Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Moral of the story: change your shirt in the bathroom. Nate Bargatze’s The Tennessee Kid streams March 26 only on Netflix.
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    Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 50

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Day ago

    This special was hilarious. He just became one of my favorites.

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth 13 days ago +1

    I have watched A LOT of stand up comedy and I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in a long time!! 😂😂

  • FLdancer00
    FLdancer00 15 days ago

    I am legit, crying laughing right now after that coffee ending 😂😂😂

  • Supercleanone
    Supercleanone 15 days ago

    How is he not bigger than he is!!!?

  • milchuck
    milchuck 17 days ago

    Second funniest comedian, right behind Dave Chappelle.

  • Andy Main
    Andy Main 24 days ago +1

    This special was hilarious, I had never heard him before.

  • fer '
    fer ' 26 days ago +2

    It was amazing.

  • joseph kim
    joseph kim 27 days ago

    Anyone knwo what watch hes wearing

  • Kaue Pakalani
    Kaue Pakalani 28 days ago +2

    How did this guy fly under my radar? So funny, easy to listen too and his comedic timing is right up my alley Oxo

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz 28 days ago +2

    Close ur eyes n u hear Shia lebeouf

  • Gary Dickerhoof
    Gary Dickerhoof 28 days ago +3

    Definitely the most slept on comic best top 3 best specials on Netflix

  • pheonix leaf
    pheonix leaf 29 days ago +1

    Does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing at the end of his specialty is? It even continues into the specials credits.

  • ZUTE
    ZUTE 29 days ago

    God I hope the rest of its funny cos that was shit

  • Ryan Straub
    Ryan Straub 29 days ago +2

    Nate’s my favorite comic for sure. Full Time Magic, Yelled At By A Clown and his 30 minute spot on The Stand-Ups are all incredibly funny . I’m really excited for this special.

  • 시우쇠
    시우쇠 Month ago +5

    Just finished watching, This was easily the best special that i’ve watched in quite a while.
    and it’s also quite amazing that it’s rated like 12+ and still so much better than most of the Rated R stuffs.

    • Archaelleon
      Archaelleon 27 days ago +2

      Great timing outpaces profanity quite a bit. Nate's timing and cadence are flawless, along with the angles he looks at the stories he tells.

  • Major Powers
    Major Powers Month ago +3

    Finally! I watched his Standups bit like freakin 10 times and was hoping he'd get a full special. "Did you mean Hammet?"

  • birdfoot85
    birdfoot85 Month ago

    I hope this isn't the best he can do.

  • Bryan Gray
    Bryan Gray Month ago +23

    Finally. Can’t believe it took Netflix this long to give this guy a special

  • Fab Five Pickers
    Fab Five Pickers Month ago +10

    Can't wait.. Nate's style and delivery is top notch.. my favorite comedian for a while now.

  • twinklepug
    twinklepug Month ago +1

    Yes! Thank you, Netflix! One of my favorite comics from seeing him on Jimmy Fallon and I was thrilled to see him on your Stand Ups special. Glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves.

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas Month ago +2

    Yes!! He’s my favorite!!

  • Sorry z
    Sorry z Month ago

    What’s the song playing in the back?

  • Angelofmusic Wonder

    Just downloaded both his albums on Apple Music and I can’t wait for this special to come out.
    I’m loving his aging look. He doesn’t look old but his look has evolved. The silver hair and the haircut is nice.
    I’m so happy for this guy.
    Jim Gaffigan ( another comedian I like) is in a movie with Selma Hayek.. it looks hilarious. He has like a leading part too!!!

  • Humble People
    Humble People Month ago +17

    Other than endgame I don’t think I’m as excited for anything else releasing this year! And literally right around the corner! This guy is easily in my top 10 comedians. I wish he’d come to my city!

    • Marshall McDermott
      Marshall McDermott 23 days ago

      Saw him in Addison at the improv club. 50% of what's on this special he did there. The other stuff is brand new. He's so likeable and his delivery makes everything extremely funny

    • Angelofmusic Wonder
      Angelofmusic Wonder Month ago +3

      Humble People I know.... I’m in the east coast and he’s not coming any time soon. I literally was thinking about visiting my son in Texas just to see him. He’s there a few nights in April and May.

  • 22azizo
    22azizo Month ago +2

    looking good Nate!!

  • John Gault Productions

    funny... ha. ha. 😒

  • Ted Angelo
    Ted Angelo Month ago

    😐😐😐, sorry but I barely cracked a smile

  • Denise H
    Denise H Month ago +5


  • M1k3M1z
    M1k3M1z Month ago +78

    Easily one of the most underrated comics out right now

  • Midnight Harlow
    Midnight Harlow Month ago +6

    When did he turn from adorable to sexy?

    • FLdancer00
      FLdancer00 15 days ago

      I know! Amazing outfit choice.

    • Angelofmusic Wonder
      Angelofmusic Wonder Month ago +1

      Midnight Harlow EXACTLY!!!! Money will do that. He now has the best people working on his hair, skin and clothes.. he was always adorable and now he’s like,” how yooo doing!” Lol

  • Willa Cartwright
    Willa Cartwright Month ago +3

    Yawn ... this is supposed to be funny?

  • Chaos Is Coming
    Chaos Is Coming Month ago +1

    I just saw the Mirage trailer.. I love u Netflix.. but where is Dark season 2 ??

  • Alif 4747
    Alif 4747 Month ago +1

    Release Lucifer season 4 already

  • marco gamer
    marco gamer Month ago

    The seven daY sins 3

  • Eric Wraithraven
    Eric Wraithraven Month ago +41

    Finally. I was getting tired of just watching his single little stand up show in Netflix

    • Dylan Howard
      Dylan Howard Month ago +3

      He's got 2 albums and a bunch of late nite interviews.

  • Eric Mutua
    Eric Mutua Month ago +5

    oh yeah love Nate

  • The Music Arena
    The Music Arena Month ago +8

    ( • - •)
    / ⊃🍪
    cost = 1 ssssuuuuuubbbbb
    Much love from a mini u tubr 👦

  • Reel In Real Pod
    Reel In Real Pod Month ago +24

    YEEESSSSSSS!!! Love this guy! Can't wait!

  • StaidThEDaNNy
    StaidThEDaNNy Month ago +1

    this trailer are so cool xd