*I FINALLY PULLED SHINY CHARIZARD!* The BEST Hidden Fates Pokemon Cards Opening!

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • I finally pulled the rarest of Pokemon cards from Hidden Fates, Shiny Charizard! This will be the best opening you will ever see! - bit.ly/Leonhart54
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  • Leonhart
    Leonhart  Month ago +954

    *I submitted the Charizard to Beckett and will reveal the grade in tomorrow’s video! Thanks for watching Hart Squad! Im so beyond happy right now!*

    • Andres BatistaF
      Andres BatistaF 12 days ago

      i love you vido

    • gautam nadar
      gautam nadar 15 days ago

      @revan cool man it is hyper rare piece in India u will not get any booster packs so I have no hope to get it

    • revan cool
      revan cool 15 days ago +1

      I've pulled charzard

    • gautam nadar
      gautam nadar 25 days ago

      Sir My Favourite Pokemon is Charizard and you Pulled a Shiny One very Happy to See you have got one

    • SaySay SaySay
      SaySay SaySay 25 days ago

      Where is the psa return on ur shiny zard bro I haven't seen the video yet

  • Manoel Rocha
    Manoel Rocha 3 hours ago

    I pulled my Charizard Shiny GX too in the last week!! It's so cool!!

  • Gabriel Maxim gm
    Gabriel Maxim gm 11 hours ago

    Btw I have charizard gx and I got it from a booster pack

  • Brendan Hurley
    Brendan Hurley 16 hours ago

    Okay..that was the best opening ever. That last one XD

  • Mech tech Toys
    Mech tech Toys 16 hours ago +1

    i think this is your best video

  • Stephanie Biersteker

    GG Bro!!!! U finally did it!! I have stuck here for the whole thing waiting for it and here it is. Through this time I still haven't gotten another GX D:

  • Aero the Lycanroc Edgelord

    I thought this was a trick.

    But it's legit

  • Uriah Matamoros
    Uriah Matamoros Day ago

    Awesome Bud! I'm late to seeing this but I'm no less happy for you!

  • henry Tackett
    henry Tackett Day ago

    Every time he pulls a super good card he acts like 1 million dollars

  • Lui Angleró
    Lui Angleró Day ago

    Where do you usually buy your cards? I'd love to start collecting them too!

  • Minty Marley
    Minty Marley Day ago

    If you look at the tail of the Shiny Mewtwo Gx It Makes A Number 2 ( The Same Amount Of Shiny Mewtwo Gx's)

  • daishi15
    daishi15 Day ago

    I am super jealous man!

  • JUSTICITY 30041
    JUSTICITY 30041 Day ago


  • S R S L Y T H O??
    S R S L Y T H O?? Day ago +3

    Leonhart: *screams because he got chari GX*
    Me: now I am deaf

  • Er3nty7 EMAN
    Er3nty7 EMAN Day ago

    Si bellissimo 😂 sono italiano io

  • Fatmir Hasani
    Fatmir Hasani Day ago

    Elembough road sidcup uk door 110

  • Fatmir Hasani
    Fatmir Hasani Day ago

    You have so many

  • Fatmir Hasani
    Fatmir Hasani Day ago

    Can I have shiny chairzard

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams Day ago +1

    😱 8 full arts and 16 good cards

  • Lance Titus
    Lance Titus Day ago

    Just pulled one out of a great ball collection. First pack I opened. Looks like a shoe in for a psa 10 as well.

  • Jaden Jolly
    Jaden Jolly 2 days ago +6

    “I was so happy there was no birds”
    Rainbow GX birds overhear him*

  • Trista Worrell
    Trista Worrell 2 days ago

    Imagine the neighbors

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 2 days ago

    I wasnt following your jorney, but i loved your vibe and energy. Congratulatoins about your new amazing cards! Tumb up droped =)

  • sexypants1234
    sexypants1234 2 days ago


  • sexypants1234
    sexypants1234 2 days ago


  • Kai Tried
    Kai Tried 2 days ago

    Sweat pours like a waterfall on leonhart

  • Just curiel
    Just curiel 3 days ago

    666k subs... lets help him get more subs
    1 subscriber (for him not me)
    He wont be cursed

  • x panda2111
    x panda2111 3 days ago

    I like that walk off. Best way to end the video lol

  • Official Chame-lyon
    Official Chame-lyon 3 days ago

    Best opening ever certified.

  • Data is beautiful
    Data is beautiful 3 days ago

    1 like equls 1000000 rainbow charizid

  • Goldd Silvaa
    Goldd Silvaa 3 days ago

    7:01 :DDDDDD

  • Regu Mikha
    Regu Mikha 3 days ago +1

    I don't know why I keep watching this, I don't even collect pokemon cards, lol

    NIGHTMAZE GT 3 days ago

    Ax2+Bx-C ig u know dis

  • Korey Hunt
    Korey Hunt 4 days ago

    Can I have a free GX card

  • Rosey
    Rosey 4 days ago

    how many packs did it take to get shiny charizard?

  • buzza5200
    buzza5200 4 days ago

    Me and my brother have a Charizard but it is not shiny. I am so happy for you Leonhardt

  • DJ Perdue
    DJ Perdue 4 days ago

    Best pull of 2019

  • Arczi MARCZI
    Arczi MARCZI 4 days ago

    leonhart, have you ever thought of children from poorer homes? about those who can buy a booster or two in a month? and you morons put hundreds of boxes in front of their eyes while making stupid faces. you are an idiot and I wish you that all your collection could be destroyed by fire. I don't greet you, pussy

  • jaydence calara
    jaydence calara 5 days ago


  • AV Gang
    AV Gang 6 days ago +1

    Can u post a video of all collections of ur fav Pokémon cards

  • AV Gang
    AV Gang 6 days ago

    I’m happy to see ur collections

  • D1sciple 12
    D1sciple 12 6 days ago +2

    LeonHart: Not Naganadel, where's Mewtwo?
    Me: BRUH
    Also me: Look at this dude...

    Note: Ultra Beast are the best. Don't @ me
    Also note: I have never pulled an Ultra Beast GX and I just noticed that the blue of the GX is replaced with red for the Ultra Beasts. Which is SUPER visually appealing.
    3rd note: After pulling Misty for the Tenth time, we get it. You love that card because... Why?

  • Hazael
    Hazael 6 days ago

    Hahahaha oh man what epic ending

  • Aaron David
    Aaron David 6 days ago

    I can't stand your voice and reactions. Thank God for time stamps so I can avoid your shit videos.

  • Michael Powell
    Michael Powell 6 days ago

    My first time buying hidden fates collection yesterday, I bought the ultra ball collection and to my surprise I got the shiny charizard and ultra beast buzzhole 😁 I was so hyped

  • Juana Bardales
    Juana Bardales 6 days ago

    I gat mega mlucario EX

  • MrQuakeyDuk
    MrQuakeyDuk 6 days ago

    I have it

  • House of Holemans Aileen holeman

    I have chairzard ex. No trades

  • RiToLiTo1221 Yuh
    RiToLiTo1221 Yuh 7 days ago

    I love when he pulls out a rare card
    His reaction is priceless 😂😂

  • Bossfight fan 101
    Bossfight fan 101 7 days ago +2

    mistys giving you the power to get all gxs

  • Christopher Blankenship

    So very happy for you, you’ve spent a bunch of money and your time to find that charizard but I lost it when you started scream yelling and then showing that from home alone 😂🤣😆🤣😂🤣 congrats on that and mewtwo! 🎊 🎉 🙌🏼

  • Molly Schneidermann
    Molly Schneidermann 7 days ago

    Where is if I saw that thing

  • Molly Schneidermann
    Molly Schneidermann 7 days ago

    It’s $500

  • Ethan Plays
    Ethan Plays 8 days ago


  • ElNicko The Great
    ElNicko The Great 8 days ago +6

    Imagine being a little kid and your parents bought you some hidden fates stuff and you drew a shiny charizard gx and didn’t realize how much it’s worth

  • Beth Bledsoe
    Beth Bledsoe 8 days ago

    Do a mega grondon gx

  • Danny cool
    Danny cool 8 days ago

    Can I have a Onix GX please

  • Danny cool
    Danny cool 8 days ago

    Can I have ho ho GX please

  • Danny cool
    Danny cool 8 days ago

    Can I have a Mewtwo.