Fun Google Secrets

  • Published on Apr 28, 2016
    When we think Google, most of us think search engine - a website where you type words and phrases in a text box and it gives you a bunch of search results that you might find useful.
    But not everything that Google’s search engine can do is necessarily useful. If you type in the right phrase, you can find different Easter eggs that are there simply for the fun of it.
    Here's are just some of the secret Google Easter eggs that are working as of spring 2016.
    Type ''Do a barrel roll'' in the Google search box and hit enter! The page will do a single spin.
    Type in ‘’Google gravity’’, click on the first search result and watch the tumble to the ground.
    Google has a hidden game incorporated in its Chrome browser. You know that sad little dinosaur that shows up when there’s no internet connection. You can actually start a game with him by simply pressing the space button on your keyboard.
    Searching for "Super Mario Bros" shows a secret info card for Super Mario Bros on the Google search page.
    If you type ‘’Zerg Rush’’ in the search box, a bunch of Google O’s will attack your screen, while you fight them off by clicking on them.
    For more fun Google secrets, be sure to watch the full video.
    For a list of different easter eggs across different Google services, check out the article on Wikipedia:
    If you'd like, you can also watch my video on Google Now easter eggs:
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  • hiddensoh
    hiddensoh 44 seconds ago +1

    remember that snake game easter egg when your youtube video is loading?

  • Nightcore Izzy
    Nightcore Izzy 37 minutes ago

    Also if u search wizard of oz u can. Click the red shoes

  • Jacob Szymanski
    Jacob Szymanski Hour ago

    I was going to say or when your power is out to the dinosaur game and then I realize how stupid that is

  • Kvng-Toxic
    Kvng-Toxic Hour ago +1

    Just a random thing..
    *Notifications* : you got mail!,
    *Me:* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    *Gets it again:* ÝØŲ ĞØŤ MĀÍŁ.
    *Me, After 999999 Messages.:*
    *mail* ÝøŪ ĞøŤ Mæīł.
    *ME SCARED:* (ツ)...- ●_○*
    The end!

  • lupddup
    lupddup 3 hours ago

    Google gravity: so you could press to go to any place you tap and yeah there is google space too

  • lupddup
    lupddup 3 hours ago

    Btw the schools turned off the Dino saur game like plague said

  • lupddup
    lupddup 4 hours ago

    I already knew about the thanos secret and the not so secret google gravity by my friends and also the Dino game but the other ones nope

  • FreeMist
    FreeMist 4 hours ago

    Search Wizard of oz and click the shoes

  • kami79x
    kami79x 4 hours ago

    My best eastet egg is to go on google and search pornhub

  • spoopy cat
    spoopy cat 4 hours ago

    I remember in school we used computers to do math and if we get bored we will secretly turn off the internet connection and play the game. I actually remember hitting 4000 points or something

  • Nikola Suvajac
    Nikola Suvajac 5 hours ago


  • Rainii
    Rainii 5 hours ago

    Once in class we had no connection so everyone was playing the dinosaur game, a boy in my class got the highest score and I remember I beat his score right as the teacher told us to stop and that the connection was back, good times

  • Adam Bradley
    Adam Bradley 6 hours ago +1

    on donosaur game u can click too including phones!

  • Sudsy Diamond
    Sudsy Diamond 6 hours ago

    What is that song called at 4:00 ?

  • Jelloex
    Jelloex 6 hours ago

    This is all we do at are school

  • Allen Esparza
    Allen Esparza 6 hours ago

    Bro cool

  • Alexa Moyes
    Alexa Moyes 7 hours ago

    De ba pa ti iz bosne

  • Raj Pawani
    Raj Pawani 7 hours ago +1

    And also thanos one

  • Sretko Taj sma
    Sretko Taj sma 9 hours ago

    I just found out da si iz bosne

  • TopKing01
    TopKing01 12 hours ago

    If you have google in your phone and you play the video at the start your google. Will appear because it thinks you said google

  • Dakota Plays
    Dakota Plays 12 hours ago

    Look up thanks and click the gauntlet

  • Maintain Opsec
    Maintain Opsec 12 hours ago

    Infinity War music begins playing in the background.

  • Mr.Energy999 TT.V
    Mr.Energy999 TT.V 12 hours ago +1

    2:00 min he says tell google roll a die 😂

    HONIXD 14 hours ago +2

    try to search on google then write PACMAN then you click the game and see what happens

  • The Random Anime Weeb
    The Random Anime Weeb 18 hours ago +1

    Hi, I’m gonna like my own comment

  • The Galaxy Group
    The Galaxy Group 18 hours ago


  • Julie Pearl Espeja
    Julie Pearl Espeja 21 hour ago

    Hey theres one easter egg u missed search "thanos" and press the infinity gauntlet some of the searches will turn into ashes

  • Kefas Makavela
    Kefas Makavela 21 hour ago

    Look at the title
    *Roll a DIE*
    I think it's a typo for *Dice*

    • Sudsy Diamond
      Sudsy Diamond 6 hours ago

      “Die” is singular for dice. Dice is plural.

  • Airgamerz 507
    Airgamerz 507 21 hour ago

    You can do the dinasour while online here is the link

  • Mr. Pufferfish
    Mr. Pufferfish 23 hours ago

  • Jack of Diamonds
    Jack of Diamonds 23 hours ago

    Google is evil. Not cool.

  • ALIEN_CailyxB !!


  • LuigiFan128
    LuigiFan128 Day ago


  • Pew Die Pie
    Pew Die Pie Day ago +1

    8 of these I already knew.... i wish the thanos thing was here tho

  • Spicy UniCron
    Spicy UniCron Day ago

    4 and 2 just happens to be my cousin's and my favorite number.

  • Gaming With a god

    If you type Thanos and click the gauntlet something cool happens

  • marvin llanes
    marvin llanes Day ago


  • Your toxic potato

    Lol it gives a choice to decide how many times it wants google todo a barrel roll

  • Dawn Todd
    Dawn Todd Day ago

    The dino game does not work anymore

  • DinoPlays
    DinoPlays Day ago

    bosna I hercegovina FINALLY MY COUNTRY

  • glitch.inq
    glitch.inq Day ago

    The only ones I knew were the Dino grame and the Google gravity.

  • Двајца Без Тројца

    site like jas ne rabotat site

  • Двајца Без Тројца

    nema kocka za mario

  • Dove
    Dove Day ago

    Who else tried to play Google Snake using the 1998 version?

    just me? ok..

  • Kac
    Kac Day ago

    Ti si Iz Bosne I Hercegovine?

  • Meer Pagar
    Meer Pagar Day ago

    Legends say that now he is working at google

  • hungamer79
    hungamer79 Day ago

    Are you slovak Dobrodošli na facebooku?😂

  • Dost
    Dost Day ago +1

    and if you click down the like button will be blue!

  • BigBoy
    BigBoy Day ago

    My old school blocked the dinosaur game

  • Choda 43
    Choda 43 Day ago +1

    brat moj balkanac

  • TheDeEe1988
    TheDeEe1988 Day ago

    Everytime "Google" has been said, my Smartphone freaks out: "OMG A COMMAND!!"

  • Nicole & Charlie’s gmail

    So worth watching

  • Jack Mazzina
    Jack Mazzina Day ago +3

    When u search ''thanos'' u can click a gauntlet on the right and it wiil make half the search page disappear

  • Fire
    Fire 2 days ago

    I play the dinosaur everyday

  • Calvin Mak
    Calvin Mak 2 days ago

    there niggas
    fuck them

  • Sara Felice
    Sara Felice 2 days ago

    when you finish the atari game it sends you to a random search for me it was ocean

    DONUTLOVER99 YUM 2 days ago

    dis is cool nice job

  • Jacob is a Pleb
    Jacob is a Pleb 2 days ago

    Wubba lubba dub dub!

    Seriously please I beg of you

  • Change Nikola
    Change Nikola 2 days ago

    iz bosne si najs