A Real Life Haptic Glove (Ready Player One Technology Today) - Smarter Every Day 190

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
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    A huge thank you to HaptX Inc. for letting me visit!
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    I'm a huge fan of Ready Player One. Here's our podcast episode on Ready Player One:
    If you want to know how this marvel works, just watch the next video... it explains Everything you want to know. I chose to break this up into two videos because it was so cool.
    I asked HaptX for a blurb to explain their company. This is what they came up with:
    HaptX is a multidisciplinary team of engineers based in San Luis Obispo, CA and Seattle, WA that builds advanced haptic technology. Their first product, HaptX Gloves, brings touch feedback to VR with unprecedented realism, enabling a new category of industrial training simulations. Founded by Jake Rubin and Dr. Bob Crockett in 2012, HaptX won’t stop until you can’t tell what’s real from what’s virtual. Learn more at haptx.com.
    If you're interested in working for them, here's a link:
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  • Im Lord Guille
    Im Lord Guille Year ago +2952

    Jokes on you I have already listened to RPO in Audible and loved it

    • troll A
      troll A 8 days ago

      Yeh me to

    • karateswords
      karateswords 5 months ago

      @SmarterEveryDay jokes on you I read the book

    • bschak
      bschak 5 months ago

      Loved the book. To say I hated the movie is an understatement.

    • E H . . .
      E H . . . 7 months ago


    • vampjoseph11
      vampjoseph11 10 months ago

      The joke goes even further for me since I got the ebook, the audiobook and the movie

  • Blurdy
    Blurdy Day ago

    haha squish the fox

  • Jeffwie
    Jeffwie 10 days ago

    2:36 "so i can move this lighthouse?"

  • Sheila olfieWay
    Sheila olfieWay 13 days ago

    Force feedback has been in Joysticks for ages so that's old technology. Also look up the nintendo power glove which is a Very very early version of that glove.

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 13 days ago

    Kenan? Like the dude that makes the minecraft stuff?

  • R Leb
    R Leb 13 days ago

    This is super exciting

  • Andrey Sitnikov
    Andrey Sitnikov 14 days ago

    lol 0:13 subtitles

  • Kris
    Kris 16 days ago

    Power Glove: Am i a joke to you?

  • swortech LV
    swortech LV 18 days ago

    Use all vr technology

  • Useless Virus
    Useless Virus 18 days ago +1

    Now i Can Pat my Waifu...

  • Ammortiazx Guacamolez
    Ammortiazx Guacamolez 18 days ago

    Haptic crotch?

  • Towoh
    Towoh 18 days ago +1

    Soon in the future we will have something called VR suits

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo 19 days ago

    So we have haptic suits, haptic gloves, multidirectional treadmills, VR headsets, and ready player one being developed and tested as you are reading this....my god

  • Zachary Dye
    Zachary Dye 19 days ago

    Imagine being able to feel a virtual girl's boob. 😎😎😎

  • deekay YT
    deekay YT 19 days ago

    cant wait till a finger gets broken

  • Mik Mak
    Mik Mak 21 day ago

    someday people wont find this shocking anymore it will be a normal thing just like touch screen

    BEB SAGAT 25 days ago

    "I don't think vr is gonna catch on"

  • Lean macht TV
    Lean macht TV Month ago

    wow crazy

  • Wae1
    Wae1 Month ago

    nope not even near close to distrebution.

  • I Am oxPierceTheVeil

    Big Bang Theory Howard Wolowitz Hospital '' I'm Stuck Hahaha :D ''

  • Fabian Bebber
    Fabian Bebber Month ago

    I want something like that for my p*nis !

  • Brad King
    Brad King Month ago

    How and why could you possibly think VR was not going to catch on? It literally is the future and everybody knows that. There are so many different uses not just video games. You can train students to perform surgery on virtual bodies for one and yeah its not the same as the real thing but it would be a great starting point for doctors in training.

  • tagwolf
    tagwolf Month ago +1

    "I'm totally against VR. I don't think it's going to catch on", one of the only dumb things I've heard him say.

  • S.B.G
    S.B.G Month ago


  • LADF General
    LADF General Month ago

    I love the book and the fact that will Wheaton narrates it

  • Jorgen Von Strangle

    Can we get a new video on how far it's advanced since the original video?

  • PhoenixBloodV
    PhoenixBloodV Month ago

    We are getting so closer to sao.

  • MasterStranger1 ❷⓿❶❾

    Well the only thing that I can say iş that, that glove iş *thicc*

  • Dylan Torgrimsen
    Dylan Torgrimsen Month ago

    I have my own ps vr

  • Konstantin Nazarenko

    Of course she is one. It is a combination of talent, knowledge and competencies. She is cool!

  • RunnerRB
    RunnerRB Month ago

    Make a vr costume

  • Mr Pew Pew
    Mr Pew Pew Month ago

    You should have yeeted the tractor.

  • Mr. Madden
    Mr. Madden Month ago

    So SAO is coming along well....

  • Nerves Concord
    Nerves Concord Month ago +2

    I have found a general link between people who say that VR won't catch on, they all seem to be people who can't afford VR.

  • mytrahana
    mytrahana Month ago

    Soon they will be making a glove like this for your private parts!

  • khakis
    khakis Month ago

    the full vr experience will be thousands of dollars... worth it if they're durable enough lol

  • Jim Myers
    Jim Myers Month ago

    This is totally cool. I'm 63 and would likely try to buy this when it's available. A full body suit like this could provide total immersion. Then, content creators can, and likely will, go crazy.

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master Month ago

    We are close to the Oasis guys let's go I would literally pay a million dollars for this

  • Xx shoxity xX Xx
    Xx shoxity xX Xx 2 months ago

    Wait till they make haptic minecraft

  • Jason Baldauf
    Jason Baldauf 2 months ago +1

    Nintendo Power Glove reborn.

  • bigbigcheese2
    bigbigcheese2 2 months ago +1

    The other day, I played an hour of Beatsaber without stretching and pulled muscles in both thighs from crouching under obstacles. I find it amazing that I got a physical injury from a videogame. Think about that. A videogame gave me a physical injury. A VIDEOGAME!

  • Josh
    Josh 2 months ago

    In before a hacker forces it all the way back and simultaneously breaks all your fingers :O

  • Healy Plays
    Healy Plays 2 months ago

    In ten years, we will have invented jumanji

  • Rodney Kent
    Rodney Kent 2 months ago

    He said he's totally against vr and that it wouldn't catch on lol. Well it's starting to catch on really quickly now...

  • curly headed cleo
    curly headed cleo 2 months ago

    Jokes on you there’s a movie now

  • Daily Llama
    Daily Llama 2 months ago

    Did anybody else want to see him rip the windmill apart?
    Weirdly, I wanted to see him virtually hulk smash everything. Lol

  • Daily Llama
    Daily Llama 2 months ago

    You're in Columbus!
    Very nice.

  • Mike Shurgs
    Mike Shurgs 2 months ago

    Dumb question; what's a vr believer?

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall 2 months ago


  • BK Ghosty
    BK Ghosty 2 months ago

    Now maybe life is super VR?

  • Natsu714
    Natsu714 2 months ago

    My only issue is that it doesn't look like it's being developed for gaming - it's focusing mostly on VR training for engineers and things like that. Which is totally fine, but that also means that this technology may take a little longer to come to home VR systems.

  • mortaché de muerte
    mortaché de muerte 2 months ago +2

    Every day we get closer to making waifus real

    WP ABYSS 2 months ago

    I hope there will be full dive virtual reality in the future.

  • DanPH77
    DanPH77 2 months ago

    Imagine jacking yourself off in VR

  • AllKindsTv
    AllKindsTv 2 months ago

    It's only a matter of time until SAO is a reality

  • ender_slayer3
    ender_slayer3 2 months ago

    I want one

  • Sixx Paradox
    Sixx Paradox 2 months ago

    What a time to be alive

  • Andrew Elliott
    Andrew Elliott 2 months ago +2

    we must calculate texture of A N I M E T I D D Y

  • JWC
    JWC 2 months ago

    Hold up hold up hold up, ah ha ha

  • Christopher Chilton-Smith

    Loved this video and the new tech, would really prefer it be done by someone else.