• How to rob the new cargo plane in Roblox Jailbreak new Tesla Roadster update
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Comments • 80

  • Roxanne Stewart- Walters

    Play it over and over its sounds like hey said gay chur

  • Amozene Jean Baptiste

    7:49oh polar express

  • Amozene Jean Baptiste

    I went on the polar express

  • Skits And Skittles
    Skits And Skittles 4 days ago

    omg its not 5k its 6k lol

  • Travis Regodon
    Travis Regodon 4 days ago

    The power plant

  • Life Nature Pro
    Life Nature Pro 7 days ago

    USer u know that there is a crate that gives 9k cash Some crates r different u can even get a keycard

  • lex Casavecchia
    lex Casavecchia 7 days ago

    you can get the car to ufo

  • lex Casavecchia
    lex Casavecchia 7 days ago

    you should have a key yo rob plan

  • RandellPLAYZ
    RandellPLAYZ 10 days ago +1

    I really thought the crates would be the jailbreak amazon boxes but i hope so lol

  • Damien Vlaeminck
    Damien Vlaeminck 12 days ago


  • Elliots Creative Studio
    Elliots Creative Studio 14 days ago +1

    user: it’s only gives you 5000 cash

    Me: if you take another create you can get 7500!

  • Caroline Thoreson
    Caroline Thoreson 14 days ago

    at 0:43 who else was saluting the torpedo because it was the last time he used it

  • Kristin Gayle
    Kristin Gayle 20 days ago

    Yeah the passenger train also makes my remind me of the poler experience

  • Deanomiteable
    Deanomiteable 21 day ago +1

    Roadster is faster than torpedo

  • Giovanni Powell
    Giovanni Powell 27 days ago

    User did u know in the right corner u can still see out of the plane

  • xI_vik Josefsen
    xI_vik Josefsen Month ago

    Tesla rordstar winner

  • Ninja-ROBLOX
    Ninja-ROBLOX Month ago


  • Unique Bacon
    Unique Bacon Month ago

    BACON is Unique
    BACON ain't no noob. Salad Hairs are noob. BACONS ARE PRO. Just cuz it is default does not mean it is NOOB. BACON POWER

  • Unique Bacon
    Unique Bacon Month ago

    MyUsernamesThis U are pro.(I subsribed, I also, Liked Ur videos and I also, Turned on the Notifications on). Please send me robux. I joined ur gorup on discord. I check everyday if u uploaded a video. I msde a excuse to watch ur video. PLease Send Me robux. Roblox Username: ii_kiiller

  • David Wang
    David Wang Month ago +2

    User: I’ll see you guys next time
    Roadster: my jobs done for today gravity lght ima head out

  • Kevin Corona
    Kevin Corona Month ago

    Is the plane still in jailbreak in 2020?

  • Christian Marsh
    Christian Marsh Month ago

    Is that an a400m?

  • Iris Gil Bautista
    Iris Gil Bautista Month ago

    To ufo the new tesla u need to go so fast and crash to a bulding

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith Month ago +1

    Why on xbox or ps4 you couldn't rob jailbreak power or cargo plane

  • someoneodd
    someoneodd Month ago

    U can get 8k cash max from plane

  • Caden Duckoo
    Caden Duckoo Month ago

    Bacon's rule

  • Vincent Liu
    Vincent Liu 2 months ago

    now u.need key

  • in_used Gaming
    in_used Gaming 2 months ago

    The cargo plane has different money crates

  • WaterWarrior112008
    WaterWarrior112008 2 months ago

    The Cargo Plane is a game of luck. I once got 7,500 from a crate and a keycard!

  • Ingvald Verdal
    Ingvald Verdal 2 months ago

    I hawe Roadster and Bugatti and Ferrari an lambogini.

  • Alan Garcia play’s Roblox

    Well it’s good and awesome

  • Alan Garcia play’s Roblox

    If you spawn a car that the exit your going to get out

  • oncf AL BORAQ
    oncf AL BORAQ 2 months ago

    the cargo plane gives more than msm cuz sometimes u get 9000 (7500)cash

  • Dirtchicken1
    Dirtchicken1 2 months ago

    Sometimes it gives 9k

  • its covid-19 time
    its covid-19 time 2 months ago

    I don't have robux and I can't buy them can I plz have enough for mobile garage and crime boss? Plz and thank you

  • Akil Bexheti
    Akil Bexheti 2 months ago

    What's the point of robbing this garbage? Yes u get 6k cash but why do the police have to call it? Also why does it include a key card to rob? Worst robbery than the bank in my opinion!

  • Coolboygamer - Roblox
    Coolboygamer - Roblox 2 months ago

    Salad = comment
    Bacon = like
    Straw = comment STRAWHAT_LUFFi

  • juan ortigoza
    juan ortigoza 2 months ago

    the plane robberty dosn't always give 50000

  • Dog Squad Gaming
    Dog Squad Gaming 2 months ago

    Noob cause i knew more without yt

  • Farsos Abdi
    Farsos Abdi 2 months ago

    I cool

  • Farsos Abdi
    Farsos Abdi 2 months ago

    I watched the polar express

  • Neterate
    Neterate 2 months ago

    9:00 music name?

    OOPS BOOM 2 months ago

    Happy new year

  • Julie Rackley
    Julie Rackley 2 months ago

    You can get 7000 cash out of the cargo plane if your lucky.

  • Thị Bứ Nguyễn
    Thị Bứ Nguyễn 2 months ago

    It doesn’t have parashot because it’s skydiving

    BLXCҞREVENGE 2 months ago

    He dumb

  • cyruz santos
    cyruz santos 2 months ago

    the fastest is road ster but torpedo fast when using rocket fuel road ster has crazy exelerate

  • David Waddilove
    David Waddilove 3 months ago

    Roadster is faster

  • Luka Muruside
    Luka Muruside 3 months ago

    my name is luka_master12343 pleasee give me 10 robux or jilbreak many

  • Abeba Belete
    Abeba Belete 3 months ago

    10:40 mclaren moved by itself

  • asriel dreemurr
    asriel dreemurr 3 months ago

    I love bacons

  • asriel dreemurr
    asriel dreemurr 3 months ago

    Roadter is the best

  • ッDiomandcheese
    ッDiomandcheese 3 months ago


  • RayThe IceKing
    RayThe IceKing 3 months ago

    I just got the BOSS gamepass and now I can oftenly rob the plane and it’s mad fun for no reason

  • Lolitsme Linus
    Lolitsme Linus 3 months ago

    The plane kan also give 7k cash

  • Raff Holland
    Raff Holland 3 months ago

    It goes up to 7500

  • azeem quadri
    azeem quadri 3 months ago

    the plushy is so cute i sleep with it everyday!

  • azeem quadri
    azeem quadri 3 months ago

    and ring the bell

  • azeem quadri
    azeem quadri 3 months ago

    i like and sub btw

  • azeem quadri
    azeem quadri 3 months ago

    user name:ninjamaster76777

  • azeem quadri
    azeem quadri 3 months ago

    can i have a shoutout once i love your vids btw i really need robux for jailbreak can i have 400? thanks

  • Hieu Nguyen Trung
    Hieu Nguyen Trung 3 months ago

    can you try to drive your car to the cargo plane?

  • Hieu Nguyen Trung
    Hieu Nguyen Trung 3 months ago

    you know the polar express too?

  • Ryan Abraham
    Ryan Abraham 3 months ago

    Why do you yell

  • daman
    daman 3 months ago

    either volt or tesla

  • Swarnali Biswas
    Swarnali Biswas 3 months ago

    I’ve seen you when I played roblox by the way I’m a big fan

  • Oofii
    Oofii 3 months ago

    Okay jailbreak is copying mad city at this point now

  • Moussa Traoré
    Moussa Traoré 3 months ago +1

    Cargo plane doesn't show up for me on xbox

  • puppy gaming
    puppy gaming 3 months ago

    You know nothing about the plane

  • John Huang
    John Huang 3 months ago

    Guess planes don’t need a long runway to takeoff
    Instant takeoff plane made by a Elon Musk! Price: $300M

  • Spare Account
    Spare Account 3 months ago

    We might of overshot the airport
    Non offence but you overshot it by loads

  • Ahthishan Switch
    Ahthishan Switch 3 months ago

    I'm salad and bacon because we ended the beef 😎

  • A&A Viral Channel
    A&A Viral Channel 3 months ago

    I like 👍 roblox

  • etuber gt
    etuber gt 3 months ago

    Can donate safes my name etuberisstep

    ROBLOX GAMERZ 3 months ago

    If ur not a police u have to wait for the cargo plane to come 5-10 minutes

  • Ramen Lopez
    Ramen Lopez 3 months ago

    I love this video

  • Leethestupidboy 101
    Leethestupidboy 101 3 months ago

    bruh the tesla rodster is old were moving on to cyber truck

  • Equallex Playz
    Equallex Playz 3 months ago

    User: butter landing

  • Equallex Playz
    Equallex Playz 3 months ago

    Man. The winter map is already back

  • Pokemon Boy
    Pokemon Boy 3 months ago

    Jailbreak copied mad city