4 Best Bedroom Nifty Projects For Under $100

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • You don't need to save tons of money to renovate your bedroom!

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Comments • 51

  • The Boba Turtle
    The Boba Turtle 5 months ago

    Buying headboard versus making it:
    Buying it: some companies will bring it inside your house and assemble it for you (plus free shipping if your lucky), u pay for the headboard only (and shipping sometimes)
    DIY-ing it: hauling everything into your house from your car trunk, buying everything, moving the completed project from your living room to your bedroom, trying to attach it to the wall or something, having your house look like 💩 during the duration of the project.
    Totaly sound easy to DIY it

  • Kim Sullivan
    Kim Sullivan 5 months ago +1

    Looks messy with the different hangers, putting labeled dividers is sufficient for telling the clothes apart. Loved the two headboards!

  • Kaitlin Hannah
    Kaitlin Hannah 5 months ago +2

    Who changes their bedroom that much? Its a bedroom, not a showroom lol

    LAURIX O.M 5 months ago


  • Eena B
    Eena B 5 months ago

    I bet the headboard-project was a huge challenge - but the payoff is huuuuge as well.

  • Sarah Fowler
    Sarah Fowler 5 months ago

    I have two tufted headboards from Amazon. They were $100 each. I doubt materials (and certainly not materials + time) costs less than that.

  • JakesterJung
    JakesterJung 5 months ago +1

    "pay off is huge" x100 times.

  • dharani koyalkar
    dharani koyalkar 5 months ago

    Wouldn't the lights on your headboard fall right into your eyes and disturb your sleep?

  • brody welyki
    brody welyki 5 months ago +4

    Today’s my dogs birthday say happy birthday to murphy my black mini schnauzer

  • Grandma Raps
    Grandma Raps 5 months ago +12

    How about less useless talk and more descriptions of the projects.

  • Dalia Mohammed
    Dalia Mohammed 5 months ago +1

    ru-clip.net/video/XaWTF5azkKw/video.html plz watch my video and don't forget the subscribe

  • Amy Sanderson
    Amy Sanderson 5 months ago +3

    In England, beds come with headboards, even cheap beds...

    • Lucy Fordham
      Lucy Fordham 5 months ago

      Amy Sanderson bed frames do, but divans don’t. They are much more widespread in the US

  • Maurice Estelle
    Maurice Estelle 5 months ago +1

    R E U P L O A D

  • Venisha Arrabolu
    Venisha Arrabolu 5 months ago +8

    Girl, she didn’t even explain the project

  • Jade Tsuruda
    Jade Tsuruda 5 months ago +8

    Way to copy Mr.kate's tufted bench. Literally looks exactly the same as her seat

  • Wendy Lea
    Wendy Lea 5 months ago +12

    She kept talking about why she did the project but never explained how to do it :/

    • Sarah Moore
      Sarah Moore 5 months ago

      Wendy Lea this is a recycled video, there’s a video that is a tutorial

  • Jarin Orin
    Jarin Orin 5 months ago +2

    When you are early and don't know what to comment!!! :)

  • Kazzie Bolaños
    Kazzie Bolaños 5 months ago +1

    Wtf was that flash at 3:10????

  • Paige Mull
    Paige Mull 5 months ago

    Nifty y’all!!! ❤️💜💚

  • J.P. Alt.
    J.P. Alt. 5 months ago

    Thank you very much for sharing those wonderful ideas.

  • conspiracy theory lover101

    iv looked in to the pegboard and says it contain high amount of formaldehyde

  • AliciaLand
    AliciaLand 5 months ago +10

    "You don't need to save tons of money to renovate your bedroom!" @BuzzFeedNifty
    edit. I'm fairly certain you meant "spend" not save.

    • Dolly K
      Dolly K 5 months ago

      Save to buy

    • Bea A.
      Bea A. 5 months ago +3

      I think she meant save as in saving up money for room decorating

  • AJ Perez
    AJ Perez 5 months ago +30

    Im not used to the talking segments

  • I Love food
    I Love food 5 months ago +13

    Hi, I love you nifty!
    BTW your hair is clearly pink, not purple. Are you blind?

  • sofi kemppainen
    sofi kemppainen 5 months ago +13

    hi person scrolling thru the comments🤠

  • sofi kemppainen
    sofi kemppainen 5 months ago +3

    3:10 did yall notice that

    • all4wandy
      all4wandy 5 months ago


    • Eve Does Stuff
      Eve Does Stuff 5 months ago +2

      I think it was an editing mistake, I paused it just right and its a slide that says "4 bedroom upgrades under $100"

  • PastelprincessHoney
    PastelprincessHoney 5 months ago +107

    "purple is my color, as you can see"
    *pulls on pink hair*

  • Nightmare Pug
    Nightmare Pug 5 months ago +1


  • Stormaker GAMING
    Stormaker GAMING 5 months ago +20

    my upgrade cost 0€ i only changed my bed and now i have more space

  • Alex Playz YT
    Alex Playz YT 5 months ago +1


  • だ流ヲEx0tic
    だ流ヲEx0tic 5 months ago +2


  • Taehyung's Crusher
    Taehyung's Crusher 5 months ago +2