Bill Burr Doesn't Buy Oprah's Holier-Than-Thou Lance Armstrong Interview - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Feb 12, 2013
  • Bill on Oprah's interview: "Didn't she used to interview midgets who want to bang their mailman's boyfriend?"-----
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 813

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 21 hour ago

    I wish there was a reaction video of Lance the first time he saw this cause this is a perfect mix of humor and straight up facts

  • Enlightened Idiot

    Lance is a lying POS. Period. He cheated. That's all...

  • Devil's Offspring

    Either everybody has to do roids, or nobody can do them. As long as it's the same for every competitor, what difference could it possibly make?
    "Our roided up guy beat your roided up guy" Sounds pretty fair-and-square to me! :)

  • Poop
    Poop Day ago

    Conan's sides went into orbit after the little people joke

  • Homer Jay
    Homer Jay 3 days ago

    This is close to Bill's best skit.

    • Homer Jay
      Homer Jay Day ago

      @Trev0r98 so many to choose. Lotion, Helicopter story, How do you know the n word is coming, woman are overrated, Hard to choose.

    • Trev0r98
      Trev0r98 Day ago

      Alright, what is his best skit?

  • Benoh
    Benoh 3 days ago

    How have we spent so much on cancer research and haven't found the cure, that's crazy

  • Nayan Naubagh
    Nayan Naubagh 3 days ago +3

    "If he was working for a corporation, he would be pouring stuff in the water God knows doing what" few words and Bill brought out the wrong doing of the corporation also very smoothly

  • XDKX101
    XDKX101 4 days ago

    That midget joke was priceless LMAO

  • crazyfisho tezza
    crazyfisho tezza 4 days ago +2

    Conan is the only host to get the best from bill just say a few words sit back and enjoy

  • Valentin Heredia
    Valentin Heredia 4 days ago

    Our 'roid guy beat your 'roid guy

  • Joe Zhao
    Joe Zhao 5 days ago

    two funniest gingers on planet Earth.

  • CarrsMill
    CarrsMill 5 days ago

    Greatest rant in history.

  • Bilnur Celik
    Bilnur Celik 5 days ago

    When I'm depressed, I came here

  • Brian Ellinger
    Brian Ellinger 5 days ago

    He certainly could give him some traveling money to start a new life

  • Free Hong Kong
    Free Hong Kong 5 days ago +12

    "she stood on the heads of those little people till she made it". Pretty much the state of American celebrity culture circa 2000s.

  • Arijit Ganguly
    Arijit Ganguly 6 days ago

    He's just earned another fan!!

  • Suk hayle Suchiang
    Suk hayle Suchiang 6 days ago

    I love this guy so much!!. Bill burr!!!

  • Vedanth Ganesh
    Vedanth Ganesh 7 days ago

    I still love Lance because he guest starred on Arthur. That, to me, is never leaving my heart.

  • Chel DaBlue
    Chel DaBlue 7 days ago +2

    I was enjoying a chuckle until Conan lost it and I totally cracked.

  • MyNamesJeff2013
    MyNamesJeff2013 7 days ago +7

    I love how bill burr gets genuine laughter out of Conan

  • James Sins
    James Sins 9 days ago

    Conan really loses it. Great bit by burr

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N 9 days ago

    I don't think I have ever seen Conan lose it so many times in one interview...LOL

  • Wullie Thomson
    Wullie Thomson 9 days ago +10

    "A sociopath on a bicycle"
    So funny......😂😂😂😂😂

  • greg
    greg 11 days ago

    so funny and so true

  • Pranav Atulya
    Pranav Atulya 12 days ago

    Can someone give me context, what midgets is he talking about?

  • Joseph Pae
    Joseph Pae 13 days ago

    Bill Burr spitting truth

  • 1800nunyabiz
    1800nunyabiz 13 days ago

    He is 100% correct.

  • Max Stone
    Max Stone 13 days ago


  • Brian Ward
    Brian Ward 13 days ago

    Nailed it.

  • mike kenneth
    mike kenneth 14 days ago

    this has to be in the top 10 of funniest things to ever happen on a late night talk show.

  • Pollutens
    Pollutens 15 days ago +3

    Id vote for Bill, I swear to god, he is a genius.

  • Steve K
    Steve K 16 days ago

    anyone skewering that hypocrite Oprah is ok

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor 17 days ago

    Oprah could by a $5 million dollar house (plenty nice) instead the $50 million she paid for her Montecito home (now worth $90 million)an given $45 million in scholarships to hard working, good grades, poor US citizen children who have dreams. Obama didn't give them 80,000 free scholarships like he was going to for illegal kids. Whose President was that POS Obama? Not America's! Oprah relatively speaking does nothing compared to her wealth to help her race or any poor. She's a money pig.

  • TheSpock23
    TheSpock23 17 days ago +2

    Bill Burr and Norm McDonald on Conan never disappoint.

  • Ron NJ Mo
    Ron NJ Mo 18 days ago

    Who the hell dislikes this?!!!! What is wrong with you people

  • Shane Cormier
    Shane Cormier 19 days ago

    She stood on the heads of those little people.

  • Frank Romero
    Frank Romero 19 days ago +1

    No one can make Conan laugh like Burr, I watch these clips just to see Conans reaction lol.

  • KeeperOfKale
    KeeperOfKale 19 days ago

    Everyone needs a Bill Burr on their shoulder

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 19 days ago

    yah got luv bill burr says it as it is 👍🥇😳

  • Đorđe Žutić
    Đorđe Žutić 19 days ago

    Legit rant

  • Calvert Brian
    Calvert Brian 20 days ago

    I'm glad William gave up on that hair. Dance the dance clown. Stephen has a sewer for thee. Just kidding you are the best Bill since Bill Calvert.

  • Eduardo Mirafuentes
    Eduardo Mirafuentes 21 day ago +3

    I never seen conan laugh like that before.

    • Todd Gakk
      Todd Gakk 18 days ago

      Bill Burr is a funny dude

  • Disco Biker
    Disco Biker 21 day ago

    What an idiot. This is why I don't watch late night tv.

    • Noelia721
      Noelia721 20 days ago +1

      Because you're an idiot

  • Respect the Chaos
    Respect the Chaos 21 day ago

    I bet Lance laughed his ass off. “Our roided up guy beat your roided up guy”... I’m rolling every time I listen to Billy say .... anything.

    • Oussama Berrada
      Oussama Berrada 16 days ago

      Well Lance did thank Bill for what he said
      He had him as a guest on a podcast

  • Sharath Chandra
    Sharath Chandra 22 days ago +3

    One of the greatest clips to ever exist

  • Savah Bejin
    Savah Bejin 22 days ago

    There is nothing better than a dwarf joke.

  • Doeray
    Doeray 22 days ago +1

    Bill Burr takes Mega Brain Conan to school. He sees 3 extra dimensions after 90 seconds of 'words'. That's the power of Burr.

  • geoff dearth
    geoff dearth 22 days ago

    Oprah (Orpah) has everyone believing that she gave away Pontiacs to her studio audience. Those cars were given by Pontiac and didn't cost Oprah anything.

  • Nathan Jarrett
    Nathan Jarrett 22 days ago +2


  • Drumming Spain
    Drumming Spain 22 days ago

    I've got no idea what he's referring to about midgets during the first five years....! (?)

  • WiL Clark
    WiL Clark 23 days ago

    Midgets. Nuff' said. LoL

  • Anthony Whelan
    Anthony Whelan 23 days ago

    Funny because it's true.

  • Knee Slider
    Knee Slider 23 days ago +1

    Bill Burr is the funniest man ever

  • Zeus 1455
    Zeus 1455 23 days ago +4

    Dropped my phone at "she stood on their heads"

  • The R-One
    The R-One 24 days ago

    Where is the beard???

  • soolly 357
    soolly 357 24 days ago

    Im keeping my yacht.

  • Russell kirkham
    Russell kirkham 24 days ago +60

    ''You know what he did? He raised 500 million dollars for cancer research. That's what he did.''
    I never thought about it that way.

  • Koopa Library
    Koopa Library 24 days ago

    Except that Armstrong did more than just dope.

  • Norvik_1602
    Norvik_1602 24 days ago

    I love Conan in stitches #pmsl

  • David Janowski
    David Janowski 25 days ago +1

    I am in full support of any person that tears Oprah a new ass.