Coming up on ‘Fox News Sunday:’ September 22

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses tensions between the United States and Iran .
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Comments • 363

  • Emmett Mitcham
    Emmett Mitcham 29 days ago

    All the media that people see and hear are lies, don’t believe it, If they tell you the world has ended don’t believe it . The media is all negative and hateful lies

  • D Storm
    D Storm Month ago +2

    Chris Wallace, and his substitute John Roberts, are not even curious about the obvious -- that Biden did talk to his son, who was involved in a crooked business deal.

  • Dennis Fetterman
    Dennis Fetterman Month ago

    You assholes at Fox said all this and then you didn’t say anything idiots

  • Rosa Montes de Oca Gonzalez

    Gracias saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo 2020_24_ por siempre jesuscristo es con nosotros amén aleluyah Rajem ShaBBat!!!

  • André
    André Month ago

    It is very latent that the only allies of the U.S. are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel!

  • TRUMP Voter
    TRUMP Voter Month ago

    One we do not need to go war as it was Saudi Arabia oil, and land not ours. As for you John get off bias reporting. You are a snake John we see right through you.

  • Dennis Fetterman
    Dennis Fetterman Month ago

    I hope and pray that the president does not fall for this Saudi Arabia attack it is not our job as the president put it to protect the world besides wasn’t it Saudi Arabia that attacked us did anybody come to our defense just a thoughtWe do not need to be the police of the world it’s costly.

  • Jorge Sixto Antonio Vargas Bueno

    the one in the picture is not Joe, the real one wears smoked glasses, MAGA 2020

  • Christopher Goodman
    Christopher Goodman Month ago +1

    I watch Mike Pompeo on this week and he is now orange or than his boss is the new requirement a spray down

  • masterblackthorn
    masterblackthorn Month ago +1

    If you remember Iran had a nuclear none proliferation deal with the Major powers. Iran was in compliance but Cadet Bonespurs tore up the agreement to distract from his corruption at home. As tensions have increased the orange umpa lumpa, now says he doesnt want a war , but is " locked and loaded". Trump always says the opposite of what he wants. the coward in chief would be only too happy to send thousands of brave American soldiers off to war. while he continued raiding the Countries tax revenues. How dumb are you? Will you keep following this creep ?

    • masterblackthorn
      masterblackthorn Month ago +1

      @Vera Kay Yes there were, totally in compliance. If not show me your evidence. stop spreading falsehoods

    • Vera Kay
      Vera Kay Month ago

      Iran was not in compliance, they are fully nuclear ready. And so is Israel.

  • Navah Wolff
    Navah Wolff Month ago

    Iran need a great lesson so they can finally respect the worlds
    Trump 2020

  • Steve Simmons
    Steve Simmons Month ago +2

    Ben Cardin is a fool and dangerous to our freedom.

  • Tony Blair
    Tony Blair Month ago +2

    Is it legal to "enslave" people by printing debt?

  • Omar Khattab
    Omar Khattab Month ago +1

    Trump proved to be the "stable genius" in all this.
    Trump charged Saudis $400 billion with no promise to defend them. Compare the $400 billion with the mere $32 billion George Bush Senior charged Saudis to defend them. And everybody criticize Trump.

  • This is Not The Algorithm

    Let the oil burn! Then we'll have to use our heads, stop fighting wars over it and unite. Heirarchical government be it Democracy, Communism or Facisism does not work. Create alternative and peaceful systems 🅰️

  • bob anderson
    bob anderson Month ago

    God Blessed the Lawd and he sent us a Trump in the pack cards full of magicians and beta males. Lucifer beta. Joshua. Alpha. Long live the King and his People the body of Christ.

  • Stephen Bray
    Stephen Bray Month ago

    The girl that accused prince Andrew of sexual assault was recruited from Mar a Lago it's clear to me that Trump and Epstien were trading girls like they were horses.

    • Vera Kay
      Vera Kay Month ago

      Do give proof. How clear is it?

  • sandy russell
    sandy russell Month ago

    The most illegitimate incompetent and criminal administration in American history....
    Dump dumb donald 2020....

  • giggergigger1
    giggergigger1 Month ago +1

    Today trumps mafia lawyers lodged a n attempt in court to stop the feds and states from investing Any crime he or his cronies have committed, its absurd, will be dismissed by the court but it shows the Depoth of his depraved criminal intent, greed and treachery. He is not a fvcking king, he is not above the law

  • Chris P Bacon
    Chris P Bacon Month ago +1

    There is open urination and defecation on the streets of America and the Trump regime is worried about Saudi oil fields.

  • Tamtam Tamatim.
    Tamtam Tamatim. Month ago

    166 took kidnap from street in egypt just yesterday and today from all Egypt
    Because they said to sisi go out from government

  • Tamtam Tamatim.
    Tamtam Tamatim. Month ago

    you must talking about sisi egyption president to go out from the government
    He make Castel from country money
    And he too kidnap "hazem ghonem"
    his brother in egypt and wa'el ghunem in California said no to he shut up his mouth from government money

  • Crozbyguy
    Crozbyguy Month ago

    The Teflon Don for 2020 (you know what you can do with Chrissy Balless)

  • DaveK
    DaveK Month ago

    All I say is make sure that what ever the finding are, That they Are Proof Positive, No maybes......

  • SB SB
    SB SB Month ago +1

    IS US THE Saudis Btch ???
    and Are US buying weapons for ISIS ??? It turns out the Yemini ISIS fighters are using Weapons which were previously ordered and paid for by the US Government

  • Audrey Ryan
    Audrey Ryan Month ago +3

    Deep State trying to incite war.

  • James Honeycutt
    James Honeycutt Month ago

    The only Americans that's going over there! is after that country is bombed the country's going to be dead!

  • James Honeycutt
    James Honeycutt Month ago +1

    President Donald J Trump 2020! Trump knows what he's doing unlike the news

  • Brian Hurley
    Brian Hurley Month ago +1

    Saudi forces have killed and murdered thousands of civilians in Yemen and US says nothing, but hurt Saudi oil and the US is outraged. America should be ashamed of itself.

  • mr E
    mr E Month ago +5

    Lets continue to show disrespect for our military members by supporting a known draft-dodger as a "commander-in-chief"

  • Golden Empress
    Golden Empress Month ago +4

    Trump wars against America's
    Poor and Middle class.
    Trump standards include
    FLINT, MICHIGAN type water quality in tap and bottled water.
    Trash in the world's oceans.
    Trade war with China includes heaps of trash accumulating on American soil no one knows where to put.
    Dirty air pollution we fought hard to get rid of via California emissions STANDARDS.
    Clean air.
    Clean water.
    FREEDOM for all.
    Restoration of human rights and dignity to the poor and middle class.
    FREEDOM for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning......HEROES.
    DEFEND those who stood their ground bravely against corruption in governments around the world!
    God bless and God speed.

  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller Month ago +4

    I say my prayers every day>>>>>DON-THE-CON, hurry up and have your heart attack! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Henry Niemi
    Henry Niemi Month ago +2

    Fox pimps their news crew to the highest bidders. How does the news crew feel about this, about being used as news whor*s by their bosses? We will never know.

  • J B
    J B Month ago +1

    Coming up on Sun watch Mike man of Koch sell war with Iran.

  • Kyle Gibson
    Kyle Gibson Month ago +2

    Please grill him and make it clear how much of a liar Pompeo is

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K Month ago

    Tensions didn't boil over. Cut the crap.

  • Sandman 123
    Sandman 123 Month ago

    I'm still waiting for trump to show the American people the transcripts of the conversation he had with the president of Ukraine let see how big are his balls.

  • Sandman 123
    Sandman 123 Month ago

    I hope chis Wallace comes this Sunday the he'll with the rest

  • Dean Mulready
    Dean Mulready Month ago +1

    How about Blumpf do something about his supporters being attacked and de-platformed rather than trying to get us into another Zionist/Saudi war?

    DONALD J. TRUMP Month ago

    So i messed around with this chick last month and now shes pregnant she thinks im the dad but i dont think im the dad. I also dont think shes the mom but she keeps saying shes the mom. how can i prove to her that she isnt the mom?

  • J Diguls
    J Diguls Month ago +2

    Just setting a reminder to tune out "Faux News Sunday with Chris Wallace "

  • Dennis Long
    Dennis Long Month ago +3

    Fox is owned by 21century Fox which is owned by Disney which is left wing. When Trump was talking about running for President Fox news was not his friend. Judge Jeanine was cancelled for awhile because of her hard core rants against the left. Mark Levin sounds calm on Fox compared to his radio show. Neil cavuto is a democrat and is senior vice President and managing director at Fox. Fox isn't a conservative news channel with some democrats working there, it's a democrat news channel with some conservatives working there. The democrat media propaganda machine is working both sides of the aisle.

    • Chasbo Daniels
      Chasbo Daniels Month ago

      Nice try at some self-serving rationalization there Champ! The reality is that Rupert Murdoch’s vast wealth, vast ego and vast moral bankruptcy financed the vile weasel, Roger Ailes (and others) in building a right-wing propaganda machine.
      Fox News became a cash cow by exploiting the *anger, resentment and fear* of generally less-educated Americans. Studies show that those emotions are highly effective in influencing and controlling what people think and do.
      President Obama’s tenure was the *perfect catalyst* for arousing those emotions in previously apolitical RWNJs. Unfortunately, the Orange Egomaniac saw his chance to harness this storm of anger, latent racism and a poorly informed electorate.
      That’s how we got here today.

  • Brenda Colvin
    Brenda Colvin Month ago

    No drama.

  • Pham Tung
    Pham Tung Month ago


  • محمد سالم
    محمد سالم Month ago


  • محمد سالم
    محمد سالم Month ago


  • محمد سالم
    محمد سالم Month ago


  • Sid Manchester
    Sid Manchester Month ago +2

    Trump HAS drained the swamp & found himself there, slithering through the slime, along with Bill Barr, Wilber Ross, Elaine Chao, Moscow McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Hucklebery Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson & all the other G.O.P. bottomfeeders.

    • Chasbo Daniels
      Chasbo Daniels Month ago

      Yep! He also cleaned house at the State Department right after his inauguration. All those experienced worker bees had years of knowledge of our international friends and enemies. The Lying Carnival Barker seemed to think HE didn’t need experts on sensitive matters. Fact is, he doesn’t trust anyone, including the 3rd rate dipwads who agree to work for him on an “Acting” basis. The guy’s just a paranoid ego-driven big mouth with an expensive suit.

  • Jaye Mowrey
    Jaye Mowrey Month ago +4

    Would like to here Mike Pompao but won't watch Wallace !!!

  • gary singh
    gary singh Month ago

    2016/17, U.S. aid to Central America $1,125 trillion.5,000 migrants per day crossing ?40,000 factories are out of business? Housing crises, cost of prison system, worse immigration system.Americans pay 50% tax but US debt is $22 trillion.Don't blame president @t few hours Iraq war resolution was passed? Y not Immigration resolution.China tariffs to U.S 25%, Global warming = no earth, House cost $830.000 . Foreign Aid 2017 $ 50 Billion to Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Wake up America.

  • Lupee Ves II
    Lupee Ves II Month ago +2

    Trump deploying Troop's to Saudia Arabia. Are you going to say he is a traitor? Report on that Fox News!!!

  • Denise Duple
    Denise Duple Month ago

    Knowing some healthcare, possibly this should be discussed, along with soldiers and troops in the middle east or deployments???

  • nora arrowood
    nora arrowood Month ago +1

    awe this is very bad

  • Neville Bennett
    Neville Bennett Month ago

    Why does the Gop keep giving interviews to Chris Wallace while he is just trying to catch them in their words to twist them to sooths his narrative.

  • apollo robb
    apollo robb Month ago +4

    Why would you ask Juan Williams anything He needs to be at CNN

  • Janis Smith
    Janis Smith Month ago +5

    I would love to watch Fox News Sunday if it wasn’t for Chris Wallace!

  • Country Strong
    Country Strong Month ago +1

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸 KAG

  • Dar Blanchard
    Dar Blanchard Month ago +1

    Patriots, please report the foul mouthed trolls. Some say the most disturbing and disgusting things and bully on here like cowards. Report them, we do not have to put up with it.

  • William Justice
    William Justice Month ago

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself Mr. Pompeo. Stop trying to muscle our President into another war no one wants or wind up getting bounced out on your butt like warmonger Bolton.