Queer Eye | Every Makeover Reveal | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Can you believe these transformations? Me either, honey! Check out all the reveals from Season 1 and Season 2 of Queer Eye.
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    Queer Eye | Every Makeover Reveal | Netflix
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Comments • 115

  • creme
    creme Day ago

    idk but im not rlly getting any wow changes? just kinda looks like outfit changes for most people

  • loveblood
    loveblood 20 days ago

    This is uplifting🖤

  • jay mills
    jay mills 24 days ago

    He cut Jody’s hair so short.

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago +8

    100% the best makeover show of all time. these boys not only help these people, they form strong, lifelong bonds with each and every one of them. it’s beautiful to see.

  • Juliana
    Juliana Month ago

    I LOVEEEE this show!!! I cry in all chapters


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  • M A
    M A Month ago +5

    We need more JVN 💅🏼

  • TheMushiePrincess
    TheMushiePrincess Month ago

    Love love love. ❤ this show is full-on self love. So much better then those other 'makeover' shows!

  • Angad Bawa
    Angad Bawa Month ago

    The strokes on his t shirt did it for me

  • Berenice Dorantes
    Berenice Dorantes Month ago

    “You wish you were 24 bitch” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Rubiks Gamer
    The Rubiks Gamer Month ago

    if you don't put marvel infinity war on netflix I will unsubcribe your channel😠😠

  • The Rubiks Gamer
    The Rubiks Gamer Month ago

    can you please add marvel infinity war on netflix 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Erhu Kome Yellow
    Erhu Kome Yellow Month ago

    Where can I watch this?!

  • sweetiiey
    sweetiiey Month ago +1

    Still think Ted should have kept a bit of his beard

  • Jude Choizy
    Jude Choizy Month ago +1

    We need more seasons

  • Robin Rajaonarivelo
    Robin Rajaonarivelo Month ago +1


  • John Gault Productions

    WOW! This Sucks... imagine that.

  • Maaru
    Maaru Month ago +1

    Best series ever♥

  • Brenda Da cruz
    Brenda Da cruz Month ago

    Alguém sabe me dizer quando vai sair a 4 temporada de van helsing?

  • Greg The Roller
    Greg The Roller Month ago

    Freak show!!!

  • Aman Bansal
    Aman Bansal Month ago

    एक चाकू था, एक कलाई थी
    एक सपना था, एक अपनों से जुदाई थी
    एक चादर थी, कुछ खून के धब्बे थे
    एक किताब थी, और कुछ पलटे हुए पन्ने थे
    कमरे में खामोशी थी, बस टप टप करता खून था
    अब ना कोई परेशानी थी, बस अब तो सुकून ही सुकून था !
    Listen the full story now !

  • Razzy1312
    Razzy1312 Month ago

    LMAO the last guy. They took a normal dude with an unkempt beard then they made him shave it so he has a baby face and gave him a whack ass current day version of a hightop.

  • Hafiz Jumat
    Hafiz Jumat Month ago

    great 🤙

  • Erik
    Erik Month ago

    Wait what did Johnathan say at 3:32😂💀💀

    • Jason Phillips
      Jason Phillips Month ago

      "This is literally the definition of Bum F*#K Egypt." it's an expression meaning the same as "out in the sticks" sometimes abbreviated as BFE

    • Erik
      Erik Month ago

      I meant Bobby

  • ixnayontheamspay
    ixnayontheamspay Month ago +23

    Show the homes! Bobby does so much for them!! R u kidding

    • Sydney Brianne
      Sydney Brianne 16 days ago

      Bobby works so hard.

    • Netflix
      Netflix  Month ago +4

      ixnayontheamspay oooooo. This is a very good idea. I love Bobby.

  • manuel garcia
    manuel garcia Month ago


  • Dom P
    Dom P Month ago +3

    I shouldn’t be forced to have the LGBTQ section in my Netflix categories. We should be allowed to modify our categories and not be force feed it. I have absolutely nothing against LGBTQ people and really don’t care what they do. I don’t want to be subject to something that doesn’t communicate with me. That goes for any other categories someone wish wasn’t forced on them by Netflix.

    • quasimeowdo
      quasimeowdo Month ago +8

      It's called scroll away and shut up Jesus Christ it's 2019 get over yourself

    • quasimeowdo
      quasimeowdo Month ago +9

      bro, that's having something against LGBTQ+ people. Also known as just people in some circles, imagine that. Broaden your shitty worldview.

  • Samy
    Samy Month ago +3

    Wtf is this?

  • Autumn Lucas
    Autumn Lucas Month ago +22

    I forgot hawt all these men turned out lookin’ lol 😂🔥

  • Sarcastic Squareflake
    Sarcastic Squareflake Month ago +10

    Why is the audio sped up??? Or at least a higher pitch

  • Lando Calrissian
    Lando Calrissian Month ago

    Dumb as fuck

  • BJ
    BJ Month ago +2

    If it was like three gays and Donatello Versage or Victoria Beckham then I'd probably watch it.
    You do realise us gays can't really put up with other gays, especially on the TV 📺 😂✌️

  • berry bread
    berry bread Month ago

    queer eye outsold

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago +5


  • James O'Hern
    James O'Hern Month ago +4

    Best season yet, wonderful stories

  • Grigory Movchan
    Grigory Movchan Month ago +2

    They spoiled most of those men, especially the last one

    • Grigory Movchan
      Grigory Movchan Month ago

      +Dennis Chacko but the last guy looked so cool with that beard, didn't he?

    • Dennis Chacko
      Dennis Chacko Month ago +2

      They're just giving these guys a proper shave and some new clothes

    • Grigory Movchan
      Grigory Movchan Month ago

      +Netflix I'm sorry for having toxic masculinity 🙏

    • Netflix
      Netflix  Month ago +5

      Grigory Movchan it’s about the journey, not the destination ✨

  • Ryan Woodraw
    Ryan Woodraw Month ago +3

    I'm gay, but their "GIRLLLL YEEEE" crap is absolutely horrible. Depicting the most generic personality. No wonder there's homophobia...

    • Royyan Firdaus
      Royyan Firdaus Month ago +4

      There's homophobia because people are just so insecure seeing people being themselves, like you.

    • Daniela Chamorro
      Daniela Chamorro Month ago

      not even half of the Fab 5 are like that. They're all different and lovely.

    • SR Brant
      SR Brant Month ago

      Eugh, I know how you mean.

  • Juju T
    Juju T Month ago +2

    I LOVE GAY MEN! I want a gay bff! So happy, so kind and always so positive. 💕🍾🥂🌈

  • Barthes Jeremy
    Barthes Jeremy Month ago +2


  • GiantSandles
    GiantSandles Month ago +47

    Thank you for turning my disgusting son into a sexy man, Queer Eye

  • Jesus Osvaldo Broch
    Jesus Osvaldo Broch Month ago +10

    I might start watching this show

  • Jack Saat
    Jack Saat Month ago +2

    I miss the old team, new team is ok but not on the same level! :( Also wish Netflex stop canceling all the good shows!

  • MFYrising mayo
    MFYrising mayo Month ago +1


  • Lucia V
    Lucia V Month ago +2

    I need the official trailer of Stranger Things 3

  • Lauren Christie
    Lauren Christie Month ago +1

    I really hope Gay Of Thrones is going to still happen for the last season

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone Month ago +6

    Stranger Things Season 3 trailer please.

    • BJ
      BJ Month ago +1

      Same. ✌️

  • The Gay Genie From Aladdin

    0:23 the guy in the passengers seat is a little way too much over the top

  • Lauren Christie
    Lauren Christie Month ago +102

    Damn I didn’t even realize women got makeovers too. Sign me up

    • Đức Vương
      Đức Vương Month ago


    • Kolbi Lopez
      Kolbi Lopez Month ago +1

      Netflix do you have a favorite movie on Netflix??

    • Daniela Chamorro
      Daniela Chamorro Month ago +1

      There's 3 episodes in the new season where they do women and THEY'RE AMAZING, GO WATCH GO GO GO

    • Netflix
      Netflix  Month ago +5


  • Morgan Sharp
    Morgan Sharp Month ago +15

    These are all very masculine men.

    • SR Brant
      SR Brant Month ago

      +Leon Plachta Eating ribs, yelling and sensible haircuts. Must I spell it?

    • MrJack Kennedy
      MrJack Kennedy Month ago

      Leon Plachta google it. I don't think the word masculine is offensive so chill

    • SR Brant
      SR Brant Month ago +3

      Leon Plachta Eating ribs, yelling and sensible haircuts.

    • Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove
      Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove Month ago +1

      +Morgan Sharp plz describe

    • Morgan Sharp
      Morgan Sharp Month ago +9

      You know what it means

  • Alif 4747
    Alif 4747 Month ago +12

    Release Lucifer season 4 please

  • Евгений Иванович


  • Tater Thot
    Tater Thot Month ago +8

    I’ve never seen this show should i watch it

    • Joel Durach
      Joel Durach Month ago

      +Ryan Woodraw Yasss Queeeen
      I know what you mean.

    • Joel Durach
      Joel Durach Month ago


    • Anthony
      Anthony Month ago

      Lada1208 Jonathan doesnt make me cringe, some of the heros that are awkward do but its not their fault

    • Jason Phillips
      Jason Phillips Month ago

      yes watch it

    • Lada1208
      Lada1208 Month ago +4

      +Ryan Woodraw that's mostly just Jonathan being himself and I think they do a good job of showing that not every gay has to be over the top or feminine

  • nxt dead yet .
    nxt dead yet . Month ago +51

    We Need Umbrella Academy Season 2 ❤

  • Fatumah Fats
    Fatumah Fats Month ago +18

    I love happy people

  • Adam Henry
    Adam Henry Month ago +2

    Dust of this thing > ❤️

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago +1

    Чё за гомосеки!!!

  • Kurde Bele
    Kurde Bele Month ago +3

    Oh nooo! Only not this queeer...

  • Inja G
    Inja G Month ago +38

    Hii just a random person scrolling through the comments☺️have a nice day❤️

  • Blamirik
    Blamirik Month ago +2

    Oooo video very good thank yoU Netflix ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Pinkmusicplayz
    Pinkmusicplayz Month ago +1


  • Kyle Fltcher-Gray
    Kyle Fltcher-Gray Month ago