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  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • all new movie trailers from x-men dark phoenix in 4K ULTRA HD Quality
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  • savitarsavior Flashfan Xd

    When youre parents are coming home & you invited people to a party when your parents said not to & they refuse to leave.
    3:05 -3:07

  • savitarsavior Flashfan Xd

    When you're friend dares you to eat gum off the floor & you're dumb enough to through with it.2:04

  • Sasmitha Daham
    Sasmitha Daham 2 days ago +1

    I miss wolverine 💔

  • Chaos Primordial
    Chaos Primordial 4 days ago

    This is my favorite X-Men movie so far and I'm glad they killed off Mystique because she was becoming a lying feminist and she was very annoying.
    This movie is way better than the Dark Phonenix Saga.

  • Nicardo Porter
    Nicardo Porter 6 days ago +1

    Dark Sansa

  • link PR
    link PR 9 days ago +1

    Who like this movie,is one of my favorites movies

  • josef raphael
    josef raphael 11 days ago

    I really dislike disney now...they take an iconic 60s comic that addresses racism and put all white people and only one black person? I think im going to be sick

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen 19 days ago

    I feel this movie would have been better had Sophie Turner not played Jean. You could tell from Apocalypse that she wasn't the best actress. This was quite cringeworthy

    ADZ BASY 19 days ago

    Click here to see our full review of this movie: t.co/WQ2kiaGK3b?amp=1-dharkphnik

  • Natsu Mitsu san
    Natsu Mitsu san 20 days ago +1

    I think that Jean and Wanda will be the perfect team

  • boyschon1
    boyschon1 23 days ago

    In a battle with other characters, the Phoenix is only comparable with Apocalypse, Captain Marvel or Thanos. And yet, they already make her so powerful that I'm not sure that some of the characters I just mentioned can even hurt her. Maybe the Eternals, we will have to wait for that new movie.

  • racine grace14
    racine grace14 29 days ago

    how to get it now ???

  • Edward Collins
    Edward Collins Month ago

    Jean is bad a**

  • Film Toppings
    Film Toppings Month ago

    More like Fox spoils it's entire movie in 6 minutes

  • Youtube Comments
    Youtube Comments Month ago

    They fucked up mystique

  • david bellamy
    david bellamy Month ago

    i may be being stupid but [and i have the comic version of the story] they already did a sort of dark phoenix with the third x-men film where wolverine kills jean after she goes mad. it wasn't a great film but i thought that was their version of DP. this film is just doomed - they are telling the same story [even though there has been a new reality thanks to the future past film]. . it also doesn't help when your main character isn't treated as such - and i guess sophie both knew this and responded accordingly by giving a competent rather than stellar performance.

  • LaKesha Badger
    LaKesha Badger Month ago

    I can tell this is going to be crazy good 😜

  • Caseko CSK
    Caseko CSK Month ago

    I just hope they won't kill Cyclops this time and stick to the original plot a little bit more faithfully.

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name Month ago

    I love that movie

  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter Month ago +8

    If we're talking about movies/series TV, only FOX Legion can deal with Jean/Phoenix.

  • jjj mali29
    jjj mali29 Month ago

    I dont need see this movie this told me everything i need to knew

  • Pavlin Stanchev
    Pavlin Stanchev Month ago

    So, people, did not you realize that this is a half-developed story of the original 3 parts of the movie? This with the dark phoenix, for example, Jean Gray is the only class 5 mutant, her power is no limit. Charles Xavier has put barriers to the power and because her mutation is in her subconscious. Those of you who have seen the X-Men - The Last Stand know that in this movie, Jean is back because the force is unleashed and defends her when the water Lake Alkalai from the second film floods her with its incredible power and pressure. It is wrapped in a plume of telekinetic energy and thus saves itself. But in fact, her other identity, which is actually the Phoenix in question, protects herself from being destroyed, and therefore conquers her body and mind and controls her body and her consciousness. In the rare moments when Jean is not under Phoenix's authority, she asks her kill it, because if it does not happen, the Phoenix will destroy the whole world while staying alone. All this is a fact from the third X-Men last original movie. All stories are then a fantasy plot over these three original films. This is no different. And even if I did not see it, I know that this film is another mega-production that is based on the original script of the original trilogy but curved and literally sucked out by the fingers by subduing a new cast, plus a part of the old one and megaeffects based on a story line that has been copied but refreshed with new moments from the original trilogy and from the imagination of the screenwriters, the director and the producers. This film is not new, it just repeats in a slightly different order what's happening in the last movie of the original trilogy. However, if we take a deep look at how the real facts of the original are borrowing here a few cracks appear in the new threaded script - the examples are several:
    1. In the last film of the original trilogy, Jean Gray is murdered and her power dies with her. How is it possible to unleash herself into the X-Men Apocalypse, given that the heroine has lost her life and strength in the original?
    2. In X-Men Apocalypse, Charles asks Jean to unleash her power. Here are a few things that contradict logic besides point one. First, Charles would never allow this to happen because he knows that if this force unleashes it will never stop. Secondly, Jean can not control this power, and this can cause even more destruction. Third, if this force unleashes it will not stop until it destroys the whole world, that is, in place of that original mutant - a dictator will come a second dictator. Ie. it means that the film will end with the end of the world itself. Fourthly, Charles would not have allowed this because he actually put this power in chains. For the safety of the whole world. Fifth, how can this force destroy a mutant who has so many powers besides the power of Charles ??? Another problem in the script of this movie.Jean Gray dies. And if that had happened before the first three original films, why did Charles allow her, knowing that he himself tried to hold that power in a sure-footed prison in order not to unleash it.The Dark Phoenix is a story with white thread and is not worthy of being watched. At least not from true fans of the original trilogy of this franchise and mega-production.

  • Britany Cd
    Britany Cd Month ago

    Dark phonix vs captain marvel

  • Uma Meenu
    Uma Meenu Month ago

    Dark phoenix full movie link:-

  • Ex Lover
    Ex Lover Month ago +1

    jean grey is like Mewtwo :)

  • Marco Solo
    Marco Solo Month ago

    They should rename this stupid movie "The Dark Tampon"....what a bunch of crap!


    Charles is just as powerful as the phoenix inside of the psionic dimension, if he had entered into the psionic dimension with Jean he could have defeated the dark phoenix there

  • nice attitude
    nice attitude Month ago

    Worst movie of xmen,

  • David S.
    David S. Month ago

    I enjoyed the movie. The only thing that I didn't like was Raven's death. It messed up the timeline.

  • Just a Friend
    Just a Friend Month ago

    just watched it...I'm leaving the cinema with tears.

  • YusZ Dejavu15
    YusZ Dejavu15 Month ago +10

    Jean = Captain Marvell+Scarlet Witch+Hulk+Thor+Tanos with 5 stones
    May be, this not enough 😅😅😅

    • Natsu Mitsu san
      Natsu Mitsu san 20 days ago

      @arem abejo* the same to Larry *

    • Natsu Mitsu san
      Natsu Mitsu san 20 days ago

      @Larry Wanda and Jean can't die so if they fight nobody going to win because they two gonna destroy the universe :v

    • arem abejo
      arem abejo Month ago

      @Larry wanda vs jean (no phoenix), wanda got the upper hand. On the other hand, Jean with Phoenix is another story. :)

    • Larry
      Larry Month ago

      Wanda is enough powerful to beat Jean lol.But if you talk Jean with Dark Phoenix,then Wanda will lose.
      She'll put up a good fight,but she will still lose.

  • Loves2spooge
    Loves2spooge Month ago

    Mystiques face looks cgi’d for some reason idk

    GEBI MOYA Month ago

    sansa stark... love love

  • m.azizi aziz
    m.azizi aziz Month ago

    Jean is(captain marvel combine scarlet wicth)...but logan still a monster for me.

  • Hugo Moreira
    Hugo Moreira Month ago +2

    The best of all X Men Movies. Action since the beginning till the end.

  • Raj 4892
    Raj 4892 Month ago

    X man 2006 last stand movie Tamil dubbed link

  • arya prayoga
    arya prayoga Month ago

    wait to see jane vs captain marvel ...

  • Zack Zam
    Zack Zam Month ago

    Tak ada wolverine ..saya pon x lalu makan

  • Kate Maystrova
    Kate Maystrova Month ago

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix - Gap (Piano Tutorial)

  • Dennis Valles
    Dennis Valles Month ago

    jean grey already have her own movie.....WHEN WILL SCARLET WITCH WILL HAVE HER OWN MOVIE???????WHENNNN

  • Art byGiselle
    Art byGiselle Month ago

    mani wish i was her.

  • ストームトルーパー

    I saw it
    it was fun

  • marcel Marbun
    marcel Marbun Month ago +1

    Itu nanti si jean nya mati pas terakhiran si revaene juga mati di bunuh si jean si erik berusaha bunuh si jean

  • ram mar
    ram mar Month ago

    How i excited to watch this..but when i watched..so disapointed..idk where the hell they picked the story.. its out of nowhere..logan was missing is the story..the shool turn into jean school..wth..its crap.dont watch it..its nonesence story..of all x men movie..

  • Mofi Zaka
    Mofi Zaka Month ago +1

    If old X Men join in Phoenix it will be different. We know how strong the character of Wolvrine and friends.

  • HM son
    HM son Month ago

    i enjoyed this movie very much

  • Jien Lung
    Jien Lung Month ago

    Anybody, who is stronger, Jean or Thanos? And tell me the reasons

  • Lenie Kotze
    Lenie Kotze Month ago

    avengers without iron man, sad.
    and more
    all the CGI GRAPHICS and thy still can not make a full, 15 minutes cut seen of a
    6 arm girl ,, where is ((Spiral)) i can think of 5 super model that can look like her

  • 김유진
    김유진 Month ago

    I enjoyed this movie very much.

  • Heather Manton
    Heather Manton Month ago

    I thought this would be the movie where peter said to Erik that Erik is his father...

  • Rayaan Hussain
    Rayaan Hussain Month ago

    IBM viv

  • Mark Velasco
    Mark Velasco Month ago +2

    BEST MOVIE OF 2019 ❤

  • Alexis Zerbst
    Alexis Zerbst Month ago

    I think the title is wrong. It should be Jane the fire not xman. I didnt see xman there

  • Catherine Sarahh
    Catherine Sarahh Month ago

    I way prefer Men IN BLACK than X-MEN DARK PHOENIX honestly. Please don’t get offended :) How about you guys opinion?

  • JedLi Kenneth
    JedLi Kenneth Month ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is the worst thing to happen to X-Men since having no Wolverine

  • 윤태호
    윤태호 Month ago

    Wow! Jean becomes very powerful. I want to see a movie 'avengers vs X men'! I don't know which team will win.

  • rakesh rai
    rakesh rai Month ago

    Xmen lost its stories like it lost its wolverine.... no more watching xmen ..waste of time. All stories are messed up.

  • Ерсун Димитров

    Were is the x-men

  • Duygu _itss
    Duygu _itss Month ago

    Süper gitmenizi öneririm ama spoiler: raven oluyor

  • Muhammed Adin
    Muhammed Adin Month ago

    Hi, i was see another clip for dark phoenix with glen campbell songs by the time i get to Phoenix, but now i dont find this clip. Please anybody help me..

  • Akash Ali
    Akash Ali Month ago

    Where is Wolverine? We want him back.

  • ers 54
    ers 54 2 months ago +3

    If this film is moving after apocalpyse times, the storm was made by apocalpyse and jean was phoenix when she was killing apocalypse. But in this film she Just getting phoenix power and the storm is in team. Scriptwriter didnt think about this...

  • Elking Elking
    Elking Elking 2 months ago

    Who is the most powerful Character in Marvel Universe ?
    Thanos , Jean "Dark phoenix " , Wanda "Scarlet witch" , Captin Marvel ?

    • Melvin *
      Melvin * Month ago +1

      Thanos>Jean Grey(Phoenix)>Captain Marvel>Scarlet Witch

  • Dandy Yanuar
    Dandy Yanuar 2 months ago

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  • John Ambre
    John Ambre 2 months ago +1

    X-men with no Wolverine is like avengers without iron man, sad.

    Like if it's the truth

  • Trap Therapy
    Trap Therapy 2 months ago

    I cant believe jean killed raven

  • Ifan Bkn
    Ifan Bkn 2 months ago

    Wolverine? Where is he??

  • CosmicEnemy Gt
    CosmicEnemy Gt 2 months ago +1

    X-men:Dark Phoenix Is making his own Film Broken .A Film Of X-Men with no X-men Is A Garbage

  • Ketawa Bareng
    Ketawa Bareng 2 months ago

    raven dead because jean can,t control his power, in ending jean must sacrifice and she died too, xavier school be a jean grey school

    NEED TO WATCH 2 months ago

    ru-clip.net/video/-idGi3bbzRI/video.html best scenes leaked from dark phoenix enjoy

  • Mangal Singh
    Mangal Singh 2 months ago

    It Will Be Flop movie....

  • lillquaver80
    lillquaver80 2 months ago

    This is the last installment??? Are you fucking serious??? What a joke!!! To not have any1 from original cast in the final Xmen movie is fucking disgraceful!!!
    Like where the fuck is Wolverine atleast???
    They just killed the fucking franchise with this piece of shit of an excuse of a final movie!.
    This is what happens when the great lengend Stan Lee, is no longer with us, they fucked up end game and now they fucked up Xmen.

  • prinsipe pej
    prinsipe pej 2 months ago

    Y Xmen changing stories?

  • Mazingerhunter2 Hunter2

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