GoT Tribute - SNL (Paul Rudd)

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Pete Davidson and Paul Rudd rap about their favorite show.
    #SNL #PaulRudd #DJKhaled #SNL44
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Comments • 2 028

  • Eli Rodriguez
    Eli Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    “Ima penis”

  • Matthew Curlee
    Matthew Curlee Day ago

    2:03 Paul Rudd's jacket is zipped up. A few seconds later it's unzipped instantly lmfao

  • SodaSiren
    SodaSiren 2 days ago +1

    I started watching Grace and Frankie because of this. It’s a nice show.

  • Jen The Fairy Punk Mom

    I love Grace and Frankie....

  • It's Livi
    It's Livi 2 days ago +1

    Pete should rap more, he's soo good😍❤️❤️😅

  • Angeltwin Otakustyle
    Angeltwin Otakustyle 2 days ago +1

    Pete does a lot of music videos and I appreciate it.

  • duntona ayyy
    duntona ayyy 3 days ago +1

    Can we get more of this content next season this is straight 🔥🔥🔥

  • Drewskickinit
    Drewskickinit 3 days ago

    SNL has falling in the gutter what is this BS

  • Filosofo Tacio
    Filosofo Tacio 4 days ago +1

    Lonely Island this is one is not.

  • jesse
    jesse 6 days ago

    This skit makes me laugh so hard everytime I see it. I get the rap stuck in my head so easily.

  • sanii madrid
    sanii madrid 7 days ago

    Lol 1:03 meh replay button

  • Marilyn Senger
    Marilyn Senger 8 days ago +2

    I need more pete davidson raps in my life, this was amazing

  • Purple Gecko
    Purple Gecko 8 days ago

    Pete, you're a penis...thank you.

  • Mabel Pena
    Mabel Pena 8 days ago

    I can’t believe Paul Rudd is 50 years old?!?! The guy doesn’t age and he’s cool as hell ❤️

  • princess buttercup
    princess buttercup 8 days ago

    Fucking love Grace and Frankie

  • Paige Allm
    Paige Allm 9 days ago

    Can we get mgk to ft Pete Davidson

  • Asude Birtane
    Asude Birtane 9 days ago

    Dj khaled doing his thing..shouting his name

  • Ryan Wolf
    Ryan Wolf 15 days ago

    the spoilers though...

  • 916mw
    916mw 17 days ago

    You know when you’re young and make dumb videos and think you can rap? Imagine having that embarrassing part of your life be aired on live tv and on the internet forever. Pete Davidson is a turd.

  • shadowbass33
    shadowbass33 18 days ago

    How does this video not have more views???

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M 19 days ago

    This is borderline Homicide parody.

  • Dlc D
    Dlc D 19 days ago +2

    2:54 that shot is dope 🙌🏼

  • Etraingaming
    Etraingaming 19 days ago

    “Grace and Frankie. There different but their friends”

  • Etraingaming
    Etraingaming 19 days ago +1


  • Alex #tnt
    Alex #tnt 21 day ago +1

    My favorite show is friends.

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 21 day ago

    I didn’t know justin bieber liked grace and frankie

  • Dammett Zammett
    Dammett Zammett 23 days ago

    the lonely island could have come up with a better rap 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ wheres andy at?

  • D. C.
    D. C. 23 days ago +1

    He should rap about how he contracted aids

  • Trever Belmont
    Trever Belmont 24 days ago

    They know season 8 sucked right

  • lil daddy
    lil daddy 25 days ago +2

    Why was that lowkey a bop🔥😨‼️
    Pete should lowkey consider becoming a rapper☄️

    MTC MCMXCI 25 days ago

    That beat sounds just like “Homicide” - Logic ft Eminem... anyone hear it too?

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    I don't know why, but, I really crack up when DJ Khaled says "It's a nice show."
    Well, I know why: it's so deliberately an un-rap thing for a rapper to say.

  • Ryan Bertelsen
    Ryan Bertelsen 27 days ago

    DJ khaland is the fucking worst seriously how's he rich or even known fuck that fat worthless shit

  • Danny McMillan
    Danny McMillan 27 days ago

    He had to bring Antman into it lol it wouldn’t be good without it

  • SK Martin
    SK Martin 28 days ago +1


  • Rose Weldon
    Rose Weldon 28 days ago

    Can we get one of these for Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

  • FreakStomp95
    FreakStomp95 29 days ago +2

    Pete Davidson can actually rap more then Dj Khaled!
    Also... Paul Rudd can rap better then Dj Khaled....
    What Dj Khaled do??

  • Because I'm batman
    Because I'm batman 29 days ago +1

    If someone told me a few years ago that Ant Man will rap about how much he loves Grace and Frankie while dissing Game Of Thrones I would have thought you were crazy,but SNL is all about the crazy

  • ok funyy
    ok funyy Month ago +1

    Do people actually like Dj kalid?

  • Megan Hansel
    Megan Hansel Month ago

    *I'm a penis*

  • squiddy tourmaline
    squiddy tourmaline Month ago

    *Im a penis*

  • Rae Elaine
    Rae Elaine Month ago +15

    *went from mike Hannigan to freaking ant man*


  • Chad Lee
    Chad Lee Month ago

    True story, dj Khalid thought this was a real music video

  • Lucas Vadelund
    Lucas Vadelund Month ago


  • benjammin
    benjammin Month ago

    Getting Lonely Island vibes from this one

  • Charity
    Charity Month ago

    He sound good lol

  • HasCourrupt Gov.
    HasCourrupt Gov. Month ago

    ( narrator voice ) what the audience didn't know...after he said "I have a dragon right here." - and when both of the women winked. ..... That after the show..... ( Long silent pause ) ....They got down!

  • umm huh?
    umm huh? Month ago

    Please spit roast me like a Hawaiian pig BBQ 😘

  • Asi Stones
    Asi Stones Month ago

    MGK is shaking!

  • lionessawaking42412

    I love watching Grace and Frankie. One of the funniest shows on Netflix🤣🤣

  • Doug McClain
    Doug McClain Month ago +1

    This reminds me so much of a Lonely Island Digital Short

  • actually me
    actually me Month ago +2

    This might be the best thing that has ever happened to the internet

  • Blaze Carlton
    Blaze Carlton Month ago

    I love this 😂

  • CyrusDaOutCyda
    CyrusDaOutCyda Month ago +1

    Pete Davidson funny as fuck 😂😂

  • Starlord Stavanger
    Starlord Stavanger Month ago +2

    that was actually unusually good!!

  • vat valentine
    vat valentine Month ago +1

    so we’re just gon ignore pete saying “i’m a penis” 😭😭😭

  • Chai-Mecca Morales-Franks

    Did anyone start watching grace and frankie

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen Month ago +4

    Lily Tomlin is a milf.
    And that’s the tea.

  • Panos Michas
    Panos Michas Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that this song look like homicide?

  • Hello
    Hello Month ago +2

    "I got a dragon you can sit on right here"- Paul Rudd 😄

  • Bella Deoraj
    Bella Deoraj Month ago

    The Netflix sound tho 😂😂

  • Brennen Dionis
    Brennen Dionis Month ago

    Someone tell Pete Davidson to do a collab with little dicky lol he needs to start writing comedy music

  • Heeey B
    Heeey B Month ago +1

    I would buy Pete Davidson’s album he’s a good rapper

  • birdyy ayyee
    birdyy ayyee Month ago

    omg what

  • J Son
    J Son Month ago

    Lost interest right @ 1:26 why ???

  • Jamila Teixiera
    Jamila Teixiera Month ago


  • Michael Meadows
    Michael Meadows Month ago

    For Camp Camp’s Wood Scouts Fans:

  • Secret Agent Randy Beans

    2:11 *Pete's Face*

  • Andrew Horry
    Andrew Horry Month ago

    Peter Davidson f****** sucks

  • Negative N
    Negative N Month ago +67


    DJ Khaled: remember Robert had that sleep apnea THAT WAS CRAZY

    • infinitus
      infinitus Month ago +2

      sleep apnea really is crazy tho lmaooo

    • Militant Hatred
      Militant Hatred Month ago +2

      Negative N
      Everybody everywhere:

      That shit is tired as fuck

  • Opel Aurora
    Opel Aurora Month ago

    Very reminiscent of the lonely island. Well done!

  • Spita da real nigga

    Dj cornie af.

  • Senfa
    Senfa Month ago

    I low key thought nobody watch this show like I did but lookin at the comment I see now

  • Marta Berk
    Marta Berk Month ago +2

    Ok now I wanna see Grace and Frankie

  • destinee wright
    destinee wright Month ago

    Pete could get it!

  • Hannah Thompson
    Hannah Thompson Month ago


  • Brittain Gibson
    Brittain Gibson Month ago

    Pete is trash

  • **chacha**
    **chacha** Month ago

    Pete should become a rapper

  • Megalon73
    Megalon73 Month ago

    There telling us "Forget Game of Thrones now".Grace and Frankie has a better storyline and better love storys then GOT.

  • Will McPherson
    Will McPherson Month ago

    This is by far the best Pete Davidson rap.

  • Bailey Cooper
    Bailey Cooper Month ago


  • Rosie M
    Rosie M Month ago +1

    “You know nothing Pete Davidson”
    “I’m a penis”
    “Okay maybe one thing”

  • AstronauX
    AstronauX Month ago +2

    Watching this on the reggy

  • Zain Iftikhar
    Zain Iftikhar Month ago +1

    Is it me or does anyone else also thinks DJ Khaled is too overrated?
    I mean that guy only says One line and then its back to DJ KHALED!

    • kiayeoja
      kiayeoja Month ago +1

      Zain Iftikhar Not many people clapped for him so you’re probably not the only one

  • AstronauX
    AstronauX Month ago +1

    I’m broken

  • L L
    L L Month ago

    This goes OFF

  • Frostbite beats
    Frostbite beats Month ago +1

    I want to hear this without the voice just the beat

  • Curtis Kennedy
    Curtis Kennedy Month ago

    Mgk was right..

  • Ailsa D
    Ailsa D Month ago

    Grace and Frankie ❤️

  • Natalie Glynn
    Natalie Glynn Month ago

    I love this because I love Grace and Frankie!

  • VioletaK
    VioletaK Month ago

    I would buy this song

  • 6KinGofDarknes4 Balance

    Someone please get Dj Khalid out of my face... that fat overrated middle eastern bastard...😡😡 I CANT HEAR No MORE DJ Khalid-/Another One ☝️.....

  • C.Mechelle B
    C.Mechelle B Month ago


  • teiyialachey
    teiyialachey Month ago +1

    OMFG, Grace and Frankie spoilers full throttle man🤐

  • Pj Gómez
    Pj Gómez Month ago

    This slapped

  • Kayleigh Porter
    Kayleigh Porter Month ago

    When they spoil season 5 for you

  • Izbel Torres
    Izbel Torres Month ago +7

    Y'all had Grey Worm aka Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie in a rap video and didn't think to make him rap???

  • Alexis Rivera
    Alexis Rivera Month ago

    Tbh I kinda see Pete to be a raper 🤔

  • Carlos Rosado
    Carlos Rosado Month ago

    Raleigh Ritchie 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Clayton Merrill
    Clayton Merrill Month ago

    Still better than season 8