Every In-N-Out Secret Item RANKED

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • We couldn’t just stop at ice cream so today, we’re trying and ranking every of In-N-Out’s secret menu items. Will we regret this? Probably. Are we committed? Absolutely.
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Comments • 1 633

  • Katabellion
    Katabellion 18 hours ago

    Happy Cos pleaz

  • Zezryo
    Zezryo 21 hour ago

    Now i want In n out

  • Void Lazer0
    Void Lazer0 2 days ago

    my brother has to eat only the meat patties because he is allergic to wheat

  • Mrod 0719
    Mrod 0719 3 days ago

    The one in texes is the beast one

  • kadeer beast
    kadeer beast 3 days ago +1


  • mikeATcali
    mikeATcali 4 days ago

    Damian, YOu can be my best friend. My standard order 3x3 animal style fries and a coke. its perfect

  • J J
    J J 4 days ago


  • Anna Sparks
    Anna Sparks 4 days ago

    Have never had In-N-Out.... I'm really missing out.

  • Alpaca_ Tude
    Alpaca_ Tude 5 days ago

    Are they actually brothers

  • Samuel Laird
    Samuel Laird 5 days ago

    Do one with Arby’s!

  • Arein Bailey
    Arein Bailey 7 days ago

    i could watch Damien all day

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae 7 days ago +1

    I think it’s clear from this video that Damien is still annoyed that Ian Noah-ed him in the ice cream episode

  • Terence Yu
    Terence Yu 8 days ago

    ''America isn't perfect''
    then come to Canada

  • Piriathy
    Piriathy 8 days ago

    "America isn't perfect"
    *communist graphic*
    I laughed and immediately felt bad b/c of how realistic that is.

  • Mr. McPoop
    Mr. McPoop 9 days ago +1

    Is this smosh's version of rehtt and link?

  • Maddie Powell
    Maddie Powell 10 days ago

    very depressed to say i’ve never eat there

  • lol :P
    lol :P 10 days ago

    "You wanna feel something new? Take a bath in pop rocks, we're talkin' burgers, buddy."
    This is my new favorite quote. You can 100% count on me using this in my day-to-day life

  • Minecraft Dummy
    Minecraft Dummy 11 days ago

    More of these please.

  • Avery Wheeler
    Avery Wheeler 11 days ago +1

    “ I think that is in the bottom 12”
    - Damien 2019

  • therockwoodfamily
    therockwoodfamily 11 days ago

    My aunt gets the flying Dutchman cause she's gluten free

  • TheMilkMan_is_coming
    TheMilkMan_is_coming 11 days ago

    It would’ve been better with Shane added

  • Wesley Cantrell
    Wesley Cantrell 12 days ago

    Mcdanks secret menu

  • bentonwrestler
    bentonwrestler 12 days ago

    Smosh lost its touch. I used to binge watch these dudes open mail. That’s when I was younger. And things were deferent. I was inspired. I find that inspiration no longer. But I do appreciate the old days. O.G. Smosh always gonna be my shit.

  • Jayrad97
    Jayrad97 13 days ago

    How about the full taco bell menu?

  • madK variety
    madK variety 15 days ago

    Damn the burgers are not the only ones that are salty

  • madK variety
    madK variety 15 days ago

    The Noah of icecream napoleon also no flavour

  • Karleth Ibarra
    Karleth Ibarra 15 days ago

    The odd ones out with eat it or yeet it

  • Karleth Ibarra
    Karleth Ibarra 15 days ago

    The odd ones out

  • E30E ——
    E30E —— 17 days ago +1

    Hey smosh I’m a big fan can u do a try not to laugh with ur assistant like helpers

    And keep uploading ur videos are great

  • glee bee
    glee bee 17 days ago

    I wish they didn't have a Ranked series. It's kinda a GMM thing. Smosh could've come up with something else ya know, involving food but a different thang.

  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose 18 days ago +1

    I’m sitting here eating trix cereal right outa the bag and rewatching this video and honestly it feels like time well spent

  • SoberBeatz
    SoberBeatz 19 days ago

    10:39 Ive been putting fries on my burger since i was like 12
    & its so weird how after all these years ive never came across a place that serves it like that as an option

  • howdy ho!
    howdy ho! 19 days ago +1

    There has never been a secret menu anywhere, if you are money, and they have the product, you did it. There's a basic menu usually.. even if they don't have the product on hand, and you bring it to them and they sealed Factory container, most restaurants or exotic dancing clubs will cater to you

  • Allegra Campozano
    Allegra Campozano 20 days ago

    the monkey burger has fries on it ;)

  • Yoni Druker
    Yoni Druker 20 days ago

    Yo food battle 2020 protein burger vs donut?

  • Lord Adaqus
    Lord Adaqus 20 days ago +1

    I watched this video over 10 times. I have a problem

  • Andrea Filbeck
    Andrea Filbeck 21 day ago

    239 minutes so delicious let's just give it a shot

  • Kaylin Bosworth
    Kaylin Bosworth 21 day ago

    So is Damien and Ian's ship name. . . . DAMIAN or IANIEN

  • Kaylin Bosworth
    Kaylin Bosworth 21 day ago

    U gotta make more of these🍔

  • Ainsley Loreth
    Ainsley Loreth 21 day ago

    Who thinks that Smosh should be on buzzfead

  • dupedick
    dupedick 22 days ago

    Animal style burger #7? I disagree with this wholeheartedly.

  • JK 17
    JK 17 22 days ago

    9:34 wow...

  • Anara Richards
    Anara Richards 22 days ago

    I know right it with lettuce is good

  • Maltorian
    Maltorian 23 days ago

    15:36 When Damien unlocked his Sharingan
    BTW when the song starts speed it up to x2 and start laughing

  • Marvin Canaria
    Marvin Canaria 24 days ago


  • Donut The Dancing Dino

    New idea. Team Food Wars!!

  • Spidem
    Spidem 24 days ago

    Why didn’t they ask for Bubble Bass’ order?

  • !!!!!???
    !!!!!??? 25 days ago

    Shane is on icarly E21

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 25 days ago

    its for the friends that are no longer here with us. and thats why you leave a chair empty at the table.

    ...wheres anthony?

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 25 days ago

    ...first bite!

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 25 days ago

    tbh but Damien Haas should be in soundcloud

  • Julie Kavanagh
    Julie Kavanagh 26 days ago

    Anthony watching this all "i've been replaced"

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt 27 days ago

    Damien's song😂👍🔥

  • Adha Murad
    Adha Murad 27 days ago

    Now that you guys have your own coffee brand, I think it's time to rank every Starbucks coffee available!

  • patsy earl
    patsy earl 27 days ago

    9:33 - Damien's growl killed me. I need someone to growl at me like he did at his burger omg idk why but that turned me on wayyyy more than it should've gosh

  • hurricanejay17
    hurricanejay17 27 days ago

    Try all the blizzards from Dairy Queen

  • Kamran Ali
    Kamran Ali 27 days ago

    Every Pizza Place RANKED With Shayne?

  • PentagonFortress
    PentagonFortress 28 days ago

    Yeah in Texas we got the triad Whataburger, Shake Shack, and In and Out. Whataburger just wins variety is what makes them better the others just dont compare. Unless we talkin shakes Whataburger fails there.

  • sam lack
    sam lack 28 days ago

    Why Damien Why... " alright dink it and sink it" sorry Rhett and Link.

  • Devon Beecham
    Devon Beecham 28 days ago

    Never had in and out because I live in NJ