Pulsefire Ezreal | Login Screen Update - League of Legends

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • The official login screen update for Pulsefire Ezreal.
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  • Artistic Dreamer
    Artistic Dreamer 2 months ago

    Guess you could say he's... _going in a time loop._ I'm not sorry.

  • Feels Good Man Clap
    Feels Good Man Clap 2 months ago +1

    0:36 - Start of the old login screen (music)

  • Rogue Will
    Rogue Will 3 months ago

    Essa música deveria ser do Kayn

  • JaPon-ii Hollow
    JaPon-ii Hollow 4 months ago

    This is a pretty nice revisit. But I really liked the OG where he jumps out a portal and immediately blasts his pulsefire weapon. That was cool

  • Mateoグリザイア
    Mateoグリザイア 4 months ago

    *Im a computer*
    Just kidding im a person.

  • JDaniel1203
    JDaniel1203 7 months ago

    0:13 When someone calls you while you're in match

  • Tia Ara
    Tia Ara 7 months ago

    Volibear skin?

  • Jennifer Serrao
    Jennifer Serrao 8 months ago

    only me? Ok

  • jennifer ricketts
    jennifer ricketts 8 months ago

    Ninja can I have your account Ninja on fortnite?

  • Jen Tash
    Jen Tash 8 months ago

    Failing tired?

  • Kathy Dashner
    Kathy Dashner 8 months ago

    But if anyone can gift me a skin, actually it dosent matter it can be a emote or whatever

  • 张海发
    张海发 8 months ago

    I live your videos

  • darsh vaidya
    darsh vaidya 8 months ago

    I was your first like and comment?

  • bin hzh
    bin hzh 8 months ago

    He is almost Naruto and I'm the Vocaloid Ninja

  • aesfasdf adsfaefasdf
    aesfasdf adsfaefasdf 8 months ago

    Get this comment the most likes in RU-clip history

  • Doug Stein
    Doug Stein 8 months ago

    Ninja stop reporting people for them streem sniping you even if they killed you one time if it's twice then do it?

  • Alviandra Piero
    Alviandra Piero 8 months ago +1

    Why can't my pulsefire ezreal make portal?

  • jeferson Masurek
    jeferson Masurek 8 months ago

    I got Pulsefire ezreal

    DRAMILLIONZZZ 9 months ago

    Pulsefire Shen log-in screen?

  • Владислав
    Владислав 9 months ago

    Oh, how i can switch to it?

  • AscensionMC
    AscensionMC 10 months ago

    reminds me of spiderman for some reason

  • Cho Co
    Cho Co 11 months ago

    Sam Raimi Spiderman anyone?

  • Bolastwo
    Bolastwo 11 months ago

    This isn't ezreal

    WEABOBOSS 11 months ago

    basically a moba megaman

  • kaiserchava 115
    kaiserchava 115 11 months ago

    He kinda looks like Anduin

  • Billie EyElAsH
    Billie EyElAsH 11 months ago

    *Iron* man

  • Andrey Tsankov
    Andrey Tsankov 11 months ago

    Why is this skin such horrible garbage

  • angel gabriel ruiz salasar

    su juego me da lag face dios :v como quieren que lo juege :u por que mi pc el clase media meda lag incluso si uso otro wi fi

  • Oragami Raptor
    Oragami Raptor 11 months ago

    sounds like dark knight soundtrack

  • GalacticKnight
    GalacticKnight 11 months ago +1

    Where's classic Ezreal login?

  • FoxyOPedreiro
    FoxyOPedreiro Year ago


  • Diego Torrez
    Diego Torrez Year ago

    cuantas brechas habra dejado abierta...?

  • Demonait
    Demonait Year ago

    tvl, zas něco mění... ted to nevypadá jako buzríl ale jako pico v iron man obleku...

  • Noteseton
    Noteseton Year ago

    Will it be on League Displays tho ?

  • RaYblu93005
    RaYblu93005 Year ago

    Why is he so happy, i like edgy pfe.

  • rohan kalanje
    rohan kalanje Year ago

    Instead of making a pulse fire login they should have worked more on them Halloween theme! cmon riot you have never let us down in terms of music but you gotta manage your workload!

  • el furro
    el furro Year ago +1

    Es una pieza de museo :v

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion Year ago

    Worst ultimate skin his regular skins are 100 times better

  • Relit
    Relit Year ago

    The skin that gave the skins a lore

  • CH 4 NEL Z I S
    CH 4 NEL Z I S Year ago

    make a android plssssssssssssss 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • lucas alves
    lucas alves Year ago

    Does anyone know when it will arrive for login screen?

  • Brad Thomas
    Brad Thomas Year ago

    No wonder this login never went through

  • Tyco
    Tyco Year ago

    project ez

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen Year ago

    i like old ez

  • Uriel Macià Gutiérrez

    Could someone please inform about star guardian skins, if there will be or not? Thank you 👐

  • MrGrreatness
    MrGrreatness Year ago


  • Sonicbladez
    Sonicbladez Year ago

    I m glad I got this skim permanently unlocked in a odyssey gem.

  • JazekFTW
    JazekFTW Year ago

    YOU DESTROYED THE SKIN, now it seems like a casual skin not a legendary one....

  • Alessandro Morriconi

    Can we have the Login Song shown is the teaser? :(

  • Doctor Gromy
    Doctor Gromy Year ago

    Need a Pulsefire Lux so they can match. They're the cutest couple in League :D

  • Alejandro Lopez
    Alejandro Lopez Year ago

    At least add 4 chromas to this skin to make it worth the 3.2k rp

  • Ekko L' Incurvé
    Ekko L' Incurvé Year ago

    Fam, ryze rework meme is not funny.
    *Stop it, get some help.*

  • Laura Bellanger
    Laura Bellanger Year ago


  • Tommy Mena
    Tommy Mena Year ago +1

    Omg, I love you ♥ haha, is Cool!

  • Hyper Potion003
    Hyper Potion003 Year ago

    Lux smile

    DELET Year ago

    His face reminds me of Dio

  • Nad G
    Nad G Year ago

    his face is weird

  • Leviatan II
    Leviatan II Year ago

    Another ryze reworkmok

  • iRoblox Tayfası
    iRoblox Tayfası Year ago

    Mobile legends "Saber"

  • Illusion回梦
    Illusion回梦 Year ago

    oh is good!