Star's Revelation | Star vs. the Forces of Evil | Disney Channel

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • When Star portals into Glossaryck's eye ball, she has a startling revelation about her future!
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    Star and Marco continue their adventures on Mewni as they and their friends uncover new mysteries after the defeat of Meteora.
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  • Songbyrd_Edits
    Songbyrd_Edits Day ago

    This episode broke me and completed me at the same time. My life dream became true and then my favorite show ended. If Disney loves us we will maybe get another season or movie..

  • Songbyrd_Edits
    Songbyrd_Edits Day ago

    Me: The perfect couple doesn’t exis-

  • WackyChun
    WackyChun 18 days ago

    If Star Vs the forces of evil was on Cartoon Network they would had more than 4 seasons they would be like Steven Universe

  • Catty The only one
    Catty The only one 19 days ago +1

    Hey Disney you know when Star was talking about Toffee and he said surprise wellll you made me jump I kinda liked it but I will like it more if you bring back the show.... No ok it was worth a try 😔😔😭😭😭❤️❤️ Love how you did the tapestry though!

  • Riem Abd
    Riem Abd 28 days ago +1

    3:19 😂😂😂

  • Renee Casareno
    Renee Casareno Month ago

    Doesn’t notice giant eye coming out of nowhere and star pops out

  • Bairmeid ,0172
    Bairmeid ,0172 2 months ago

    We need a season 5, or a movie, sOMETHING!!

  • Paolo Torres
    Paolo Torres 2 months ago

    Glossaryk: Star...There is no other way...

  • miyami chan
    miyami chan 2 months ago

    Guys watch the old queens episode and watch 1:50
    And now look at stars feet... At 1:45

  • Doctor Dj Chibi D. X. Tech

    Wait A MINUTE......THE QUEEN THAT HAS A FAN OVER HER FACE!!!! She and Marco share the same cheek marks so there's a relation somewhere there. Also, I heard her secrecy was her magic was so grand it could alter brain hurts

  • retchell Aguilar
    retchell Aguilar 2 months ago

    wow star called marco as his bf thats strange

  • Tyleah Morales
    Tyleah Morales 2 months ago +1

    He actually cared ❤️

  • Cosmic Wonderhoof
    Cosmic Wonderhoof 2 months ago

    Ok I'mma just say it cause no one else will that 14 second animation at the beging 👏👏👏👏 somebody hand them a medal 🏅

  • Bomia Ehiokioya
    Bomia Ehiokioya 2 months ago

    I can't believe she wants to destroy her family's legacy. After all the tofee drama in two and a half seasons, he was right all along. You got to be kidding me.

  • Tyrone Lee
    Tyrone Lee 2 months ago


  • jessikee
    jessikee 2 months ago

    The thumbnail is me when I have final tests at school.

  • Yuki
    Yuki 2 months ago +1

    Wait, in the past when the thing is still making her tapestry, glossaryck (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) was in the picture.

  • riarkle_always
    riarkle_always 3 months ago

    Why am I only seeing this now?

  • •Pumpkin King•
    •Pumpkin King• 3 months ago

    But....what about my demon boi...tom

  • Ruby The Snake
    Ruby The Snake 3 months ago

    1:40 she has the same crescent as Marco

  • Fuki
    Fuki 3 months ago

    ... SURPRISE

  • Shlurm
    Shlurm 3 months ago

    SUPRISE ;-; 3:19

  • MrSpartan993
    MrSpartan993 3 months ago

    Toffee, right up there with Bill Cipher.

  • judy ann romena
    judy ann romena 3 months ago

    Please make another show for starch huhuhuhu

  • Maureen Sánchez
    Maureen Sánchez 3 months ago

    3:18 ok ok me asusté

  • SirBanana
    SirBanana 3 months ago +3

    Don't be sad that it's over. Be happy that it happened.

  • zach Lalantacon
    zach Lalantacon 3 months ago

    Z z n

  • J.G.S.B
    J.G.S.B 3 months ago

    We're in the endgame

  • Nerv mich nicht
    Nerv mich nicht 3 months ago +1

    Svtfoe: No Magic meens no Marco!
    *Me* : *SCREAMING*


  • ღ • F u l a n s u k i • D u m b F l o w e r ღ

    When I wanna watch more videos and I press Disney's channel it disapears,why?? :(

  • Kids Lozano
    Kids Lozano 3 months ago

    Disney can you maybe please make a video and walk us through the queens of mewni back then?

  • ThePumpkinKid
    ThePumpkinKid 3 months ago

    I hope y'all know that one of the grandma's was a man

  • Wobbly Yapper
    Wobbly Yapper 3 months ago

    “I ignored my destiny once, I cannot do it again. Even for you.”

  • Ally Otaku23
    Ally Otaku23 3 months ago +1

    I just can't believe that tomorrow is the finale,i'm not ready for this series to end...😢

  • Chriss Chriss
    Chriss Chriss 3 months ago

    Notice that moon and river aren’t looking at star.
    This also feels like there more to it than what we see

  • short skater
    short skater 3 months ago

    Bruh you forgot about the blood moon thing it bonds their souls bro they will find a way

  • Ricaro Kershaw
    Ricaro Kershaw 3 months ago +1

    “No magic means no Marco” 🥺ready for tomorrow

  • Jonny Gu
    Jonny Gu 3 months ago

    Insert Shooting stars meme

  • Silent Gamers
    Silent Gamers 3 months ago

    So magic goes *boom* and she has no Marco.... But what about Glossaryck!!! I love him so much!! DON'T LEAVE US GLOSSARYCK!!!!!

  • cowgrl342
    cowgrl342 3 months ago

    What! Star destroys the magic! This can't be happening also Marco is my boyfriend!😍😍😍😍

  • S.H .10
    S.H .10 3 months ago


  • questioninconnu
    questioninconnu 3 months ago

    interesting, glossaryck say "marco will be fine, the magic will put it back where he belongs". not earth, he didn't say anything about magic and such.

  • Oscar Valle
    Oscar Valle 3 months ago

    ”I’m gonna destroy magic”
    First Hiccup says Goodbye to Toothless (he loves his dragon, but the dragons could No longer live in the human)
    Now Star have to destroy the magic (cause magic has become dangerous in the wrong hands of crazy mewmans like Mina)

  • Agus Romero
    Agus Romero 3 months ago +1

    Glossaryck is dieing

  • Ore’l Smith-Thompson
    Ore’l Smith-Thompson 3 months ago

    Nooooo marcooo x star NOOOO 😭

  • Audrey H.
    Audrey H. 3 months ago +1

    Wait look at the tear in the bottom right of the tapestry!!!!!

  • Dizão Evil
    Dizão Evil 3 months ago +1

    Disney Is The Best

  • GellyMask
    GellyMask 3 months ago

    Wait does Stariaat animate this?

  • Satan's favorite Homo
    Satan's favorite Homo 3 months ago +1

    I have a weird theory that destroying the magic will merge mewni with earth because they did show us that the first mewmins where humans and why would they point that out for no reason.

  • Emiya Gus
    Emiya Gus 3 months ago

    It's going to be a Madoka Magica like ending

  • Watch Dog
    Watch Dog 3 months ago +2

    2:48 I’ve waited three seasons for her to say that...

  • President Potato
    President Potato 3 months ago

    This is what im thinking...
    Marco will lose all his memory with Star and back on Earth... NOOOOOO

  • August Denys
    August Denys 3 months ago +1

    Theory: Marco's not visible on the tapestry because Star will shrink him and put him in her pocket.

  • Gajeel Redfox
    Gajeel Redfox 3 months ago +1

    Toffee one of the best villains I've seen in cartoons.

  • Arina Cat
    Arina Cat 3 months ago +1


  • Gabriela Guido Morales
    Gabriela Guido Morales 3 months ago +1

    Will 2 more day until it ends I cry so hard in the inside I cus it the last one

  • Megan Love
    Megan Love 3 months ago +1

    Is Marco going to forget Star.and is tom going to die in the creepy black mud like magic..poor tom

  • Turkquish Pie
    Turkquish Pie 3 months ago +1


  • Ardhana Is Me
    Ardhana Is Me 3 months ago +1

    I waited for 4 years
    And they finally a couple
    Now you just gonna take away the happines from me
    Disney are so cruel

  • Ardhana Is Me
    Ardhana Is Me 3 months ago +1

    I really just wanted to starco to end up together is so sad 4 season
    Star and marco just make up
    If really there is no marco after star destroy magic
    I will be very upset disney

  • Naomi Cotter
    Naomi Cotter 3 months ago

    I am really nervous for the next episodes because its gotten interesting and I am excited at the same time

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 months ago

    I’m not crying.. you are

  • Corey Draper
    Corey Draper 3 months ago

    Marco is the One true king of mewni guys.

  • Cash Slaught
    Cash Slaught 3 months ago

    Maybe let Marco absorb the magic?

  • It's Gemmy!
    It's Gemmy! 3 months ago +1

    I saw another comment says that Star needs to “cleave the magic” aka mix both dark and light magic. Star is shooting gold magic into what looks like the sludge Toffee made in the magic dimension. So I don’t think Star destroys magic. I think she destroys dark magic or recreates magic.

  • Potato King
    Potato King 3 months ago +1

    I swear if you all don’t make a Star vs the Forces of Evil I will stop watching Disney because that’s the only thing I watch on Disney

  • MegaChickenfish
    MegaChickenfish 3 months ago

    I love that whoever runs the Disney Channel RU-clip channel is a HUGE Starco fan. You can tell from all the favorited comments.
    _I mean I don't blame them._

  • Layla
    Layla 3 months ago +2

    Star: My boyfriend Marco is missing can you-

  • GI GI
    GI GI 3 months ago

    Official marco is the king!!!!!

  • Kai Velasco
    Kai Velasco 3 months ago

    am i the only one hyped by the ghosts of the past queens actually making an appearance? dirhennia is adorable, so is jushtin and estrella. celena is also cuter than i remember

    FATHIN MC AL 3 months ago

    Why is the channel gone??

  • Ansku Butterfly
    Ansku Butterfly 3 months ago

    Oh no no Star you can't the destroy magic you CAN'T 😦😦

  • Lewis Lawrence
    Lewis Lawrence 3 months ago +1

    I wanna know what they were saying in their whispers. As we know from the whispering spell whispers are somewhat audible

  • María F.
    María F. 3 months ago

    First you end up Tomstar and now do you want to destroy Starco too??? My heart wont resist any longer, Daron. I’m going to sink with all my ships.

  • Suxhii
    Suxhii 3 months ago