My Friend's Clingy Sister Had A Huge Crush On Me Ft. Emirichu

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • Today I tell you about my friend's clingy little sister.
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    PART 3:
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    ✎Illustrated by Rirumato

    Coloring by Tenshika✎
    Additional Coloring by Honidu
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    These stories are based off of true events from my life and dramatized for entertainment purposes.
    For anyone asking, I don't currently consider my videos as 'animation videos', but more illustrated stories. Eventually I would like to delve deeper into actual animated videos.
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  • The Nutcracker
    The Nutcracker 23 minutes ago +1

    Thank god it’s at least an 8th grader. I’ve had to deal with a damn 4th grader

  • Leawolfgacha Wolf
    Leawolfgacha Wolf 3 hours ago

    When you said mich I thought you said bicth

  • Krusty Krusty
    Krusty Krusty 4 hours ago


  • Antelani Atuaia
    Antelani Atuaia 7 hours ago


  • Antelani Atuaia
    Antelani Atuaia 7 hours ago

    3:50 im CRYING

  • Antelani Atuaia
    Antelani Atuaia 7 hours ago

    “Go follow it now, otherwise, you’re a loser-“ don’t be a loser guys

  • Antelani Atuaia
    Antelani Atuaia 7 hours ago

    Everyone go follow terry so he can get verified cause he really deserves

  • Sanik fast
    Sanik fast 8 hours ago

    How does he know what people talk about behind his back

  • Sanik fast
    Sanik fast 8 hours ago +1

    Why are all of Terry's straight from a highschool anime plot?
    It seems really odd

  • Ch4mpi0n
    Ch4mpi0n 9 hours ago

    Man just wanted to use the bathroom.

  • Gemattack
    Gemattack 9 hours ago

    Apple juice does strange thing to people

  • Guest Yones
    Guest Yones 10 hours ago

    So if terry turns 18 he would be a pedophile...

    Terry again: "Pedophile? MORE LIKE BET TESTER"

    • Guest Yones
      Guest Yones 10 hours ago

      Sorry bout that I always wanted to hear someone say that

  • Nick Yapp
    Nick Yapp 10 hours ago

    How old is she ???????

  • FELITO 21
    FELITO 21 11 hours ago

    Oh bois I know what I'm going to do with this history, I'm going to make some changes HAHA...

  • Oluwadarasimi Victor
    Oluwadarasimi Victor 11 hours ago

    Never use d bathroom lie

  • Fornite Og Player
    Fornite Og Player 12 hours ago

    Sure its Apple juice 👌

  • Andrea Perrin
    Andrea Perrin 13 hours ago

    This video has my dead 😂😂😂

  • Shadow sans
    Shadow sans 13 hours ago +1

    Haha this gonna be good 😜😝

  • Emarklund
    Emarklund 14 hours ago


  • Marilyn Mallik
    Marilyn Mallik 16 hours ago

    Him: obnoxious, clingy, et.v.
    Me: yea that's me ...mhhm

  • 969_vizionz_969
    969_vizionz_969 21 hour ago

    Watches video
    1 hour later
    Welcome back to another top 10 today we are reviewing the top ten biggest thots of all time

  • SpartaPros
    SpartaPros Day ago

    *The Imouto*

  • Moon & Sun
    Moon & Sun Day ago

    This is so dramatic

  • some one
    some one Day ago

    Alt f4

  • Lil Walk
    Lil Walk Day ago

    1st video of yours I watched, already love you.

  • paulius stasiulevicius

    7:28 starts f*** this s*** im out

  • Banna_ BoI
    Banna_ BoI Day ago

    Why u so good at drawing unlike me 💬🤣

  • Ikena Paraan
    Ikena Paraan Day ago

    Lieing as

  • Dani 7
    Dani 7 Day ago

    This guys happy someone appreciated hi lol then hes bragging bout it😂

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Day ago

    The start to h**tai

  • Nesrine Medjadi
    Nesrine Medjadi Day ago

    U cute tho

  • Dari SaysWhatSheThink

    They look all the same *Im CoNfUsEd*

  • BunMellow
    BunMellow Day ago

    “And that is unfortunately all I can fit within 10 minutes”

  • Eternal Warfare
    Eternal Warfare Day ago

    I legit can't tell wether this is true story or some left out material for an unused fanfiction.

  • Andrey Bell
    Andrey Bell 2 days ago

    The PEOPLES ELBOW ....Can you SMELLLLL..... what the Rock is Cooking

  • Very Special Benjii
    Very Special Benjii 2 days ago

    *apple juice*

  • Karim Elmansouri
    Karim Elmansouri 2 days ago

    Guy: Now whos the caveman now?
    Katy: Am abouta to ruin this mans whole career
    *Insert Yolo Sentence*

  • Savage_ vader2.0
    Savage_ vader2.0 2 days ago


  • Trish Una
    Trish Una 2 days ago

    I get called "annoying" bc I'm a little sister even though my big brother is the annoying one.....

  • gamerfreak1995
    gamerfreak1995 2 days ago

    That Never really happend

  • idk soo yea
    idk soo yea 2 days ago

    This man just wanted to use the bathroom

  • Abby Lee
    Abby Lee 2 days ago

    I have I just said to them
    You guys are mean
    Then My mom talk to them and the wanted to hang out but by the time they asked I had other friends so I refused the big means in that group

  • yeet manboy
    yeet manboy 2 days ago

    This is the most annoying sister

  • Beben Suteja
    Beben Suteja 2 days ago

    Wait was apple juice beer because you said ur 10th grade when you when to the party

    AARON FREEMAN 3 days ago

    Lowkey funny lowkey 👍 lowkey look anime lol to me

  • Green Neon Neo
    Green Neon Neo 3 days ago


  • Dr. LaZer133
    Dr. LaZer133 3 days ago

    "Hey Terry get over here!"

  • Kai Lubotsky
    Kai Lubotsky 3 days ago

    Do what?

  • Kai Lubotsky
    Kai Lubotsky 3 days ago

    That your his little sister..*cough* and annoying as hell! *Cough*

  • Kai Lubotsky
    Kai Lubotsky 3 days ago

    I'mma kid....

  • bdogg47 click
    bdogg47 click 3 days ago

    Close my moms friends daughter

    CHERVYSS 4 days ago

    Wow, he just wanted to go to the bathroom...what a shame..

  • WayWeekEnd
    WayWeekEnd 4 days ago

    Watch Yo Jey WATCH YO JET 5:36

  • sonic the speedster
    sonic the speedster 4 days ago

    4:53 if u was Terry and was the same age as Katie would you claim her

    KOSPED 4 days ago

    Okay new favorite RU-clipr😂

  • ssj3 dbz
    ssj3 dbz 4 days ago

    Elbow SMASH

  • Christopher Carty
    Christopher Carty 4 days ago +1

    Any friends sister KISSED ME I'm 10!!!!

  • Ricky Martinez
    Ricky Martinez 4 days ago

    Man in the end terry didn’t even go to the bathroom😢

  • Baylee Cauley
    Baylee Cauley 4 days ago


    Boy: *Knees Terry in the balls*
    Terry: *Falls to the ground in fetal position*
    Girl: *Being her casual thottie self*
    Boy: *Advances on Katie*
    Terry: *Trips the boy*
    Katie: *Elbow Slams the hell out of the boy*
    Invisible croud: *Cheers Loudly* "And her name is John Cena"
    Invisible DJ: *Plays John Cena theme song in the background*
    Boy&Girl: *Being the cowards they are, they run from the scene crying*

  • DustyCrawdad 307
    DustyCrawdad 307 4 days ago

    Your life sounds fun

  • くちかい lilhammock くちかい

    Bro why the fuck did the thumbnail look like a fucking hentai porno.

  • Themgapples 21
    Themgapples 21 4 days ago +1

    One question: How old is she?

  • MrkBrkLrk
    MrkBrkLrk 4 days ago

    ( ° _ ° )

  • Mia Dymtcheva
    Mia Dymtcheva 4 days ago

    And all you wanted was to go to the bathroom 😂

  • cole young
    cole young 4 days ago

    He just wanted to use the washroom...

  • Readel Rapper
    Readel Rapper 5 days ago

    3:50 🤣😂😂

  • was up
    was up 5 days ago

    same thing to me i have a good friend and the little sister loves me

  • TGVortex Music
    TGVortex Music 5 days ago

    Emirichu did good as the girl's voice.

    HUNGRY DIRE 5 days ago

    Poor guy just wanted to go to the bathroom and get drug into a relationship

    PIPPY SWIVELHEAD 5 days ago

    What is the “apple juice”

  • Legendary Pyro Pony
    Legendary Pyro Pony 5 days ago

    “Omg your going to like wrestle other people”
    “Yes kaitie thats what wrestling is, god your so slow”
    That part had me dead and this part
    “So you like my sister”
    “Dude I just needed to go to the bathroom”
    “Shshshshshshshsh it’s ok my guy I give you my permission”
    “Permission of what I just needed to go to the bathroom “

  • Christian _nugget
    Christian _nugget 5 days ago

    Is this a true story 🙄

  • james huff
    james huff 5 days ago

    8:01 shSHSshhhSHShsh

  • GlaucousFurr! :3
    GlaucousFurr! :3 5 days ago

    there's nothing to DO up there.

    Me: *thinking



    wee woo wee woo

  • ArguingNut217
    ArguingNut217 5 days ago

    Anyone else just stared at the carrot

  • ralphbanks123
    ralphbanks123 5 days ago

    I have 20 girls like me

  • Isaac Randall
    Isaac Randall 6 days ago

    Meme review

  • Reign Williams
    Reign Williams 6 days ago

    Love your drawing

  • evan hills
    evan hills 6 days ago

    i kinda want him to get sum puss

  • xd Seb_
    xd Seb_ 6 days ago

    _This became an anime very quickly_

  • TheMatias
    TheMatias 6 days ago

    101% faked out story

  • ツ1v1me u peen
    ツ1v1me u peen 6 days ago +1

    That guys girlfriend sounded like she was drunk

  • CrazyArtsz
    CrazyArtsz 6 days ago

    Ok but this is kinda funny.. 😂

  • Fallout Dude-66
    Fallout Dude-66 6 days ago

    FBI Open UP!!!

  • Seán Barrett
    Seán Barrett 6 days ago

    This story is full o shit

  • thepopsicleperson Robloxian

    Anyone else didn't see friend in the title and heart sank with disgust

  • Jeff Loincloth
    Jeff Loincloth 6 days ago


  • Phxde
    Phxde 6 days ago

    i fall to the ground in the fetal position 🤣🤣

  • Kill3r MoDz
    Kill3r MoDz 7 days ago

    Yo it's not really weird Terry you are only 2 years older

  • killer12 fnaf fan
    killer12 fnaf fan 7 days ago

    How u draw like that

  • Spider Virus
    Spider Virus 7 days ago

    So did you even get to the bathroom

  • Little limal robust
    Little limal robust 7 days ago

    im geting confuses because i tot Terry was some else

  • Cryo Cyrus
    Cryo Cyrus 7 days ago

    *My brain in overload mode the entire time*

    What are these feelings?

  • You expect a name?
    You expect a name? 7 days ago

    I hate girls when they be like yeah he must be 2 more years older then me

  • Ninja flames Killer
    Ninja flames Killer 7 days ago


  • Michelle Guzman
    Michelle Guzman 8 days ago

    Broo this cracking me up

  • ElectricEel 75
    ElectricEel 75 8 days ago

    Terry: *Yep, verry good point, now if you’ll excuse me -*
    Katie: * grabs arm *
    Terry: *Ummm excuse me,*

  • ThePunisher
    ThePunisher 8 days ago


  • Keek 260
    Keek 260 9 days ago +1

    I would plow terryTV

  • Ly Dia
    Ly Dia 9 days ago

    You are awsome