Mortal Kombat 11 Kitana All Gear Customization Options Showcase

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
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  • Genuine Artistry
    Genuine Artistry 5 days ago

    I really wish you could make your own custom color palettes like in Soul Calibur, because I would've made a human, double bun green Kitana :(

  • Alex Montes
    Alex Montes Month ago +1

    Cyan Kitana best Kitana

  • Miralem M
    Miralem M Month ago +2

    It would be cool if they could add pink or purple skin for kitana so we could kostumize her as mileena

  • Marie Smith
    Marie Smith 2 months ago

    How do you guys get the Elder Bird Talon Fan for Kitana on the Towers of Time? Please help me!!!!

  • Megalon73
    Megalon73 2 months ago +2

    Past Kitana is so much better then Evil Kitana!

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai 3 months ago

    I've noticed that with some skins she looks flatter than others

  • Minolica
    Minolica 3 months ago

    She was way better in MKX. And Karen Strassman did a better job at voicing her, not that I have something against Kari Wahlgren.

    • Kamron Dunnah
      Kamron Dunnah 3 months ago +1

      Minolica Karen Strassmam gave her that sassy, sharp tounged, and boss voice that we love. But Kari Wahlgren gave her the diplomatic, sophisticated, and responsible queen voice that we also love. The MKX voice was great for that game cause she was angry and had a reason to be. But the Mk11 voice is good because now she’s a ruler and has responsibilities so now she has a reason to sound this way and is not so angry anymore. But I miss her old voice😭

  • Blank AP
    Blank AP 3 months ago +2

    kitana thicc

  • Fabien Kang
    Fabien Kang 4 months ago +3

    She’s hot

  • sophean A
    sophean A 4 months ago +2

    They better bring kitana long hair back asap or else......,

  • CHpZ rgud_7
    CHpZ rgud_7 4 months ago

    Why did made her Asian she looked better from the previous games

    • B R A N D O N P E L Z
      B R A N D O N P E L Z 3 months ago

      @PRINGLES ! Based off of not her actual roots jarod and sindel are nothing close to asian it doesnt matter how much you support the asian claim shes edenian not asian if shes asian then sindel or jarod have to be as well how does a man that literally is a Zeus copy make an asian baby doesnt make sense

    • PRINGLES !
      PRINGLES ! 3 months ago

      B R A N D O N P E L Z Kitana is based of off Asian culture. She has always fought with twin bladed fans and her name is Kitsune and Katana combined. Idk about anyone else but I always perceived her to be inspired by Asian culture.

    • B R A N D O N P E L Z
      B R A N D O N P E L Z 3 months ago

      @Sidney Pittman no shes not shes edenian dumb butt her family had nothing to do with asians...

    • Sidney Pittman
      Sidney Pittman 3 months ago +1

      Sandman Lopez because she’s Asian

  • Joynel Bonet Delgado
    Joynel Bonet Delgado 4 months ago +50

    We need long hair Kitana, also the possibility of removing the headband.

  • Orifiel-M
    Orifiel-M 4 months ago +15

    This is so useful for cosplay reference purposes, thank you!

  • Dummy For Fun
    Dummy For Fun 4 months ago

    That armpit..

  • Travis Gibbons
    Travis Gibbons 4 months ago +12

    I really miss the long hair she typically sported. I want my ponytails damn it!

    • ImNovaツ
      ImNovaツ 3 months ago

      Travis Gibbons she’s getting her klassic skin and jade next Dlc

  • James Bartee
    James Bartee 5 months ago +6

    Is it me or does maskless Kitana remind me of Zhang Ziyi from Rush Hour 2?

  • Christopher Robinson
    Christopher Robinson 5 months ago

    How do you get the edinian blue outfit... the one in the story. I can’t find it and also how do u get masklesss kitana

    • ThePlasticBowl
      ThePlasticBowl 5 months ago +2

      Maskless Kitana can only be acquired from donating 75,000 koins to the shine which really sucks because it's considered a rare skin and it's not gonna pop very easily. To give you an idea of just how long it can take I counted (because Kitana is my favorite character and I wanted her maskless gear too) and it took me 51 tries to get it. That means I donated 3,825,000 koins to get one piece of gear.....yeah. Edenian Blue (which I also want but don't have yet) is a skin that can be found in the Krypt however I'm not sure if it has a chance of appearing in a chest or not. If not then the sad reality of that is you're gonna have to do the same thing you have to do to get the mask only worse because the shrine only gives skins at 100,000 a piece. Bottom line NRS knows what you want and did everything in their power to make getting it a long and painful process.

  • TK 793506
    TK 793506 5 months ago +3

    Is it just me or do the outfits look the same to me with variation?

  • tmmaston
    tmmaston 5 months ago

    Kitana costume DLC ideas
    Klassic (MKII & UMKIII), Belly Dancer, Flamenco Dancer, Dia de los Muertos, the fans from the movie with the curved blades

    • Ghostly
      Ghostly 4 months ago

      @Travis Gibbons ok thanks for explaining it to me.

    • Travis Gibbons
      Travis Gibbons 4 months ago

      @Ghostly Its free money, character customization is quite a highlight trend in fighting games, to add your own personal touch to the game. Naturally we're going to see new costumes and outfits come out that you can select.

      Nothing confirms this yet, but anticipate a costume pack in the coming future.

    • Ghostly
      Ghostly 4 months ago

      Wait they will add new outfits for her in the new Kombat pack?(I'm kinda new to the franchise)

    • Travis Gibbons
      Travis Gibbons 4 months ago

      They can also include outfits from MK10 as well. Such as her "tournament" outfit which was my favorite from that game.

  • tmmaston
    tmmaston 5 months ago

    Kitana got those chola brows on point

  • Shia LaBeouf
    Shia LaBeouf 5 months ago +4

    I wish you could change her hairdo

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  • jaime rodarte
    jaime rodarte 5 months ago

    zooming in on kitana's ass, she's a tiny little asian chick with a decent load in the back.

  • Terris Bland
    Terris Bland 5 months ago

    How do I get Kitana Kahn

  • ParappaTown PT
    ParappaTown PT 5 months ago +10

    I personally think that Kitana is absolutely adorable, especially her nose ^^ She's my fav character in this game and I honestly like her in this game more than in any other. I'm so glad she's Kahn❣💙💙

    • ParappaTown PT
      ParappaTown PT 5 months ago +3

      @ab Laster_ I actually am too. She'll be a better Kahn💙💙

  • Crimsonite20
    Crimsonite20 5 months ago +10

    Her fans look awesome..goddamn I wish she would be a guest character on Soul Calibur 6

    • Cinder Pxmpkin
      Cinder Pxmpkin Month ago

      Travis Gibbons spawn?

    • Travis Gibbons
      Travis Gibbons 4 months ago

      It would be awesome to have that, but Soul Calibur 6 is far less "gruesome" in terms for design. and I don't believe they have any characters they want to see torn asunder in MK11 if they decided to "swap" heroes for one another.

  • Albert Yustanto
    Albert Yustanto 5 months ago +4

    0:45 reminds me of megumin somehow

  • regina evangelista
    regina evangelista 5 months ago +4

    The only pretty design of her fans is The fishfin spinalizer

  • Cameron Doerksen
    Cameron Doerksen 5 months ago +1

    she looks like my cousin same with cassie

  • Cameron Doerksen
    Cameron Doerksen 5 months ago +7

    judging by her victory poses she knows spinjitsu

  • Crazy Cooky03
    Crazy Cooky03 5 months ago

    How do i get her desert rose skin? How do i get all the skins with the ??? On them do you know?

    • Daniel Ray
      Daniel Ray 5 months ago +1

      @Ivan Iñiguez actually no. the shop is completely random you get cosmetics through time towers or through chests in the krypt you are misinformed

    • Crazy Cooky03
      Crazy Cooky03 5 months ago +1

      Ivan Iñiguez micro transactions? Whats that?

    • Ivan Iñiguez
      Ivan Iñiguez 5 months ago

      Micro transactions lmao this game sucks

  • Sezerims
    Sezerims 5 months ago +5

    Thx NetherRealm for making my waifu ugly and flat as a stick 👎🏻

    • Lycia
      Lycia 4 months ago

      i liked her previous designs too but still happy bae is in game

    • akira tsubaki
      akira tsubaki 4 months ago

      agree dude kitana on mk9 and x looks better, and in this version her outfit variation is just bad. the aproach in realism is to much on the psique too, smh.

    • JusticeWeeb
      JusticeWeeb 5 months ago +6

      She has a realistic, athletic body. You know, because she’s active as an assassin. Calm down there, buddy.

    • Arabian Prince
      Arabian Prince 5 months ago +3

      She's hot and looks actually like a person and not a sex doll

    • The robotic Meme
      The robotic Meme 5 months ago +2

      Sezerims says the one having a boner for a game character

  • Sean McFarlane
    Sean McFarlane 5 months ago +11

    Kitana is my main in this game and I’m loving all the different skins, colors etc so far. Thanks for the upload!

  • Kjel tek
    Kjel tek 5 months ago +12

    This is the best kitana iteration in the whole mk series imo

    • sirscottt the3rd
      sirscottt the3rd 5 months ago +1

      I agree

    • X-Ray
      X-Ray 5 months ago +1

      yeah, I agree, also love mkx revenant version of her

  • Gabriel Benitez
    Gabriel Benitez 5 months ago +77

    Kitana willa always be my favorite Female MK fighter

    • xdeadboyzz
      xdeadboyzz Month ago

      @WrestlingPunishment this is the greatest kitana's version wdym

    • xdeadboyzz
      xdeadboyzz Month ago

      @Andrea Toppi lol that's the original kitana

    • Phoenix
      Phoenix 5 months ago

      Ryona Extreme wym classic Kitana is better

    • Daniel Ray
      Daniel Ray 5 months ago

      @Andrea Toppi we dont either well at least not the sane ones

    • Andrea Toppi
      Andrea Toppi 5 months ago

      @Daniel Ray We dont put ananas on pizza, dude. Im sorry.