The Try Guys Bake Cakes Without A Recipe

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Comments • 80

  • Niamh McDermott
    Niamh McDermott Hour ago


  • Niamh McDermott
    Niamh McDermott Hour ago

    Roy Choi: it made me smile

  • BelMegloub
    BelMegloub Hour ago

    AHAHAHA My god... I'm confined in France right now, and it feels so good to watch your videos, guys! Thank you. Bless you all. I love how Keith encourages Zach to start over when he realises he shouldn't have put the floor in. Good guys, good videos, good vibes.

    RWM ART Hour ago

    Vacuum cleaner at 33:13 lol

  • Rosa Bay
    Rosa Bay Hour ago

    i want cake now 🍰

  • crash123
    crash123 3 hours ago

    Y'all really missing out on the 3 glass trick
    Like baking a cake is the easiest thing ever using that trick

  • Ryleigh Lemsic
    Ryleigh Lemsic 4 hours ago

    22:14 just a timestamp

  • Maiko Nakamura
    Maiko Nakamura 5 hours ago

    Kieth that was pretty rude

  • Not my cat
    Not my cat 5 hours ago

    For Eugene’s asian cake he should have gone for malaysian because its three in one.
    Chinese Malay and Indian

  • Secretary Satan
    Secretary Satan 7 hours ago

    24:20 this is when the scariness starts... My cheeks were CLENCHED!

  • DIY Girl
    DIY Girl 9 hours ago

    His reaction when he lost was hilarious!

  • Claire’s Universe
    Claire’s Universe 10 hours ago

    they should do a season with handicaps:
    One could be two people can work together
    another could be one person gets a recipe
    one person gets to phone a judge and ask whatever they want in a five minute span
    and one where Eugene is banned from alcohol

  • Coby
    Coby 11 hours ago

    Eugene’s Cake: Fucking god awful
    Judges: Not that bad
    Keith’s Cake: Not that bad, kinda like gingerbread
    Judges: Now this is an Avengers level threat

  • Idiot who talks too much

    Cinnamon just seems to be cursed in Without a recipe.
    For the bread episode Ned did Cinnamon raisin bread and got third place
    For pie Ned made Apple pie which has cinnamon
    And all of Daddy's favorite

  • Claire Bowman
    Claire Bowman 12 hours ago

    This was the best of the series Keith’s anger was hilarious and I found my senior quote “mistakes are just choices you haven’t made yet “

  • Marnie Smartt
    Marnie Smartt 13 hours ago

    This is the only baking show I’ll ever watch

  • Angelbeauty Smith
    Angelbeauty Smith 14 hours ago

    😂😂 this was so funny. Zach’s cake looks like an inside out burger. ❤️ you guys

  • Lucy P
    Lucy P 14 hours ago

    As soon a s he Roy said he was scared to say who was in last place I knew it was Keith lol 😂

  • eilzbeth gymtics
    eilzbeth gymtics 14 hours ago

    So this is How I rate it first place get 4 points second gets 3 points third gets 2 points and four gets one point so here are the standings
    1th: Ned with 15 points
    2th: Eugene with 12 points
    3th: Zach with 7 points
    And 4th: Keith with 6 points
    So any way you look for it Keith you the worst contestant and worst Baker

  • sjsksgwkwk sksjw
    sjsksgwkwk sksjw 15 hours ago

    i would pay to watch gordon ramsay eat this cakes 😂😂😂

  • Marian Adrian Slătaru
    Marian Adrian Slătaru 18 hours ago

    I haven't watched the video yet, but if Keith is gonna pull out another Daddy's favourite I'm gonna kill myself =)))))
    EDIT: I'm on minute 4, and bitch, yes he's gon' make another daddy recipe

  • Mj the sk8terboi
    Mj the sk8terboi 20 hours ago

    This is by far my favorite episode of try guys

  • Dustin Schneider
    Dustin Schneider 21 hour ago

    "If you're going to flavor your batter at this point, do it very gently."
    EUGENE: MATCHA! **fwoomp**

  • Dustin Schneider
    Dustin Schneider 21 hour ago

    I have yet to see a video that makes me love Eugene less. He's fabulous in everything and I will never not love him.

  • Sasha Alfonso
    Sasha Alfonso 21 hour ago

    can we get Keith’s dad to judge these?

  • Laurdewit
    Laurdewit 23 hours ago

    i seriously never laughed so hard in my entire life please make more of these you guys are amazing.

  • Catherine Miles
    Catherine Miles Day ago

    Dear God Keith...calm

  • Lau Etake SBEOXSPC
    Lau Etake SBEOXSPC Day ago +1


  • Stefano Stankovic

    Yoh at 33:07 she sounded like a vacuum cleaner lmao XD

  • josh william
    josh william Day ago

    Keith had me pissing my pants in my room at 4am

  • Anime Consumer
    Anime Consumer Day ago

    I love how zach just laughs historically through all of it

  • Edamame .___.
    Edamame .___. Day ago +2

    Keith is what I wish I could say when I get a bad grade for something I studied for for weeks

  • Me MyselfAndI
    Me MyselfAndI Day ago

    Ned and Zach dying in the background is my favorite part XD

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny Day ago

    This is my favorite try guy video, I've never seen Keith like this before. I couldn't stop laughing and everyone was scared.

  • dino
    dino Day ago +1

    i have never seen keith so angry and honestly

    it makes me so sad

    he tried so hard to make a cake for his dad and he received so much criticism

    it makes me so so sad because lets say MY son makes me a cake with all his heart, not even for my real birthday, and uses ingredients that i as a person love, i would not give a shit in the world to how it tastes.
    i would be so fucking touched on how hard he tried.

    i would be crying my eyes out in all honesty.


    • Darby T.
      Darby T. 20 hours ago

      Darn! Now I’m crying

  • Ibukun Golo
    Ibukun Golo Day ago

    When she held the v it sounded like a vacuum cleaner

  • Josefina Martinez

    awww cheer up everyone will eat your cake. But ur reaction was hilarious 😂😂 I’m sorry we all love u guys 😂this has to be my favorite episode

  • kia lee
    kia lee Day ago

    “What isn’t wet” 😂

  • Ifza Shah
    Ifza Shah Day ago

    Zach: 0:29
    Me: immediately thinks of Valentine by 5SOS

  • Derpcat 67
    Derpcat 67 Day ago +2

    Kieth:Rapidly yelling about his cake. Judges: trying to calm him down. Kieth:JUST TRY IT. 😂🤣

  • Cherrymay Almonte
    Cherrymay Almonte Day ago +1

    16:42 at that point Eugenes cake just becomes all Japanese if you get what I mean

    • Darby T.
      Darby T. 20 hours ago

      Well, ya! With all that Matcha powder he kept sprinkling everywhere! 🤣

  • Zoe Ferguson
    Zoe Ferguson Day ago +1

    After watching a solid 2 episodes of this, this is what I came up with.
    Ned: Always wins
    Zach: Always loses
    Eugene: Alcohol and creativity
    Keith: Daddy's Favorite

  • Inkblot Pro.
    Inkblot Pro. Day ago

    i’m wheeze laughing to keith’s rage

  • cass barker
    cass barker Day ago

    No one:
    Eugene: tWo ShOTs oF vOdKa

  • 우울Potatoes Edits

    A try guy : “ eggs more eggs eggs more eggs “

  • Lola Fontanez
    Lola Fontanez Day ago

    nobody: zach and keith: dAdDY

  • hope fuller
    hope fuller Day ago

    im just gonna guess the over mixing is why his looked like flesh

  • ExtremelyAngryPisces

    Keith is me at family game night

  • Sherlocked intheTardis

    They should do another series with recipes but tipsy

  • Waverly Tran
    Waverly Tran Day ago

    An indian, chinese, and japanese person walk into a cake they get drunk and they're all gay - eugene

  • - crescent -
    - crescent - Day ago

    that sound you hear outside your bedroom door...


  • BLAZE .3
    BLAZE .3 Day ago

    i do not like raisins but keiths cake looks so delicious

  • Positive Vibes Equestrian

    I laughed way too much at this🤣🤣

  • Gethin Bateman jones

    Wes watching this 10 years from now 😶

  • daniela pimentel

    an add of gordon ramsay teaching how to cook different desserts appeared... I-

  • nia mugford
    nia mugford Day ago

    cake hack- measure ur eggs first and weigh everything to match the weight of the eggs. superior cakes :-)

  • ZenItsYou
    ZenItsYou Day ago


  • Kids world Experience

    Eugen mixed for 30 min
    Also Eugen puts 12eggs

  • Blood D. Sana
    Blood D. Sana Day ago

    I am SO looking forward to the next season of "Cooking without a Recipe"

  • Becca Almighty
    Becca Almighty Day ago +2

    Rosanna: the texture is bad


  • desi the alien
    desi the alien Day ago

    I've never seen Keith so mad

  • Laura Lolin Miskovic

    12:35 hahahahaha! Why is no one talking about the fact that Zach told Keith that he kinda smelled like his girlfriend hahah

  • Caitlin Savage
    Caitlin Savage 2 days ago

    Keith deliberately overreacting had me laughing so hard I cried.

  • Leon Youm
    Leon Youm 2 days ago

    So that’s why he was scared to say that Keith lost.

  • Spoopy_B00ty
    Spoopy_B00ty 2 days ago

    Keith literally made this series so he could get more wins and he lost most of them

  • Fatima Zeshan
    Fatima Zeshan 2 days ago

    Thank you Eugene, for calling Chai, Chai and not "Chai Tea'

  • Kkelis90
    Kkelis90 2 days ago +1

    keith is a little aggressive this episode ☠️😂

  • Kami Nnadi
    Kami Nnadi 2 days ago

    i like rosanna ran out because she was literally CHOKING, and Eugene proceeded to say that "they like it so much"

  • Kami Nnadi
    Kami Nnadi 2 days ago

    who else wants that FRIENDS cake really badly?? i loved that show, wish it was still on :'(

  • Marvens Diaz
    Marvens Diaz 2 days ago


  • Meg Ireland
    Meg Ireland 2 days ago +1

    Anyone noticed that the cake made by the professional is pink on the outside - I think it is a hint that ned wins!

  • Senpai Bento
    Senpai Bento 2 days ago

    No cap the try guys are not good at baking but why are the judges so harsh

  • Mia is already tired
    Mia is already tired 2 days ago +9

    The fear in the judges eyes when it was time to tell Keith that he had the worst cake.

  • Mia is already tired
    Mia is already tired 2 days ago +1

    Ned is that anime character that no one has a concrete reason to hate.
    Zach is the anime character that’s really short and tries they’re best but fails and is probably really clumsy.
    Eugene is that one really hot character that knows they’re the shit and gives 0 fucks.
    Keith is that one anime character that’s super sweet but his terrifying explosion of rage switches like a light bulb.

  • Marco Solis
    Marco Solis 2 days ago

    I fell bad for Keith because no matter what nobody like anything for his dad. A Rosanna started to make fun of him

  • mr. black
    mr. black 2 days ago +7

    keith: yelling his brains out
    eugene, ned, and zach behind him: *dying of laughter*

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Keith is terrifying ahh

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Rosie sounded like a mattress blower at 33:12 lmao

  • Ascend Xray
    Ascend Xray 2 days ago

    I die when Keith starts raging

  • Cristina Teodora
    Cristina Teodora 2 days ago

    Keith is the best ! 😂😂😂