6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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    Anna - annuh_elizuhbeth
    Brandon - thebrandondiebold_
    Cody - cody_sessions
    Elizabeth - LeesiePinto
    Mariah - mariahford1
    Ryan - ruhimself

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Comments • 27 103

  • deborah paku
    deborah paku 7 hours ago

    I saw this and was like this girl better win for us 🤣😂

  • schwul '
    schwul ' 7 hours ago

    8:25 ooh her reaction bruhhhh 💀

  • lex s
    lex s 7 hours ago

    I thought they’d smell the natural hair products on her

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 8 hours ago

    These people are confusing skin color with culture.
    They should have asked questions about hair, but I guess white people wouldn't know to ask that.🙄

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 8 hours ago

    0:13 are you sure you are white?

  • Ridzuan Bin Tajuddin
    Ridzuan Bin Tajuddin 9 hours ago

    I don’t know why but I hate when they throw the money cuz I like the money being organized

  • s0923064
    s0923064 9 hours ago

    Makes no sense to play this game if you are allowed to lie

  • Ryan James Indangan
    Ryan James Indangan 10 hours ago

    I wonder what's the prize pool =D?

  • vile link
    vile link 10 hours ago

    Do 6 black people vs. 1 secret white person

  • Jaksks Benes
    Jaksks Benes 10 hours ago

    The thing said 6 white people
    But they have 7

  • Clc P
    Clc P 10 hours ago

    Ryan is not pulling any punches😂😂 he’s out of control lol

  • Edgardo Cuellar
    Edgardo Cuellar 10 hours ago

    Whats the point If u are allowed to lie??

  • Marko Ranković
    Marko Ranković 10 hours ago

    One of the white guys needed to act stereotypical black to cause confusion lol, when going into hobbies someone should have been all "Maaan a just sit own the paawch aww daay until mofo comes and fugs with me!"

  • Tony Skylark
    Tony Skylark 11 hours ago

    When he said “or the bean “ it really annoyed me lol

  • Reyes Torres
    Reyes Torres 12 hours ago

    Y’all really didn’t have to blindfold the black person.

  • Niyas Manzoor
    Niyas Manzoor 12 hours ago +1

    When Cody said my race is human at 11:16,

    *I felt that*

  • GeZinafeZ
    GeZinafeZ 13 hours ago +1

    I couldn’t tell who was black

  • Jacob Brannam
    Jacob Brannam 15 hours ago

    I just wanted to watch 1 video just 1 without pushing an agenda =/

  • XxxBlue AngelxxX
    XxxBlue AngelxxX 15 hours ago

    Next time she shouldn’t have a blindfold just in case someone waddle to her a touched her hair

  • Sydney De Villa
    Sydney De Villa 16 hours ago

    David Chapelle should do this. He wouldn’t even know.

  • Alex Pounder
    Alex Pounder 17 hours ago

    If anything, this proves stereotypes because she had to lie to win. If she wouldn't have lied, maybe they'd have guessed her.

  • Noah Miller
    Noah Miller 17 hours ago

    Mariah lowkey annoying

  • Alea Warking
    Alea Warking 19 hours ago

    the title sounds like a nazis horror story

  • Leagai Tala
    Leagai Tala 19 hours ago

    Mariah's not latina?

  • K1NG R3D
    K1NG R3D 19 hours ago

    Clayton bigsby would know as soon as she walked in the box

  • itsnick 3134
    itsnick 3134 20 hours ago

    Now you can tell who is lying

  • Cat Squad
    Cat Squad 20 hours ago

    Straight up I would've just said let me smell you and the black girl would have easily stood out lol yay I win hahahahaaa

  • Latham Carter
    Latham Carter 20 hours ago +1

    She’s black but all of them went of cultural things. Tbh she grew up white. She’s culturally white.

  • Ron Matson
    Ron Matson 20 hours ago

    How does kylie sound blacker than mariah?

  • Bruce Cain
    Bruce Cain 20 hours ago

    I wonder who the Black person is?

  • Timothy Wyant
    Timothy Wyant 20 hours ago

    How does one talk white ...

  • satoshi2oll
    satoshi2oll 21 hour ago

    I’m so happy that she won.

  • LecrdGamer
    LecrdGamer 21 hour ago +1

    10:30 why she throwin up gang/hand signals

  • DoubtlessCar0
    DoubtlessCar0 21 hour ago

    Wow! She was the black one!

  • The_GreaT_W_
    The_GreaT_W_ 21 hour ago

    Mariah isso ignorant

    KETCHUP TATO 21 hour ago

    2:06 her: i’m kylie-


  • Jim Raynor
    Jim Raynor 22 hours ago

    Anyone binge watching these?

  • Owen McAnuff
    Owen McAnuff 22 hours ago

    Mariah literally just disagrees with anything anyone says

  • Nothing Matters
    Nothing Matters 22 hours ago

    I can't tell who's black 🤔

  • Sh0wty_queenz z
    Sh0wty_queenz z 23 hours ago

    Same gurl I was adopted to

  • Chiefusyeephus
    Chiefusyeephus 23 hours ago

    7:43 Anna got cake

  • DP_ 28
    DP_ 28 23 hours ago

    I like how the white people drag down their own race. This whole video is anti-white. I don’t think whites are superior to any other race and I think we are equal. But you shouldn’t need to feel ashamed of being the way you were born.

  • Quitter Youtuber
    Quitter Youtuber 23 hours ago

    This was uploaded a day before my birthday

  • doggolover 101
    doggolover 101 23 hours ago

    Elizabeth:I saw black panther I LOVED IT
    Also Elizabeth:I didn't see black panther

  • Jariyah Murphy
    Jariyah Murphy Day ago

    You should do 6 trans people one secret cis person or the opposite

  • DiyGal
    DiyGal Day ago

    She’s so pretty!

  • DiyGal
    DiyGal Day ago

    It’d be cool if they made them all black

  • Anna P
    Anna P Day ago

    I think Mariah made a few really good points in this video, which I think everyone should think about for a minute

  • dulce hernandez
    dulce hernandez Day ago

    Mariah looks so sweet

  • Tatiana Makunike

    Mariah speaks with her hands and I kept thinking she was gonna accidentally touch Elizabeth’s hair and figure it out.

  • Chase Perry
    Chase Perry Day ago

    11:16 what about nascar

  • Mr Rocket
    Mr Rocket Day ago +1

    Wait, so who’s the black one?

  • David Sparling
    David Sparling Day ago

    The people who disliked this need to stop caring so much. Your not oppressed and your probably racist

    PRINCE Day ago

    Elizabeth is soooooo cute😍

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Day ago

    Love her

  • Oh K
    Oh K Day ago

    The black girl had the best body

  • Cece 78910
    Cece 78910 Day ago

    Did this girl say her tactic was sounding nice? What are you trying to say here?😅

  • Liam Schwabel
    Liam Schwabel Day ago

    Damn I really thought it was Mariah the whole time😫

  • ASHLEY Frazier
    ASHLEY Frazier Day ago +1

    “Elizabeth is a white ass name” what you thought her name was going to be? Shaniqua? 😂

    • TheQueen
      TheQueen Day ago

      ASHLEY Frazier latisha

  • Oliver G.M
    Oliver G.M Day ago +1

    Do this please!
    6 car guys vs 1 climate fighter or 6 climate fighters vs 1 car guy
    6 gamers vs 1 athletes or 6 athletes vs 1 gamer