Iranian Oil Tanker Leaves Gibraltar, Heads to Greece

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Aug.19 -- The Iranian oil tanker detained last month on suspicion of illegally hauling oil to Syria has left Gibraltar and is now heading to Greece, according to vessel tracking data at Bloomberg. The Grace 1 has been renamed Adrian Darya and it’s been released by the British territory after rejecting the U.S. bid to seize it. Bloomberg’s Annmarie Hordern reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”

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    LOC USTE 16 days ago

    Blind peoples, i am fallowing that ship, and now it is in front of Syria, look

  • Giannis Tsachiridis
    Giannis Tsachiridis 19 days ago +2

    Sorry to interrupt you guys... But that tanker goes to turkey.... Let's see how USA react now 😂 to their loyalty dog who bites 🤔🤣

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood 25 days ago

    One way or another both will
    Suffer sanctions whether implemented by EU or Not

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood 25 days ago

    Any Failure for EU to punish with sanctions the US
    Makes its authority Void
    For US and EU 👹👹👹

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood 25 days ago

    For the US Miss handling of
    Trade Agreements and overstepping its authority
    it should be barred from middle east oil trade untill
    It corrects the Trade miss handlings in IRAN and VZ 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood 25 days ago +1

    The US has broken international trade agreements
    Repeatedly at its convenience
    and Violated the international law but knows No Punishment
    in international Sanctions its time to change that its time for the EU to sanction the US for
    Violations against international
    trade Laws and Violations of
    International Sovereignty
    the EU has to show the US
    It cannot write the Law as it
    Goes along according to what's
    convenient at the moment For its selfish Financial interests
    The EU has to punish
    The United States for Violations of international law
    or the EU is just a Joke
    Washington has to be held
    accountable for violating the law 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  • Xavier Quiñones de León

    Iran is a risk to the security of Middle East ...Spain must take the side of our friends Saudi Arabia and USA if things go wrong...but we have the chavista Sanchez on power and everything is posible

  • lanunselatable
    lanunselatable 27 days ago

    Why we haven't bomb this piece of shit country back to stone age yet is beyond me. The damn Moolah started to ger an illusion that we're afraid of them.

  • Cineuav Advance System

    You can watch all you want. The tanker goes wherever it needs to go. Sell or giveaway its load to whoever they want. Basically speaking it's none of your *ucking business who we sell our oil. it's about time for you restarts to know there is not a thing you can do about it and you better put your nose where it belongs!

  • Costas Costas
    Costas Costas 27 days ago

    The USA can not bite nothing It's Kalamata dear what will happen if the world bites back

  • Corrine Tsang
    Corrine Tsang 27 days ago

    One Iranian oil tanker for three.UK oil tankers.

  • Frank Sterle
    Frank Sterle 28 days ago +1

    Why don’t the various mainstream news-media outlets ever note (at least not during my three decades of news/commentary consumption) that one of the main reasons the Iranian Revolution occurred was due to foreign oil companies, notably those of the U.S., exploiting their resources? I understand that it was a profit-losing lesson learned by the oilmen CEOs that they would never allow to happen to them again, by way of accessing always-willing domestic political thus military muscle. … If American/Western oil companies are against Iran, then so are those governments and by extension via news-media so are the citizens. (Frank Sterle Jr.)

  • M
    M 28 days ago

    She's hot.

  • stacy franz
    stacy franz 28 days ago

    A sale we missed???

  • God Save The queen
    God Save The queen 28 days ago

    If there heading to Greece piss off let em do what there going to do if its heading to Syria that's a whole different story this is pathetic loool if America takes it Iran will retaliate then its war no one will win they both have nukes and we all know how that ends

  • Revolution NOW
    Revolution NOW 28 days ago

    I wanted to use my remaining 1% battery , to express my humble opinion on this video . Although the

  • SAINT 65
    SAINT 65 28 days ago

    Trump will do NOTHING!!!

  • abtin kiani
    abtin kiani 28 days ago

    The world should stand against the fake bully US,
    Iran has stood against US unilaterally,
    God bless Iran,a friend from France...

  • syim A
    syim A 28 days ago +1

    Adrian Darya 1 says Khuda Hafedz to you all...bye bye..!!

  • onceANexile
    onceANexile 28 days ago

    The UK is a bunch of cowards. I can't stand UK and their faggots.

  • лунная собака

    so what.

  • Kathy Rogers
    Kathy Rogers 28 days ago

    Let’s wipe these fuckers out why is this shit taking so long fuck the Islamic republic of Iran Destroy these mullahs and there family quick with acid fast. EE

    RUBICUNDUS ERATIUDAS 29 days ago +8

    The world has learned to ignore the U.S.

  • Larry Sullivan
    Larry Sullivan 29 days ago

    Ya right, head for Greece with a empty cargo

  • Andras Libal
    Andras Libal 29 days ago

    Kamalata :))))) she most not eat olives ....

  • A Dude
    A Dude 29 days ago

    Just stop your hateful rhetoric! You imbeciles divided the country and the world, actually...

  • Lou 31510
    Lou 31510 29 days ago

    Greece always at the end of the EU in every way and now this! It's bad enough greek mafia steals all the peoples money and they must be shamed by the EU for oweing their fair share always and now we have them dealing with Iranian terrorists! Greece the home of Democracy fell into the abyss! SAD

    • npent numbanine
      npent numbanine 19 days ago

      stfu Lou you piece of white trump trash

    • Giannis Tsachiridis
      Giannis Tsachiridis 19 days ago

      Come on Lou.... The tanker goes to turkey man... Your best Allie.... Greeks never betrayed USA.... BTW come to Greece before you comment trash and then talk! God bless you man

  • Ali Murteza Hyder
    Ali Murteza Hyder 29 days ago +2

    infidel western forces doom to fail.

    • A Dude
      A Dude 29 days ago

      "infidel" - LOL; that's a good one!

  • pat mourassa
    pat mourassa 29 days ago +1

    Really,and I thought Court system were independent,in so call DUMBMOCRACY.

  • ShroudedPanda
    ShroudedPanda 29 days ago +3

    1:16 "It's head to what we know now... as Greece"

    Edit: She must have been thinking about the Byzantine Empire

  • Sunz Rising
    Sunz Rising 29 days ago +4

    US running in at the last min with tariff argument, Court said, we are not the US, Iran is free to go. Haha

  • Lazy Prophet
    Lazy Prophet 29 days ago

    The iranian people are the ones paying for all these sanctions, not the monarchy.

  • me huss
    me huss 29 days ago +1

    USA needs to scale down on military around the world because it’s full of homeless in USA and people are really struggling. Now they are talking about a bad recession, what ? That’ll crush so many people who are already struggling to make ends meet.

  • Own Petard
    Own Petard 29 days ago +8

    At 1:17 "Off the waters of KAMALATA" KAMALATA? How about Kalamata?

    DEADASS B 29 days ago

    It's a fucking oil tanker owned by the Iran that was renamed by Iran. That's like Chevy renaming themselves. Y'all need to stop trying to find bullshit to go to war and oil

  • Whane The Whip
    Whane The Whip 29 days ago

    "How are you tracking this?" ... "check out *the* bmap function on *the* terminal"... oh well shit, thanks for being so fucking specific.

  • Steve - Veteran
    Steve - Veteran 29 days ago +1

    Hey, Trump, take this tanker and use it to reimburse us for that expensive drone Iran shot down. Go Trump! 💪

    • Lazy Prophet
      Lazy Prophet 29 days ago

      Lol, except it was their drone we shot down.

  • One Zero One
    One Zero One 29 days ago

    Why are all the media people flossing over that the ship is stolen tho?...

  • Great Value
    Great Value 29 days ago

    It should head where it was meant to go..... Syria. Fuck American and European sanctions. Iran does not have to obey that crap.

  • Nancy Stengel
    Nancy Stengel 29 days ago

    This just reaffirms the level of British impotency.

  • Lance Pickell
    Lance Pickell 29 days ago +3

    Leave Iran alone, fuck Israel

  • ghasan23
    ghasan23 29 days ago +7

    Blackmail and piracy. I would expect nothing less

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 29 days ago +13

    Gibraltar supreme court: “Haha, you are free to go bruddah.”

  • tom Oliver
    tom Oliver 29 days ago +2

    From an old 6th Fleet sailor...The US Navy's SEALs, accused of all sorts of sex, drugs, & other misdeeds, need a task. The USN has more than a few fleet units in the Med. Boarding & seizing vessels in the Middle Sea has thousands of years of precedent. "On its way to Greece" seems close enough to "On its way to Syria". If Iran can board & seize a tanker in the Straits of Hormuz, the US can certainly invoke announced sanctions to seize ADRIAN DARYA somewhere East of Gib.

    • J. Milton Jeffreys
      J. Milton Jeffreys 29 days ago

      @TheLafingas spoken like a truly clueless citizen of the world. NOTHING is more important to the business of the US than foreign policy.
      you're projecting your emotions like the typical leftist, which is understandable since you're an emotional being, but it doesn't make your right no matter how hard that emotion affects you.

    • TheLafingas
      TheLafingas 29 days ago

      tom Oliver US needs to mind its own business. The domestic issues in the US are a bigger deal than foreign affairs.

  • Joshua McKeever
    Joshua McKeever 29 days ago +1

    All the United States does is track any resources that doesn't belong to them. Laughable

    • Joshua McKeever
      Joshua McKeever 29 days ago

      @J. Milton Jeffreys you disagree?

    • J. Milton Jeffreys
      J. Milton Jeffreys 29 days ago

      that's ALL we do here in the US. track resources that don't belong to us. that's all. nothing else.

  • N Austin
    N Austin 29 days ago

    It's an independent judiciary.....

  • Snow Fox
    Snow Fox 29 days ago +6

    Our country should let it be, if UK wants to trust Iran even after they stole their ship, seized the crew and rebranded the stolen ship, let them. Actions will be remembered and consequences are always paid in full.
    If Iran tries the same with US affiliated ships however-God pity them, for that’ll be the worst mistake for Iran and there will be no help on Earth for them.

    • dead clovvn
      dead clovvn 29 days ago +2

      Snow Fox , take it easy RAMBO !! USA wont dare do anything , all US bases in middle east are under IRANs missile range > also all US vessels are IN RANGE OF IRAIAN LAND-SEA missiles !! try hit anything in Iran and see what happens > Iranians aren't pussies to be bullied >

  • Joey BoX0RoX
    Joey BoX0RoX 29 days ago +1

    Defend yourself Iran. The harbingers of terrorism are out of control.

  • Howe Trinh
    Howe Trinh 29 days ago +14

    Threat is the only US foreign policy

    • Conspiracy
      Conspiracy 29 days ago

      threats no.. BLUFFING is their only policy... but when their deaths threats and his BIG mouth dissapear... KOREA war AND vietnam WAR is what happens to nazi gringos...

  • angel p
    angel p 29 days ago

    When iran closes the strait everybody will be crying for oil idiots.

  • Giray YALÇIN
    Giray YALÇIN 29 days ago +2

    Look at you two talkin all like you know everything

  • Mike Duckwall
    Mike Duckwall 29 days ago

    Iran wants all of us dead, we know it and yet we play games with these people. It will always come back and bite us in the ass. The bullying Jewish state that WE backed , will always come between the U.S. and the Muslim countries and DUH!

  • eye lenz
    eye lenz 29 days ago

    Spammm this on facebook.

  • Ric B.
    Ric B. 29 days ago

    Bloomberge also faking news that irritate your ears.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 29 days ago +19


  • O. Smith
    O. Smith 29 days ago +4

    Who care the ship was taken illegally why wouldn't a court released regardless of what the u.s or Britain wants??

  • Krozo
    Krozo 29 days ago

    Like put me as president for a day and they getting this fat nuke in the face

  • Krozo
    Krozo 29 days ago

    Bro let’s just nuke them dude

  • Jeffery Bennetts
    Jeffery Bennetts 29 days ago +2

    Who else thought that this chick looked like eleven from stranger things season 2😂

  • Anand Saxena
    Anand Saxena 29 days ago +3

    Dear interviewer, there will be no literal biting on the proverbial. Where did you learn English? 🤦🏾‍♂️