Surprising my Friends with Ariana Grande!? (Pranking ALL my Friends) | Brent Rivera

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  • Brent Rivera
    Brent Rivera  3 months ago +16165

    IM IN LOVE WITH THIS VIDEO😂😂😂 so fun to film !! 300k likes and I'll make more of these types of videos ❤️❤️

  • Kelly1999
    Kelly1999 Hour ago

    I’m not jealous or hating on Paige at all so please don’t think this comment is out of jealousy or hate because it’s not, but she clearly has some identity issues it’s scary and psychotic, she got “famous” for stealing someone else’s identity and most people are glorifying it. This is not normal it’s creepy and Ariana herself said she didn’t like it and I don’t know how that didn’t go through to Paige. I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed with someone in my whole life and it truly does freak me out!! Paige needs to get some help or try to be herself. What’s also even scarier is that she’s 15 years old and she does all this it truly worries me the ways people get “famous” these days

  • Maryam Wahab
    Maryam Wahab Hour ago

    I want you to suprise me like that

  • Rany Zulvany
    Rany Zulvany 2 hours ago

    Brent stay home stay save

  • ChefTangyBean Does stuf

    Follow you on TikTok, subscribed to you on RU-clip, follow you on twitter and if I had instagram I would follow you. I think I’m getting Instagram soon so I’ll follow you then! Bye!

  • Coleen Tumibay
    Coleen Tumibay 2 hours ago

    Shout out pls

  • Ghostbusters World
    Ghostbusters World 4 hours ago


  • Judith Ogweno
    Judith Ogweno 4 hours ago +1


  • Yiannis09 TOTALLY NOT ODer

    Brent: Well thank you Paige
    Paige: Who's Paige, I'm Ariana
    Dude im dead

  • Little T
    Little T 4 hours ago

    she got booty clapped by 2 police officers and her reaction is they spelt my name wrong

  • Shaabil Shareef
    Shaabil Shareef 4 hours ago


    KODIE JOHNSTON 4 hours ago

    Hi Brent I am Brax Johnston on Snapchat love you !!!.
    And little bit

    Hi I was Brax

  • Ruby EVANS
    Ruby EVANS 5 hours ago

    Hey Happy Birthday lexi

  • Parents of Neishca Dhamanwala

    It’s more than 300K

  • canyonxwayne
    canyonxwayne 6 hours ago


  • Janice Morgan
    Janice Morgan 6 hours ago

    I feel bad for Andrew he always falls for the pranks :3

  • canyonxwayne
    canyonxwayne 6 hours ago


  • Reynaldo Paredez
    Reynaldo Paredez 6 hours ago

    When david dobrik gets the real people yet heres brent getting fakes

  • Scarlet 2793
    Scarlet 2793 7 hours ago

    She is just like Ari...

  • cristina hretu
    cristina hretu 7 hours ago

    Is she my classmate witch i hate

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza 7 hours ago


  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza 7 hours ago


  • Austin Whitten
    Austin Whitten 8 hours ago

    I have a happy happy feeling...

  • Bailey Machan
    Bailey Machan 11 hours ago


  • Lainey Grignon
    Lainey Grignon 12 hours ago

    This is great

  • Jordan Dodson
    Jordan Dodson 12 hours ago

    I love this video

  • Jose Saucedo
    Jose Saucedo 12 hours ago

    I remember Paige she was on Lucas and maracas show go watch it it’s called “surprising my girlfriend with Ariana Grande

  • Jaslyne Ospina
    Jaslyne Ospina 12 hours ago

    I am done

  • Mabindra Katwal
    Mabindra Katwal 13 hours ago

    IM a fan

  • Hope Torrez
    Hope Torrez 14 hours ago

    Happy birthday lexi 🎂 🥳

  • Jadah Galloway
    Jadah Galloway 14 hours ago

    Are you still looking for a Grande because you can have the real ariana right here

  • Jennifer Lee Sims
    Jennifer Lee Sims 15 hours ago

    I liked may I please have a shoutout? Prank your friends with Katy Perry!

  • jacob miranda
    jacob miranda 15 hours ago

    Where is my shout out

  • marinet ladybug
    marinet ladybug 15 hours ago

    I that she was arianna Grande lol

  • Rosa Bolanos
    Rosa Bolanos 16 hours ago +1

    U arnt Ariana!!! U are paige and ur creeping people out we all know u arnt ariana like stop

  • Michelle Ramsingh
    Michelle Ramsingh 16 hours ago

    It looked like the real Ariana

  • Brittany Ortiz
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  • Martha Gonzalez
    Martha Gonzalez 17 hours ago +1

    I like

  • Heather Cooper
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  • SaraXL Undisclosed
    SaraXL Undisclosed 18 hours ago

    This channel is great

  • Gladys Arithi
    Gladys Arithi 18 hours ago +1

    For a moment I thought it was ariana grande I was shocked but really I was your friend

  • Gladys Arithi
    Gladys Arithi 18 hours ago +1

    Wait ariana grande is my favourite singer can I have her number

  • Jennifer Salley
    Jennifer Salley 19 hours ago

    I love this vide

  • Acelyn Wood
    Acelyn Wood 19 hours ago +1

    i love your videos can i get a shoutout please and i have watched every one of you videos anyway i love lexi r. and brent r. ben a.

  • Steve Matthews
    Steve Matthews 19 hours ago

    She looks so real 🎆🙊🙉🙈

  • Naima Koser
    Naima Koser 21 hour ago

    I love Andrews and bens reaction

  • Naima Koser
    Naima Koser 21 hour ago


  • Trismaria Kitoka
    Trismaria Kitoka 21 hour ago

    Paige really looks like ariana grande

  • Ashby Brewer
    Ashby Brewer 22 hours ago +1

    I love this video

  • Richard Desir
    Richard Desir Day ago

    I'm just six

  • Richard Desir
    Richard Desir Day ago

    You are the best chanol

  • AA BB
    AA BB Day ago

    Please prank more i love it😁😁

  • kirsten Lavin
    kirsten Lavin Day ago

    Love your v

  • Goutam Biswas
    Goutam Biswas Day ago

    She look like Ariana Grande And she is also so sweet

  • Aahana Khadka Aahanachhetri

    She looked legit like Ariana

    ANWITA JOSHI Day ago

    Pls shout out to me I liked your every video and suscribed you

  • Valerie Gamer
    Valerie Gamer Day ago

    Happy B-day Lexi , Brent Can i Have a shoutout

  • Meme King
    Meme King Day ago

    I liked the vid, btw Ariana and Lexi look like each other.

  • Loseli Fifita
    Loseli Fifita Day ago


  • Legend Brooks
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  • Jessica Medidhi
    Jessica Medidhi Day ago


  • Arisha Khan
    Arisha Khan Day ago +1

    This is my favorite video I love it 🥰

  • All about Soccer

    Oh my God is She’s 22 years old oh my God I thought she was 20

  • David Sinclair
    David Sinclair Day ago

    love you so much

  • Lisa Vivier
    Lisa Vivier Day ago

    Your mind favorite brat

  • riley lavey
    riley lavey Day ago

    omg that is so funny

  • Luisa Aiasecca
    Luisa Aiasecca Day ago

    The last one was my fav

  • Olivia Aguilar
    Olivia Aguilar Day ago +1

    brent is such a good youTuber

  • Hillary Niue
    Hillary Niue Day ago

    Can I have your phone number please

  • Rodilla Aloba
    Rodilla Aloba Day ago

    and me i got suprise by Arianna she say he can,t be my Valantines i say yes she kiss me

  • E Stew
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  • Emma Garcia
    Emma Garcia Day ago

    It sounded like ben wanted to say a bad word

  • Georges and michaels gaming channel

    She was the one that surprised ferran the roulty fam

  • OB1FTW
    OB1FTW Day ago

    I love ariana she is the best

  • kunza kamal khan

    And you know what she look so real oh my GOD😃

  • Chelsie Swenson
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  • kunza kamal khan

    You got all of them so good wow😂😂🤣🤣

  • Jasmine Cabrera
    Jasmine Cabrera Day ago

    Love ❤️ Brent’s vids

  • Jalen Freame
    Jalen Freame Day ago

    You have so many friends

  • Annclock
    Annclock Day ago

    You are a poor poo pea