• Published on Jul 7, 2014
  • A mortar is an indirect fire weapon that fires explosive projectiles known as (mortar) bombs at low velocities, short ranges, and high-arcing ballistic trajectories. It is typically muzzle-loading with short barrel, generally less than 15 times its caliber.
    The mortar is a relatively simple and easy weapon to operate. A modern mortar consists of a tube into which assistant gunners drop a purpose-designed bomb. The tube is generally set at between 45 and 85 degrees angle to the ground, with the higher angle giving shorter firing distances. The bomb has a small baseline charge and no cartridge case; for extra range propellant rings are attached to the bomb's fins. When it reaches the base of the tube it hits a fixed firing pin, which detonates the baseline charge and fires the projectile. Some mortars have a moving firing pin, operated by a lanyard; others may be fired by a trigger.
    These attributes contrast with the mortar's larger siblings, howitzers and field guns, that fire shells at higher velocities, longer ranges, flatter arcs, sometimes using direct fire. These weapons are also breech-loaded, while most mortars are muzzle-loaded.
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  • BurritoWarrior
    BurritoWarrior 3 days ago

    made from iRohn

  • raghul kumar
    raghul kumar 5 days ago

    Clash of clan Bering me here

  • Miles Boehmer
    Miles Boehmer 6 days ago

    11 c 1980-1984 81 mm and 4.2 in.

  • outside tesseract
    outside tesseract 8 days ago

    who else thought the thumbnail was a vietnamese makeshift bamboo motor?

  • bucket head bandit _hayden

    2:50 someone causally filming Isis fire monetary upon innocent people

  • Virus Renegade
    Virus Renegade 10 days ago

    So early mortars were just cannons that cant be fired straight ahead? Ok cool

    INGSOK 14 days ago

    Its a shame these weapons and others need to exist.

  • Lord Ot
    Lord Ot 22 days ago

    Humans always inventing better ways to kill each other I love it

  • Smellfish
    Smellfish 26 days ago +1

    Planes, trains and automobiles: Mortars.

    _Something’s wrong i can feel it_

    DBG_LAVEL 27 days ago

    These things are so annoying in Clash Royale...

  • D E X DEAD
    D E X DEAD 29 days ago

    I got introduced to these in clash of clans lol that's how I knew oh these are real 😂

  • Kage
    Kage 29 days ago +1

    Where do i get one? Im bout to take school shooting into a whole new level and have a blast at my school.Nothing can stop me

  • Paul Flak
    Paul Flak Month ago

    Largest mortar ever made and used was by the Germans in WW2, called Thor!!

    What a load of poorly researched shit this is!!

  • TheBionic Hand
    TheBionic Hand Month ago

    Clash of clan. ANYONE??

  • Asian Support
    Asian Support Month ago

    can they shoot flashbangs

  • 5InchesDeepInYourMom

    that is not a plane, train or automobile ...

  • Dave Park
    Dave Park Month ago

    Thumbnail looks like a bammbooooo

  • Do NOT
    Do NOT Month ago

    What’s with the salvation music? Sometimes I wonder how idiots feed themselves and then I remember they are working the high paying jobs.

  • Diego
    Diego Month ago +1

    K wea las recomendaciones de RU-clip

  • Matheus Schon
    Matheus Schon Month ago +2

    "Portable mortar" and "82 kilograms dont really match if you ask me"

  • Hugo Santiago Sanchez Gallegos

    What about the schwerer gustav?

  • knight daemon
    knight daemon Month ago

    2:45 WTF?!

  • Sir_Duckington
    Sir_Duckington Month ago

    wait the dutch invented portable mortars????????? nice XD

  • Richie D
    Richie D Month ago

    Harry Redknapp at 7 minutes....

  • Drone everyone
    Drone everyone Month ago

    it is 100% made in america cast iron grilling grates

  • Butterlerpunch :P
    Butterlerpunch :P Month ago

    I need more tar.

  • paradoxed
    paradoxed Month ago

    Thought there was a bamboo mortar...

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    A6M Zero Month ago


  • Count Pastacreep
    Count Pastacreep Month ago

    Stonks /\

  • alex Lo
    alex Lo Month ago

    It's curious that motar barrel is very thin but it can withstand pressure build up by propellant.

  • Luka Šlibar
    Luka Šlibar Month ago

    There was also a self propelled assault mortar named Karl gerät, some were used in the siege of Sevastopol in 1942.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith Month ago

    Hang It

  • Alexander Strellow
    Alexander Strellow 2 months ago +1

    The music makes this 10 times better. Source? Btw

    MAVERICK 42 2 months ago +1

    I've always wondered how mortars and there rounds worked and now i know.

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 2 months ago +1

    Anybody else expecting the mortar at 2:45 to blow up.

    • haywoodyoudome
      haywoodyoudome 2 months ago +1

  • Mitchell Sidebottom
    Mitchell Sidebottom 2 months ago


    Is that traffic going by? Dang.

  • Ten Ants Parking I drive a small carnow

    Mustard gas was invented in my hometown. Innisfail. AU

  • Marine Veteran USA
    Marine Veteran USA 2 months ago +1

    I was an Assualtmen (Rocket Launchers and Anti-Armor) in the Infantry. When I was younger I never saw the practically of Mortars. Now that I'm 20 years older I and have a greater understanding of military tactics, weapons and thier use. I see that the Mortar is a very under appreciated weapon and tool that doesn't get the credit that it deserves in the battlefield and Movies.

    • CriscDogs22
      CriscDogs22 2 months ago

      Marine Veteran USA you’re crazy dude. I can slightly get where you’re coming from, but you were an 03 51, and didn’t recognize the power of mortars? Rockets need line-of-sight, and artillery is massive. Mortars fit that perfect gap. It shouldn’t take you 20 years to realize basic shit..

  • Mohd. Nishikata Sitohang

    RU-clip recommendation: this
    Me: "i need this to destroy indonesian parliament building"

  • Outer Haven
    Outer Haven 2 months ago

    the first mortar was used by saladin against the christians of take a fucking hike british revisionist.

  • HotDog
    HotDog 2 months ago

    Arent mortars just vertical 1800 cannons.

  • W. L. Orodor Calaerchon

    "Minenwerfer"? "Mine-thrower"?
    German: "Hey jongs, let's make mines that can fly through the air!" ~ German logic.

  • Wolfie D
    Wolfie D 2 months ago

    in 1976, I was stationed in 3AD/32nd armored(Victory or Death), had the "APC" loaded with a "107" mortaor system! "track mortars!" open the hatches, raise gun, drop mortars in the tube! the minor problem we had were the "cheeses"= slices of cgarges added with a `pin'. but those pins sometimes stayed in the tube and started misfires a few times! We had to check the tube after every 10 rounds!

  • Gareth Thompson
    Gareth Thompson 2 months ago

    What is the distinction between mortars and artillery in the modern day? It used to be that mortars were high angle fire weapons, while artillery were direct fire weapons. But now artillery is also a high angle fire weapon. It is true that mortars generally have a lower caliber than artillery, but that isn't consistent enough to define them. There is no shortage of 75mm artillery and 81mm mortars. That Soviet 2s4 M1975 Tyulpan looks for the life of me like a self-propelled artillery piece, and yet you call it a mortar.

  • ThePizzaJack
    ThePizzaJack 2 months ago

    Why do they put sausages around the shell? See 3:12

  • Ooygin Jardl
    Ooygin Jardl 2 months ago

    Der Weinerschnitzel

  • Karenni Boy
    Karenni Boy 2 months ago +1

    Ancient mortars are like from clash of clans

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    Yaman Alsaho 2 months ago

    So this were the dicks that wouldn't let me sleep when I have school the next day.

  • Litterbugtaylor
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    0:09, I'm already out because not a single person should pronounce it like that.

  • Ghost sniper
    Ghost sniper 2 months ago +1

    mortar ball ottoman fatih sultan mehmet invented

  • NotSoGorgeuos Works
    NotSoGorgeuos Works 2 months ago

    I think you forgot to tell us about the karl gerat mortar
    I also think that i spelled it wrong

  • Poof
    Poof 2 months ago

    Come on boys clean up the new video

  • james b
    james b 2 months ago +1

    7:00 My grandfather was an ambulance driver in France in WWI, evacuating the wounded and dead, as a member of the Yale Hospital Brigade.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 2 months ago +14

    4:24. Am I alone in seeing a "little potential" hazard in their setup here.

  • Anmol Dubey
    Anmol Dubey 2 months ago

    Sorry to say in Indian subcontinent the use of mortar n canons is very vast as in 1556 Akbar was having the canons which can move n were portable so please collect more knowledge

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 2 months ago

    81’s babyyyy ☠️♠️

  • Ao Gamez
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    No one not a single soul
    RU-clip recamendetions:

  • GamersOnVideos
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    So is this a plane, train or automobile?

  • Etb Etb
    Etb Etb 2 months ago +6

    Missed the 600mm Nazi Karl-Gerät mortars used in WWII.

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 2 months ago

    Planes, trains and automobiles, huh this is a pretty unique automobile