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  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
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    Best of Synthwave Music Mix. Tracks selected and mixed by our friend Cable. If you enjoyed this mix, please be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more Future Fox.
    0:00 unitrudio x SUSHIÿø - blacknite
    3:49 The Storm is Coming - Endless Grid
    9:00 haveSoul - Tera-love
    12:15 Cyberspace - A Virtual World
    15:49 Floyddshayvious & Occams Laser - Covert Operations
    18:44 Traxx - In the end
    23:11 Emil Rottmayer - S.O.L.O.
    27:07 UNITRA - Crossing
    31:11 Luxar - Heat (DUETT version)
    34:36 憂鬱 - Sun
    38:58 Emil Rottmayer - W.A.V.E.
    44:10 Kalax - Soaring
    48:17 sloslylove - Your Love
    52:34 Fantom 87 - Vision Quest
    56:45 Lost Years - Converter V2
    01:00:51 sushi寿司 - 300
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Comments • 419

  • Future Fox
    Future Fox  2 years ago +62

    Going back to the future with our new Synthwave mix series mixed by the very talented Cable (! Also, you can get the best new electronic music by following our Spotify playlist:

    • the Shadow
      the Shadow 7 months ago

      very nice

    • evan
      evan 9 months ago

      Alexander Slavov ...CD? Ever heard of an aux mate?

    • James Persson
      James Persson 10 months ago

      Thanks for the heads up on the way through and too the Stars

    • James Persson
      James Persson 10 months ago +1

      James persson Nordic Rising Star by James Persson MixBeats to Synth 1 video sets

    • Цар Александър I
      Цар Александър I Year ago

      Guys....this is so amazing, I want to actually buy it on a cd for my car....sounds just tremendous!!! If there is anyway I can have them on a cd would be great! Thanks in advance, and have good day!

  • breadstick heros
    breadstick heros 17 days ago

    Amazing that's all I can say

    ALEX MAVRIN 24 days ago +1

    ОХУЕННО!!!!!!! АААААААААА!!!!!!

  • That1HippieDude !
    That1HippieDude ! Month ago

    Chill out with the ads dude

  • keyam
    keyam Month ago

  • Francisco Marques
    Francisco Marques 2 months ago

    Perfeito, melhor Playlist!

  • demi620
    demi620 2 months ago

    Better than originals

  • leon Kenedy
    leon Kenedy 2 months ago

    All the list beautiful but sun from another world ❤🌞

  • Ben Ackroyd
    Ben Ackroyd 2 months ago

    I don’t know why I like this music fact I’ve only started liking it since I watched stranger things , must of triggered something in my brain , I just think of Raleigh choppers with the centre gear change

  • Pill Bug
    Pill Bug 2 months ago

    The combination of this art and the music is just blissful

  • YellowtoothTV
    YellowtoothTV 3 months ago

    I’m going to put this song on a movie I’m going to make in 1 month! This movie will be on my RU-clip channel YellowtoothTV.

  • ReV1321kS
    ReV1321kS 3 months ago

    Cyberpunk meets Keanu Reeveeeeees

  • olel
    olel 3 months ago

    Is the art inspired by the megatowers from SimCity "cities of tomorrow"? xD

  • The Hunter Arka
    The Hunter Arka 3 months ago

    this music realy makes me to see the step of the futture.

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    Idk what song i woke up to from my dream of living in this city but it was good enough to make me find the like button with my eyes 99% closed.

  • SwedlePOP
    SwedlePOP 3 months ago +3

    The sad part is...
    We won’t exist to see the futuristic world.

    • talentedpigeon
      talentedpigeon 10 days ago

      The real sad part is you won't realize we already do

    • Harsh Choudhary
      Harsh Choudhary 21 day ago +1

      2050 would be a futiristic world..
      and i will be 50 then..
      so hopefully i'll be alive

    SMOKEDATWEEDtv 3 months ago

    not bad..far from best synthwave..

  • Lizalienigena
    Lizalienigena 3 months ago

    This is the sicko mode of aliens

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 3 months ago


  • Annie Moses
    Annie Moses 4 months ago

    Traxx In the end got me feeling some kinda way.

  • the1111011
    the1111011 4 months ago

    The birds in the photo are too big :D

  • макс дем.
    макс дем. 4 months ago


  • Isa Ordained
    Isa Ordained 4 months ago +2

    W H A T T H E T R O N !

    • Mr_An1agonis
      Mr_An1agonis 4 months ago

      waaaaait a minute…that comment sounds familiar

  • Bauce Ironfist
    Bauce Ironfist 5 months ago +1

    imagine the conversations going on in those apartments.

    • TaskForce 216
      TaskForce 216 4 months ago

      @Raphael rico it suck to be born at all... Because wej ust end up dying..... Screw life .. And life only lives by taking other life .. Its sick

    • TaskForce 216
      TaskForce 216 4 months ago

      Sam as ours ... Life don't change baby ... It may be more more advanced but the centext of the convos have to be similar to whatwe can comprehend... If the have builings like that they are like us but probably more advanced ....

    • Raphael rico
      Raphael rico 4 months ago

      Bauce Ironfist ikr . Kinda wish I was born much into the future.

  • Cappuccino -
    Cappuccino - 5 months ago +1


  • Han
    Han 5 months ago

    wow.. it's make me move ^오^

  • Lorenzo Becce
    Lorenzo Becce 5 months ago

    Dude the mix is amazing but the transitions are a bit awkward! I mean, overlapping the two songs doesn't always sound well, especially if they're very different in rythm.
    Having said that, GG

  • texus buuda
    texus buuda 5 months ago

    their feelings r hurt they love eating shit... they hail gurmuns n they luv bein sikk 🤮🤮🤮

  • texus buuda
    texus buuda 5 months ago

    the evil gay man loves shit thats why u gotta cover urself in straight piss to make urself immune to the curse.

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 5 months ago

    If I had your permission I'd repost these with me playing rolandgr20 over these

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 5 months ago

    I play guitar synthesizer and I have a Roland GR20 which has lot of 80s patches from the Roland Jupiter8 and I plan to try some 80s new wave inspired metal.

  • Αναστασια Σακοβα

    Download it right now!!!Thanks 💜💜💜HELLAS 2019

  • Śmigło
    Śmigło 6 months ago

    9:00 cant find this song on yt help me

  • НЛОшки ТV
    НЛОшки ТV 6 months ago

    Oo oo oo alieeeeensss👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  • Timepiece Enthusiasm
    Timepiece Enthusiasm 6 months ago

    man I'm hyped for Cyberpunk 2077

  • HyD BR
    HyD BR 6 months ago

    first music is

  • Blasty
    Blasty 6 months ago

    The first song is my favorite

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly 6 months ago

    The future passed

  • UsielX
    UsielX 6 months ago

    in 20 omg

  • gridsleep
    gridsleep 7 months ago

    If we're all heading into the future together... then... we're all time travellers.

  • gridsleep
    gridsleep 7 months ago

    Why would anyone put signs so far up on a building that no one can read them? For the seagull trade?

  • W1ndRunn3r_
    W1ndRunn3r_ 7 months ago

    In a world where metal pillars and neon lights fill the sky...

  • Ethos Ari
    Ethos Ari 8 months ago

    I so need this playlist!! Great work!

  • STOP
    STOP 8 months ago


  • AvilaTourz
    AvilaTourz 8 months ago

    Let’s all go to the Circus!

  • Niko Craft
    Niko Craft 8 months ago

    This is dope. I just subscribed!

  • Islam is right about women

    I've listen to a lot of synthwave compilations. This one is one of the best easily.

  • James Persson
    James Persson 9 months ago

    NordicStar Rising

  • manius
    manius 9 months ago

    34:36 reminds me of a certain space doge ;D

  • Rafael Martínez
    Rafael Martínez 9 months ago

    What defines future? Technology, computers, robots? Buildings with crazy and fancy looks with a bunch of neon lights? Or our capacity to understand and comprehend our spiritual lives in a way no one can and live a better life? But living a better life its not living an easy life. God, spirit and nature are the way to be and that connection between them and us is what we really need.

  • Grim Tea
    Grim Tea 9 months ago


  • Valery Мирошников
    Valery Мирошников 10 months ago +2

    Похоже на Ретро фм 8 000-х годов 😁) но круто! неплохо)

  • James Persson
    James Persson 10 months ago

    Thanks so much

  • James Persson
    James Persson 10 months ago

    Were's Synthwave's by James Persson

    • James Persson
      James Persson 10 months ago

      Were's Wizzard T J the Persson MixBeats

  • Gost Gygyly
    Gost Gygyly 10 months ago

    Cyperpunk confirmed

  • Spoiledge
    Spoiledge 11 months ago

    *Masterpiece* i listen alot of Synthwave, but you guys did a great work, big like

  • Lyric Nation
    Lyric Nation 11 months ago

    I must get a time machine and travel into the future. Into a dystopian futuristic world where only synthwave plays!

  • Jared Becker
    Jared Becker Year ago

    This is really nice! Super chillos vibe

  • Anne-Gaelle Burns

    This is a sensational upload! I want to mention, that my husband has a page on RU-clip, (Andrew Burns Music) and was having a hard time to find new subscribers. I know that he has been working a lot on his channel, and I feel that there are a number of his songs that are rather similar to the songs that you have here, so I was thinking I could be extra nice and give him a hand. If you enjoy all the remarkable songs on this page, I am positive that you will appreciate his music as well! 🎸❣️🖤❣️

  • Si'rina's Vault
    Si'rina's Vault Year ago

    Do you have an uncompressed version either 320kbps or flacc of this mix somewhere?