Broken Girls - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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    song produced by: LYRE
    Director: Nayip Ramos
    Producer: Casey Schreffler (Centertainment)
    VFX: Logan Sprangers
    Production Designer: Logan Rose
    Director of Photography: Cameron Schmucker
    Stylist: Helena Falangus
    Key Hair/Make-up: Yukina Mitsuhashi
    Dancers: Joe Friedman, Corey Evans, Pauler Lam, Dor Raybi
    Choreographer/Dancer: Dalton Shooks
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  2 months ago +4705

    go grab this song and check out the FULL EP!

    • Blue Rach
      Blue Rach 19 days ago

      Singing about broken girls Abby? Kinda bad timing considering the horrible things you said to your ex best, douche canoe

    • Get yo self a dead man like Bob Ross
      Get yo self a dead man like Bob Ross 27 days ago

      I love u 🥺

    • A Shahbazi
      A Shahbazi Month ago +2

      Justice For Colleen Dont forget
      Gabbie: Defended a rapist. 😬

    • Jess Star
      Jess Star Month ago +1

      I'm Gabby and I can fix people!! Absolute trash, I'm so happy people are finding out more about you

    • Michelle Semaken
      Michelle Semaken Month ago


  • Erik Coughlan
    Erik Coughlan 10 hours ago

    this is somthing else

  • Purr kaz
    Purr kaz 19 hours ago

    Damn the choreography in this video is fuckin amazing!!!! 💖💖💖

  • Elektron
    Elektron 20 hours ago

    Please stop singing. It is awful. Truly

  • Carissa Lee
    Carissa Lee 21 hour ago

    if this isnt a good song then Billie Eilish isnt good

  • Danika Humlen
    Danika Humlen 21 hour ago


  • Wake Alise
    Wake Alise Day ago

    i personally still love you 😂🖤

  • dreamincolor14
    dreamincolor14 Day ago

    I honestly love this song so much. I listen to it with my normal songs because I classify you as a great musical artist. Also I love your vlogs. I'm glad you're gonna do little instavlogs for more content haha

  • Dottilyn Kenyon
    Dottilyn Kenyon Day ago

    MY WIFE.

  • Une Girafe!
    Une Girafe! Day ago

    It’s a great song, y’all never did something remotely similar and somehow manage to act like pop experts, I kind of get that Katy Perry 2010s (part of me, kissed a girl etc..) vibe, and I love it.

  • Nikki Vuitton
    Nikki Vuitton Day ago

    I wanna kill myself after this

  • Chloe
    Chloe Day ago

    This song is NOT it.

  • marley rochester

    Did Gabbie really think it was a good idea to get a sharpie and draw on some scrappy looking doll legs?

  • Golden Goose Gacha

    Idc that she did some bad crap I still love the videos that she posts ❤️

  • zoe grey
    zoe grey Day ago

    ....this is my new favorite band!!

  • elyvion
    elyvion Day ago

    The dollar store version of dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

  • Mack M
    Mack M 2 days ago

    This is gonna sound weird...but I feel like Gabbi is turning into a single version of Icon for Hire

  • Kylie
    Kylie 2 days ago

    Melanie Martinez is quaking

  • Tokyo Clown
    Tokyo Clown 2 days ago

    From 3:09 gave me Melanie Martinez vibes
    Sort of like that was her intention

  • Chrisna Rossouw
    Chrisna Rossouw 2 days ago

    Brokeeen gorls

  • Le Brick
    Le Brick 2 days ago

    Stick to making fake stories it’s funny that you are actually trying to sing even though the voice is more broken than the song name

  • Mayli Alanis
    Mayli Alanis 3 days ago

    I will do it right now!

  • Evan Estes
    Evan Estes 3 days ago

    At least Melanie Martinez videos have a meaning. This is just weird

  • Ma paula BR
    Ma paula BR 3 days ago

    Is the guy you hear at the end her current Boyfriend? Is that how it all started?

  • Love my computer
    Love my computer 3 days ago +1

    You can not sing !!! And your song are boring and all the same!!!

  • Mercyxxzc
    Mercyxxzc 3 days ago

    I'm just here for the music don't kill me

  • Victoria Bersais
    Victoria Bersais 3 days ago

    Honestly stop hating on here you don’t know her life of the cameras all she is doing is being her 100% true self and if you don’t like that then leave her the fuck alone who cares if she might lie sometimes or make mistakes she is a fuckin human like are u so bad of ur life that you just have to hate on someone else

  • Corrin Huy
    Corrin Huy 4 days ago

    I just realize " I'm not in the mood for small talk " Are you ever? Lmao

  • poofy poofy
    poofy poofy 4 days ago

    Its crazy how she does RU-clip videos and still manages to make music videos. Like, she is both a singer and a RU-clipr, and it makes you feel a bit closer to her.
    But, damn, can she sing duuudes. I like the lyrics too and all the aesthetic.

  • Jaz Hall
    Jaz Hall 4 days ago

    Oh my god Gabbie this music video is so incredible 🖤🖤🖤

  • Abstract Kitty
    Abstract Kitty 4 days ago

    This gives me sweet but phycho vibes🔪

  • Morgan MacLean
    Morgan MacLean 4 days ago +1

    wannabe melanie martinez vibes

  • Do We Got The Eggs
    Do We Got The Eggs 4 days ago

    You sound like a Chinese, half made version of Billie Eilish

  • Karin Lumio
    Karin Lumio 4 days ago

    It’s so bad I want to cry

  • Savannah Connell-smyth
    Savannah Connell-smyth 4 days ago +9

    Do you know what else is broken ?

    Her poetry skills seriously

  • ThoseYouTubeSisters
    ThoseYouTubeSisters 4 days ago

    Great song can't stop watching

  • Awst Canell
    Awst Canell 4 days ago

    Everytime I listen to this girl work it feels like the voice sounds off compared to the instrumental, I don't know, just weird

  • S L O W E D . M P 3
    S L O W E D . M P 3 4 days ago

    Omg this still slaps

  • ThroneACrows
    ThroneACrows 4 days ago +1

    Fucking love this song Awesome work gab

  • Sara Raira
    Sara Raira 4 days ago

    The part when she’s in a bath with dolls legs I thought they were chips

  • Sharkgrrl&ProSkills
    Sharkgrrl&ProSkills 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought that the doll bodies in the tub were, at first glance, carrots? Lol

  • Eduardo R.
    Eduardo R. 4 days ago

    Since Vine I was like...there's something I don't like about this #!&%#....thanks to RU-clip suggestions I know why. Lmao. Smh. As long as you keep lying your nose will never stop growing.

  • Zoey Snow
    Zoey Snow 4 days ago +1

    everyone that tried to expose her only did it for clout because they did it the same day she uploaded this song.

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 4 days ago

    you are a digusting, can't believe you put someone you called your best friend through that

  • Will Stouffer
    Will Stouffer 4 days ago

    Wait. Why is this weird but iconic

  • Vsco Girl
    Vsco Girl 5 days ago

    Damn she hit that emo faze

  • The Shady YEEHAW Bandit

    Anyone else get Florence + the machine vibes?

  • Amy Eliza
    Amy Eliza 5 days ago

    I really love Gabbie and it’s a bummer that I’m just not a fan of this genre at all. I’ve tried so hard to enjoy her music cause I think she’s great and very artistic. Props for the visuals in this, great editing.

  • Victor Lisowski
    Victor Lisowski 5 days ago +1

    This song deserves so much more success

  • Brookie B92
    Brookie B92 5 days ago

    your getting alot of hate.people say shit and make mistakes.your song is amazing i listen to it alot and despite these assholes who dont know your life or what happens when the cameras are off i think your doing a great job and hope these people dont make you doubt your self or your ya gabby!!

  • adnan feras
    adnan feras 5 days ago

    honestly. gabbie's voice is not bad at all. it's soothing. the only thing bad about her are her lyrics. they are average if not below average. she need to get a song writer to work with her, but i really love her voice. also grab a producer while you're at it

  • Sarajjj SIAH
    Sarajjj SIAH 5 days ago +1

    Unfollowing you. Psycho and ridiculous videos.

  • Christine Stone
    Christine Stone 5 days ago +7

    Why is every comment hate? This is spectacular

  • Rogue Uppercut
    Rogue Uppercut 5 days ago

    Y'all haters in the comments really poppin off😂 It's not needed lol

  • idkwhattocallmychannel

    She just gets worse and worse

  • Brandi Mcallister
    Brandi Mcallister 5 days ago

    I like this song and don’t even care 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Noelle Johnson
    Noelle Johnson 5 days ago +1

    Why is everyone hating damn. This shit slaps 🔥 🔥

  • Oof ._. Giaaa
    Oof ._. Giaaa 5 days ago

    why is everyone hating . she can’t use melanie & taylor as inspiration ? melanie can’t be the only person with a specific type of music . she isn’t trying to copy anyone so idk why everyone is hating , if you don’t like the song then just don’t listen to it & don’t waste your time commenting & disliking .

  • Alexis Smith
    Alexis Smith 5 days ago

    Please make a CD with all you song on it . I would love to have it , you have such an amazing voice . Your like a role model to me , but you might not see this

  • Okay Cool
    Okay Cool 6 days ago

    I think the video and song is cool, but gabbie is a terrible singer