Late Night Snacks pt. 2

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
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  • ArrowverseFilms!
    ArrowverseFilms! 4 hours ago +1

    Why do I keep coming back? Like seriously...

  • Manos Draws
    Manos Draws 8 hours ago

    Everyone: Doritos, sandwiches, cereal, toast
    Tasty: *Let the dough rise for an hour*

  • mahta heydari
    mahta heydari 13 hours ago

    They better make a mixer without any sound cause we're gonna need it for our LATE NIGHT SNACK

  • mahta heydari
    mahta heydari 13 hours ago

    *me at 4 A.M*
    Me: Mom where do you put the sea salt?
    Mom: why do you need sea salt?
    Me: nothing.I was just making a whole cake with a lot of caramel for my late night snack

  • jiggle skittle
    jiggle skittle 17 hours ago

    its 4 am by the time ima finsh making these its gonna be morning

  • ImWolfyy
    ImWolfyy Day ago

    ok but who literally has yeast, Parmesan and other ingredients on a daily basis like girl I-

  • JayHas Arrived
    JayHas Arrived Day ago

    Is it ok to get a boner over food 🤔

  • Mark Shehata
    Mark Shehata Day ago

    Late night snacks by the way

  • Lester and Bart my lovely dogs

    Yes because at 2:am you want to eat and you wait for your pizza dought to rise 1 hour 🤦🤦🤦

  • The Epic Lionny
    The Epic Lionny Day ago

    I LOVE THE POTATO WEDGE recipe because it's cheap easy and delicious if Ur wondering it cost me 4 British pounds and if ur deciding on what to do I suggest the potato wedge one because as I said it's cheap and delicious

  • That One Emo Whore

    Mom: Sweetie it's 2 am. What are you doing?
    Me: Looking for the GODDAMN LAMB SAUCE

  • Komodo Productions

    Late night snacks, eh? Should be quick and easy.

    **brownies covered in Carmel and garlic parmesan potato fritters**

    ...I’ll just stick with my chips.

  • Eleanor Sany
    Eleanor Sany Day ago

    Ain't nobody got time for this.

  • john mitchel
    john mitchel 2 days ago

    These are things to make during the day so you can have them latenight when your too stoned to wanna make it lol

  • your local disappointment

    late night snacks
    me: chips and cereal
    tasty: *fried meat noodles*

  • Peachy Productions
    Peachy Productions 2 days ago

    I think I'll just stick to cereal thanks....

  • Seeking Pathways
    Seeking Pathways 2 days ago

    Whose doing all of this after a drunk night at a party? .....only TASTY that's who! And maybe your extra nice partner thats waited for you to get home.

  • asdattack
    asdattack 2 days ago +2

    Some people turn into wolves that night....

    'I turned into Gordan Ramsey'

  • I'm crazy 909
    I'm crazy 909 2 days ago +2

    Mom:Its 2AM why are you making an entire Pizza along with a whole cake
    Tasty: it's just a small midnight snack

  • consti.tución
    consti.tución 2 days ago

    girl you know im not doing fucking empanadas at 3am tf

  • Taloob Alshugas
    Taloob Alshugas 2 days ago

    That’s very useful 😂😂

  • Yucky Fool2965
    Yucky Fool2965 2 days ago

    "Late Night Snacks" proceeds to make a fucking dough

  • Sofa ez ez
    Sofa ez ez 2 days ago

    *diabetes wants to know your location*

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 2 days ago +3

    *i think i'll stick with my mass amounts of shredded cheese, thanks*

  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_ 2 days ago

    Who be baking shito in the oven at 2am in the morning

  • Frenuellcrackser33
    Frenuellcrackser33 2 days ago

    I am the only one that got freaked out by the "OH YES" at the end because he thoght he is home alone ? xd

  • Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar 2 days ago

    I love starving myself

  • Tinkerbella14
    Tinkerbella14 2 days ago +4

    My late night snack is a raw ramen...

  • Reid Dittmer
    Reid Dittmer 3 days ago +5

    Late night snacks
    1. Break out your deep fryer

  • Esin I.
    Esin I. 3 days ago

    Who tf gonna bake at 2am???

  • Alzack
    Alzack 3 days ago

    Listen guys, you ought to make them beforehand to eat at night.!! Not when you turned into a werewolf at night..!! 😂

  • Shrek Official
    Shrek Official 3 days ago

    Snack is something you make or buy fast not 40 minutes

  • Artzy Cookies
    Artzy Cookies 3 days ago

    If u wait one hour for it to rise it’ll turn into an early morning snack

  • Calamity Echoes
    Calamity Echoes 3 days ago

    Person: Okay, Imma make a quick milk-and-cereal for my midnight snack.
    Tasty: **Slowly turns around.** Ameuter.. AMEUTER!

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 3 days ago

    It’s 3 am
    Tasty: Let’s go buy some ground beef!

  • Swimmer Pibb
    Swimmer Pibb 4 days ago

    Lemme just garnish my potato wedges at 3am. just the usual

  • Unreal
    Unreal 4 days ago

    I WAS on a diet

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 4 days ago

    Please don’t like this ;-;

  • Lauren Schmitt
    Lauren Schmitt 4 days ago +5

    Me at 3am: squeezing raw ground beef out of a plastic bag

  • Let's Go Sand
    Let's Go Sand 4 days ago

    They're called late night snacks because that's the time you'll actually be able to eat them, assuming you start at 8am

  • ツDanil
    ツDanil 4 days ago +5

    Late night snacks

    Tasty: *Chill 2 hours*

  • Lazar Jokic
    Lazar Jokic 4 days ago +4

    Mom: what are you doing up at 4 am
    Me: just waiting till 6 am so my cookies can chill properly

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali 4 days ago +9

    Mom: don't you have school tomorrow? Go back to bed!!
    Me: I don't need *school* i need *pizza potato thing*

  • Vidhi Sahay
    Vidhi Sahay 4 days ago +6

    *wakes mom up in the middle of night*
    "Can you buy me soft caramel candies? A 100 would do"

  • ——___
    ——___ 4 days ago +5

    Ahhhh, yes. I love making deep fried mini calzones at 2am.

  • Ruby McNeil
    Ruby McNeil 5 days ago +9

    Dear Tasty,
    I don't think you realize there's a difference between foods you would eat at midnight and foods you would make at midnight
    Your concerned viewer

  • Dana Alhussieni
    Dana Alhussieni 5 days ago +5


  • Rainbow Moon Readings
    Rainbow Moon Readings 5 days ago +1

    Death by fat, sugar and salt.

  • Rainbow Moon Readings
    Rainbow Moon Readings 5 days ago +1

    Hey Tasty. I love your videos, but how bout making some gluten free ones.

  • Rhea Anchan
    Rhea Anchan 5 days ago +2

    *at a sleepover*
    Me: Brb imma make a snack
    *maked fried baked chocolate rigatoni caramel brownies*
    2 hrs later
    *friend*: WTF

  • Håvard Nygård
    Håvard Nygård 5 days ago

    Bro I cant make fried pasta stoff without wake up my parents.

  • jeus
    jeus 5 days ago

    me: *in the kitchen cooking*
    my mom: what are you doing?
    me: making dinner
    my mom: its 3 am we already ate dinner
    me: midnight snacks
    my mom: who tf makes a whole ass dinner as a midnight snack
    me: ...
    my mom: ...
    me: years of academy training *wasted*

  • jeus
    jeus 5 days ago +1

    why did I laugh at 'cool'

  • silwwer _
    silwwer _ 5 days ago +4

    I'd rather just eat chocolate and go back to sleep ....!😐

  • Itzyagirl_isis
    Itzyagirl_isis 6 days ago

    The comments are way better than the video I’m just scrolling through them laughing 😂

  • Itzyagirl_isis
    Itzyagirl_isis 6 days ago

    This is LUNCH not no midnight 🕛 snack a midnight snack is chips or bread and if I’m feeling fancy a hot pocket or a whole sandwich these “midnight snacks” I ain’t gone be able to it then until the next afternoon 🙄🙄😂😂😂😂🙄🙄😂🙄😂😂🙄😂🙄😂🙄

    • Itzyagirl_isis
      Itzyagirl_isis 6 days ago

      Matter of fact this is dinner with a dessert 🧁

  • Queen Clay
    Queen Clay 6 days ago +4

    Me waking up with diabetes and 10 more pounds than yesterday:
    My mom: What did you eat?!?

    just some Oreos chocolate chips cookie pieces and chocolate stuffed inside cookie dough.....

  • Rainyy
    Rainyy 6 days ago

    Who is hungry rn..

  • Jonas Møter
    Jonas Møter 6 days ago +1

    You know what you could do instead of making these “late night snacks”?

    Go to bed
    It's simple people