OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  • Lalo Qud
    Lalo Qud Day ago

    Watching this vedio from my oneplus 6

  • Gabriel Chavarria

    *Sonic mains enter chat*

  • hatem987
    hatem987 Day ago

    No headphone jack = I'm out

  • Darren Prest
    Darren Prest Day ago

    Starting at $999 Canadian!!! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE JOKE.

  • Mohd Hairee Azrai Bin Mohamad

    nice wallpaper... can i get it?

  • FridayleagueMV
    FridayleagueMV Day ago

    It's ufs 3.1 in OnePlus 7 pro



  • Mthancube
    Mthancube Day ago

    how did you get to do this

  • Erebos
    Erebos Day ago +1

    Pre-ordered this amazing phone and can't wait to get it. Thanks for the great review!

  • klepto dathief
    klepto dathief Day ago

    wtf, no wireless charging..dealbreaker right there

    • Icaroz
      Icaroz Day ago

      Not at all... Who the fuck uses that shit

  • Ross
    Ross Day ago

    Marques need your advice. Which should I go for Huawei P30 pro or OnePlus 7 Pro? Disregard the price difference.

  • hi9580
    hi9580 Day ago

    this is not the first 90hz oled phone

  • Shivam Malhotra
    Shivam Malhotra Day ago

    It would have been a bliss if they added a headphone jack!

  • Craazzyyman _
    Craazzyyman _ Day ago

    2:22 the cleanest shot ever, looks so good

  • Shivam Malhotra
    Shivam Malhotra Day ago

    US people need to quit iPhones & switch to OnePlus asap! They're gonna save a lot of money

  • Sijil Momin
    Sijil Momin Day ago

    What about camera which one is better apple or one plus 7 pro

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can Day ago

    test dolphin and damon ps2 please please xD

  • GamingReality '81

    Imagine this phablet with 7.2 inch screen ! It would be a prototype phone 2019 !

  • The Mighty Crouton

    If it had a headphone jack I would have bought it today.

  • Peaky_Blinder
    Peaky_Blinder Day ago

    I have a one plus 6t, I love it.
    The one plus 7pro looks awesome.
    I love my camera.
    So 7pro or p30 pro.
    Not fussed about actual phone speed.

  • Ivan Ayitey
    Ivan Ayitey Day ago

    I see your shirt is a pick up line...
    Marques: Hey I'm on my shirt
    Girl: where is the D?
    Marques: 😉 I'll give you that later

  • CQTV
    CQTV Day ago

    Hey I seen you using your iwatch can you use iwatch with other phones? Please let me know .

  • Sarim Mehboob
    Sarim Mehboob Day ago

    Btw, great video Marques!!

  • M1xu
    M1xu Day ago +1

    Mark ass brown lee

  • Juan Plus
    Juan Plus Day ago

    Watching from my OnePlus5. My phone hasn't slowed done. I'm gonna get this 7pro at the end of the year.

  • Mr Cover
    Mr Cover Day ago +1

    Wow!this is phone in my dream😍

  • Aset Son
    Aset Son Day ago

    a question from everyone:
    do you prefer 90 Hz refresh rate or higher battery life?

  • Mikael Johansson

    In speed test comparison videos, S10 is just a few percents slower overall. And that is with the default cpu limiter enabled and also the slow default animations Samsung has. U can disable both of these. And the S10 will be faster than Oneplus even the Exynos version.

  • Shannon Elita
    Shannon Elita Day ago

    Nice review

    ISSA VIBEZ Day ago +1

    better than apple screw apple they suck

  • Pisces ali
    Pisces ali Day ago

    no 1 notice the pyramid???

  • Daliso Ngoma
    Daliso Ngoma Day ago

    How does this compare to the Vivo V15 Pro considering they seem coming from the same group?

  • Rajendra Soni
    Rajendra Soni Day ago

    Is Google camera Mod compatible with 7 pro?

  • Bagaskara
    Bagaskara Day ago

    Best display 😎

  • Shahbaz Shaikh
    Shahbaz Shaikh Day ago

    resembles samsung s8 or s9 more

  • benedict pasaquian

    Leaked from mi mix 4 with 2k amoled 120hz refresh rate... That phone is going to be the beast...

  • vanheede brecht
    vanheede brecht Day ago

    u forgot that it have stereo dolby atmos speakers.

  • Ahmed Mokhles
    Ahmed Mokhles Day ago

    liked for asphalt 9

  • Adam Remoundos
    Adam Remoundos Day ago

    Please for the love of god review the Xperia 1 when it comes out

  • Joel Alejandro
    Joel Alejandro Day ago

    Is it the minority to want phones to not need cases? I guess i understand that people want to customize how their phones to look like from others.But, I want a phone to be ready out of the box without a need for a case, and protective glass but still uptodate specs.

  • Foysal Kazi
    Foysal Kazi Day ago

    Why don’t you make video on Oneplus7?

  • jayant kumar
    jayant kumar Day ago +1

    Today I went to one plus store in delhi in cannaught place to explore the new one plus 7 pro mobile , I campared the camera quality of OnePlus 7 pro and then I went to croma to check the quality camera of Samsung s 10 , s10 is far better and premium quality phone with lots of advance features. One plus 7 pro don't have wireless charging, power sharing , water resistant and no earphones included in the the box , no earphones jack, no memory card slot too and still too much cost for this kind of phone why too much cost .

  • Atul Sharma
    Atul Sharma Day ago

    Also recommend us with the steps to download g cam in this phone

  • Neo
    Neo Day ago

    The master of Zero None? No 3.5mm jack, No AOD, No Hand ID, No true 3D face unlock, No led notifications.
    Screen size + resolution = High ppi @ 90hz = WEAK battery performance.

  • Øystein Heimstad
    Øystein Heimstad Day ago +2

    Crapple and Spamsung got owned, again ;-) Won't be long before Crapple steals the tech and introduces it as their own, to the amazement of their sheep :D

  • Swapnendu Pramanik

    Bro give away pls.. nd give it to me pls....

  • fist_with_a_beard thanks!

  • anany mathur
    anany mathur Day ago

    But why don't they give a type C to 3.5mm dongle anymore man, that's sorta an apple move,and apple moves are sorta dick moves,broke my heart a bit

  • Marshmallow Gaming
    Marshmallow Gaming Day ago +1

    I would like to be a person like him.

  • Khargosh
    Khargosh Day ago +1

    Asua Zenfone 6 is the real killer.

    • Erebos
      Erebos Day ago

      In India and other low budget markets? For sure. The rest of us buys the much better oneplus.

  • Crazy Picard
    Crazy Picard Day ago

    I wish these reviews had real stats. Sar ratings? Why is this never mentioned our kids use these things. What about the DC dimming option. This is probably the biggest deal about this phone. There is small group of people who can't use phones because of flickering LED's? DC dimming = flicker free. Maybe a test to prove it actually works? How much blue light does this phone emit? How does it compare to other similar phones? 90hz refresh rate shouldn't apply to most games yet because what cell game maker was making them with this feature in mind. Some games are locked at 30fps and most others are 60. Just some ideas

  • enviousmagenta
    enviousmagenta Day ago

    Sadly the camera is a major letdown

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia Day ago

    Ugly protruding camera!

  • Hamza Kais
    Hamza Kais Day ago


  • XP-8 TIM
    XP-8 TIM Day ago

    With the phones that have these pop out cameras why don't they just use some kind of electromagnetic system where it repulses a magnet on the camera to pop it out and then reverses polarity to pull the camera back in instead of a motor? Wouldn't that be more reliable as it wouldn't really have any moving parts that can wear out?

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Day ago

    Fantastic from spain

  • Vidit Deshpande
    Vidit Deshpande Day ago +1

    We are waiting for the Asus Zenfone 6 unboxing Marcus!

  • Andrew Rickard
    Andrew Rickard Day ago

    this phone is dope, damn. got it in my hands first thing this morning and cant put it down. deff silly fast too, lol things are loaded before i really think about it

  • Abhishek Raj
    Abhishek Raj Day ago

    will you gift me this phone? 😅

  • Dr. D
    Dr. D Day ago

    should I wait for Galaxy note 10, or should I go with Oneplus 7pro?

  • Mig 28
    Mig 28 Day ago

    "Can normal people this?"
    "Can normal people that?"
    Let's be honest, I think we can all agree that it all dates back to Apple not trying to pay for HD screens.
    They said their "Reteena" displays were perfect. Something along the lines of "the human eye can't see past blah blah 325 PPI. Blah we R apple!"
    Yet here we are in the year 2019 with iPhones that now use screens with more than 420 PPI. We now have huge iPhones even though 3.5 inches was the "perfect" screen for a phone! Remember that?
    They are liars! They are hypocrites!
    When new tech comes out, enjoy it. Try it out!
    Don't take anyone's word for it! Just check it out yourself.
    People are always hating on new technology! Geeze!
    Only when their favorite companies aren't the ones leading the pack!

  • Nikola Majkić
    Nikola Majkić Day ago

    white theme and complain about battery :D

  • Sans Griffin
    Sans Griffin Day ago

    I was really between the OnePlus7 pro and S10+ got the S10+ because the OnePlus is gonna come to my country in 3 months

  • Mig 28
    Mig 28 Day ago

    I love oneplus now!

  • SolarMoth
    SolarMoth Day ago

    This is what I wish the s10 was.... basically if they put a better camera or maybe an upgrading camera. You could eject the pop-up camera for a different lens/sensor.

  • Zur Roie
    Zur Roie Day ago

    Please do drop test

  • Akaash Dudwani
    Akaash Dudwani Day ago +1

    It's a lot like Oppo Find X, designwise, bezel-less and pop-up camera. But you were ruthless with the Find. How-come you went so easy on this one? When you spoke about Find X, it scarred me forever. I am now biased against pop-up selfie cameras but you act like it's no longer a problem :p why you do this?

  • Connie Lee
    Connie Lee Day ago

    This is your best 2019 phone?
    Pls check ASUS ZENFONE 6.
    It will end one plus 7 pro whole career!

  • John Trevor
    John Trevor Day ago

    Bring 5'' phones back!

  • Yasir Abdulmunem

    Using my oneplus 7, just got it today. Its amazing and stupid fast!

  • Karel Čapka
    Karel Čapka Day ago


  • Domagoj Kuveždić

    I need advice. Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7

  • sri ammu
    sri ammu Day ago


  • Amit Baghel
    Amit Baghel Day ago +3

    I still like ONEPLUS 6T more than 7PRO 😏

  • Sri harish Ponuganthi

    What luncher have you used
    Can you name it


    Guys please subscribe to my Channel thanks

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan Day ago

    I need this wallpaper he used during review. @MKBHD please share link

  • crackedjuice
    crackedjuice Day ago

    Who else watching on a s9

  • Sahishnu Raut
    Sahishnu Raut Day ago

    Checkout zen phone 6 please it’s the one plus 7 pro killer

  • Giancarlo Doardi


  • Akash Bhadoriya
    Akash Bhadoriya Day ago

    Which one is best xsmax iphone or one plus seven pro

  • JonGCruzNY
    JonGCruzNY Day ago +2

    OnePlus 7 Pro with Pixel 3 camera = Game Over for everyone.

    • JonGCruzNY
      JonGCruzNY Day ago

      David K why? Can you elaborate?

    • David K
      David K Day ago

      Still wouldn't get it😊

  • Rudra Debbarma
    Rudra Debbarma Day ago

    Who still misses NOKIA N8 cyber shot camera in this generation??

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Day ago

    All reviewers say things like "Wow, buttery smooth" - Well, APPLE's OS has been "buttery smooth" since iphone 5 so....

  • Moghster
    Moghster Day ago +1

    When did his eyebrows connect? ^_^

  • BananeKiwi199
    BananeKiwi199 Day ago

    I'm not a fan of rounded corners and don't get why many brands are doing it but otherwise its so good

  • riccagianna
    riccagianna Day ago

    I cannot see the point of this

  • Likhith 24
    Likhith 24 Day ago +1

    669 dollars my ass. The fuck man seriously if the prices are high like this then how do middle class people buy it?

  • allan wee
    allan wee Day ago

    11:28 what my wallet does when I see the price.

  • Chris Story
    Chris Story Day ago

    I just want to say nice demonstration of the drop catching the motion of the pop up camera receding back in.

    KELLR D.X Day ago

    كل مراجعين الهواتف يتفرجون عليك😂😂مراجعين أغبياء

  • Simon Gillblad
    Simon Gillblad Day ago

    Does this phone have dark theme? Aka night mode or whatever it's called? I cant stand the white menys

  • Vaibhav Mistari
    Vaibhav Mistari Day ago

    Thanks for the wallpaper Marques

  • StrengthBrosForLife

    Daily driver you drive your phone ?

  • Life Lemons Lemonade.

    Thumbs up who want to see one plus 7 review

  • utkarsh86
    utkarsh86 Day ago

    I want to sum up your review
    Bad camera
    Horrible battery life ( 3 hours of screen time)
    But you would recommend the phone because it has a fast screen and is loaded with RAM...
    Isn't it the definition of settling? I honestly don't understand if a good camera and screen time are not the top 3 important things in a phone then what are?

  • Lallan Singh
    Lallan Singh Day ago

    Unnecessary wastage of money..

  • Typical Wraith
    Typical Wraith Day ago +1

    Dude nice wallpaper does tht come with the phone or......

  • Robby B.
    Robby B. Day ago

    2:24 great shot


    Video was shot on April 30!