• Published on May 8, 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE! So last week the living legend Rihanna uploaded a makeup tutorial on Vogue's RU-clip channel and EVERYONE'S WIG was SNATCHED! She is such a natural on camera that I really think she needs to start her own beauty channel.. imagine??? I wanted to sit down and follow this iconic tutorial and use as many products that she used as possible! Let me know what you think of the end result!
    Here is Rihanna's original Vogue makeup tutorial: ru-clip.net/video/KONe4SNFA64/video.html
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  • Malley R
    Malley R 18 hours ago

    Calab with ben and Jerry's would be the bomb lol

  • Ellie's Vlogs
    Ellie's Vlogs Day ago

    Why is nobody talking about that start 😂😂😂👏🏼

  • Veda Gere
    Veda Gere Day ago

    Jefree is so cute

  • Manu Oigo
    Manu Oigo 2 days ago +1

    16:40 am I the only one who heard that lol 😂

  • 陳念
    陳念 2 days ago +2

    17:42 ok this was kinda cute tho

    • yum yum
      yum yum 18 hours ago

      omg hes an angel?

  • Nuca Gagnidze
    Nuca Gagnidze 2 days ago

    I love him so much😊😅" barbie just had a sex"

  • T khan
    T khan 2 days ago

    16.38 😂😂😂....loved his sense of humour❤️

  • Moreen Brooks
    Moreen Brooks 3 days ago

    Jeffree: Imagine being that pretty...
    Everyone: R u serious? Bitch, you are gorgeous! Rihanna wishes she looked as amazing as you do! And she is sizzlin’, so darlin’ you ain’t got worries! ❤️

  • زياد عبدالرزاق

    this is how people looks without eyebrows !

  • زياد عبدالرزاق

    ewwwwww what this thing is ? boy or girl

  • Rane ROBERTS
    Rane ROBERTS 5 days ago

    "No I look fat" A fucking mood honestly

    CHARLES FAJARDO VLOGS 6 days ago +2

    Jeffree fan girling over Rihanna for 19 Minutes straight

  • MSN2416
    MSN2416 6 days ago

    But you're a man

  • Sariah Lace
    Sariah Lace 6 days ago +1

    Jefree,you’re always hilarious/informative.❤️💕❤️💕🙏🙏🙏🙏.
    I have the foundation,love it so much.it’s so light and natural,my kind of thing,my sis and mom ❤️💕❤️it also..Have to get some more RiRi products.I’m from 🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧 too.

    BURNAYY 7 days ago +2

    “I’m gonna follow Rihanna exactly”
    A couple minutes later
    **puts primer on**

  • Nadia Gates
    Nadia Gates 7 days ago +1

    U realise at the start he even copied what she did🤣

  • Tyler Turbeville
    Tyler Turbeville 7 days ago +1

    Im a dude and for some reason I find Jeffree star makeup tutorials so entertaining.

  • bay baystar1018
    bay baystar1018 7 days ago +1

    drama bitches

  • Jane M
    Jane M 8 days ago

    Jelena Krunić ti li si? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams 8 days ago

    Damn! He could not give me! any make-up advise! LMAO!!!!!

  • Nika c
    Nika c 11 days ago

    Jeffree is hilarious af 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shatoria Brewster
    Shatoria Brewster 11 days ago

    Who let this racists prick touch Fenty

  • asmaa abby
    asmaa abby 11 days ago

    U littaly don’t like NO ONE so if like Rihanna u must rlly like her

  • To Moon
    To Moon 13 days ago +1

    You should be friends with Rihanna bitch

  • Gustas Šimkus
    Gustas Šimkus 14 days ago

    This dude is weird.

  • Fuggin Vienna
    Fuggin Vienna 15 days ago +1

    Excuse me what the Frick are you talking about

  • Konrad Myler2
    Konrad Myler2 18 days ago

    After his trouble with Kat I think he decided to keep his mouth shut and not make any waves

  • Skyshark of the Clouds

    Jeffree: I'm going to launch concealers.
    Older Jeffree: I got robbed!

  • ricochet san
    ricochet san 18 days ago

    Marilyn Manson and Barbie just had sex😂😂😂

  • Katia Castarrossi
    Katia Castarrossi 19 days ago

    What a jacket fuuuuck

  • mallinalii
    mallinalii 20 days ago

    greatings from your cosmic sister.

  • Superior Beta
    Superior Beta 20 days ago

    Me sitting here like wait.
    Shade 140 and 170
    I'm 120
    I'm lighter than Jeffree. WHAAAA

  • Superior Beta
    Superior Beta 20 days ago

    Me sitting here like
    Wait shade 140 and 170.

  • itstherealkara
    itstherealkara 20 days ago

    "Sounds like me every time I see dick." 😂😂😂

  • Lyriq Owens
    Lyriq Owens 20 days ago

    yez we did

  • Kirti Khanna
    Kirti Khanna 21 day ago

    @Jeffreestar, can you a video of Morticia Adams make-up? Thank you. I thought it would be perfect with your cheek bones.

  • Salma Saeed
    Salma Saeed 21 day ago

    Why did i click on this?😂😂

  • F B.R
    F B.R 23 days ago

    Jeffreee is very funny 😀🧡👌

  • Rodalynn Barney
    Rodalynn Barney 23 days ago

    You’re definitely just as good as her , wild

  • Taylor Botelho
    Taylor Botelho 23 days ago

    "No, I look fat." MEEEEEEE

  • sylph
    sylph 24 days ago

    except rihanna have eyebrows

  • KenZo Binz
    KenZo Binz 24 days ago

    Yes sound like me when I see d*ck 🤣

  • Rrrajen
    Rrrajen 24 days ago

    Did anyone else notice he did the triangle wrong?

  • Jean Marie Verdadero
    Jean Marie Verdadero 25 days ago

    Jeffree loves rihanna i think? 😊

  • Emilie Kelley
    Emilie Kelley 25 days ago

    "No, I look fat" literally me!!!😂😂

  • Ohblib 123
    Ohblib 123 26 days ago

    the fact that jeffree likes marilyn manson gives me life

  • Siwwann
    Siwwann 26 days ago

    Every single time Jeffrey applying setting spray I am crying because it’s means that the video is about to over

  • Irene Perez
    Irene Perez 27 days ago

    He reminds me of Bella Thorne 😂.

  • We Are plastic
    We Are plastic 28 days ago

    Can’t wait to HAUSSS😍😍😍

  • Manu Oigo
    Manu Oigo 28 days ago

    3:49 which song is that??

  • big boss
    big boss 29 days ago


  • tiya tewari
    tiya tewari 29 days ago

    2:22 my mood swings.

  • Sabca O’Brien
    Sabca O’Brien 29 days ago +1

    1:02 now its 23 milions lol

  • Kyriaki ii
    Kyriaki ii 29 days ago

    7:20 that’s sad i lived for Rihanna and Drake 😕

  • jfbkndfkh bymny
    jfbkndfkh bymny Month ago

    cık cık cık

  • jfbkndfkh bymny
    jfbkndfkh bymny Month ago

    bir de dövme yaptırmış

  • jfbkndfkh bymny
    jfbkndfkh bymny Month ago

    erkek sin aklını başına topla

  • jfbkndfkh bymny
    jfbkndfkh bymny Month ago

    günah günahhhhhhh

  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson Month ago

    omg jeffree i wud give anything to own ur trachsuits, all urs with ur name i love and the ones u wear like in this video, cause im not girly gilish with fashion but i love sportswear and u seem to combine sportswear with amazing designs and i wish u wud make so much more jackets like this and please for larger people too cause im abit of a chub hehhe, i hardley eat but im still like size 18/20 so please can u consider making plus size fashion sportswear cause as the american says they r sickning :) love u jeffree ur amazing xxxxxxxx

  • Brianna Wedow
    Brianna Wedow Month ago +1

    Such good vibes in this video 🌻Love it

  • Vienice Villarante
    Vienice Villarante Month ago


  • Kenza Smouni
    Kenza Smouni Month ago

    Jeffree just wowed for Rihana~ •-•

  • Tae Empire
    Tae Empire Month ago

    It's the first time I am seeing Jeffree's video and I love him already

  • turkishdelight2013
    turkishdelight2013 Month ago

    This is the first time I’ve noticed Jeffree doesn’t have eyebrows or they’re really light!

    • turkishdelight2013
      turkishdelight2013 Month ago

      moonnu chamling Jeffree is not a she. Even Nate says him/ he when he refers to Jeffree

    • moonnu chamling
      moonnu chamling Month ago

      She never had eyebrows, she sometime draws them. She is the only person,a celebrity I know who looks stunning even without eyebrows 💖💖💖

  • Leela Howland
    Leela Howland Month ago

    Bahahaha Marilyn Manson and Barbie

  • ailish's sounds
    ailish's sounds Month ago

    when is Jeffree not stoned ?😭

  • Beckie Joon
    Beckie Joon Month ago +1

    sounds like me every time i see dick...lmfao

  • Erblin Hasanbasha
    Erblin Hasanbasha Month ago

    I love you Jeffre you are the star

  • Catherine Llanes
    Catherine Llanes Month ago +1

    why isn't Jeffree on Vogue yet wtf?

  • Lizzy Mputla
    Lizzy Mputla Month ago

    recently started following u, I love you

  • yanelycacildo
    yanelycacildo Month ago

    Oh God 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Jacklyn Brooke
    Jacklyn Brooke Month ago

    Yo i love how much he loves Rihanna and how he replies to her. I fr wanna see a makeup tutorial featuring both of them❤❤❤

    RIHANNA CARMYHN Month ago +1

    Jeffree is legit copying everything Rihanna is doing lol

  • JaeArtyPuff
    JaeArtyPuff Month ago

    lmao love your videos, i'm sorry i only discovered this channel in 2019 :/

  • girl girl girl
    girl girl girl Month ago

    OMG I love you