Vlog Squad Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions (w/Corinna, Scott, Todd, Jonah) | WIRED Parody

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
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Comments • 4 075

  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  7 months ago +3016

    I’LL BE PERFORMING IN SAN JOSE ON APRIL 28th!! improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/

    • Josnoel Gonzalez
      Josnoel Gonzalez Month ago

      Jason Nash why was jonah so depressed

    • Chelsea Janay
      Chelsea Janay 2 months ago

      Jason's a pedo

    • xXJDYTXx JDS
      xXJDYTXx JDS 3 months ago

      I live in britan I would come tho

    • Iris B
      Iris B 4 months ago

      I can't take you seriously when you're in house and I love that show but thank you for making my day

    • orlando ahumada
      orlando ahumada 4 months ago

      Sell out go promote your shit on your own video

  • KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball 8 hours ago

    I really thought this was wired

  • Brent Lievense
    Brent Lievense Day ago

    Scott is just mean. Who would want to be around him

  • rideordieguy rideordieguy

    OR MAYBE her sister is the hot one.

    WYLIE Day ago

    Excluding David, the rest of the vlog squad makes some pretty depressing videos. Its almost like David makes sitcoms and the vlog squad uploads reality TV. It sooo Sad to watch Jonah and Scott...Hollywood is so fake man, no wonder it ruins lives

  • Declan Woods
    Declan Woods 2 days ago

    Im Australian and i can confirm that that's nowhere close to wow Australians speak

  • Charlez Dillon
    Charlez Dillon 2 days ago

    There are only 2 reasons I watched this video😢🤫😏

  • cheesy cucumber
    cheesy cucumber 3 days ago +11

    Corinna would get multibillionare if she did porn, agree?

  • Raverto
    Raverto 3 days ago

    Austrailian WTF

  • JustTahmid
    JustTahmid 4 days ago

    For real though, Nicks was depressing

  • koi_fish
    koi_fish 4 days ago

    Ur very wrinkly... ur only 40somerhing

  • Nissan Ghimire
    Nissan Ghimire 6 days ago +1

    Damn thats some cleavage

  • caleb major
    caleb major 8 days ago

    It hurts to read how the spelt Australian

  • Dokus und so
    Dokus und so 10 days ago

    wo sind meine deutschen freunde

  • SJ reaper
    SJ reaper 13 days ago

    why dose jonah seem so sad

  • Mohammed Rempel
    Mohammed Rempel 13 days ago

    Jonah needs new friends who actually support him

  • Kleber Chapa
    Kleber Chapa 14 days ago

    Scott looks like Connor McGregor

  • Frank and Cudi
    Frank and Cudi 14 days ago +1

    All these people in the comments clearly haven’t met enough chilled out mellow people.. you can’t just label everyone who isn’t always hype as depressed and sad. They are just chillen.

  • Elisabeth Benn
    Elisabeth Benn 14 days ago

    Dear Corinna, your pronunciation is very clear and nice, but still american AF.
    Don`t believe the dude, who has been in the states for way too long.

  • Papa Denney
    Papa Denney 15 days ago

    Did you know Jason was in a scene of Drake and Josh

  • Hessa Fan
    Hessa Fan 15 days ago

    13:28 stfu scott 🙄

  • Natiii X
    Natiii X 15 days ago

    Did he just steal that whole concept?

  • Henry Crookes
    Henry Crookes 15 days ago +3

    Jason’s Australian accent is not even close to Aussie

  • Riley_williams0
    Riley_williams0 17 days ago

    when u spell Australian wrong... so in conclusion video is fake

  • Pokester
    Pokester 17 days ago

    Why Jonah so depressed

  • Caleb Bender
    Caleb Bender 19 days ago

    DOSE ANYONE ELSE FEEL like was a total ass to jonah

  • Geoffrey Cruzado
    Geoffrey Cruzado 19 days ago

    Todd seems so awkward in real life have u seen his ig?

  • i ra
    i ra 19 days ago

    jason appear at house md in s6ep3, he really did a good job even if it was a short scene

  • Nova Playz
    Nova Playz 20 days ago

    Do one with Carmelita plz!

  • Ice Flower
    Ice Flower 20 days ago

    She cant speak german😂

  • Sean Chua
    Sean Chua 20 days ago

    carly is so cute ngl

  • Luana Bergami
    Luana Bergami 21 day ago

    This is fucking adorable

  • Tyler Welker
    Tyler Welker 24 days ago

    Ok but how high are you?

  • aubz
    aubz 25 days ago

    I have to pause it to laugh cause I can’t miss a second 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FO19X97
    FO19X97 26 days ago +1

    What hoodie is scotty wearing?

  • HAIZE Drifty
    HAIZE Drifty 26 days ago

    I’m Australian and offended

  • Abby Duplissey
    Abby Duplissey 26 days ago +1

    I didn’t realize this was on Jason’s channel

  • BTD
    BTD 27 days ago

    Unpopular opinion but jonah and Scotty are the funniest of the froup

  • Justinny Castrejon
    Justinny Castrejon 28 days ago +1

    i’ve never seen them so quiet

  • The Dovakhiin
    The Dovakhiin 28 days ago

    Those melons doe

  • ispeakculture ,
    ispeakculture , 28 days ago


  • Lisssi Huhu
    Lisssi Huhu 28 days ago

    I’m from Germany 😇

  • Archer Whitby
    Archer Whitby 29 days ago

    Jason please don’t try Aussie accent it sounds like a mix of Scottish and Irish and a little bit of exacadurated English accents

  • Portalquest982
    Portalquest982 29 days ago

    Todd looked like he got out of jail 5 minutes ago

  • Elias AKR
    Elias AKR Month ago

    Wow, wusste garnicht dass Corinna deutsche Wurzeln hat...

  • Fan Dreak
    Fan Dreak Month ago

    I just realized Jason is not David father

  • Sagar Singh
    Sagar Singh Month ago

    IDK if Nick is doing a bit or not but he looks soooo sad

  • anya yalamanchili
    anya yalamanchili Month ago

    corinna looks like stas

  • gavin baldwin
    gavin baldwin Month ago

    Jonah your not a failure

  • Taco Ma Nachos
    Taco Ma Nachos Month ago

    Jonah’s made me super depressed 💜

  • t-O*6 Productions
    t-O*6 Productions Month ago

    Jason lowkey gay bro

  • Aly pixar
    Aly pixar Month ago

    Great video

  • Poopie Guy
    Poopie Guy Month ago +1

    who was kind off offended when jason did his australian accent
    like if ur australian

  • Sam McComb
    Sam McComb Month ago


  • olivia ould
    olivia ould Month ago

    THE AUSTRALIAN ACCENT KILLED ME 💀💀🤣🤣 i mean good try, i guess

  • Fishyea
    Fishyea Month ago

    Why is this so awkward

  • Sunia Vaivelata
    Sunia Vaivelata Month ago


  • Musfiq
    Musfiq Month ago

    They act so much nicer than from the vlogs

  • SpookyCereal
    SpookyCereal Month ago

    Corina From rolling meadows come to Mt.Prospect

  • Vilfred Groes
    Vilfred Groes Month ago

    0:41 when Corinna trying to be a lesbian