HUGE Black Powder Cannon at Knob Creek 2012

  • Published on Oct 17, 2012
  • At the Fall 2012 Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek, they had this giant black powder cannon. Certainly a crowd pleaser, and makes one heck of an incredible sound. You can feel it going off from two hundred feet away. I don't think it was firing a projectile, and was just for the effect. Certainly does the job!
    This was filmed entirely on the Casio Ex-F1 because my other camera's batteries had died by that point in the day. It's HD is better than I remember it being; the F1 always finds a new way to impress.
    Thanks for watching!

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  • gaminmangXOXO
    gaminmangXOXO 4 years ago

    when i first got mine i naild a boad acruse v top and it broke my axel

  • TheSickness851
    TheSickness851 5 years ago

    It was at the spring 2014 shoot, it was firing projectiles.

  • TurboMitsubishi
    TurboMitsubishi 5 years ago

    Less POO more POI.
    (Point of Origin, Point of Impact)

  • Cretaal
    Cretaal 5 years ago +1

    We have one of those monsters at civil war reenactments. It sets off car alarms across a 30 acre radius.

  • Keith Baker
    Keith Baker 6 years ago

    Check out--------Little Canon Go BOOM!!! "Noisy Cricket"!!

  • Keith Baker
    Keith Baker 6 years ago


  • ExF1Guy
    ExF1Guy 6 years ago

    I feel sorry for the guy with the 50 (?) cal on the left... he looked so depressed as he walked away from his gun at 0:27

  • basstardsound
    basstardsound 6 years ago

    hahahaha omfg!

  • billhaley1868
    billhaley1868 7 years ago

    That's what I'm talkin' about!!

  • Greataardvark
    Greataardvark 7 years ago

    FUUUU******* ME SIDEWAYS HAHAHA I WANT ONE OF THESE LARGER ONES FOR MY FIELD!!!!!! Sorry, I am calm now. Seriously the smaller ones we own on shotgun licence in the UK, I wonder if I can buy one this size! I had better start saving up :D Incredible stuff Fuzzy! Nicely done! I will maybe put my smaller video as a response!

  • RDFStudios
    RDFStudios 7 years ago

    That footage was great, love the speed ramps you used on the slow motion section.

  • spinxtercell
    spinxtercell 7 years ago

    Out of all the people there u got the best footage