How Deadly is the Copperhead?!

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and Mario are on the search for the Timber Rattlesnake! Along the way, they come across none other than the Copperhead snake! How dangerous is this snake, might you ask? You're about to find out!
    Watch now to find out how deadly the Copperhead Snake is, and to see if Coyote and Mario can find the Timber Rattlesnake!
    Special thanks to our friend, herpetologist Tim Brust for helping us out on this adventure!
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Comments • 3 578

  • The Security Guy
    The Security Guy 10 hours ago

    Lol, that jeep could have made it to your destination.😏

  • Trevor Antonson
    Trevor Antonson Day ago

    I have firsthand experience with this snake, I got bit on my foot about a year ago and I was in the hospital for a day and on crutches for about 3 weeks.

  • Michelle cutie
    Michelle cutie 3 days ago +1

    Man I really want to be like you! Because I love nature!

  • XxTheOddEggxX
    XxTheOddEggxX 5 days ago +3


  • zack hall
    zack hall 6 days ago

    I got bit by a baby copperhead and was mostly fine didn't end up in the hospital

  • Leterrian Brooks
    Leterrian Brooks 6 days ago

    Make a snake bite series

  • William Braden
    William Braden 6 days ago

    Copperhead looks psycho 😳

  • FearPlayz
    FearPlayz 7 days ago

    Aye you already know dawg West Virginia for the winnnnnn

  • miles swain
    miles swain 7 days ago +1

    coyote can u do a video were u ride the most scariest animal rides

  • Alexandria Bates
    Alexandria Bates 7 days ago

    My basset hound got bitten by a copperhead and his cheek swelled si fast that it looked like a pillow but luckily we got him to the vet to get it taken care of

  • Bennie Fowler
    Bennie Fowler 7 days ago

    😂 😝 lol

  • Destini Ward
    Destini Ward 8 days ago

    Awsome!!I'm going to sub to you😃😃😃

    BACK CAP 8 days ago

    I sometime wonder 🤔 is this guys really a normal guy? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • yahh bishh
    yahh bishh 9 days ago +1

    I've gotten biten by a copperhead snake when I was 6 it was scary bc I had almost died😞🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Koda
    Koda 9 days ago

    I’m from West Virginia, who else here is?

  • Reylei Freiley
    Reylei Freiley 9 days ago

    Coyote Peterson last weekend I went to chain O’Lakes and they asked who you were and I said yes and you’re going to be posting a new video in six months about a Big fat neck or turtle

  • Cromwell the Conqueror

    Rebel loving politicians are the most dangerous thing you can find

  • sencai YT
    sencai YT 9 days ago

    Tubing stresses the snake out so much

  • NarBad
    NarBad 9 days ago

    Issa jeep

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones 9 days ago

    Watching this video reminded me of a time when i was about 7ish? Some of my cousins came over and we were sword fighting with sticks. Naturally my stick broke and i went to pick up a new one. I was so close to grabbing it when I noticed it move slightly, and thats when I saw my first copperhead lol

  • Stephen Cardillo
    Stephen Cardillo 10 days ago +2

    The Jeep can easily get through that terrain. Come’On Man!

  • Anonymousdroid2563
    Anonymousdroid2563 10 days ago

    RIP Coyote

  • •Cookie-Oof •
    •Cookie-Oof • 10 days ago

    What stings the most is when you got friend zoned

  • Mammoth Vlogs
    Mammoth Vlogs 10 days ago

    I have a crazy story
    So one time I was being babysat by my sister (I was around 5 or 6) because my parents were doing anniversary things so anyways I was being bad and my sister was mad so I ran outside I didn’t know where to go so I ran behind our utility shed (behind the utility shed never got mowed so the grass was really high) then my sister found me so I backed up then I heard a loud hissing and turned around a huge rattlesnake was behind me right as it striked my sister grabbed me and pulled me back
    Scariest experience of my life I would’ve died because I was so small

  • Re: 7
    Re: 7 11 days ago

    Is it me or did his voice change?

  • J A
    J A 11 days ago

    You should see how big they grow in Texas.

  • Serafin Hikes
    Serafin Hikes 11 days ago

    All the copperhead dens I was told about while on the Appalachian trail I passed them during the evening/night hours by chance.

  • Bryan Oates
    Bryan Oates 11 days ago

    @BraveWilderness You should head up to the Catskill mountains in upstate NY. There's a timber rattler sanctuary and much to my dismay, I always seem to find their hiding spots.

  • Jim
    Jim 11 days ago

    No bite?

  • Pronder k
    Pronder k 11 days ago

    Great background music!

  • Kris Upchurch
    Kris Upchurch 11 days ago


  • Doctor Devil
    Doctor Devil 11 days ago

    Why dont u try on yourself

  • RIFT Designs
    RIFT Designs 11 days ago

    West Virginia is amazing and so beautiful!! 💛💙💛💙 I’m from the Red House area up the hill not too far from Frazier’s bottom. and that’s the best place to go exploring around!!

  • Tài Nguyễn
    Tài Nguyễn 11 days ago


  • munchkin :3
    munchkin :3 11 days ago +1

    I live in a very rural area in Georgia and just recently we’ve started seeing a lot of copperhead snakes which is really bad because I have younger siblings who are very curious is there way to get rid of them or at least avoid them so the little kids don’t get hurt

  • Nair Byad
    Nair Byad 12 days ago

    should've taken mountain bikes

  • Andrae Bush
    Andrae Bush 12 days ago

    4:58 real sisters

  • Vanessa Ruiz
    Vanessa Ruiz 12 days ago +1

    I once swam with a venomous snake

  • 1ST General
    1ST General 12 days ago

    I need a snake kill stamp for my lawnmower

  • 1ST General
    1ST General 12 days ago

    2:20 No there's no way of getting through this video is stopped and started again after the meth head passes them in a geo metro

  • Collin Crow
    Collin Crow 12 days ago

    Ive been bitten by a snake of that species and it was brutal it happened when i was 8 yrs old and it is a blessing that im made a great recovery

  • Jeffrey Thompson
    Jeffrey Thompson 12 days ago

    Love the videos and how you can handle animals

  • XDreadX _
    XDreadX _ 12 days ago +1

    They can slither up trailers into open windows here in W.V, no joke.

    • herogibson
      herogibson 10 days ago

      yeah i almost stepped on one in my house one morning in athens, oh. was getting milk out the fridge for cereal, and something in my head told me "look down!" my barefoot was maybe a foot and a half from a little copperhead. after almost messing my pants, and calming down a second, i decided i need mom to come see this!!

  • scott hudgens
    scott hudgens 12 days ago

    I can’t believe if you unsubscribe to people’s videos, you don’t get as many ads

  • RNG Agility
    RNG Agility 12 days ago

    I was at North Carolina for a field trip and I saw a copperhead my teacher had to cut its head off with an axe because it was trying to strike a student

  • Operator Man
    Operator Man 12 days ago

    Yall hiked for hours I live in Harrisburg Arkansas and in the spring and summer I can go outside in my yard and find timbers and copperheads

  • Joseph Vaile
    Joseph Vaile 12 days ago

    Love your Chanel

  • Half Alive
    Half Alive 12 days ago

    If you’re vigilant enough you can find them in Massachusetts, especially in old farming areas where old stone walls are.

  • smithwhitney99
    smithwhitney99 12 days ago

    Umm now I’m scared cause there is a bunch of them living near my house

  • Trenty Boi
    Trenty Boi 12 days ago

    What happened to coyote? Why is he not in anymore vids?

  • Aaron Mueller
    Aaron Mueller 12 days ago

    Awww come on it’s a wrangler

  • jim soffe
    jim soffe 12 days ago +1

    can you make a black mamba episode

  • Konnor Clevenger
    Konnor Clevenger 12 days ago

    I’m from West Virginia and the big rock is Seneca rocks and smoke hole cavernous I live 20 minutes away from there life is crazy I wish knew the he has there

  • Keaton Campbell
    Keaton Campbell 12 days ago

    I almost got bite yesterday

  • Dustin Dyer
    Dustin Dyer 13 days ago

    What's amazing to me is how hard these experts have to work to find venomous reptiles while us average folks get bitten by them by accident lol

  • Vijay Anumala
    Vijay Anumala 13 days ago

    How many videos did you do

  • S4n5 The Gamer
    S4n5 The Gamer 13 days ago

    Me skip to the end and see the copperhead in a tube
    Also me how the hell did he get in there

  • Ryan Plethra
    Ryan Plethra 13 days ago

    To see if it's venomous or not, you really need to get a good look at it's sub-caudal scales to see if it's divided or undivided, ventral scale patterns just aren't reliable enough with your life might be at risk...

  • Derrick Johns
    Derrick Johns 13 days ago

    It was my friends dad that was bitten in Alabama

  • Michael Sterrett
    Michael Sterrett 13 days ago

    i wonder if animals think humans like we think of aliens. you always hear about alien abductions where the alien scoops up a human, does stuff to it, and drops it back where they found it. this dude just did that to the snake. it was a human abduction.