Will COKE and Pineapple ACID Disintegrate Meat?

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • In today's video we're testing out a few different myths regarding acids. How will the acids in Coke and pineapples affect meat? What about muriatic acid?
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Comments • 2 115

  • MsCcase
    MsCcase 3 days ago

    There are a few step ups here

  • Christopher Duck
    Christopher Duck 4 days ago

    If u submerge the steak in the pineapple and leave it for 2hrs take the steak out rinse all the pineapple off and cook it you got pineapple steak. "Its just a really tender steak" try it.

  • saxon_hale
    saxon_hale 4 days ago

    72 hours in pineapple is WAY too long to marinate. If you're actually gonna use it, just go for an hour or two. No enzymes.

    Coke is used as an ingredient in a steak marinade, not by itself.

  • Interdimesional_ Hunter

    The stakes couldn't get any higher☺

  • Amanda
    Amanda 5 days ago

    While you eat pineapple, pineapple eats you.

  • Kuro' Shi
    Kuro' Shi 6 days ago

    fun fact: the stomach only digests protein because it produces a enzyme called pepsin

  • Robin Ebner
    Robin Ebner 7 days ago

    Maybe, coca cola, garlic, salt, pepper and ketchup. Almost like your own barbeque flavour.

  • Robyn Ybarra
    Robyn Ybarra 7 days ago

    How strong is your stomach acid / how dangerous is it?
    If it can break down food in a short time, is it at dangerous as sulfuric acid?

  • Brimp555
    Brimp555 9 days ago

    The muriatic acid will take the finish off of your granite countertop. Yours is multiple colors so it might not be obvious but don't do this at home.

  • Scott S
    Scott S 9 days ago

    I literally only watch this show for Callie

  • Jack West
    Jack West 10 days ago

    8:19 are nates vanes usually that visible? it scares me :b

  • Kmie
    Kmie 10 days ago

    Just not to lie but this is just like testing three different fuse, a plastic rope, normal rope and an actual fuse, which one burn the fastest

  • Kyle Benton
    Kyle Benton 11 days ago

    try this with papaya please

  • Jake P. The Hunter
    Jake P. The Hunter 12 days ago +1

    That stuff ate through tin foil!!!🤯

  • Ryan
    Ryan 12 days ago

    Isn't coke a base?

  • Anda Mahony Lad
    Anda Mahony Lad 12 days ago

    There was 5 steaks in the package
    They used 3 with 2 leftover, they must of ate it

  • skj !
    skj ! 12 days ago

    *this is kind of random... But- Coke does actually make your teeth transparent, not completely, but visible* (I learned this in 5th grade when a dentist came over to our school, lol)

  • chris manning
    chris manning 12 days ago

    Maybe you guys should do a straight up cooking show with steaks.

  • Raydar Gaming
    Raydar Gaming 12 days ago

    Ong thats nasty

  • dick tracy
    dick tracy 14 days ago

    I wanted to try and tenderize a pork roast so I made a combo of pineapple juice and papaya enzyme pills (which are both digestive enzymes). Then I used a large cow syringe to inject the mix into the roast. I let it sit for 48 to72 hours. After cooking it in the oven I tried it, it made the meat tender but it was like a warm meat paste. It was disgusting! ! ! I am unable to find the right words to express how bad it really was. The one thing I can say about it is I would never try that again! ! ! No one ate more than one bite of it each we had to give it all to the dog, It was that bad...

  • bleets
    bleets 14 days ago +1

    i was drinking a coke while watching this

  • Savior of the Scathed
    Savior of the Scathed 14 days ago +2

    It's so sad to see them just not eat all that steak

  • Dee Jarvis
    Dee Jarvis 15 days ago


  • Sam FillerIncluded
    Sam FillerIncluded 16 days ago

    Actually have used pineapple in steak marinades, it takes 24 hours for any flavours to soak in and it tastes a little like pineapple. Though that was in a refrigerator for those 24 hours mixed in with various oils and onions.

  • lerinnenatalia
    lerinnenatalia 16 days ago +1

    When I was a kid I was licking the pineapple slices and eating them off the skin kinda like how u eat watermelon. It was so sweet and delicious but the way I ate it tenderized my tongue and I couldn't talk or chew for 3 days. The licking motion left my tongue raw and the juices left it feeling numb like after the dentist. It was horrible. I still love pineapple but ever since that I eat it super carefully.

  • Verde
    Verde 17 days ago

    Didnt try the acid steak, smh no thumbs up

  • Victor Sotelo
    Victor Sotelo 17 days ago

    Basically created feces outside the stomach using the muriatic acid.

  • Travis Keate
    Travis Keate 18 days ago +1

    Freeze dry oil and oranges

  • Lucidly Waking
    Lucidly Waking 18 days ago

    You put 3 things HYDROCHLAURIC ACID pineapple and coke and you even question which one will dissolve the meat the most... I think its the first one

  • Mr.Gamer _AE
    Mr.Gamer _AE 18 days ago

    why are you wasting meet for this wierd test🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Elevencore
    Elevencore 18 days ago

    2:28 i wonder the whole time if these two are a couple hm?

  • Ricardo Peña
    Ricardo Peña 18 days ago

    You guys can't cook even if your lives debended on it

  • Dwight Simon
    Dwight Simon 19 days ago +1

    You should have grilled the pineapple steak and ate it

  • Liam Green
    Liam Green 20 days ago

    ‘It’s raw in the middle’. So you mean it’s cooked blue.. And it’s the only way to eat a stake.

  • Czaró
    Czaró 20 days ago

    When doing experiments you need control sample...

  • Rasmus
    Rasmus 20 days ago

    Why use hydrochloric acid when you can use lye?

  • rw
    rw 21 day ago +1

    That steak in the muriatic acid looks like something someone passed as excrement.

  • Jessi Justus
    Jessi Justus 21 day ago +1

    If they left those steaks out all weekend not in a fridge it would reach a danger zone of being too warm

    • Louis Laszlo
      Louis Laszlo 20 days ago +1

      Jessi Justus I doubt they would actually eat those steaks if they weren’t in the fridge.

  • Sneaky Snek
    Sneaky Snek 22 days ago +2

    This is just a recording of them working out how to dissolve grants body after they killed him

  • Kaden Que
    Kaden Que 22 days ago

    why didnt they have a control?

  • Cilantro Stars
    Cilantro Stars 22 days ago

    They should open up a restaurant with all of their weird experiments with food on the menu (the ones that turned out well at least.)

  • Wanuby
    Wanuby 23 days ago +1

    The stem is the best source for bromelain, that is what they use to extract it for meat tenderizer!
    Other sources for bromelain:
    Kiwifruit, Ginger, Asparagus, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Yogurt, Kefir.

  • GODz
    GODz 24 days ago

    U should eat that meat.. u look like slenderman

  • Assam Citrus
    Assam Citrus 24 days ago

    in my country people believe eating pineapple is an alternative for abortion

  • Drummerkingrulez
    Drummerkingrulez 24 days ago

    Should have used Pepsi

  • Paragon4Life
    Paragon4Life 24 days ago

    honey and onions also have the same enzyme as pineapple

  • Ωmega
    Ωmega 24 days ago

    f o o d w a r s

  • Dragon 9
    Dragon 9 25 days ago

    i love how coke and acid are both bolded, yet the video has to deal with neither one of them

  • Momma Hood
    Momma Hood 25 days ago

    Pops well deserve teeth. Light colored pop are stronger if I'm not mistaken and danm yall need to learn how 2 cook

  • ChocoboKid
    ChocoboKid 25 days ago

    I wonder... what other colas make differences. Like Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, etc.

  • GamingChefRob
    GamingChefRob 26 days ago

    the Mythbusters did the coke and steak one already

  • James Johnsen
    James Johnsen 26 days ago

    You should see what papaya enzymes do to meat

  • Iris Avontoc
    Iris Avontoc 26 days ago

    Different meats react different, fun fact chicken dissolves in pineapple juice in 24 hours :) (work in a restaurant, marinated for a staff meal, wanted it for that day and ended up doing something else. Returned next day for a fun surprise)

  • YoutubeTM algorithm
    YoutubeTM algorithm 27 days ago

    Pineapple has Flesh eating Enzymes in it

    Ever gonna eat Pineapple again???

  • Gabriel Sweet
    Gabriel Sweet 28 days ago

    You should try doing this same experiment but with the dry aged meat

  • dancingnature
    dancingnature 29 days ago

    I hope he put those he ate in the fridge after putting it in the pineapple and coke. Otherwise I wouldn’t eat it

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 29 days ago

    Bad teeth because they love coca cola

  • Grapefruitz
    Grapefruitz Month ago


  • Luis Baez
    Luis Baez Month ago

    wear masks blood borne pathogens

  • Go girl gamer
    Go girl gamer Month ago +1

    How dare Nate not like Coke!!!!!!!