Anne Brigman

  • Anne Wardrope (Nott) Brigman (1869-1950) was an American photographer and one of the original members of the Photo-Secession movement in America. Her most famous images were taken between 1900 and 1920, and depict nude women in primordial, naturalistic contexts.
    Brigman's photographs frequently focused on the female nude, dramatically situated in natural landscapes or trees. Many of her photos were taken in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in carefully selected locations and featuring elaborately staged poses. Brigman often featured herself as the subject of her images. After shooting the photographs, she would extensively touch up the negatives with paints, pencil, or superimposition.
    Brigman's deliberately counter-cultural images suggested bohemianism and female liberation. Her work challenged the establishment's cultural norms and defied convention, instead embracing pagan antiquity. The raw emotional intensity and barbaric strength of her photos contrasted with the carefully calculated and composed images of Stieglitz and other modern photographers.
    Musica: Wim Mertens (1953), 'Tourtour', dall'album 'Struggle for Pleasure' (1983).

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  • MrKornFlakes
    MrKornFlakes 9 years ago

    Adoro Anne Brigman, ma non riesco a trovare libri che ne analizzino il percorso artistico. O meglio, uno ne ho trovato, ma è un pezzo da collezione, quindi carissimo.

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    @cheyennefree La Brigman è stata una pioniera della fotografia...adoro queste sue donne-albero immerse nella natura!
    Ciao e grazie del passaggio! :-)

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    che foto affascinanti !