TXUNAMY & DIEZEL Are Moving IN with Us *Leaving Parents BEHIND* | Jancy Family

  • Published on Aug 7, 2019
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  • Christina blank
    Christina blank 6 hours ago

    Where the other daughtet?

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    You guys make the best videos how does thumbs up on their RU-clip channel subscribe for them.

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    Strong with UK
    I don’t like you girl

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    OMG This prank is soo good 💞

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    By the way I have a girl

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    I love your videos My channel is called Diamond family

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      I really love your videos I hope I win something

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  • Cna Conde
    Cna Conde 12 days ago

    You are sooo mean how would you feel if a stranger took your kids or your family took them away for good 😪😥😥😥

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    thembi ruth 17 days ago +1

    I love your VIDEOS

  • thembi ruth
    thembi ruth 17 days ago

    I love your videos

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    Susan Odudu 28 days ago

    That’s a great idea

  • Laura Rea
    Laura Rea 28 days ago

    Tell tsunami that Biggie likes her and wrote a song about her

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    Bruh hola amigos como estas XD I DON’T KNOW SPANISH DAT WELLL lol

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    best prank ever 😜😱😱😱😱😱😱🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

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    Jaja that was really fun I like this prank #prankmaster

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    U guys deserve so many more subscribers u guys are amazing

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    I just subscribed!! Love the vids!! ❤️

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    Kuly Kmr Month ago

    Awww the look on the famila family when that thought the kids were going to live with the jancy family. It was a good prank .. well done

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    Jeanette Romero Month ago

    Love you Guys support my little sister 💕💕with those pink hearts

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    This is the best prank.
    Hope you do another one
    Love the Jancy family and Familia Diamond 💎

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    Hi my name is Nancy

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    Renz G Rodriguez Month ago

    This is a prank or not

  • Anamarie Costilla
    Anamarie Costilla Month ago

    Txunamy looks like Yancy her aunt

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    Ashley Flores Month ago

    O love your videos!

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  • cheryl blossom lovers

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  • Amiyah Ortiz
    Amiyah Ortiz Month ago +1

    Hi I love you guys my mom wouldn’t fall for it

    2NE1&BLACKPINK FAN Month ago

    Txunamy and Diezel could be Actors (sry for my English)

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    Did Stella just cry my gosh poor stella

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  • Zainab Rizwan
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