1.5" Steel Ball vs. Hog out of a 40MM Cannon

  • Published on Jul 4, 2019

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  • Denis Denisov
    Denis Denisov Day ago

    Hillbillyous video

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano 2 days ago

    Eoooo shoot- 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Roger Cline
    Roger Cline 3 days ago

    What peata is not jumping up and down? They can go too #%%^. Zap all you can.

  • Devin Whitlock
    Devin Whitlock 4 days ago

    I laughed for a good 30secs to a minutes this is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen

  • Chuck Loefke
    Chuck Loefke 5 days ago

    It's not a "trigger"... it is a cannon, so it is called a "lanyard". Just sayin!

  • Lord Manhammer
    Lord Manhammer 8 days ago

    HAHAHA. Dear motherfucking god...... Holy shit i pressed that sub button so friggin fast man. Can you imagine being a kid listening to this dude when hes in a retirement home or some shit like that? "Aw heck boi, thats nothing. i once shot the dingus of a hog with a cannon once". Im literally crying with laughter. This is just pure gold... Thank you so much man. This channel is going to go far.

  • 3rdcoast Ambit
    3rdcoast Ambit 8 days ago

    40mm castration 🤣

  • El Loko
    El Loko 9 days ago

    This is awesome!!

  • R hor
    R hor 10 days ago

    Fucking Eh you shot his fucking weiner off 🤪LMFAO Fucken eh from Canada Sue-Weee
    Be safe out there
    CHEERS🍻🐗🐗🐗PS New-Sub 🤪🐗

  • Matt Fields
    Matt Fields 11 days ago

    Poor bastard, he had to die dickless and alone. I would have thought a sub 300lb hog would have dropped instantly from a projectile that size. The 6” broadhead might be too small for a quick kill.

  • B Adams
    B Adams 14 days ago

    6:15 shooting of his dingus with a cannon... BONUS POINTS.
    It reminds me of Uncle Buck circumcising a gnat with an axe. 😂LOL

  • Captain. Obvious.
    Captain. Obvious. 16 days ago

    I’m movin to Texas. The Land of the Free. Thanks very much for your persistence.

  • Mike Snyder
    Mike Snyder 18 days ago

    He's transgender now. Subscribed!

  • searcherT
    searcherT 20 days ago

    knock a wiener off, you ar my new hero! challenge accepted.

  • The World Is Mine
    The World Is Mine 20 days ago

    This is so fkn funny u blew his dick off

  • The World Is Mine
    The World Is Mine 20 days ago

    Dude please keep making cannon vs hog lol

    AARON ROSE 27 days ago

    I sir am one that enjoyed that.......good job

  • éric lagé
    éric lagé Month ago

    I really enjoy watching you. I really like people like you, "without filter" !!! Cheers from France !! Bravo pour la conception du canon, génial !!!

  • Texas 12valve
    Texas 12valve Month ago

    This Is an insane video. Just watching it gave me adrenaline.

    PPP AAA Month ago

    You're a bona fide, certifide idiot. A walking, babbling FNG for sure! I would frag you myself if I could!

  • Brian Webb
    Brian Webb Month ago

    try poring a conical ball from lead. make it a have a large Hollow point, make pigs fly :)

  • Docs outdoors
    Docs outdoors Month ago

    Surprise you didn’t blow the windows you of your suv

  • Captn Bembel
    Captn Bembel Month ago

    Disgusting !

  • chris p cridder cridder

    all i can say ,,,, is ,,,,, rhymes with trick shot ,,,, good hunt ,,, i like

  • wastool
    wastool Month ago

    Hard to believe that he was still running around like that.

  • Mario Guzman
    Mario Guzman Month ago

    *shoots pig with cannon* procedes to *unload a whole ass clip on it*

  • ReptilianX Lol
    ReptilianX Lol Month ago

    Dang he actually did it I didn’t know he made a video of him hunting with the cannon.

  • mcsnooklovin
    mcsnooklovin Month ago

    You had me cracking up, funny shit right there.

  • Adalberto Ramirez
    Adalberto Ramirez Month ago

    Lmfao bad to the F%×king bone i love it and if anyone put a bad comment on this video or a 👎 you really suck but the hell with them you keep doing what you do and never stop and keep having fun

  • Khoa Cao
    Khoa Cao Month ago

    Heck yeah!!!!

  • CHAching
    CHAching Month ago

    I burst out laughing when i saw the pig dick...fry that up son !

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend Month ago

    I hope you get a brawd arrow through your mid section and your stuck alone

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend Month ago

    And even though I hunt myself I never would use a connon ball to kill an animal when bullets are so easy and cheap to use and kill the animal not let it die slow

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend Month ago

    Mabey don’t shoot it for the third and fourth time when it’s clearly down and not moving or making noise wow your sick

  • B'Chayil Ben Dan
    B'Chayil Ben Dan Month ago

    Holy smokes. You would have thought that steel ball would have taken it down right away. Crazy the pistol was needed to finish it off. Man, that brush is insane to try and track it down. What is the chance of snakes being in there? Loved the whole deal though.

  • Kenneth Vaughan
    Kenneth Vaughan 2 months ago +1

    … Dude; trade that pop gun in for something that is suited for the task… I would not go out there with anything less than a 357, 44 mag, 45 ACP, 500 Smith & Wesson,… Even a Tokarev would be a step up ...If you had been that close, and that tusker had decided to turn on you… I think that is a strong argument for a one shot one kill, don’t you?

  • Mighty Druss
    Mighty Druss 2 months ago

    He's transgender now you could say, hahaha hahaha

  • éric lagé
    éric lagé 2 months ago

    félicitations de France !! congratulations from France !!!

  • Βασίλειος Μπεσλεμές

    he is transgender now you can say
    did you just asume them gender? xD

  • T U R K - 1 8 2
    T U R K - 1 8 2 2 months ago

    That was awsome! Thanks for leaving in all the stuff RU-clip doesn't approve of, Merica fuck yeah! 🇺🇸

  • cream cheese wonton
    cream cheese wonton 2 months ago

    ya blew his dick off!

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson 2 months ago +3

    "That's where the dingus was, I guess the impact was so strong it just shot out his weiner" LMFAO

  • b80
    b80 2 months ago

    The ol' Lopitoffamee procedure I see.......Well done Doctor!

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 2 months ago

    “He’s transgender” 😂

  • Reel Redneck
    Reel Redneck 2 months ago

    I’ve seen some stuff while hunting but never popping ones Penis out lol

  • Jody Priddy
    Jody Priddy 2 months ago +8

    People from California pay big money for operation like that.

  • puuha
    puuha 2 months ago

    this is crazy af did you shot a hog in the dick with a cannon :D :DDDD

  • john isabella
    john isabella 2 months ago

    I think i might of shot off his dingus, I had to watch this video a second time just for that

  • Operator 101
    Operator 101 2 months ago +1

    In The People’s Republic of Kalifornia, they’d throw us in prison, just for saying the word, Cannon. The ONLY Good thing about that, is that they’ll release us early due to prison over crowding. Once we’re released, we can go steal some guns, and buy ammo on the streets of LA, and go out and commit more crimes.
    Specially knowing we can’t be stopped by the good citizens of this state.

    • Humberto
      Humberto 2 months ago

      Kailfornia is for comrades

  • Meme Merchant
    Meme Merchant 2 months ago +1

    "He's transgender"

  • Park1227
    Park1227 2 months ago

    Dale yea

  • Blackbyrne2k
    Blackbyrne2k 2 months ago

    So Leprechauns do exist and they are evil! Got it!!!
    How disgracefull can a creature be treated? Why not sticking to the reliable guns and aming devices that you can shoot precisely and predictable on living animals, to spare them suffering like this?

  • Roberto Frausto
    Roberto Frausto 2 months ago

    Hahaha ! 😂 uno mas moreno down. Classic.

  • JD Moore
    JD Moore 2 months ago

    This seems somewhat unethical since you were so unsure of your shot. I really don't mean to be the morality police but given our current political climate we all have to be good ambassadors for the 2A and hunting. Playing around and taking shots you aren't sure will kill cleanly is just giving an example your Pilosis and Humane Societies can use to strip us of our rights.

  • 98durangopack
    98durangopack 2 months ago

    Fucking Rocket Drill bahahahhaha

  • starburst
    starburst 2 months ago

    F in the chat for that pig

  • White Marlin
    White Marlin 2 months ago

    Excuse my Ignorance. Im in Connecticut. No Hogs here.
    Do ya'll eat those big angry fools ?
    Anybody ?.... Thanks

  • White Marlin
    White Marlin 2 months ago +1

    Noice Dude !
    I've been watching & "rootin" (lol) for you for awhile.
    Congrats on the wiener shot.
    Get 5 more and you and the fam
    Can have a wiener roast.
    That's why I say "Hey Man Nice Shot" ! ..... Good Shot Man !

  • Tormentor Of Souls
    Tormentor Of Souls 2 months ago

    Well worth the wait. Keep up the awesome videos

  • David Meeks
    David Meeks 2 months ago

    You need to convert your cannon into an RC motorized cannon to drive out of the back of your Toyota with a motorized turret and scope with a live video feed to aim your projectile. Love your channel.