Chelsea have no leaders when Plan A doesn’t work - Ale Moreno | Premier League

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Mark Donaldson break down Chelsea’s shock 1-0 loss vs. Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge. Moreno feels that despite Frank Lampard’s exciting young players like Christian Pulisic, Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham, the Blues lack a leader who can pull the side together against tougher opponents. The pair also discuss whether Howe has been overlooked to manage at bigger clubs because of “Premier League snobbery.”

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  • Ryder Lowery
    Ryder Lowery Month ago

    Plan A for those that have not been paying attention is this. Send Tammy in front of the goal where he waits for a pass to his feat or head. Does it work, sometimes. Should it be used on every attack? Absolutely not. What is bad about this is, it clogs up the box. Other players can not be clinical or creative with eight defenders in the box and three Chelsea players waiting for a rebound. It also takes away from long distance shots on goal because there are no lanes to shoot through. Teams have figured out how Chelsea will play the attack, come in on the wings and pass to Tammy and that’s the offense in a nut shell. So defenses crowd the box around Tammy with little concern for any other threat. Tammy has become a target goal scorer and inadvertently shutting down any space for Pulisic or Willian to do anything but pass to him. After signing Jadon for 115 million you will see he also can not get any space to create. Tammy should start at the top of the box and lead the attack not stand in front of the goal and wait for passes.

  • Malik Yacob
    Malik Yacob Month ago

    Give time is a perfect words but at times we must see the situation, when Chelsea are now in critical situation with primer league issue and coming champion League game play with Lampard young boys without experience it looks Chelsea were never go farther from asian fans view

  • Malik Yacob
    Malik Yacob Month ago

    Chelsea with lower team they cannot maintain to win we don't think chelsea can go further in champion league and top 4 to premier league with stagnant tactic formula, at times chelsea have to depend on senior player like Giroud, willian, pedro and goalkeeper callebaro if they are not good why keep them till now and this players win some trophy for chelsea previous year think about that play them till end of their contract eg like hazard he feel good to leave chelsea with his last game think about that

  • FeelsBadMan n
    FeelsBadMan n Month ago

    hazard actually needs to go back to Chelsea it's his home, his peace.. his everything - he preform way better there... He made history there - He should just return and end it in Chelsea... he won so many trophies with them..

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray Month ago

    How do Chelsea not have senior players that can gain the game by the scruff of the neck?... What about Willian, Pedro. What about Danny " I left Leicester to sit on the bench" drink water or Alonso or azpulcueta. Juninho is an experienced player as well, also Giroud. Most managers would die to have what Chelsea have on the bench. No excuses for Chelsea.

  • Mo Salah
    Mo Salah Month ago +1

    Love that show but Moreno making drama.. Plz stop man

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +1

    So you're telling me tomori isnt maldini, mount isnt zidane and abraham isnt r9?

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen Month ago +1

    Who's here after united drew against Everton? They too lack a plan B. Just waiting for Craig burley to bash Solskjær and United again.

  • Ze TheGame
    Ze TheGame Month ago

    I just watched this to remind me of no one in ESPN knows anything about football, have a good day.

  • Barrington Bogle
    Barrington Bogle Month ago +1

    They want dybala

  • mohamed yusuf
    mohamed yusuf Month ago

    Lampard needs to change his way of thinking. He takes off pulistic who is the most crucial player for chelsea. Lampard wants more English prayers from Chelsea to help England improve, he is not giving first priority for Chelsea.

    • Anti-Hero
      Anti-Hero Month ago

      Are you sure your not from USA?

    • alex kanyima
      alex kanyima Month ago

      Or not be too strict to the youth players

  • Dr Dread
    Dr Dread Month ago

    Chelsea certainly aint getting NO top 4........

  • Jeffrey Richards
    Jeffrey Richards Month ago +1

    Hazard was the leader last season.. Mount is bang Average and the more Lampard plays him, he's gonna lose his job

  • Cutz McVascular
    Cutz McVascular Month ago +1

    It was a pipe dream to think these young dudes would hold that great early season form all year.. But for the future, they look great.

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Month ago

    Video title makes no sense. One's not a true leader if the leadership only "emerges" under specific circumstances...

  • Real Gems
    Real Gems Month ago +2

    Chelsea struggles with the low block. Can we give Jose credit for explaining the low block to fans. He told us how to beat it.

    • Dan Kid
      Dan Kid Month ago

      @Real Gems oh do u have a link to that I never saw it

    • Real Gems
      Real Gems Month ago

      @Dan Kid No he said having a big body like Lukaku is essential to beating the low block and Rashford was better in counter attacking football but when they dominate the ball, Rashford will struggle to score.

    • Dan Kid
      Dan Kid Month ago

      By using overlaps?

  • LegendaryChelsea
    LegendaryChelsea Month ago

    The sooner the transfer window comes, the better

  • Ashwat Advani
    Ashwat Advani Month ago +1

    We should be back to basics. Destroyer to shield kante. Two ball playing central midfielders, and fluid passing among the front five. Do not need jorginho he is good player but against average team and can't break down tight defence and leave us susceptible to counters.

  • Ian Armbruster
    Ian Armbruster Month ago

    Mason Mount has lost form. Tammy Abraham had a slight injury and missed the West ham game. Has it affected him? Hudson-odoi hasn't been the same since his achilles injury

  • Prince Offor
    Prince Offor Month ago

    I will keep saying it we should put kante back to his position and put two midfield up front so u can get goals if the strikers are not scoring

  • Naazmul Hussain
    Naazmul Hussain Month ago +2

    Mount is a dele alli of last season....!!!!

  • Naazmul Hussain
    Naazmul Hussain Month ago

    They need creative CM....!!!!!

  • Benedict Wong
    Benedict Wong Month ago +2

    Chelsea has too many areas in lacking.
    1. Lack clinical touch in final touch. Take too many
    2. Centre back keep losing possession when trying to pass to final third.
    3. Tell willian to STOP trying to fool the defender and do a stupid cross when he sucks.
    4. We need Marcos Alonso
    5. We have to play 4-3-3
    6. Chelsea are making relegation team manager able to keep their job LOL, west ham Bournemouth and made everton new manager feel like a king.
    7. We are CHELSEA FC, we bully other clubs not the other way around.
    8. The players are embarrassing the fans at home
    9. Lampard plz let kante shield the back four, we are conceding cheap goals.

  • adolph Sow
    adolph Sow Month ago

    If Chelsea wants goals from midfield, they can consider jeremie boga.. At least for Jan transfer window.. Pasalic is decent as well..

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Month ago

    Momma bear and baby bear

  • Teressa Mcilroy
    Teressa Mcilroy Month ago +1

    Frank and Jody are doing a fantastic job.

  • MoF
    MoF Month ago

    Where's Pulishit?

  • KidAAA
    KidAAA Month ago +6

    Frank Lampard has been found out and his honeymoon period is over

  • The Man
    The Man Month ago

    to be honest Chelsea shouldn't even have gone through the CL group stage... and they wouldn't have if it weren't for horrendous refereeing and blatant VAR incompetency

    • TwisTits
      TwisTits Month ago

      Stop complaining toddler

    ERROL GORDON Month ago +2

    Lampard was a mistake for Chelsea cuz there is no plan B...

  • Abubakarr Titus
    Abubakarr Titus Month ago

    No Harzad ,no party. The young lads are tired, premier league is the most difficult league to play. Premier league is not ment for boys, it's ment for proven men🤣

    • FarawayTundra008
      FarawayTundra008 Month ago

      Most difficult league these are awful teams that they are loosing to the Premier League is overrated it’s always one or two teams miles away from everyone else and the top 4 race is just who sucks less than who

    • Dr. Dan Bigs
      Dr. Dan Bigs Month ago

      Chelsea need Ziyech

  • SND
    SND Month ago

    Sackpard in the morning

  • Rohit Gaikwad
    Rohit Gaikwad Month ago +3

    I know this is silly but they(Chelsea) should buy a LB with character like Kolarov a option like this should be considered by them.I know he is old but he brings character in the spirit of the squad, that's what he brings to the table and Chelsea needs that , urgently!

    • Rohit Gaikwad
      Rohit Gaikwad Month ago

      @Anish Parekh Oh sorry Dani Alves too was in my mind so got that wrong .

    • Anish Parekh
      Anish Parekh Month ago

      You mean LB

  • Englandsbestlover
    Englandsbestlover Month ago +4

    Lampard isn’t fit for that job. He’s being found out

    • Keldon Edwards
      Keldon Edwards Month ago +1

      Really so we were not to lose a game, some of you'll are just ridiculous with you'll negativity , plastic fans just go where the others are which is in the sea ....smh

    • Englandsbestlover
      Englandsbestlover Month ago

      @luke g. I'm right thought. I suppose you disagree?

    • luke g
      luke g Month ago +2

      Ffs you're a casual 🤦‍♂️😂

    • sowhat sowhat
      sowhat sowhat Month ago +6

      Be fair to Lampard he has to operate with a transfer ban. Atleast give him time to get into tue transfer market and make his own team from thereon. Then judge him if he is good or no

  • DuderinoDeux
    DuderinoDeux Month ago +1


  • ricardo howell
    ricardo howell Month ago +6

    Lampard on Nov 23rd :
    "We are closing the gap".....

    • david henry
      david henry Month ago

      ricardo howell yeh when they had s few good wins lampard was showing inexperience in his interviews.

  • Avikar Sewpersad
    Avikar Sewpersad Month ago +3

    Where's Amitabh?

    TOP STRIKA Month ago

    They having a Man U moment 😂

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders Month ago +8

    Mason mount is so overrated is mad

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders Month ago +3

    Lampard out

    • Lj llob
      Lj llob Month ago

      Rob Smith plastic just because we don't win every game doesn't mean u should call for a manager to get sacked

    • Rob Smith
      Rob Smith Month ago

      @sowhat sowhat it would save a lot of time!!!

    • sowhat sowhat
      sowhat sowhat Month ago +2

      Lampard dont even get a chance to buy players bec of the Transfer ban yet you want him remove

  • Chukky Chopper
    Chukky Chopper Month ago +10


    • Teukka
      Teukka Month ago

      Jonn Stewart nostalgia goldens memories

    • S M Haryanto
      S M Haryanto Month ago

      Imagine your striker is second top scorer and your fans still want you out. What a rubbish fanbase

    • Adebayo Iyanda
      Adebayo Iyanda Month ago

      I dont understand, he's the 2nd top scorer in EPL this season and even more than Salah Mane Rashford Kane!!!

    • Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier
      Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier Month ago

      @Paul Hirst

      True. These fickle-minded so-called "fans" are nothing more than just glory hunters. Everyone has their ups and downs, and fans who have witnessed Abraham's scoring ability should continue to put their belief in him. I am a Liverpool fan and will continue to put my trust in Salah as long as Klopp does even though currently, he is miles away from prolific goalscorer he was from 2 seasons ago in which he scored 50 goals.

    • Paul Hirst
      Paul Hirst Month ago +2

      Everbody was singing Tammy Abraham's praises when he was scoring goals regularly, he hasent suddenly become hopeless just because the goals have dried up somewhat. Fickle fans everywhere.

  • Superior No1
    Superior No1 Month ago +1

    Man Utd 👿 are coming for Chelsea

    • Real _Jamaycan
      Real _Jamaycan Month ago

      Last season them and spurs were ahead and the table turned like a steering wheel so quickly

      TOP STRIKA Month ago +1

      Superior No1 yessir

  • DESMOND Dessy
    DESMOND Dessy Month ago +5

    One thing I love about this unprofessional Espn pundits is that they will always have something rubbish to say. Smh

    • sowhat sowhat
      sowhat sowhat Month ago

      There topic of discussion is always interesting to analyze

    MIKEL U Month ago +3

    How does moreno have this job? Worst pundit and responses ever

  • hardkorebighead
    hardkorebighead Month ago

    I highly doubt Ale even watched the game

    • stephen brazier
      stephen brazier Month ago

      Which team has ale played for? Never heard off him until ESPN UK

    • sowhat sowhat
      sowhat sowhat Month ago

      Barca and Chelsea matches were playing the same timw so i doubt he watch the Chelsea game. He is probably analysing only from the highlights of the game

  • omar wolley
    omar wolley Month ago

    What snobbery ? Is Lampard an experienced Spanish coach with a closet full of medals and trophies? I don't think so yet he's managing at top level

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour Month ago +2

    Christian pulisic is so overrated he needs to do more.

  • Rod Jr
    Rod Jr Month ago

    Lampard tactics are stupid

  • LeeTaiPe
    LeeTaiPe Month ago +5

    How funny, those same experts were praising Chelsea like crazy only a month ago. They arent analyzing, they are reacting to results. It was obvious from the start that Chelsea wont be able to play like that entire season. It was 100% standard euphoria of changing the manager which happens to most clubs. There was no Lampard in Chelsea till now. Now when he enters the game, we'll see if hes really a good manager that can deal with problems or just a flop.

    • Andrew Salmon
      Andrew Salmon Month ago

      ESPN fc is inconsistent in its analysis

    • Freedom freelance
      Freedom freelance Month ago

      You just said it all bro...they are all reacting on results..they know nothing but only to be running thier big mouths

  • Dennis
    Dennis Month ago +2

    we have to buy hazard back

    • Dennis
      Dennis Month ago

      FR OleUnited true hes like ronaldo but better

    • FR OleUnited
      FR OleUnited Month ago

      Buy Morata back🤣

    • sowhat sowhat
      sowhat sowhat Month ago

      Bec he is not scoring at Real Madrid

  • bob jones
    bob jones Month ago

    Ale needs to learn to end the sentence.

  • Jason Ndlovu
    Jason Ndlovu Month ago +1

    Remember when ole just started he had a great start too and then it stopped same is happening with frank

  • Fleet Fox
    Fleet Fox Month ago +3

    I hope Chelsea stick to the original plan. Let this young group continue to develop. Make a January signing only if it makes absolute sense.

  • Jarred Bazeley
    Jarred Bazeley Month ago +12

    Waiting for the angry rantman

  • souixds
    souixds Month ago

    When we played West Ham I made the same statement, and after we played Everton it cemented it for me. It is expected that we would have a plan going into a game. Lampard would us to play from the back and work our way through the midfield etc. Everton took our mid field out of the game and we had no answer for that. We have the manager but we when his system doesn't work we need someone to take charge on the field. It is assumed that the captain would be the one to do that but at times we lack that leadership.

    • sowhat sowhat
      sowhat sowhat Month ago

      Times like these we need a Alonso left foot to score a goal or a set piece

  • GJ1607
    GJ1607 Month ago +1

    Who did he play for

  • Oluwasanmi Omoshola
    Oluwasanmi Omoshola Month ago +3

    When you give priority to your beloved son in a team then you are bound to fail. Lampard is giving too much playing time to Mount while he is not doing well at this moment. He should allowed Pulisic and Willian to continue playing and sub Mount. Lampard is not ripe for Chelsea.

  • biniam mersha
    biniam mersha Month ago +4

    They say Chelsea relying on young players😂 well not like man utd.
    They have players like Azpiliceuta, Rudiger, Kovacic,Kante, Georginhio,Willian,Pedro

    • FLaMeS
      FLaMeS Month ago

      Man u have Mata, Maguire, young, de gea, lingard. All senior players mush. Just saying.

  • Halsuaal Channel
    Halsuaal Channel Month ago +10

    mount should be loaned back to derby

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    100th comment 🎺🎸🎻🎯