LA Galaxy vs. FC Dallas | HIGHLIGHTS - August 14, 2019

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Two teams who are just inside the playoff picture, the LA Galaxy host FC Dallas in this Wednesday night MLS Western Conference matchup.
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  • Alexander Lopes
    Alexander Lopes 8 days ago

    ibra é bom, o resto...

  • Angnina Angpu
    Angnina Angpu Month ago


  • DOC MC
    DOC MC Month ago

    That was easy 😂

  • Adar999
    Adar999 Month ago

    FC Dallas deserved the win

  • IsaacNewton _Plus
    IsaacNewton _Plus Month ago +1

    Nada mejor que ver a Zlatan...!! Woooe

  • Jonathan Arena
    Jonathan Arena Month ago

    Ibrah is amazing

  • Batman
    Batman Month ago

    FC Dallas fan....... yeah our Defense and Offense was bad.... should of scored vs that awful LA Galaxy defense

  • luke_k
    luke_k Month ago

    Get fucked Dallas!

  • Daninascar Daninascar

    Ibra and pavon are fantastic

    5 PERCENT Month ago

    Hello guys, I'm a soccer fan living in OC.
    I came from Daejeon, S. Korea and supported Daejeon Citizen, the soccer team of Daejeon.
    When I came to US, everyone around me watched baseball.
    Then I happened to get to know the Los Angeles Galaxy and I'm going to get a ticket for first game in September.
    Please let me know whole tips for fun before going to the stadium. Thanks!

    • Cristian Meza
      Cristian Meza Month ago

      Buy a jersey, grab a beer, cheer and enjoy the game!

  • Nenu Cardozo5
    Nenu Cardozo5 Month ago

    Solo vengo por Pavón :(

  • Salvo Briga
    Salvo Briga Month ago

    Ibracadabra ❤️❤️❤️

  • rubber duky
    rubber duky Month ago

    Hey ... it's the SWEDISH MEATBALL WITH A MAN BUNN'........LOL

  • Hinzel 77
    Hinzel 77 Month ago

    hey americans, can i ask you to please stop playing football. its not your sport. give back ibra to europe. you dont deserve him. your sport is invading countries for oil and killing pepole with lots of guns

  • iliasse
    iliasse Month ago +1

    Here to see Zlatan playing with unknown humans. Now I can go back to Mars

  • Benjamin Chapman
    Benjamin Chapman Month ago

    Honestly I think David tipped the first shot Dallas took into the crossbar🤔

  • Tao 619
    Tao 619 Month ago

    สวัสดี from Thailand

  • Zlatan Haro
    Zlatan Haro Month ago +2

    Zlatan siempre Zlatan

  • Rony Yahya
    Rony Yahya Month ago +1

    I love Zlatan! 🍻

  • Markiii Cortez
    Markiii Cortez Month ago +1

    Like : Si Vienes Por Pavón

  • The one Mexican
    The one Mexican Month ago

    La galaxy won well u got to wait 6 more years to see this happen again

  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique Month ago +1

    Ibra Mitooooooooo!

  • Oregon
    Oregon Month ago +1

    Vamos Kichan siempre apoyandonte jueges donde jueges💛💙

  • Manu Yloz
    Manu Yloz Month ago +10

    Bien ahi guacho pavon demostrando como se juega al futbol a los yaankis

  • DaViD
    DaViD Month ago +5

    Un cra el pavonaldo en el galasi

  • william
    william Month ago +4

    Vamos los galaxy papa.
    Like si no entendes ingles pero igual lo miras 😥⚽

  • Seymour Skinner
    Seymour Skinner Month ago

    I suspect that Ibrahimovic is a prick. A great ball handler and scorer, but a prick.

  • Gon Zalo
    Gon Zalo Month ago +1

    Crack Pavónnnn

  • Pedja Bike
    Pedja Bike Month ago

    Bravo Zlatane đeca ti se zlatila!

  • black84
    black84 Month ago

    What’s the last time dallas had a good kit?

    FUT DO CORTEZ Month ago +2

    Ibrahimovic going Corinthians!Vai Corinthians

  • Дмитрий Латышев

    What did Ibra say after 2nd goal?)

    • Marko Niketich
      Marko Niketich Month ago

      Something like - what happened, what do you want.

  • Dreamer K
    Dreamer K Month ago

    Great game by LA Galaxy.

  • Plane CanOpenner
    Plane CanOpenner Month ago

    Stupid sheeple who are clueless that this isn't real

  • juanga larrea
    juanga larrea Month ago

    Muy buen partido del gran pavòn

  • brian damas
    brian damas Month ago

    Zlatan vs FC Dallas 2-0

  • Ismoiljon Asqarov
    Ismoiljon Asqarov Month ago

    Только Ибрагимович забивает

  • MechaMew2
    MechaMew2 Month ago +2

    Why show us the attempt at a hat trick if it won't result in an actual hat trick? xD

  • Ramikla 1
    Ramikla 1 Month ago

    Finally Galaxy won

  • Total Mx
    Total Mx Month ago

    Galaxy need basulto from chivas or Marin

    GAMEZSTAA Month ago +1

    Zlatan carries this LA Galaxy team more so than Vela at LAFC. He has raised their overall level in a tremendous way.

  • Federico Leguizamon
    Federico Leguizamon Month ago +2

    Zlatan's face is the best when he gives you that little smirk..

  • 2ndEndingVintage
    2ndEndingVintage Month ago +2 a Timbers fan, any result in this game was gonna be a good one. So, good for the Timbers, I ain't never gonna congratulate Galaxy, however...they are just posers.....

  • Shell Dahl
    Shell Dahl Month ago

    "... that's all it takes ..."
    Exactly! - football is easy - it should be IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO SCORE A GOAL !!!
    ( you can create sooo many opportunities )

  • Sunny Tran
    Sunny Tran Month ago

    What a game tho!

  • Joel Dube
    Joel Dube Month ago +6

    La galaxy needs to fix their defense Bingham has saved them the last few games

    • Joel Dube
      Joel Dube Month ago

      Bingham has faced the most shots in the mls this year and also has the most saves in the mls.... results may look weak but u can’t argue with statistics

    • Gee R
      Gee R Month ago +1

      Your joking right, you call giving up 9 goals since El Trafico saving us....lmao that's hilarious. Bingham needs to spray his gloves with sticky tar.

  • Argenis
    Argenis Month ago +6

    Pavon is a beast!!

  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley Month ago +12

    3:38 lol, Dallas defenders just standing there on Ibra's penalty like "fuckit, it's going in why bother?"

    • Batman
      Batman Month ago

      rubber duky same here. FC Dallas Defense is decent. But we were bad that game

    • rubber duky
      rubber duky Month ago

      I live in Dallas , AND I agree with you.

  • TheMadval
    TheMadval Month ago +30

    Pavon is so skillfull, now the galaxy needs to clear that defence

  • Abdlghani Bomm
    Abdlghani Bomm Month ago

    Dkhlat liya lwar9a thanks

  • Jürgen Domian
    Jürgen Domian Month ago +1

    1:08 PENALTY!!!

  • Alexander Pato
    Alexander Pato Month ago +1

    Pavon was really good

  • JT ΩΩ
    JT ΩΩ Month ago +1

    Ibra always takes pks the exact same way but keepers rarely save them, are they dumb?

  • Jose Rafael Zepeda-Garza


  • G House
    G House Month ago +3

    Lol What did Ibra say to GK?

    • Shell Dahl
      Shell Dahl Month ago

      "... what was you doing? - you knew you couldn't save it !"

    • Jogulainen
      Jogulainen Month ago

      Eat my shorts?

    • Kenneth Peprah
      Kenneth Peprah Month ago +2

      I think the gk said something about I know where your going

  • Rectorz L
    Rectorz L Month ago +1

    Im only here for Ibra

  • Colin Ogrady
    Colin Ogrady Month ago +68

    Pavon can get a pass of in any situation, this is definitely what we needed. Better service. Less long balls to zlatan, more hard work up the field and short balls to our number 9

    • TheMadval
      TheMadval Month ago

      @Fernando Pacheco i agree with you, maybe.he should go To Europe cause hes too.young to for the long term in MLS

    • Fernando Pacheco
      Fernando Pacheco Month ago +2

      He's a great player, I hope he doesn't lower the level like he did here in Boca. Enjoy him!

    • Arz2003
      Arz2003 Month ago

      @TheMadval Better than last game but they need more work

    • TheMadval
      TheMadval Month ago +10

      Pavon is awesome.But that defence is still shambles

  • CoolmmJam
    CoolmmJam Month ago +16

    When u have 100 million to buy a whole squad but u spent it all on a person 😂

    • lol
      lol Month ago +1

      @The one Mexican you Spam all Comments with your bullshit and im 12?🤣🤣🤣🤣gtfo kid

    • The one Mexican
      The one Mexican Month ago

      @lol how childish of you how old are you 12?

    • lol
      lol Month ago +1

      @The one Mexican your mom?yes

    • The one Mexican
      The one Mexican Month ago


    • Yair Diaz
      Yair Diaz Month ago


  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 Month ago +24

    Just here for Zlatan 💪🏿

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva Month ago +12

    Where was that energy VS THE TIMBERS

    • Lane Daigle
      Lane Daigle Month ago +4

      Alex Silva still hungover from beating lafc