Shaq on Lakers vs Clippers, Kobe Bryant & Charles Barkley

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Shaq reveals how he feels about the Lakers vs. the Clippers, and he talks about his hatred of Charles Barkley, his new restaurant Shaquille’s, the menu item named after Kobe Bryant, working at McDonald’s, his son’s heart surgery, the tattoo his son got of him, and he reveals whether old rumors about him are true.
    Trump, Twitter, Area 51, Bachelorette & Garth Brooks

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    Shaq on Lakers vs Clippers, Kobe Bryant & Charles Barkley
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Comments • 1 858

  • Ctrl1u
    Ctrl1u 5 hours ago

    I’m surprised jimmy Kimmel is not crying 😭

  • Ezechiel Auleus
    Ezechiel Auleus Day ago

    Shaq really funny af

  • Anna Must
    Anna Must 2 days ago

    Shaq is Thanos

  • Wyatt Evan
    Wyatt Evan 4 days ago

    love shaq

  • Ian Nieves
    Ian Nieves 5 days ago


  • Dimitri L. Clark.
    Dimitri L. Clark. 5 days ago

    "Because i said it is".

  • The ManDragon
    The ManDragon 5 days ago

    Jimmy should just get his own sports show

  • Peas&Carrots
    Peas&Carrots 6 days ago

    He’s like a Labrador and I love him

  • Paul Fitzgerald
    Paul Fitzgerald 8 days ago

    Shaq is hilarious 😆

  • Pybro
    Pybro 10 days ago

    He could play the notorious b i g in a movie

  • Supreme Jeff
    Supreme Jeff 10 days ago

    “Came back a week later he was as big as Charles Barkley” 😂😂😂

  • Fredi Foi
    Fredi Foi 10 days ago

    My dad And shaq's Characteristic are the same

  • Vinz A.
    Vinz A. 10 days ago +2

    “does the kobe burger come with more onion rings?” 😂

  • Ella Aikens
    Ella Aikens 10 days ago

    kobe how my ass taste

  • S7S
    S7S 11 days ago


  • RJ RJ
    RJ RJ 11 days ago

    Wow, I watch the whole video smiling like a horse

    • ΒΞΔΝ
      ΒΞΔΝ 9 days ago

      Better than me. I spent the watched the whole video smelling like a horse.

  • fremue 93
    fremue 93 11 days ago +1

    The Audience: Hahahahahaha

  • Yanis Xantopulos
    Yanis Xantopulos 12 days ago

    Chaquille O'Barkley

  • Julian Andreev
    Julian Andreev 12 days ago

    I love Shaq. This guy is just amazing!

  • Xenith108
    Xenith108 13 days ago

    0:51 where is that from?

  • D. Rice
    D. Rice 13 days ago

    I love Shaq. He is always so warm and funny. A genuine guy. I don't follow basketball but I check out everything to do with Shaq.

  • David Walker
    David Walker 14 days ago

    Shaq the musical coming soon

  • Amrit Minhas
    Amrit Minhas 14 days ago +12

    We are so lucky to have Shaq in the public eye. His energy is contagious. He will leave this world better than when he came into it.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 14 days ago

    Shaq needs a tv show

  • T7
    T7 14 days ago


  • Gerald Preston
    Gerald Preston 14 days ago

    Didn't have enough money.

  • patrick jensen
    patrick jensen 15 days ago

    I would like to see him promote Robert Deniro into a vice president candidate

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 15 days ago


  • Johnnie Jordan
    Johnnie Jordan 15 days ago

    Laker Nation on Deck!!!!!

  • oinkpiggin
    oinkpiggin 15 days ago

    Shaq hates Charles 7:13

  • patrick jensen
    patrick jensen 15 days ago

    What a great personality

  • patrick jensen
    patrick jensen 15 days ago

    What shaq thinks about you tube advertisement jeperdy

  • Kobe Superfan
    Kobe Superfan 15 days ago

    shaq aged really well he doesnt look a day over 64

  • sarah4jc
    sarah4jc 16 days ago

    I love Shaq...awesome human being.

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 16 days ago

    I love my guy shaqs humour good guy

  • maagasta alimo
    maagasta alimo 16 days ago +1

    Jimmy almost dropped a diss track on Shaq talking about his restaurant and his 'beef' with kobe. LMAO

  • kopi bin
    kopi bin 16 days ago +4

    Listen.....(5 hours later) Lakers

  • 25lavell
    25lavell 17 days ago +1

    Shaq isn't into super teams but he played with Penny, Kobe, Gary Payton, Karl malone, D-Wade and Lebron

    • jimmy Yang
      jimmy Yang 16 days ago

      @25lavell he was lucky they developed to become a super star. i never get a chance to watch penny, but kobe was jsut a kid when shaq joined, did you know whats the avg points kobe got with the first 3 years with lakers? for wade, he got traded....

    • 25lavell
      25lavell 16 days ago

      @SirRoc From da Low Wade was a star when Shaq came to that team and it doesn't matter if penny and Kobe developed into stars they were still super teams. My point is Shaq has been on a super team

    • SirRoc From da Low
      SirRoc From da Low 16 days ago

      25lavell Penny and Kobe came to the team Shaq was on 1st and 2ndly they developed into Stars after getting there to the team. And lastly Dewayne wade became a Super Star Shaq 2nd year with Wade before he was a a raising Star and he was Old with Lebron and on like his 5/6 team lbs

  • Zac Hepner
    Zac Hepner 17 days ago

    How many people have just walked onto a talk show set, let alone Kimmel, and just started singing simply to start a set wide song that the band and the audience completely involve themselves in. I swear to god, if this was anyone else. Noone would have joined in. It would have been awkward, and we would have been laughing about it today.

  • John Kostas
    John Kostas 17 days ago

    Nobody cares about the Clippers in LA it is all about the lakers. Kawhi could have been King of the North and now he is a peasant in the South in LA . It is laughable the Sports media is trying to build up this LA rivalry. The bench of the Clippers was decimated and they gave many draft picks for an aging star in George just to satisfy Kawhi. Kawhi will leave the Clippers in 2 years just like he did the Spurs and Raptors. It is all about him and he could care less about anyone else.

    • Erickson
      Erickson 16 days ago

      Remember both kawaii and LBJ are going after the same history... First player to win 🏆 with 3 different teams!

    • Erickson
      Erickson 16 days ago

      I agree with no one cares about the clippers, its true. NBA has always needed the biggest players in LAKERS winning chips. Its good for ratings, revenue, and everyone gets paid including players. But to say Kawaii is not on a mission to build his own legacy by beating the best in his era Batman "LBJ" and his sidekick Robin "AD" is ludicrous. You crazy broski!

  • wise penny
    wise penny 17 days ago

    What if shaq is white

  • Jake Cifizzari
    Jake Cifizzari 17 days ago +24

    "I'll take the bad news" " We can't get you 150" "Well, what's the good news?" "We can get you 120" " Give me that damn paper" LMAO 05:08

  • nur alam
    nur alam 17 days ago

    Helpfe made

  • Ricky El Diablo
    Ricky El Diablo 17 days ago

    The band was great here

  • kiyonexus
    kiyonexus 18 days ago +6

    damn Jimmy got him good... Kobe got more onion Rings and Kobe beef is more expensive. HA!

  • BraceDeville
    BraceDeville 18 days ago

    Honestly one of the best talk show interviews I've seen. Shaq has such a big personality and isn't afraid to poke fun at himself.

  • polpibul chaiyakul
    polpibul chaiyakul 18 days ago

    I really hope Gronk turns out like Shaq they are very alike

  • A. P.
    A. P. 18 days ago

    Love the comment about not going to a super team but wanting to compete against one!!!!! Love Shaq!!!!

  • Michele Grena
    Michele Grena 18 days ago

    He teamed up with Kobe, what is he talking about?

    • Hip Hop Store
      Hip Hop Store 17 days ago

      He did NOT team up with Kobe, he was a Laker before Kobe was a Laker. No one knew who Kobe was coming straight out of highschool.

  • Known Unknown
    Known Unknown 18 days ago +2

    That McDonald's couldn't afford to feed Shaq lol

  • P05TPWN3D
    P05TPWN3D 19 days ago

    he smacked boi

  • Garrick Brown
    Garrick Brown 19 days ago

    Laker fan for 43 years, damn that was one hell of a Duo him and Kobe...All Us Lakers fans think about is what would’ve been, And non-Laker fans (back then) are happy it didn’t happen for long 😂

  • Pharaoh Chin
    Pharaoh Chin 19 days ago +3

    3:38 “Listen...” 😂

  • 임창영
    임창영 19 days ago

    Nobody literally no one:

    me when shaq explained saving gas: BIG BRAIN!!

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 19 days ago


  • Christopher Wallace
    Christopher Wallace 20 days ago

    guys funny as hell

  • smith lovy
    smith lovy 20 days ago

    This is Shaq. Witty dude. Not that stupid cross eyes slow talking garbage these comedians keep trying to put on him.

  • Tharealgcode
    Tharealgcode 20 days ago +9

    math not adding up lol 2yrs old in 2000 but he only 19 now in 2019 born January 11, 2000 (shaq stop it lol)

  • Joseph Pae
    Joseph Pae 20 days ago

    LA is still a Lakers town

  • Felix Turner
    Felix Turner 20 days ago

    NBA TV is legit the funniest show on TV real talk I get sad at the end of every season when they say there goodbyes for the off seasons

  • Olaf Olaf
    Olaf Olaf 21 day ago

    Im from the time when people wanted to compete and i dont like these superteams- says the guy who played with Coby Bryant on a superteam!! Lol!!!

  • Nick A
    Nick A 21 day ago

    Shaq is a national treasue..protect him at all cost.

  • Jax Gregory
    Jax Gregory 21 day ago +1

    Shaq the biggest ring chaser talkin bout “I wanna compete”

    • Kevin M
      Kevin M 19 days ago

      I know .. I'm like ... Dude, you joined Kobe Bryant; the guy people say is second to Michael Jordan. And you want to compete? Shiaaa

  • Ryder Lance
    Ryder Lance 21 day ago

    ShaQ the best

  • Bowtie Bann
    Bowtie Bann 21 day ago

    Shaq is the best

  • Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben 21 day ago

    shack...did you forget who you teamed up with ?

  • Away in my Mind
    Away in my Mind 22 days ago

    Shaq is a national treasure

  • Amelia Hare
    Amelia Hare 22 days ago

    LOVE SHACK.....

  • Shahrokh Shahsavari
    Shahrokh Shahsavari 22 days ago

    Shaq and AI any show. Hit the like button

  • Twentywulf
    Twentywulf 22 days ago

    Shaq’s a natural born entertainer

  • trinityxsavage
    trinityxsavage 22 days ago

    Laker for life that’s a real legend

  • Victor  Ortega
    Victor Ortega 22 days ago

    Gotta love shaq man

  • soldierof239
    soldierof239 22 days ago +5

    “I’m from the era where guys wanted to compete” says the guy that played with Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Lebron James, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Steve Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire...etc.

  • Andrea Antonioni
    Andrea Antonioni 22 days ago

    Shaq is the man !

  • Blake Skinner
    Blake Skinner 22 days ago

    He was sick for the rest of the interview after the Kobe comment