End of the World. Asteroid Impact

  • Published on Aug 31, 2015
  • Video: Discovery Channel
    Music: Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna

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  • Александр Галкин

    *Especially for stupid morons: this is the simulation, not fake. This is just a possible variant of the future*

    • Guadalupe Gonzalez
      Guadalupe Gonzalez 19 days ago

      @Александр Галкин MOTHAFUCKA STOP SCARING ME

    • Shawz
      Shawz 23 days ago

      Александр Галкин just want clout 🤣

    • Sans. megalovania
      Sans. megalovania 25 days ago

      @Александр Галкин черт возьми, это прям видно, что симуляция, учитывая, как отрывались острова, хотя острова-не плавающие куски земли

    • Laxan mol
      Laxan mol Month ago


  • Rebecca Runs Above

    I like the best

  • Ian Schiltz
    Ian Schiltz 3 days ago +2

    How to survive: be the cameraman

  • Ali Arif
    Ali Arif 4 days ago


  • Cris Valencia
    Cris Valencia 7 days ago

    Guys who thought this was real and we survived 😂 I was like IM SURVIVER YOU MUST BOW WHEN YOU SPEAK TO ME

  • RedCapDude
    RedCapDude 7 days ago +1

    Will it happen or not dude

  • Splendid Dwarf
    Splendid Dwarf 8 days ago +2

    This would never happen cuz jupiter saves us from all the asteroids.

    • Splendid Dwarf
      Splendid Dwarf 8 days ago +3

      @Александр Галкин yeah ur right but the impact of the asteroid which wiped out all the dinos came in the opposite direction but for now jupiter is in the way

    • Александр Галкин
      Александр Галкин  8 days ago +3

      So dinosaurs thought like that before an asteroid hit Yucatan peninsula 65 million years ago. And where are dinosaurs now?
      Jupiter cannot catch everything.

    CAUTION EVERYDAY 9 days ago

    I know this is cool

  • This Isme
    This Isme 11 days ago +1

    May God be with us all

  • Brix Machon
    Brix Machon 18 days ago +1

    September 27,2019

    We are still alive....

    • Luis Mendoza
      Luis Mendoza 12 days ago

      March2050 We all that will be left our body but our soul and heart ❤️ in pieces

    • Luis Mendoza
      Luis Mendoza 12 days ago

      March 2050:Earth:Ur mom is gay


  • Charley Games
    Charley Games 19 days ago

    Just starting up my COD zombies 2 4:25

  • Indian Techsupport.
    Indian Techsupport. 20 days ago +1

    Huge respect to the cameraman filming all these dangerous stuff for us!!

  • Roblox God
    Roblox God 22 days ago

    And finally 3:11 a tropical nightmare

  • Roblox God
    Roblox God 22 days ago +2

    2:55 iceberg more like lavaberg


    • Tic Tac
      Tic Tac 8 days ago


  • Roblox God
    Roblox God 22 days ago

    2:04 earth is that your school haircut?

  • SSJPunchoutkid
    SSJPunchoutkid 23 days ago

    Don’t worry Goku and vegeta will fuse and fire a X100 Big Bang Kamehameha to save us all

  • Mobile_Gamer 717
    Mobile_Gamer 717 24 days ago +1

    4:05 that looks like the surface of my skin

  • Dominator King
    Dominator King 27 days ago +2

    Earth: I need a hug
    Asteroid: Ok

  • Axzza
    Axzza 28 days ago

    People really think end of world is going happen by a rock hitting eath . Ha dumbass God does the work

    • Red Brick Productions
      Red Brick Productions 17 days ago

      god didnt create the universe, therefore shere events in space decide if we die or not.

    WARRIORCATS 777 28 days ago

    Help mmeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    WARRIORCATS 777 28 days ago

    *screams* eahhhhhhhhh

  • Oofhead Mc`rage
    Oofhead Mc`rage Month ago

    4:09 global warming in 2354

  • Killerklownsfromouterspace

    This is how my ex wife’s vagina became extinct.

  • Roozbeh Abtahi
    Roozbeh Abtahi Month ago

    Let's not forget that the amount of energy released at Chicxulub impact, which caused the extinction of Dinosaurs 65 Million years ago, was one millionth of what we see here. Such an impact will not just cause extintion of humen but it cause a total sterilization of earth.

    • Curious Entertainment
      Curious Entertainment 15 days ago

      Roozbeh Abtahi I don’t know about total sterilization there would still be some forms of life.

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    Ik more than you stop trying to think we will "all die to this" by the time it hits we'd be gone (maby) look i ,know almost all out comes to something like this

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    (Extra) 3 almost EVERYTHING with this amount of emojis are scams 20 dont go to that web/video

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    Here are the rules of the internet: 1. Dont trust everything you see expect things you know 2. Most of the poeple on the internet are lying* those are the rules

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    We and him who watched this would die of old age

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    This man is on drugs

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    O wait it isnt the dinos you edited big Ben and other great things

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    And stupid and moron and dumb are the same

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    AND its from discovery channel you moron it might be the metor that killed the dinos Dumbass

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    Atleast i know more because i know more dark thing's this is NOT how the world will end will maby but i know more

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    Why does everbody agree that the world will end in flames have you forget about agermda galexy or the disinagrater sun i guess your a moron yourself

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    So get fucked a metor that big will come in the next 10000,0000 years but by the time it gets to earth the sun whould of killed us or the adrmada galexy will its all bout the research and your the moron

  • Laxan mol
    Laxan mol Month ago

    Your a stu- o wait by the time the sun explodes the metor would hit

  • Dominance
    Dominance Month ago

    Lol when ppl hear My New MIXTAPE :D
    It's called NIGGA STOLE MY BIKE

  • Skyvory
    Skyvory Month ago

    I don't know why but when I was younger I was really afraid of this video


    Not only asteroid can destroy our world
    We can also do it by climate change

  • Tenya Iida
    Tenya Iida Month ago

    What if

    It crash in a city?

  • Salamander
    Salamander Month ago

    What’s this song called

  • مامه شه فیق

    i hope earh is be come to end very soon

  • Desghidorah The great

    The visitor from fortnite liked this video

  • Creepex
    Creepex Month ago

    PewDiePies giant meatball

  • Creepex
    Creepex Month ago +2

    How to survive this:

    Be a camera operator

  • saket kulkarni
    saket kulkarni Month ago

    While this was happening i was tanning myself on the beach..., what a day off from the school

  • saket kulkarni
    saket kulkarni Month ago +2

    That’s not even an asteroid. That’s a planet like .......

  • Khadija Suleyman
    Khadija Suleyman Month ago

    We kind of killed this world so it will end one day

  • Alexis Perez
    Alexis Perez Month ago +1

    How it feels when you got in your car thats been staying in the same place for 2 days of hotness😂

    • Rj
      Rj Month ago +1


    • Alexis Perez
      Alexis Perez Month ago


  • TheNintendoBrothers

    Majora's mask when you run out of time

  • Chris Huerta
    Chris Huerta Month ago

    That’s a nautral disaster

  • - GRACILIS -
    - GRACILIS - 2 months ago

    Сука,такой маленький,а всю землб разьебал. Пидор.

  • Insane memes My boi
    Insane memes My boi 2 months ago +1

    I watched this shit like 3 years ago and it haunted me for some shit reason.

    • Rj
      Rj Month ago

      Same I was like 7 or 8 when I watched this

  • Nina Blue
    Nina Blue 2 months ago +11

    How to survive a big’ol asteroid


  • Jeniel Smith
    Jeniel Smith 2 months ago

    I'm scared somebody help me 😭😭😭😭

  • xD_DriaZzbe
    xD_DriaZzbe 2 months ago

    Я так и не понял он русский или вообще казах?

  • ItxBombVxral Aka Vxncent
    ItxBombVxral Aka Vxncent 2 months ago +4

    This is why we need to take care of our earth before this happen!
    Like if you want to help!

  • ZendPixie
    ZendPixie 2 months ago

    **hears sudden dramatic background music**
    It's starting boys..

  • Pixelplayz
    Pixelplayz 2 months ago +2

    I literally thought space had no gravity

    • ghgjg hhxgh
      ghgjg hhxgh 19 hours ago

      Pixelplayz even the International Space Station has gravity, the curving orbital speed around the Earth simply counteracts this.
      So actually the weightlessness you experience there is because of you constantly falling- around the earth, but never hitting the ground! That's what an orbit is, falling around an object so fast that you just circle around it forever.

  • Jae Finds A Way
    Jae Finds A Way 2 months ago +1

    You'd think that everything is destroyed by now, yet the buildings are still in shape. So much for 9/11