Friends : Amazing reunion 2016 - Rachel, Monica , Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross

  • Published on Mar 22, 2016
  • Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica E. Geller-Bing (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay Hannigan (Lisa Kudrow), Joseph Francis Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler Muriel Bing (Matthew Perry), Ross Eustace Geller (David Schwimmer) all in stage laughing together. Incredible moments of friends.

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  • Ella Eella
    Ella Eella 16 hours ago

    Okay I keep repeating at 10:56 because yea I love Ross okay and he does that the same. You know what I mean.

  • LDR
    LDR Day ago

    only ross and phoebe aged pretty well. monica became just whole diff person. joey became james bond it seems

  • cody ames
    cody ames 2 days ago

    6:43 is that Carly? From icarly

  • Juden Lorozo
    Juden Lorozo 4 days ago

    The legendary 💕

  • WOW
    WOW 4 days ago +1

    This felt really awkward

  • Malaysian Mobile Gamer
    Malaysian Mobile Gamer 5 days ago +2

    Pheobe being Pheobe 😂

  • bloodsling
    bloodsling 5 days ago


  • adox1codrav
    adox1codrav 7 days ago

    6:43 what does michael jackson doing there? :v

    M.H. KÜNTUĞ 8 days ago

    6:36 Big Bang Theory cast

  • Michy
    Michy 9 days ago

    Ross not age

  • Ricey
    Ricey 10 days ago +1

    6:27 their reactions are gold 😂

  • Sebastián Varela
    Sebastián Varela 10 days ago

    Joey look so old:(

  • Bunty Girdhar
    Bunty Girdhar 10 days ago

    it hurts to see Joey getting old

  • João Vitor Moreira
    João Vitor Moreira 11 days ago

    Half America ? Half World

  • Soniya Joshi
    Soniya Joshi 13 days ago

    Love them from bottom of my heart. 😍♥️

  • po lice
    po lice 14 days ago

    Lots of Botox on that stage 😱

  • naishu shah
    naishu shah 15 days ago

    Does anyone here feel they don't connect anymore? Why is Ross so serious?? I'd have loved to see more laughs!! :(

    ARGEL NACORDA 15 days ago

    we miss you guyss

  • Gagan Thind
    Gagan Thind 15 days ago

    Phoebe still hates Ross😂😂

  • Sanjana Khanna
    Sanjana Khanna 15 days ago

    I’m crying 😭

  • Michał Porzyczkowski
    Michał Porzyczkowski 15 days ago

    5.29. Lisa tells you that there is no real friendship between some of them.

  • Diddy
    Diddy 17 days ago

    I know they aged but what's up with Jennifer face is it botox?

  • Yerboii Done!
    Yerboii Done! 17 days ago

    Wow Joey’s voice is soooooo deep!

  • Amber Jongens
    Amber Jongens 20 days ago +1

    I love that Lisa is LITERALLY phoebe

  • Mr. Chipnoodle
    Mr. Chipnoodle 23 days ago +1

    6:35 big bang theory

  • hey its catlyn
    hey its catlyn 24 days ago

    Dear whoever wrote the description,
    Rachel has a proven middle name.
    It’s Karen.
    Phoebe says it in one of the episodes.

    All the Friends stans

  • Patrick 25
    Patrick 25 25 days ago

    Monica 😲🤐

  • Patrick 25
    Patrick 25 25 days ago +1

    Monica :The camera adds ten pounds.
    Chandler : so how many cameras are actually on you.
    Lol I am done.

  • Esther L Chawngthu
    Esther L Chawngthu 25 days ago

    Why am I so emotional?

  • Sabbir Shahabuddin
    Sabbir Shahabuddin 25 days ago

    My life Will be fullfil if I can see them in a movie.
    FRIENDS always made me fill like I'm a part of their group.

  • Adish
    Adish 27 days ago +2

    Rachel still looks young 😍😍

  • Sonny Gangte
    Sonny Gangte 29 days ago

    6:37 Lol Crossover confirmed

  • Cunning Linguist
    Cunning Linguist Month ago

    Matt LeBlanc is now a mobster

  • Kierra Case
    Kierra Case Month ago

    joey sounds so different

  • J DL
    J DL Month ago

    always thought courtney is the most beautiful among the 3 ladies, glad she got rid of that hideous surgery she did.

  • Dylan _
    Dylan _ Month ago

    The Big Bang theory cast is there

  • kendall_gjo
    kendall_gjo Month ago

    I’m reading these comments, and oh my god, they are so hilarious!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marc Plaskett
    Marc Plaskett Month ago

    at 6:28 was when they realized why they don’t do reunions

  • posh tiger
    posh tiger Month ago +1

    Aniston didn't choose well on cloth

  • Ba'ak
    Ba'ak Month ago

    Im not cryin, you are....

  • Tanay M.
    Tanay M. Month ago

    Where is Chandler

  • damn gurl
    damn gurl Month ago +1

    Usually its ross who does all the talking. But now it feels weird

  • Ka nata
    Ka nata Month ago

    Hello Iam japanese
    I have watched this video,and I want togothere

  • Jay eS
    Jay eS Month ago

    loving and sharing and caring

  • no name
    no name Month ago +2

    0:15 Matt asking who is Chandler??😂

  • Zinfinity x
    Zinfinity x Month ago +1

    Lisa is phoebe even in irl🤩😍😂 She aged the best among them

  • Zinfinity x
    Zinfinity x Month ago +1

    I had a crush on Matthew perry n what happened to him now :(
    I loved Courteney she was so pretty but her face has changed now totally! Matt's voice became so deep now.. Jen looks stiff n kinda strict too now :(

  • Molly Evans
    Molly Evans Month ago

    Lisa kudrow has aged so well omg

  • BlackGypsyCharm
    BlackGypsyCharm Month ago +1

    joey looks and sounds like a variation of Sylvester stallone

  • Divina So
    Divina So Month ago

    Bro Monica went from 10 years old to 30 years old

  • lee lith
    lee lith Month ago

    That was broken? 😂😂

  • a cup of tae
    a cup of tae Month ago

    Looks like Matt Leblanc hit puberty a little late

  • Dipanjana Roy
    Dipanjana Roy Month ago

    I wanted to see their reactions!!!!!

  • I’m Crazyer than you

    They look soo old

  • Osmil Fundora
    Osmil Fundora Month ago +1

    Omg joey is ssssooooooo. Different

  • Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L. Month ago +1

    Friends should do an extra episode with them no but as their characters💓💓I would vmi love that

  • Rosalie Cornelis
    Rosalie Cornelis Month ago

    Joey’s voice ... i’m shook-

  • ADITHYA Venkatesh
    ADITHYA Venkatesh Month ago +6

    Matt LeBlanc is so natural in both FRIENDS and in real life❤️❤️❤️

  • evil Anime
    evil Anime Month ago

    😂😂hhaha Phoebe is real character

  • Chez Amelie
    Chez Amelie Month ago

    love them together!