What’s the BEST TV Under $400?

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    There are a ton of 4K TVs available at great budget prices.. but which ones are actually good value? We check out popular displays from Samsung, LG, TCL, and Sceptre.
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Comments • 80

  • Corey Desorcy
    Corey Desorcy Day ago

    I'm not sure exactly what model LG that is, but game mode automatically is set to true motion off, and cant even turn it on. They have done several updates

  • Corey Desorcy
    Corey Desorcy Day ago

    I'm glad I finally know I'm not alone when changing settings on people's audio and video things when not looking lol

  • Francisco De Pool
    Francisco De Pool 2 days ago

    HAHAHAH "I talked to your wife" loved it

  • Garrett Victory
    Garrett Victory 4 days ago

    I'm absolutely ok with no network and smart tv gimmicks. i have multiple consoles that do all that stuff anyway

  • Lav 91
    Lav 91 4 days ago

    If you look on rtings the lg um 7300 is a lot better than 6900 and gets brighter.

  • Official T0RA
    Official T0RA 5 days ago

    "So James here!"
    James: *Dial-up noises*

  • Jose Pablo Hurtado Tamayo

    I don't know if this might interest anybody, but Samsung manages different models for the same TV, I have the RU7100G which has the smart control and a bit better specs compared to other global models like the one shown in this video, I never noticed it before, and apparently there are like 4 differente models of the same TV

  • Citer
    Citer 6 days ago +1

    Why did they put 400 USD in the title if they are all under 400 i would be happy to spend some more money like 400 or 500 and get the absolute best 4k for a budget

  • Jean Lepage
    Jean Lepage 7 days ago

    Real cinema is suppose to be turn on tho

  • Michael Holm
    Michael Holm 7 days ago

    I had a TCL 55 from Wal_Mart it was okay but shit took it back I'm saving for a LG or Samsung no more cheap tvs there all shit

  • Zed
    Zed 9 days ago

    Durian is like the best food you could eat here!!!

  • Brad Scott
    Brad Scott 10 days ago

    3:25 wow i feel personally attacked lmao

  • Trance88
    Trance88 10 days ago

    I've already got a TV picked out that I'm planning to buy in a month or two. I think I made the right choice based on this video!

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 10 days ago

    First video I've had to downvote in a while. Sorry, I just can't take Linus's bigoted opinion on smooth motion seriously. Linus is actually a terrible person in this regard for making people's TVs less realistic without them knowing. That's incredibly rude. Sad to see him be so contradictory and such an extreme disciple of the bizzare "I want movies to look less realistic for no actual reason" cult. Seriously, it's infuriating how stupid some smart people can't get.

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 10 days ago

    Honestly, he's coming across as slightly condescending and ignorant. I paid 350 dollars for my 2015 Vizio M series TV and it still is top notch at scaling, looks great, and has slightly more than decent speakers (not that most people would care). And it has lots of IO, including component (very important for anyone who cares about 6th generation console gaming).

  • The Dude
    The Dude 10 days ago

    Picked up the 43 in Tcl today $248

  • Jordan
    Jordan 13 days ago

    Just bought a 50’ Samsung Ru7000. For about 339$. Not bad in my opinion. Input lag is good in game mode and my HD/4K content looks great. Just tweaked some settings to my liking. I’m waiting until the ps5 to really drop some money on a tv

  • TheDuerden
    TheDuerden 17 days ago

    This video was posted 2 months ago, and yet I cannot find the LG TV on the internet in Europe at all.

    Wonder if it is called something else, doesn't pop up on Google that there is another name for it.

    • TheDuerden
      TheDuerden 17 days ago

      In fact, if you restrict Google to searching for exactly the product code, the only thing that comes up at all, is Linus Tech Tips (on various sites).
      You got the right code there guys? I copy and pasted from your video (obviously since it shows up in restricted Google search).

  • guerilla2013
    guerilla2013 19 days ago

    Is there a cat in the room? 7:06

  • David Neal
    David Neal 19 days ago

    The video is actually over at 20:30. Other than the commercials I loved it. I have the most expensive Sharp Aquos 65inch 4K Smart TV, given to me by my little sister because the "Cast" didn't work wirelessly. I tried to play Unreal Tournament with my wife (because she is badass at it and loves the classics) but I got beat a LOT due to latency. Upon watching this video, you made me realize that the GAME setting reduces that immensly. I was using MOVIE. I used "Slow Motion" on my Motorola G7 Power to see if the reduction was useful. It was by A LOT. I now am back on top but close lol. Of course you have to let her win sometimes just to keep her wanting to play. Thanks

  • jonathan schoenherr
    jonathan schoenherr 19 days ago

    Is the LG model number wrong? I cannot find that model, closest is 49UM6900PUA

  • W. Dearth
    W. Dearth 20 days ago

    I bought a 50" Fire TV (Toshiba) on the eve of the Superbowl last year for like $300ish and I have no regrets for the most part.

  • DeXXiMeR
    DeXXiMeR 21 day ago

    To anyone looking at the lg careful as we got a tv from Walmart and it would not connect to internet over WiFi only lan and when we were told that it doesn't fall under warranty and we were basically screw 378$ at the time took the back panel off which is aluminum and doesn't have a warranty sticker on it so we opened it the fuckin chips were barely plugged in and some were screwed in which is where I problem came in it was barely plugged in hangin by the wire touching the bottom of the shell screwed it in plugged in all wires all the way and the thing still didn't fuckin work very disappointed other than that lan works and is great tv

  • Dutchenterprise 7
    Dutchenterprise 7 21 day ago

    Does somebody now wich tv to buy that can read an external 4TB hdd?

  • pandoro2003
    pandoro2003 21 day ago

    I mainly play videogames, I should go for the lg?

  • Udalix
    Udalix 21 day ago

    So where the verdict on best tv? This was merely a game of match the price.

  • PhiWeaver
    PhiWeaver 22 days ago

    So which one is best? I'm not watching the whole thing

  • zack phy
    zack phy 22 days ago

    I have that TCL and it's a PHENOMENAL tv. MUCH better than my more expensive LG tv I had that went out after 1 month needing basically all parts replaced. Plus it looks much better and has a faster menu.
    I have that LG tv(same one I mentioned above) and it was pretty shitty, esp compared to the TCL which cost over $150 less. TCL is by FAR the best budget TV, esp of this bunch. The LG has terrible reliability and it fails pretty often, mine isn't the only one I personally knew of that failed pretty quickly. And within the warranty that's fine but when they fail so often within warrant you KNOW they'll eventually fail out of warranty. The TCL is the best value BY FAR in this bunch and if you want anything better you should just go for a over $1000 tv.

  • ptpvideogaming
    ptpvideogaming 23 days ago

    I have that series 7 samsung and ya for a living room I definitely would get something better but for a gaming tv or just a tv for your bedroom i would recommend it


    0:37 🔥

  • Steven Werner
    Steven Werner 24 days ago


  • The Drake
    The Drake 25 days ago

    TCL tvs are probably the best value in the TV industry...

  • YRN Kade
    YRN Kade 25 days ago +1


  • CYxISee3ees Zo
    CYxISee3ees Zo 26 days ago

    hail the Pc, SamsunG sAid

  • Chris Hoffman
    Chris Hoffman 26 days ago

    I know OLED is better than QLED, but is NanoCell better than QLED? Judging by the results here, one might guess so, but perhaps it's not fair to judge since the two TVs I am considering are a little bit higher price/different technology.

  • John Popovich
    John Popovich 27 days ago

    TCL 4K HDR ROKU BUILT IN 55" $268 at walmart...thank me later

  • leafbelly
    leafbelly 27 days ago

    Am I the only one who loves smoothing motion mode?

  • Scribbler1382
    Scribbler1382 27 days ago

    Where the hell is the TCL only $279?

  • Alakuu
    Alakuu 27 days ago

    M6 vs M4. Literally just bolt differences, every vesa mount I've used has holes, not captive screws. But yeah I guess a pain in the ass.

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison 27 days ago

    I really like my cheap Sharp TV, spent $200 CAD on sale at Walmart. It's a Smart LCD and the audio processing is great, which is a relief because the tiny speakers they put on TVs these days are less than spectacular

  • Jordan Fenwick
    Jordan Fenwick 27 days ago

    recently got a 58 inch 4k hisense smart tv for 279 and tbh its been pretty good. last tv i got was a 40 inch 1080 sharp for 600

  • Sean C
    Sean C 28 days ago

    I bought the TCL because of this video THANK YOU!

  • Mike Clark
    Mike Clark 28 days ago

    Good job. Lol that was a funny video.. thanks for the info

  • Flyingboots1
    Flyingboots1 28 days ago +1

    What was the input lag of the Scepter guys?

  • Draven Wright Lee
    Draven Wright Lee 28 days ago

    Yo Linus lookin good rn ngl, good job man

  • mandarin125
    mandarin125 29 days ago

    I still own a CRT lol.

  • Noah Walker
    Noah Walker 29 days ago

    Well thank god the LG is the tv I just got

  • Ghost
    Ghost 29 days ago

    Glad I’m not the only one that HATES the default smoothing feature that TV manufacturers seem determined to shove down your throat! And how people can watch it and not notice is mind boggling!

  • Tiago VMarques
    Tiago VMarques 29 days ago

    What about the Toshiba fire TV edition 55"?

  • Jerem0y
    Jerem0y Month ago

    Durian is my favorite fruit its amazing. Yall over exageratte it smells good

  • wolfe1978nm
    wolfe1978nm Month ago

    Large monitor that also acts as a TV? Seiki 42. Can be flashed with the 49 firmware that makes it 120hz. Congrats, a $150 tv that also acts as a 120hz monitor. Oh, and 60hz 4k, does that too.

  • Randoms fandoms
    Randoms fandoms Month ago

    wait but linus is wearing a t shirt in winter?!

  • anonymous boy25
    anonymous boy25 Month ago +1

    LG um7400 43inch

  • Adog312
    Adog312 Month ago

    i found this at a really convenient time... i'm in the market for a TV and that TCL one is just perfect. thanks for the in-depth review.

  • Clint Bainter
    Clint Bainter Month ago

    My TCL 43" does use M6 bolts but I just drilled VESA mount and it worked fine.

  • Milo Hajek
    Milo Hajek Month ago

    If your going to buy a TV, or for that matter a PC, Car, etc you need to look at what features, options, accessories you want, and then look at price, price must not be the main or final factor in your purchasing decision. like last year when i decided to get another TV, i narrowed it down to QLED or OLED, after investigating more i found that for me OLED was the best pick, then i found that LG had the nicest OLED TV's, their flagship was the C8 with the Ax9 processor and after researching more i found out that the C9 would have the same base Ax9 but with some slight upgrades like adjustable frame rate, etc so they call it the Ax9ii but otherwise its pretty much the same TV as what i got last year and i love it. Same went for picking a sports car, i had always wanted a Porsche 911, and having owned a 914, 924, 944, 944 Turbo, 928 and a 928 GTS i finally picked a 911 C4 and i love it. I did look at Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Dodge, Chevy, Ford and a few others but now had the price, performance, maintenance rate that the 911 had, specifically one off a 24 month lease, that way you get the remaining 2 years or upto 50k miles lot the factory warranty without the brand new drive it new off the lot price depreciation, plus most bugs, if any will have been worked out by then and so i got my 911 with a sticker of $103,xxx with 34k miles on it for nearly $30k below the sticker price, i still had warranty, and it was a great deal. now obviously you wouldn't go and buy a 2 year old PC or TV but similar principals apply.

  • Ochir Sanjaadorj
    Ochir Sanjaadorj Month ago

    Disagree, bigger is always better

  • TehJonel
    TehJonel Month ago

    This was really enjoyable to watch.

  • Lymer
    Lymer Month ago +1

    Best 4K TV under $400? Wow - actually a realistic budget for an impressive piece of kit. Well player LTT!

  • CanineMinefield
    CanineMinefield Month ago

    Really like videos like this that compare "normie" electronics. People want to know they're getting the best performance for their dollar even if it's not an "elite" product. Good job!

  • hamid Lion's heart
    hamid Lion's heart Month ago

    We want under 800 $ best gameing tv

  • TickRate Gaming
    TickRate Gaming Month ago

    You should have tried the Vizio M series

  • TickRate Gaming
    TickRate Gaming Month ago

    Samsung you have to go further into the settings for game mode.

  • Guffrey 94
    Guffrey 94 Month ago

    Ur more used to ur very expencive tvs lol but it's actually pretty common that those tvs will smell plasticy for the first month or so thatbu own it. But it WILL go away after a little time.

  • Yash Mendiratta
    Yash Mendiratta Month ago

    Linus was so happy after the price reveal.

  • tony kennedy
    tony kennedy Month ago

    where the tvs that just are tvs and are good, no smart tvs?

  • Micro Tasker
    Micro Tasker Month ago

    That new TV smell

  • BMane
    BMane Month ago

    "talking all day"

  • Dade Murphey
    Dade Murphey Month ago

    welcome to the hardware snobs channel

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones Month ago

    I’m happy with my TCL Roku TV. I was shopping on Black Friday and found a great deal for it. It was a spur of the moment decision that day. All I knew is I wanted a Roku Smart TV with 4K and HDR, and it fit the bill. I’m very pleased with it myself. It’s not top notch obviously, but it does what I would like it to do and it does it well enough.

  • Matty Matt
    Matty Matt Month ago

    Damn Linus has a good eye! Great content lads!

  • Steve Nicks
    Steve Nicks Month ago

    i agree when I first got my budget 4k hdr TV I thought huh ? HDR is pants! just makes everything to dark? although I did change the black lvl which helped quite a bit.
    thing is when you only have a small budget and never seen what HDRis supposed to look like it's kind of misleading.
    after a while and much more research I realised that oh all the budget hdr TV around 3 years ago are fake hdr its hdr but all boiled down to NITS and BITS.
    LG released a firmware up date which included HDR game mode which made things a little better with lag input.
    I guess it's really nice on a top end TV? but I feel for my money it might be far from the best although it still looks good to me and if i dont have a highend 4k HDR TV to compare it to then I cant say I would know good from bad and my old eyes are not as good as they once where, but i'm happy with what I have and what it cost me.

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas Month ago

    I have that TCL TV and I bought on impulse like a year ago cause it was so cheap and hot damn it's really impressive for the bucks. I love that thing!

  • El Serg
    El Serg Month ago

    I need those settings for the LG TV since I have that TV. I'm glad Linus like the LG TV :)

  • Clewin Vaz
    Clewin Vaz Month ago

    Linus Price Tips

  • Mike Oxsmol
    Mike Oxsmol Month ago


  • hemiboy 392
    hemiboy 392 Month ago

    So witch tv was the best ?

  • fur king el
    fur king el Month ago

    theres a lot in this what makes me hate him as a person

  • WickedTimeFox
    WickedTimeFox Month ago

    fat but

  • Leon Torres
    Leon Torres Month ago

    @Linus why you guys didnt include the amazon fire tvs see if there any good and try to side load the xcloud on the fire tvs and see if it works