Broken Girls - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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    song produced by: LYRE
    Director: Nayip Ramos
    Producer: Casey Schreffler (Centertainment)
    VFX: Logan Sprangers
    Production Designer: Logan Rose
    Director of Photography: Cameron Schmucker
    Stylist: Helena Falangus
    Key Hair/Make-up: Yukina Mitsuhashi
    Dancers: Joe Friedman, Corey Evans, Pauler Lam, Dor Raybi
    Choreographer/Dancer: Dalton Shooks
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  19 days ago +4473

    go grab this song and check out the FULL EP!

    • Sophie Evans
      Sophie Evans 4 days ago

      If you watch the video in full, then go straight from the end to Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, it's uncannily similar.. it's a shame because the crew clearly worked very hard on this :( I know Dollhouse is a few years old now, and I don't know if your fanbase would necessarily be massively aware of Melanie, but it seems like more than just a coincidence :(

    • Cassidy Mj
      Cassidy Mj 4 days ago

      No thank you LOL

    • Hip Hop
      Hip Hop 4 days ago

      no thanks you a frog in tons of makeup

    • Nam Namjesus
      Nam Namjesus 5 days ago

      I love you Gabbi you sing so amazing dont listen to people hating on you they should learn how to keep their damn mouth shut...LOVE YOU again

    • bruh
      bruh 6 days ago

      Alondra Rodriguez didn’t*

  • Hana Doyle
    Hana Doyle 7 minutes ago

    It breaks my heart that all these comments are about this drama. Her music career is bigger than youtube drama, a beautiful song and a beautiful music video is ruined by the comment section and now what should've been a happy memory of somethinh gabbie is proud of is now ruined, well done, does putting her down make you feel better?

  • Ruari Mcdonald
    Ruari Mcdonald 30 minutes ago +2

    people really need to stop hating on gabbie ahe doesn't deserve the hate all the tea being spilled is some girl desperate for attention

  • Taibah Mahmood
    Taibah Mahmood 49 minutes ago

    Girl someone needs to tell you, you can’t sing

  • Rosemary May
    Rosemary May 5 hours ago

    Gabbie Hanna doing the robot for 3 minutes and 57 seconds

  • Mel Vee
    Mel Vee 6 hours ago

    You are youtube trash make tana look like an angel ..cant wait until your channel dies

  • Roxandra Velouette
    Roxandra Velouette 8 hours ago

    don’t even subscribing, so just subscribe and then unsubscribe, then disliking 😂 sorry not sorry

  • Georgette Nicole Alabanza

    The dislikes. Lmao

  • Roinuj Junie
    Roinuj Junie 13 hours ago

    This concept is just 👏!
    Dr. Smile was there!
    (Also, I don't exactly know how, but I slept on this. Sorry!)

  • fat lasanga
    fat lasanga 14 hours ago

    *I'll be your diarrhea won't repeat it*

  • 2heart3 AJ
    2heart3 AJ 15 hours ago +1

    I wonder why there’s so much auto tune..maybe cause she actually can’t sing. It kinda just seems like she’s trying tell us she has a second job...

  • Zoe Robin
    Zoe Robin 15 hours ago

    Melanie Martinez is not shook. She’s not even looking.

  • Liv Collis
    Liv Collis 15 hours ago

    Why does this music video remind me of Melanie Martinez any one else?

  • Tyson DeMan
    Tyson DeMan 16 hours ago

    this song and you suck. another perfect example of a bad person being in the spotlight

  • Matthew Taur
    Matthew Taur 18 hours ago +1

    Paused and read the comments

  • Lucas Meeks
    Lucas Meeks 21 hour ago +1

    Love your song gabbie

  • Blake Rose
    Blake Rose 22 hours ago +1

    Alright, despite all the drama, this song is still a fucking bop

  • Zachary Unferth
    Zachary Unferth 22 hours ago

    She’s the chick that made vines how weird

  • brittanynotbritney
    brittanynotbritney 23 hours ago

    What kind of music is this? She sounds like a really bad rookie drag queen.

  • Koda E
    Koda E Day ago +2

    Ignore all the haters gabbie! I love all of your videos

  • Queen Bre
    Queen Bre Day ago

    Maybe use the money from the views to get singing lessons sis...

  • heyitskmoneyy
    heyitskmoneyy Day ago +1

    She is ignoring everything because she knows eventually this drama is going to stop. She is not going to speak on this because she knows this will pass, you know? I think that's why she still hasen't come out with something

    • Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn 5 hours ago

      Don’t think this one is passing without major damage done if she continues ignoring things.
      Matter of fact I don’t think saying anything will even change people’s minds for accepting an apology, only make them angrier.
      She is reaping what she sowed now. It’s not going away.

  • MøøseScøøp
    MøøseScøøp Day ago +2

    cant believe i used to be a fan 😔

  • Isabella Bass
    Isabella Bass Day ago +2

    Okay all Gabbie hate aside, this reminds me so much of my ex boyfriend. He's an amazing person, but he was very drawn to "broken girls". He really just wanted to help people, and I think dating "broken girls" made him feel more put together and emotionally stable. He also rarely talked about his issues, to me at least when we were dating. This song describes him perfectly.

  • Rachael Millen
    Rachael Millen Day ago

    I like the creativity of the music video but I don't like the song lyrics at all!!. Gabbie you're a terrible advocate for mental health! You are literally perpetuating the stigma of mental illness or emotional 'instability' as being 'broken'. This one could have remained your diary entry and not a song....

  • Lyndzie Goodnight
    Lyndzie Goodnight Day ago +1

    🙄 I'm sorry but I Love Gabbie. And her "friend" is just butt hurt. And its bullshit. I've not seen one person on Gabbies side. Well I am. All the hate can really damage a person.

    • Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn 4 hours ago

      ThatIceDragon yes, rape minimizing is totally ok. You guys are soooo right.
      Wtf is wrong with people like you 2?
      Pull your heads out of gabbies ass, she’s a shit person... look at all the times she’s been in drama... that doesn’t happen if you’re not part of the problem.
      People like you 2 leave me little hope for the future.

    • Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn 5 hours ago

      You are so wrong, it’s not even worth an explanation to show you what a decent human being looks like and does and doesn’t do.
      you are clearly a very mixed up person.

    • ThatIceDragon
      ThatIceDragon 19 hours ago

      Lyndzie Goodnight finally someone else is on gabbies side. And feel like people are just looking at one side and not even truly listening or looking and are being majorly bias

  • Aj Greene
    Aj Greene Day ago

    Honestly I get why people are hating but this song is so fire no cap

  • avilarosa1979
    avilarosa1979 Day ago +1

    Bro this is ligit a parody of dollhouse

  • Kath H
    Kath H Day ago


  • Addy's Wonderful World :D

    I’m pretty sure this video backs up Jessi’s entire video... 😂 Nice rebuttal Gabbie.....

  • Kayla J
    Kayla J Day ago +2

    Bruh all you guys try to act like such genuine kind people then you go and comment nasty shit like fr most of y’all are just feeding in to rumors and stuff that ain’t relevant to you

    • Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn 4 hours ago

      Yes, never call out people when they act horrendously.
      We should never hold people accountable.
      Let the further degradation of society commence!

  • Luke Christy
    Luke Christy Day ago +1


  • Olive Gacha
    Olive Gacha Day ago +1

    I'd buy a Gabbie doll lol

  • Aransha Lmnde
    Aransha Lmnde Day ago

    Imagine being in the cringey emo phase at 28

  • michaeltalbot _
    michaeltalbot _ Day ago

    This sounds super famillar

  • Ruby Wolf
    Ruby Wolf Day ago +2

    If she wasn’t currently going through a scandal this song would SLAP

  • hea
    hea Day ago

    OMG DAVID DOBRIK POSTED AN IG STORY i noticed that the song sound alike like this song lol search cupid’s chokehold / breakfast in america radio mix

  • hea
    hea Day ago

    OMG DAVID DOBRIK POSTED AN IG STORY i noticed that the song sound alike like this song lol search cupid’s chokehold / breakfast in america radio mix

  • hea
    hea Day ago

    OMG DAVID DOBRIK POSTED AN IG STORY i noticed that the song sound alike like this song lol search cupid’s chokehold / breakfast in america radio mix

  • hea
    hea Day ago

    OMG DAVID DOBRIK POSTED AN IG STORY i noticed that the song sound alike like this song lol search cupid’s chokehold / breakfast in america radio mix

  • Robertz Side
    Robertz Side Day ago +2

    Can everyone stop hating and JUST ENJOY THE SONG AND HOW MUCH GABBIE SPENT ON IT!

    • Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn 4 hours ago

      No. People on her level of being a shit person don’t deserve a break.

    • Kath H
      Kath H Day ago

      Sorry hard to enjoy crappy music

  • The Nexus
    The Nexus Day ago


  • Floofy Cats
    Floofy Cats Day ago

    Cough.. rip off of dollhouse from Melanie?

  • Camilla De benedetti

    Am I the only one who thinks this kinda looks like “doll house”?

  • Crywolf
    Crywolf Day ago

    i would love this song and melanie martinez dollhouse mashup

  • Rubén Moran
    Rubén Moran Day ago

    this would have been so good in like 2009

  • Lindsey Lenartowski

    you’re a dumb bitch and this song sucks

  • Lauren Graham
    Lauren Graham Day ago

    Psychology professors should show this as an example of projection

  • artaestic.
    artaestic. Day ago

    i’m reading these comments confused aSF. what happened?

  • sophie’s gachacookie
    sophie’s gachacookie 2 days ago +2

    0:12 Doctor smiles, remember that one line in medicate ‘Doctor smiles’
    Just saying, it says the same dudes name that it says in medicate

  • Zarita Alasti
    Zarita Alasti 2 days ago +2

    hi my namr is zsarita and i really dont like you but its ok bc no one does FREEDOM OF SPEECH MEEROICAAAAAAA

  • Faye Reid
    Faye Reid 2 days ago +7

    "I'll be your diary, I won't repeat it"
    Unless you've got screenshots right?

  • phunky asthmatic
    phunky asthmatic 2 days ago +1

    she should get a nose job

  • Raven ASMR
    Raven ASMR 2 days ago

    we get it, you have mental problems, geez didn't have to make a song about it.

  • Caleb Tyler-Combs
    Caleb Tyler-Combs 2 days ago

    I am living for this song. Bitch work yyyyeeeesss. You body is banging

  • pine-tree 68
    pine-tree 68 2 days ago

    Hey no aphence but when u r saying u like broken boys u kinda look like poppy

  • i had to wait a long periodically time

    It’s a shame cause this is her best song despite her attitude towards people

  • J Madison
    J Madison 2 days ago

    This just doesn't feel like gabbie's sound. Just saying...

  • Lynn Flavin
    Lynn Flavin 2 days ago +5

    Why does every second of this look like me trying too hard in the mirror when I was 13?

    • Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn 4 hours ago

      Gabbie never grew out of that phase.

  • -*•PandaKat-* •
    -*•PandaKat-* • 2 days ago +1

    tbh she is a great singer so no-one can convince me she is a bad singer ok.
    Also what that girl did is horrible and everyone is crazy in their own way. I deffo xD

    • Kelly Lynn
      Kelly Lynn 4 hours ago

      What her friend did???
      My lord you children are so lost.