5 Detailing Tips & Tricks - Chemical Guys Car Care How To Epic Panda

  • Published on Oct 17, 2013
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  • Hanalei Jaquez
    Hanalei Jaquez Year ago +1

    I love this video. These methods do help and I've done a few on my own prior to viewing this but to anyone knew to these methods. They work, they help a ton.

  • Bhavik Bhatt
    Bhavik Bhatt Year ago

    Using that same microfiber cloth after wiping toilet and then using on your desk wasnt cool...lol

  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest Year ago +1

    You have the best products.

  • D Hansel
    D Hansel 2 years ago

    We had a man at the company I used to work at every weekend he would pressure wash his engine and armor all the hoses of his company car every Saturday.
    The car had 80,000 miles on it but it looked like it came out of the show room.
    He would put towels over the floor mats to keep them from getting dirty and have a shipping blanket in his hood to keep anything from getting dirty in the trunk.
    I ask him dies his wife clean the house that good, he told me that he does the cleaning. Working up to 2:00AM nights mopping and vacuuming the house.

    • D Hansel
      D Hansel 2 years ago

      Obsessive Compulsive person.
      It finally got to his health and now he is deceased.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      That's alot of dedication, he proabably thought that that was the key to making sure the hoses stay in good working condition. That's someone who truly appreciates the cleanliness of his vehicles, and the tidiness of his home.

  • RM Mccarthy
    RM Mccarthy 2 years ago +1


  • Ryan Werle
    Ryan Werle 2 years ago

    finally an all purpose cleaner that can clean my panda head 😉

  • the Real Ken Brown collector

    Huh I just move the car

  • Patrick Shepard
    Patrick Shepard 2 years ago +1

    also if you wet down your waxing pad, the wax spreads over more of an area.

  • Mathew Wood
    Mathew Wood 2 years ago +7


    • Imran Sabir
      Imran Sabir 2 months ago

      I was cringing at that exact point!

  • Nathan Kriever
    Nathan Kriever 3 years ago +1

    I Tried to clean my Panda head with it, and all it did was get Aroused.

  • Hungryman1013
    Hungryman1013 3 years ago +9

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  • Rachdanon X
    Rachdanon X 3 years ago +2

    pretty basic / common sense...

  • ericndebby
    ericndebby 3 years ago

    initial shot you're too close to camera. it's was like you were in my body space. otherwise great vids. Thanks!

  • Marcus Mantica
    Marcus Mantica 3 years ago +1

    thanks guys I appreciate the advice. make more tips?!!

  • Cindy King
    Cindy King 3 years ago +1

    Grit guards are a must when washing your vehicle.

  • blackdog1960les
    blackdog1960les 3 years ago

    I don't know how I to this video ---- this guy sounds like he is gay

  • Erik Webster
    Erik Webster 3 years ago +2

    hey my names erik. im 14 years old and i was wondering if you could give me some advice. i started this little car detailing business about 2 months ago. and im wondering what the best way to start a detailing? step by step. and i was wondering where is the best place to buy soap,wax,ect.. for a low price. beacaue i want to get more experience in it. and get better equipment so i'll do the right job faster and better. please hit me back up.

    • Roberto Alejandro Vallejo Vargas
      Roberto Alejandro Vallejo Vargas 3 years ago +2

      +bestbroever pewdiepie 3M eyes closed, make an effort to get good (not expensive or fancy sh*t) products, the people who really appreciate its car, will notice and thank you. SUCCES in you business. Please tell me how is your business going. Greetings from Mexico

    • corey benson
      corey benson 3 years ago +2

      I use car brite products or 3m brand products.

  • nukexD
    nukexD 3 years ago +1

    Wow i really liked the grit guard wash mitt tip, can't believe i never thought of that!

  • behindthehandofdoom
    behindthehandofdoom 4 years ago

    Tire dressing applicator pad. Hella nomenclature

  • shumbra Pharaoh
    shumbra Pharaoh 4 years ago

    pffft waste of time

  • Hadrian Wall
    Hadrian Wall 4 years ago

    but..does it clean Panda tits and nipples?

  • Aligums
    Aligums 4 years ago +36

    You started losing me after nonsense random cleaning.

  • Dee.p
    Dee.p 4 years ago

    Good tips man. Will use them next car wash

  • Craig Muccini
    Craig Muccini 4 years ago

    Mfgofffvcvvv. No,,, , Mesa

  • Bobby Table
    Bobby Table 4 years ago

    So where are the detailing tips and tricks? One trick for applying tire dressing. The rest was car washing 101. Not detailing... On a side note, nice go cart tires on that car....What are they from a remote control car? way to ruin a cars performance...

  • DATSLOW750
    DATSLOW750 4 years ago +2

    yo said hella flush hahaaha nice

  • Jon Lau
    Jon Lau 4 years ago

    Can I just use All Purpose cleaner to clean my car?

  • UK Car Valeting Directory

    Great tips chaps :-)

  • Andy Dell
    Andy Dell 5 years ago

    The tip showing the Nonsense cleaner made me laugh so hard! lol

  • White03T4RV82WD
    White03T4RV82WD 5 years ago

    Wax does not work on headlights, tail lights, windows or rims. Headlights get so hot wax will just melt off, same with the taillights. If you want to the water to run off windows just buy rainx... It's $4. And most people use a de greaser to clean rims and tires, so that will strip the wax every time you use it.

    • Mathew Wood
      Mathew Wood 2 years ago

      Corey harrington carnauba wax melts at body temperature, which is why a lot of detailers hand wax their cars. is that not correct?

    • Corey harrington
      Corey harrington 4 years ago +2

      I detail professionally and have been for 6 years now, Waxes are solids with a melting point
      above 100 °F (typically between 120 °F and 320 °F). Polymers (including Acrylic polymers i.e. Klasse) 350 °F, Silicone oil 350 °F, Mineral oils 200 °F, Synthetic blends (Carnauba wax / polymers) 200 °F, Carnauba wax 183 °F, and Bee’s wax 130 °F They have a low melt viscosity and also melt without decomposition. Please explain to me how waxes with higher melting points designed specifically to protect a car from heat and environmental damage will "Just melt off" a headlight housing. For example, painted surfaces exposed to ambient temperatures of 80°F in direct sunlight, will rise up to a temperature of 185°F or more. You do realize rainx is essentially watered down Ethanol and Isopropyl alcohol with a combination of silicone oils right? Some rainx products even contain acetone and you are considering putting it on anything but a silica base?(glass) That is just plain stupid. A good wax is far superior on your glass, headlights and tailights then any rainx product you will ever buy, I would suggest you look into Aquapel or Nanotechcoatings if your going to attach yourself to any rain repellent specific product because they are both far superior to any product rainx has to offer. Another question I have is why you think a wax "wont work" on wheels? Every claim you made is just plain ignorant.

    • LJRossPhoto
      LJRossPhoto 5 years ago

      I don't know about headlights or taillights, but I always use wax on my glass inside and out and it's worked great.

  • ponton
    ponton 5 years ago

    They need to burn that panda head.

  • Scott Griffith
    Scott Griffith 5 years ago +7

    Alternate solution to problem addressed in Tip #1. If you can't fit you hand between your fenders and your tires to clean it.
    1. Go to the edge of the highest point you can find
    2. Look down
    3. Jump
    Problem Solved.

  • TimboSlice083
    TimboSlice083 5 years ago +2

    Man my speakers were up loud because the previous video they made was low volume. Nearly blew out my ear drums, LOL.

  • Trevor K
    Trevor K 5 years ago

    Wow that was really helpful

  • kono6
    kono6 5 years ago +8

    This guy makes me buy so much shit.

    • TimboSlice083
      TimboSlice083 5 years ago

      I know that feel bro...I'm ordering as we speak.

    • joseph350z
      joseph350z 5 years ago

      yup! we're n the same page!

  • TacticalBBQSauce
    TacticalBBQSauce 5 years ago +8

    Thank god, I thought he was going to use the knife on the tyre

  • Armand Lepik
    Armand Lepik 6 years ago

    eshine.ca carries allot of chemical guys products and free shipping after $150 i believe anywhere in canada

  • englandismycityapparently

    what kind of hose is that?

  • jjchenjj
    jjchenjj 6 years ago

    Where can I buy your full line of products in Canada? Shipping is too expensive to order from the States.

  • Matthias Hvitfeldt Rosenstrøm

    Ahh.. Washmitt on the gritguard was a lesson i leaned. Thanks

  • Kyle Thomson
    Kyle Thomson 6 years ago

    Hey I was wondering are these chemical contain any silcone for a autodoby shop

  • Parthasarathi Ghosh
    Parthasarathi Ghosh 6 years ago

    Loved this video. If possible please make more such videos. Helps even the basic DIY guys as well.

  • Beardapotomus85
    Beardapotomus85 6 years ago

    I do the same thing for when I clean my wash mitts(Grit Guards are the Best!). Just ordered some CG Extreme Depth and can't wait to use it.

  • JaXXB0
    JaXXB0 6 years ago

    Awesome vid!

  • Bayareatech
    Bayareatech 6 years ago

    I like this type of videos.

  • MrBeto2020
    MrBeto2020 6 years ago

    You can clean your panda head, that made my night haha

  • Zach Rosario
    Zach Rosario 6 years ago


  • kongmw
    kongmw 6 years ago

    lol the NONSENSE bit is hilarious.

  • CBW0314
    CBW0314 6 years ago

    He said HELLA! He is from NorCal!

  • TheStevo427563
    TheStevo427563 6 years ago

    I'm a professional detailer and have been for a long time what do you guys have regarding pet hair? This is a pet peeve of mine I've tried just about everything in the book. What things do you have to make this less time consuming I had a really bad one today short hairs in a tight fiber carpet. They can be the worst when its left for awhile and trampled on .3 hours of straight vacuuming and pet roller and wet towels and, Well there's more but to get it perfect takes forever . Suggestions?

  • Chemical Guys
    Chemical Guys  6 years ago

    I wash mine in a washing machine using Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash.

  • WRB-Berto
    WRB-Berto 6 years ago

    I love butter wet wax

  • Chemical Guys
    Chemical Guys  6 years ago

    An oil based dressing may last longer, but I would recommend to clean the trim very well with NONSENSE to ensure longevity of the dressing coat.

  • LeadMunitions
    LeadMunitions 6 years ago

    Hey Gregg...i noticed when i use the VRP dressing on the trim on my truck, the trim that runs along the top of each side of the bed, after sitting outside over night the dew builds up and in the morning the moisture runs down the side of the truck along with the dressing. It leaves streaks all over the paint. It also makes the trim blotchy because of the excess moisture. would i be better off using a petroleum based product.

  • Jake W
    Jake W 6 years ago

    Oh boy, now he's even detailing the toilet.... Yikes. ;-)

  • Melanie Vtec
    Melanie Vtec 6 years ago

    lmao at the Nonsense part :]

  • xxthehuskycaboosexx
    xxthehuskycaboosexx 6 years ago

    LMFAO at the all purpose cleaner part!