Metal-Wood art ideas!VEERY NICE!!!!


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  • durlydurl
    durlydurl Year ago

    Folks, if it's too fast for you, press the spacebar on your keyboard to pause. Amazing collection. Inspiring designs! Thank you for curating.

  • Manu
    Manu Year ago +1


  • Jon Rogerson
    Jon Rogerson Year ago

    goes to fast cant quit see what everything is

  • Dan Hartman
    Dan Hartman 2 years ago

    I cannot say useless. Annoying, yes. SLOW DOWN. This is a collection of some extraordinary work and imagination. If slowing down the video makes the video too long, break it up into two or more videos. Some of these are incredible.

  • Fraususemil
    Fraususemil 2 years ago +2

    There are amazing things amongst all these, but too much, too fast, and why the heck make videos from pictures? That is annoying and useless.