Top 10 Most Viewed Youtube Videos 2006-2019

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • In this video we rank the top 10 most viewed RU-clip videos through 2005-2019. Come with me on a journey full of memories when we watch the rise and fall of the greatest videos on RU-clip. In this ranking included are inconic videos like "Pokemon theme music", "Evolution of Dance" and "Charlie bit my finger again".

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    In 2008 a lot of videos manipulated their views. These video include:
    Lo que tú Quieras Oír
    IMVU -
    ~RU-clip Worst Video of All Time~ vote 1 star, leave comment
    Panda Disculpa los Malos Pensamientos (Evangelion)
    Cut Chemist feat. Hymnal "What's the Altitude" Music Video
    Voodoo Like You Do - Huma-Huma
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  • Daily Dose Of Internet
    Daily Dose Of Internet 6 months ago +3224

    Thank you!

  • Thumb Nail
    Thumb Nail Hour ago +1

    At 2:38, all of the top 10 are music videos!

  • Ho Chi Squad
    Ho Chi Squad 6 hours ago

    How the fuck psy just come out the blue with 900 million the first week ??? That’s should be in ginis

    JOSHUA GARCIA 18 hours ago

    Gangnam Style: I AM THE KING!!
    Despacito: *I’m gonna stop you right there.*

  • Katie McCrystal
    Katie McCrystal 21 hour ago

    That was fascinating!

  • -Willow Studios-

    Don’t search up “XXX PORN XXX” ;-;

  • JustChriztian
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  • Alexander Flego
    Alexander Flego Day ago

    3:09 and then the despacito nation attacked

  • Ashton Sang
    Ashton Sang 2 days ago +1

    Who wants to be my first like?

    ARJUN MANDADY 2 days ago

    Luis Fonsi - 6.5 billion views
    World population - 7.8 billion
    Remaining 1.3 billion chinese😁

  • Lodomir Lodomir
    Lodomir Lodomir 2 days ago

    Where is the bohemian rhapsody??

  • Shubhvijay Chauhan
    Shubhvijay Chauhan 2 days ago

    Despacito the daddy of all.

  • Ana YT
    Ana YT 3 days ago +1

    See you again: OMG IM FINALY FIIIIRST!!! IM FIR-
    Despasito: Gimme sum place ladies and gentelmans...

  • Kyle Metoda
    Kyle Metoda 3 days ago

    the porno hahah

    SIREANNE TV 3 days ago +3

    no one
    not even a soul
    not even a shadow
    me: *finding What Makes You Beautiful😭

  • LoMix
    LoMix 3 days ago

    despacito *appears*
    Everyone:Why do we hear boss music?

  • square tavern
    square tavern 3 days ago

    Oh, thanks! I almost had to read the word "porn". Gee

  • Wilfried007
    Wilfried007 3 days ago +1

    imagine having turned on addsense on one of those and it's your channel.....

    CNAY BMX 3 days ago


  • The User Adi
    The User Adi 4 days ago +1

    My Birth Date 0:12 !!!

  • MTEpic
    MTEpic 4 days ago

    That’s wrong. What about he baby shark theme song!! It has over 4 billion views!!

  • Bloobloo Studios
    Bloobloo Studios 4 days ago

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  • Big j Pump 2
    Big j Pump 2 6 days ago

    it sounds like a po*n music

  • Soggy Nuts
    Soggy Nuts 6 days ago

    XD i like how youtube just takes "XXX P*rn XXX" Down like that LOL

  • TheProdigy 64
    TheProdigy 64 6 days ago

    Bohemian rhapsody

    GENERAL PAPZ 6 days ago

    wow watching

  • Kit Sunderland
    Kit Sunderland 6 days ago

    Baby shark gets to 4b

  • #660066LoLichisan
    #660066LoLichisan 7 days ago

    Masha and the Bear is like dude who get into the wrong class but he likes it.

  • Roy Roci
    Roy Roci 7 days ago

    Title should be top 10 most viewed song videos on youtube

  • S-Cut
    S-Cut 8 days ago +1

    This video reminds me that I have no clue about the music that was released after 2014 ._.

  • BE Happy
    BE Happy 8 days ago


  • ً
    ً 8 days ago

    What about Учим цвета-Разноцветные яйца на ферме?
    (viewbotted video)

  • Edgar LEONARD
    Edgar LEONARD 8 days ago

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  • Rafa Akhrojal Idris
    Rafa Akhrojal Idris 9 days ago

    Despacito :v

  • Dragos T
    Dragos T 9 days ago

    0:43 hello mdfk

  • Cat Gaming
    Cat Gaming 9 days ago

    How this name Music

  • Williana toussaint
    Williana toussaint 10 days ago


  • vent1uno
    vent1uno 10 days ago

    Gangnam style: you cant defeat me
    Wiz khalifa: i know, but he can

  • DogeWinner
    DogeWinner 10 days ago

    0:47 XXX PORN XXX

  • Learn computer
    Learn computer 11 days ago

    why faded not one of them?

  • spencer tom
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  • Idontrustanyone_123
    Idontrustanyone_123 11 days ago

    You forgot Faded and Alone

  • sanjay parmar
    sanjay parmar 11 days ago
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  • Łêgø Prøducc
    Łêgø Prøducc 11 days ago

    *C L I C K B A I T*

  • nosniL hciR
    nosniL hciR 12 days ago

    Let's watch

  • Xiuhcoatl
    Xiuhcoatl 12 days ago

    This vid was uploaded 10 years later on the day i made my youtube account!
    wow 10 years!

  • Natu The BudgieYT
    Natu The BudgieYT 12 days ago

    0:58 PORN?

  • Natu The BudgieYT
    Natu The BudgieYT 12 days ago

    0:42 SEX?

  • Ferrari Legend XD
    Ferrari Legend XD 12 days ago

    Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crank That, should be on the list

  • Nik Chico
    Nik Chico 13 days ago

    Mrbeast will have to be here next year

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    Ly rics 13 days ago

  • Jace
    Jace 13 days ago

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  • Neo
    Neo 13 days ago

    I don’t see the gummy bear song

  • Ashlee Stewart
    Ashlee Stewart 13 days ago

  • Dhruv Shandilya
    Dhruv Shandilya 14 days ago

    Who else checked all these video's views ??

  • sapsap sapsap
    sapsap sapsap 14 days ago

    Where's thunder

  • GalaxyOverLordStrikes
    GalaxyOverLordStrikes 14 days ago

    0:48 why does it look like they replaced the videos

  • bad animatics oreo
    bad animatics oreo 15 days ago +1

    bro baby shark is on there 🤣