title which makes it hard to find your review when buying.

  • Terracraft
    Terracraft 2 months ago +1

    Nice and early

  • xTeReXz
    xTeReXz 2 months ago

    Wellll I love your titles ^^!

  • Into Vein
    Into Vein 2 months ago

    LTT got problems with finding exact video because every single title is 0 information and pure emotion. Let's fix our titles for our own convenience meanwhile pretending to be "friends" with audience in an hour long ad video for goxlr. Good job.

  • Yoshi Doo
    Yoshi Doo 2 months ago

    That's a real dim fucking view of people Linus. Maybe you should figure out why people don't like clickbait titles to begin with, instead of why they work from a youtube/marketing stand point. People don't like clicking on shit and you not delivering the fucking goods. Like "Let's fix out click bait titles - GoXLR Showcase". You're not an entertainment channel, nor are you a marketing channel. I want to see you review shit... and you're not doing that. REVIEW TECH PRODUCTS. That doesn't seem like a difficult premise due to the channel being called Linus Tech Tips. Is a tech tip how to install an electrical charger into your garage? No, it's fucking not. Is a tech tip how to install speakers into your warehouse gaming bullshit? No, it's fucking not. You front loaded business bullshit into a review video. Maybe... just MAYBE review shit that's new. You're not a wood working channel... maybe don't make a jank computer desk. Maybe finding the jankest computer parts in the most niche corners of the internet isn't a good option for making a video. People watch Logan Paul to see what kind of bullshit he's up to, Jersey Shore is a show that was on broadcast television. If that's the shit you WANT to make... fine. Go ahead. Just stop calling yourself Linus Tech Tips. You're not providing tech tips. Just revive channel superfun or some shit.
    Seriously, people will put up with clickbait titles if you provide something worth them clicking on. That's basic. If people are complaining about it... it's fucking because you're not fulfilling the promise of the titles. Why would Apple give a shit about a youtuber making a hackentosh? They don't care. So who are you saying that to? How will the audience be fulfilled by you stating that? Sure I want to know about Apple being shitty... but what's unique about you doing that? Nothing. The idea isn't even new. If you need clickbait titles to expand your company... that means you're not providing content worth watching... which is sad because you've got more people now than you've ever had before. I suggest you listen to your viewers instead of thinking you know more than them, because at the end of the day, it's their time you're wasting with bullshit content.

  • XWolfX
    XWolfX 2 months ago

    Linus, some of your links in the description aren't working. Like the Benchmark link

  • Navi
    Navi 2 months ago

    that haircut is retarded and offensive to down syndrome