How To Replace a Door Knob With a Hot Dog

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • Today I show you how to replace a door knob with a hot dog. Has your door handle broken? Want to learn how to fix it? This video is for you. Door handles are designed to break down over time - hot dogs aren't.
    Follow the step by step instructions and you'll successfully be able to remove your door knob and install a brand new hot dog. Enjoy!
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  • HowToBasic
    HowToBasic  10 months ago +5754

    Door handles are designed to break down over time. Hot dogs aren't. SHARE this method around:

    • Hans Michael De Guzman
      Hans Michael De Guzman Month ago

      Dude u need calm down

    • Spicy
      Spicy Month ago

      Can u pls make how to kidnap roblox pls?

    • E Guzman
      E Guzman 2 months ago

      HowToBasic stop making videos like that stop raging that’s cracks me up so stop

    • Sliverersharksandwich
      Sliverersharksandwich 2 months ago

      HowToBasic yo dude I’m a huge fan howbout how to prep a 5 course meal

  • 2 m8s
    2 m8s Hour ago +1

    1:34 just use your imagination... and then you can tell what the FUCK is this ;)

  • Happyguy 18
    Happyguy 18 6 hours ago

    Not a sing soul:
    No legit soul:
    RU-clip reccommended: how to replace doorknob with hotdog

  • Michael Brewer
    Michael Brewer 13 hours ago

    As a plumbing contractor I hope you NEVER call my company to service your toilet.

  • Canal do Patrick
    Canal do Patrick 18 hours ago

    I thought that's was the perfect way to solve my problem, but i was wrong.

  • BigMarioFamily
    BigMarioFamily 18 hours ago

    He holds the “doorknob” like a ..............

  • Wrong.
    Wrong. Day ago

    That pigs died for nothing

  • Wrong.
    Wrong. Day ago

    He are wasting tons of meat

  • Antonia !
    Antonia ! Day ago

    The first video which doesnt prevent to have useful content in the title

  • Gacha kitty
    Gacha kitty Day ago

    I'm not eating a hogdog for a 3 weeks

  • simple woasi
    simple woasi Day ago

    me: omg who puts his leg in the toilet BIG ew ... how
    howtobasic : ill give u $ if u put ur leg in the toilet
    me: puts legs and flushes himself in the toilet xD

  • Dylan Owen
    Dylan Owen Day ago

    what the actual fuck ur so dumb

  • 2100
    2100 Day ago +1

    no one
    howtobasics toilet:
    it hurts to live

    56M views Day ago

    Good luck cleaning it up FUCKTARD

  • El Anacardo de youtube

    *African kid sees this : wait what the...

    Pd: Stop consuming drugs, they're bad to your brain

  • Fakhir Rasheed
    Fakhir Rasheed 2 days ago

    Amy tamilans here? Watching this wonder?

  • - Xiory -
    - Xiory - 2 days ago

    Who the hell would someone do that?😂😂

  • turtle fan
    turtle fan 2 days ago

    Glory hole

    BENEDICT GAMING 2 days ago +1

    2:20 weird words🤔

  • spoon
    spoon 2 days ago

    Who the hell eats hot dogs w

  • Xdog 723
    Xdog 723 2 days ago

    that man actually threw enough sausages to open a 10 pound door,


  • Sserenity
    Sserenity 2 days ago

    eli why did you send this to me

  • Jaz Rodriguez
    Jaz Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Normal People: That is disgusting!

    Me: But... where are the eggs?

  • OverTakerHD
    OverTakerHD 4 days ago

    Why.... just why

  • Mario Fan boy Stefan

    Lol 😂

  • Paulo Mattos
    Paulo Mattos 4 days ago

    That looks like a gloryhole !!!

  • Heartfelt Hero
    Heartfelt Hero 4 days ago

    That hot dog in the door looked really depressed.

  • N00n9
    N00n9 4 days ago

    2:20 voice reveal

  • Melissa Dingle
    Melissa Dingle 4 days ago

    2:02 whoa!

  • Lady Redfield
    Lady Redfield 4 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the people actually looking for a tutorial on how to replace a door knob with a hot dog and they stumble upon this one.

  • Rav v
    Rav v 4 days ago

    This is the first video that I watched that make me feel like I wasted my time.

  • -DreamX
    -DreamX 5 days ago

    HowToBasic: 1:57
    Me: I feel hungry.

  • Ethan Clayton
    Ethan Clayton 5 days ago

    Imagine having to tell a plumber how that happened.

  • Phoebe Lazaro
    Phoebe Lazaro 5 days ago

    no one:

    not a single soul:



    How To Replace a Door Knob With a Hot Dog

  • MyDudes44 ROBLOX RP
    MyDudes44 ROBLOX RP 5 days ago

    Knob a dog with to a door a how replace

  • Saul Cohen
    Saul Cohen 5 days ago

    Why do you always resort to eggs?

  • Xmisel
    Xmisel 5 days ago

    Siempre me pregunto quien limpia su casa :v

  • Soul
    Soul 5 days ago

    This waste of meat is just above the legal limit... not okay

  • Bin Chicken
    Bin Chicken 6 days ago

    It works

  • O gato retardado / The retarded cat

    Why people search this?

  • Adrewfrod BG
    Adrewfrod BG 6 days ago

    How did you clean that ?

  • Jenny Zhao
    Jenny Zhao 7 days ago

    Knob a Dog With To Hot Door a Replace How

  • Slme Mutale
    Slme Mutale 8 days ago

    Wow thanks, very helpful!

  • Gamer Zone YT
    Gamer Zone YT 8 days ago

    Pain in the ass for the one who will be cleaning this mess

  • yvone galua28
    yvone galua28 8 days ago +1



  • Hendra Halim
    Hendra Halim 9 days ago

    as long the door knob not a dildo, I'm fine

  • Pesky Alpaca
    Pesky Alpaca 9 days ago

    This guy must legit be a great chef in real life. Props to you, man.

  • TheRealhero 76
    TheRealhero 76 9 days ago

    Looked like a dick to me

    Yes I'm very dirty minded

  • Jamireen1
    Jamireen1 10 days ago +2

    Do I look like I know what a door knob is? I just want my door to have a hotdog...

  • carlos villar
    carlos villar 11 days ago


  • Ruben Hurtado
    Ruben Hurtado 11 days ago

    I never seen this kind of porn before

  • flaky16
    flaky16 11 days ago

    Instructions unclear

    Burned my toaster

  • Uchiha Bertudung
    Uchiha Bertudung 12 days ago

    Like a penis

  • DanishFirdauzzz08
    DanishFirdauzzz08 12 days ago

    Are you really serious bout this, he is looking maniac
    I dunno why the hot dog was the victim and I dunno why he is too facking rich, he get the money and buy those things and then he waste it in the toilet and he destroy his own house I mean da hell is happening with this bullshit

  • Sanidhya Uniyal
    Sanidhya Uniyal 12 days ago

    1:56 ......FIRE AT WILL

  • YumaKawagani Door and
    YumaKawagani Door and 12 days ago +1

    After a year of cleaning

  • Roblox/Avakin Bella
    Roblox/Avakin Bella 12 days ago

    *imagine the plummers seeing that*

  • Bruno Vergara
    Bruno Vergara 12 days ago


  • August G
    August G 13 days ago


  • Coolphoenix1132
    Coolphoenix1132 13 days ago

    Plumber: so what seems to be the issue?